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Z'^lLM'h no2/ 



Beardsley-lee Family 






Author of "The True Sabbath," "Kchoes from 
Peak axd Plain," etc. 





f ■ 





Frontispiece — Author at 52 years of age. 


Title Page. 



Origin of the Name. 


Spelling- of the Name. 

The Beard.sle)' FainiU- in America, 

The Family' of William Beardsley. 


The Olden Time. 

The Founding of Stratford. 


The Beginning of StratHeld. 


The Descendants of William Beard8le^^ Alphahi-ticallj- 



1. The Ancestry of William Beardsley. 

2. Thomas, a probable brother of William. 

3. Other Beardsleys not descendants of William. 
I. Final Word. 


K lOT wliat wc ask, O Lord, 

' ^ But what we need, give us^ to-da)- : 

Not what we seek in oui" blind erring- wa}-, 

But that which Thy great heart of love 
Sees l)est to grant, bestow t)n us, we pra}-. 

We would not choose that onl}' J03' 

Should fill onr heart; 
If deeper Hfe, through trials keen, 

Thon wouldat impart ; 
Master, fulfill Thy life in us 

Whose life Thou art. 

And if the heart should restless grow 

In waiting long for answers 
To the prayers that Thou dost own, 

Teach ixs, our Father, to be still and 
Trust thee implicitely, and know Thy way 
is best. 


Nil. P;ige 

1. Tlu' Antlior Frontispiece 

2. Residence of Miiiolt L. Heardsley 11 

:i John \Y. Beardslee lo 

4. The Author's Denver Home 2(i 

."). Arthur Beardsle}' 6(5 

('). Arthur E. Bearclsley f)7 

7. Mrs. M. A. Beardsley Small 76 

8. Summer Residence of Benajah M. Beardsley 80 

9. Kbenezer K. Beardsley- 128 

10. Edwin B. Beardsley 135 

11. Edwin W. Beardsley 137 

12. Edwin H. Beardsley 138 

lii. Frederick T. Beardsley 169 

14. Georce L. Beardslej' 178 

l.l. Hosea L. Beardsley 201 

16. J*)-iiah Beardsley 266 

17. Lester A. Beardslee 275 

18. Minott L. Beardsley 294 

I'.l. Robert Lee Roy Beardsley 29a 

20. John O., Lydia, Moss W., and Two Younoer Beardsleys .. 297 

21. Nelson Beardsley 306 

22. Oscar R. Beardsley 317 

23. Ralph 1). Beardsley 328 

24. Roswcll Beardsley 333 

2."). Sidney B. Beardsley 352 

'h\. William A. Beardsley 388 


b. stands for horn. 
d. " " died. 

111. " " married, 

nnin. " " unmarried. 

])apt. " " baptised, 

dan. '• " dauo-liter. 

d y. " •* (bed jonng-. 

res. " " residence. 

-)- indicates that more will follosv relating' to this person. 
A superior figure attached to a name numbers the generation 
down from William, as 1st, 2nd, .Srd, etc. 



In April, 1882, the author waa visiting- his lather's youngest 
brother (since deceased), then living near Harpersville, Broome 
Count}-, N. Y. When at the barn, one morning, he happened to 
ask the name of his grandfather. This was given. He then 
asked the name of his great-grandfather. "I do not know; I 
never heard it," was the repl3\ Jokingly he said, "Did he have a 
father?" "Why of course he did." To this the repl}^ was: "I am 
going to know his name." 

How little he tlien knew what that conversation meant for 
him I What 3-ears of anxious solicitude, toil and extensive travel. 
At that time he did not know there were half-a-dozen families of 
Beardsleys in America outside his own famil3\ 

Uncle and I soon returned to the house, where I noted down 


all that he knew and copied such records as he possessed. 

After returning to my home in Colorado, I adopted the plan, 
which has been followed ever since, of asking each person met, 
"Did j'^ou ever know an}"^ one of my name?" Frequentl}'^ the an- 
swer was: "Whj", 3'es ; I knew so and so," naming them. I then 
wrote to each one of these asking for the name of the father of 
Gideon Beardslej', 1113' great-grandfather, after whom ni}^ father 
was named. 

The invariable repl3' was, "I never heard of such a man." 

Karly in 188.3 I decided to print some inquires on 100 postal 
cards for distribution, to save so much writing-, never dreaming 
that T would find enough Beardsleys to require that number; 
but to m3- surprise these lasted but a short time. Then followed 
another hundred of postal cards; 3'et I had not found the name 
of m3' great-great-grandfather. 

The New Fairfield, Connecticut, town records, whence my 
grandparents came, had been burned, with the town-house, sotne 
3-ears before m3' inquiries began. 


Fortunatel)', "Belah Rogers," of that town, had copied the 
Beardsle}' items for one J. B. Newcoaib, of Elgin, III., whose 
grandmother was a Beardsle}^ 

The unused portion had been thrown into a private drawer. 
A search therein revealed the secret ; but I had gone so far and 
gathered so much it was thought best to continue \\\y researches. 

A short circular, three or four hundred in number, was then 
issued. These lasted but a short time. Others followed from 
time to time, and still I kept hearing of Beardsleys here and 
there all over this country and in Canada. 

Then 500 circulars were issued with blanks to fill out by those 
of the family name. M3' last circular of 1,500 said : 

"Towns and parks have been named in their honor. 
As builders and merchants the}^ have illuined the marts 
of trade. In the fields of science and medicine thej' have 
obtained great prominence. In the arena of statesman- 
ship they have produced men of thought and men of ac- 
tion. At the bar and in the administration of justice they 
have shown erudition and wisdom. As clergymen, edu- 
cators and lecturers they have occupied high places. As 
authors they are worthy to be crowned with a laurel 
wreath of fame. As heroes of Colonial, Revolutionar}^ 
and recent wars thej' have rendered patriotic service." 

There have been not a few difficulties attending the prosecu- 
tion of this work. The main one has been the indifference, or re- 
luctance to communicate what was known. Of course each one 
had a good excuse, having never heard of me and knew not m}^ 

One took it to be "an advertising scheme." Another was so 
busy that he deferred his repl}^ to "a more convenient season," 
which, as a rule, never came. Often after the father's death my 
appeal was found and answered \)y some j'ounger member of the 

Many thought the}' knew so little of the family history it was 
not worth communicating-. One maiden lad}' wrote: "I do not 
think the Beardsle3'8 are worth looking after, or writing up." 


Others thought, "A man living- so far out in the 'wool}^ west' was 
not in position to gather information for such a work." 

It is no fault of the author if some families are treated briefly, 
for such furnished but little information. 

In a few cases the penmanship was difficult to decipher, 
which may account for occasional errors, though constant effort 
was made to verify, from other sources, all information given. 

Ofttimes persons would answer, signing initials onl}', which 
caused delaj' and unnecessar3^ correspondence. These are but 
few of the many discouragements met with as the history has 
been developed. 

Upon the whole the family has responded nobl3% and it has 
afforded the author great pleasure to have the acquaintance of 
so inany superior men and women of his own family name. 

Then, whenever and wherever he has met an3' of the name 
the}^ have treated him so kindl}' and cordially that he could not 
but feel it an honor to belong to such a famil}'. 

My partially self-imposed task is complete, so far as the data 
at hand will permit. 

My only regret is that some abler hand had not undertaken 
this, and not onl3' saved me from man3^ years of hard work, but 
have furnished a more readable }iistor3' of what has proven to be 
a large and influential family. 

However, I have this satisfaction : I have done m3- best, spar- 
ing- neither time, strength, or expense to gather all possible in- 
formation from all sources and in any localit3' where one of the 
name has been found, or has lived. Twice have I gone over 
much of the State of Connecticut (formeri3'^ the famil3' home) 
searching and cop3'ing Probate lecords, Church records, Bible 
records, the inscriptions of the cemeteries, confirming these with 
statements of the aged who were able to recall man3^ facts re- 
garding the deceased. I have also visited other States, and Eng- 
land, whence our ancestor came. 

In addition, I have enjplo3'ed others to search records that I 
could not reach. 


During the time these researches have been in progress, for 
several 3'ears I had in addition the duties and responsibilities of 
my profession upon me, which absorbed much of my time and 
attention. This added to the difficulties connected with the pro- 
secution of such a study and work. 

It may not be out of place to add, several times since these 
gatherings began the author has been near the eternal crossing, 
but through the kind Providence of God he has been spared to 
complete this work. 

Added to all this, I have written within that period, and pub- 
lished, two other books, one of 188 and the other of 605 pages, of 
which I had not the slightest conception when I began this in- 

Finall}^ the long study of the genealogical histor}' of the 
family has begotten in me a love and respect for the naine of 
"Beardsle} '■ unknown before. 

The result of twenty years research, as heretofore outlined, is 
before j'ou. 

A thorough perusal of this work will reveal that thej' have 
been activelj' and intimately associated with the civil, ecclesias- 
tical, industrial and commercial affairs of America; and to be- 
come conversant with their history w^ill naturall}' create in 5'our 
children a source of pride in the name heretofore unappreciated. 

I hope all who read this book will take to heart its teachings ; 
will strive earnestly to emulate the virtues of the fathers and to 
shun their vices. 

God bless 30U each ! God bless each and all in whose veins 
Beardsley blood flows ! God bless those who thoughtfull}^ per- 
use these pages, is the earnest pra3'er of the compiler. Fare- 




Edwin Salter, of Washington, 1). C, published an article in 
the Daily Sun, of St. John, N. B., in 1884, on the •'Beardsleys," in 
which he gave the origin of the name : 

"In a work on Kngliah surnames by Charles Wareing 
Bardslej', published in London, 1875, Robert de Bardesle 
on Hundred Rolls, and Wm. de Bardesley, rolls of Parlia- 
ment are mentioned. In Burke's arms and crests of famil- 
ies of Great Britain mention is made of the Lancashire 
famil}' whose name is given as Bardesle}', Bardesj' or 
Bardse}-, and the crest given is : 'Ar. two bars gu. on a 
canton of the second a maunch of the first.' 

"The same work sa5's that the last heir of the Bardseys 
of Furness in Lancashire, was Nicholas Bardsey who died 
tempo Charles the First, leaving two daughters, Doroth}', 
who married Anderton of Claj'ton, and Elizabeth, who 
married Lancelot Salkfield of Whitehall. Crest : 'Ar. two 
bars gu. on a canton a maunch of the first.* A maunch, in 
heraldrj', signifies a ]ad3''s sleeve, and is found in the arms 
or crests of several noble families, and seems to indicate 
the best trait of chivalr}- — that he to whom it belonged 
was a 'defender of the defenceless.' 

"In Wests' Histor}' of Furness it is said that in the bar- 
on}' of Kendal (Lancashire and Westmoreland) a descend- 
ant of Ivo De Tailbor's assumed the surname of Bardsea. 
As Bardsea is a noted island on the coast of Wales, said 
to have been a refuge of the Welsh bards, it is probable 
that Baron De Tailbor's son or decendant was owner or 
lord of the island. The ancient name of Robert de Bard- 
esle, above mentioned, suggests the possibilit}' of its 
meaning Robert of Bards Isle. According to West's His- 
tor}' of Furness in Lancashire, Bardsea was adopted as a 
surname about the jear 1211, and from that date coming 
on down, we find the orthograph}' changing to Bardsej', 
Bardes}', Bardesle}', Bardsley and Berdsley. The last 
mentioned, with a long sound on the first 'e' (as in mete) 


gives the American pronounciation of Beardsley or 

'■The origin of the name can thus be traced through 
slight variations in orthography, away back to a descend- 
ant of one of William the First's chiefs, who was owner or 
lord of Bardsea, the island of the Welsh bards." 

"Bardsey {i e. Bards' Island) stands at the northern extremity 
of Cardigan Ba^', and is two and one-half miles long and one 
mile broad. It includes about 370 acres in its area, one-third of 
which is hill3\ There is a good harbor on the south-east side, 
where vessels of forty tons nia}^ enter." 

Edmondson's "Heraldrj''' carries the name back past the 
Middle Ages, showing that the same name existed in two differ- 
ent counties, but evidently of one family, as the coat of arms was 
nearly the same. 

The village of Bardsley, near Manchester, England, is very 
old, and according to Rev. C. W. Bardsley, of Manchester, "was a 
grant for some sort of service, for which a rental was paid of a 
penny and a rose 3'earl3^" Edwin Salter further saj's, "ley," "lee," 
"leigh," are ancient terminations of English names. The}' all 
have the same meaning, in fact they are only different methods 
of spelling the same word. They inean pasture land, field, com- 
mons, cultivated lands. The Welsh "Lie"' means "place." 

Not far from Stratford-on-Avon was an ancient monastry of 
which it is said, "Guy Beauchamp bestowed benefactions upon 
the monks of Bardsle3^" 

One member of the family wrote me from Brookl3'n, N. Y., 
that there was a man somewhere, waj^ back, whose name was 
"Beard," who had a son by the name of "Lee."' His descendants 
were called Beardslees to distinguish them from the other mem- 
bers of the famil}'. Thus, he thought, the name originated (?) 

Edwin Salter, of Washington, D. C, from whom important 
quotations have already been made, writes: "You have in the 
Beardsley family many honorable names, and as a family it is 
above the average in ability and respectability." 


Hinman, a historian of Connecticut, also says : 

"This has been a respected family from the first settle- 
ment of Stratford. Cyrus Hall Beardsley, former!}^ Judge 
of the Count}' Court, Speaker of the Connecticut House of 
Representatives, etc., was a descendant. Twelve of the 
family had graduated at 'Yale' prior to 1845.'' 


Residence of Minott L. Beardsley, Los Angeles, Calif. 


Spelling in those early times was not reduced to a science. It 
was largely phonetic; hence one or more different letters were 
used in a given word in the same document and by the same 

In the old Probate records in Connecticut I found the name 
spelled quite differently in the same paper; for instance, Beards- 
le3', Beardslee, Bardsl}', Berslej^, etc. 

There are those who insist that the name should end with 
"i?^" instead of 'Vj." Tradition in one familj' has the origin of the 
"ee" ending this wa}'. "The spelling of the 'ee' instead of 'ey' 
came from the fact that in 1760 one Thomas Beardsley was com- 
missioned, by the British Crown, as a Colonel, or Justice of the 
Peace. When that commission arrived the name was spelled 
Beardslee ; so he was obliged to spell his name that way, or lose 
his commission." I cannot vouch for the truthfulness of this 

The records of the ship "Planter," in which the first of the 
name came to this country, so far as we have any record, have 
the names of the parents spelled "Beardsley" and of the children 
"Beardslie," which is the French way of spelling "ley " Mary, 
the mother's name, was spelled Marie, which meant Mary. Har- 
vy was spelled Harvie in the same record. 

In the list of "Loyalists," to whom lots were granted in St. 
John, New Brunswick, 1783, are found the names of John Beards- 
ley (the chaplain), who was granted lot 151, and Paul Beardsle}', 
granted lot 374. 

Notice the following spelling of the name as given by one 
authority : 

"The spelling of the name is various in historical and 
genealogical works. In Savage's Genealogical Dictionary' 
and other American works it is given as Beardsley, Beards- 
lee, Bearsley, Bersley, and Berdsley." 


In England the name is now spelled in one of two ways, 
Beardsle}^ or Bardsley, dropping the first "e" in the last case. 

In March, 1873, when in Damascus, Syria, the author met three 
clergymen of the Church of England, wlio bore the name of 
Bardslej', — two brothers and the son of another brother. They 
said their father was a clergyman in Yorkshire. He had seven 
sons, all of whom were clerg3'men, and four grandsons were also 
clergjMiien, which made twelve of that family who were clergy- 
men in the Church of England. 

On March 30, 1873, at 3 P. M., one of thetn preached a dedicatory 
sermon (text, Acts xiii. 38, 39) in Dainastus. The next Sabbath, 
April 6, the other brother. Rev. J. W. Bardsle}', preached in Bey- 
rout (text, I. Peter iv. 8). Thej^ certainly were "workmen that 
needeth not to be ashamed.'' Both sermons were on the revival 
line. They were earnest Christian ministers, an honor to the 
name. The last-tnentioned has since become Bishop of Carlisle, 
one of the most important positions in the Church of England, 

When introduced to them, after a little conversation with the 
writer, one said : "You are not a Beardslej', j^ou are a genuine 
Bardsley. Your look and your voice is like ours." Their compli- 
mentary^ words were greatly appreciated. 

In my personal searching (1891) in the "Heraldry" Office in 
London, England, I found the name always ended with "ly" or 
"lej^," and never with "ee." 

The coat of arms, consisting of a shield with a brass head in 
the center thereof and a bear proper at the top, was not adopted 
until 1749, b}^ one Peter Beardsley. 

Then there was a family of Bardsleys in Lancaster with a 
coat of arms consisting of a lady's flowing sleeve at the upper 
left hand corner, as 3'ou face it, without the bear's head. 

There was another fainil3^ of Bardsle3S in Surrey County, who 
had a coat of arms with three bears heads in the form of a tri- 
angle, two ot the top and one below. 

These three designs are all the College of Arms, London, 


shows. This information cost me $2.50. The clerk made a copy 
of each for me. 

Rev. W. O. Raymond, an Episcopal clerjrj'man of St. John, 
N. B., a grandson of Chaplain John Beardsley, writes me : "The 
niuster-rolls of the regiment are in iny possession, and I find the 
chaplain's name spelled very variously, — Beardsle}', Basley, 
Baesley, Baisley, Bardsley and Bardly." 

1 have in my possession a letter written by the Chaplain, and 
he signs his name "Beardsiey." 

William, the first emigrant (1635) signs his name "Beardsley" 
to his will, and in other documents of his time I find the same 
methods used. From all this evidence, I can arrive at no other 
conclusion than that the naixie should always be spelled 

In Rev. John Wesley's Works (Vol. vii. p. 128-131) we find three 
letters, dated 1772, 1775, 1779. to one Rev. Samuel Beardsley, copies 
of which ma3' be found under the name of Philander E. Beards- 
ley, where is also the record of an old Bible. In it is the name 
of Beardslej' plainly written. Note how the name was then 

Once more. In my searchings at St. Alban's, England, from 
which " Williajn" brought letters of recommendation, I found the 
marriage of one "Thomas Berdslej' and Jane Upton, Jul}' 16, 
1581." (See Appendix.) Their names and those of their eight 
children were all spelled Berdsley, leaving out the "a." It may 
be of iftterest also to know that one "H. W. Beardsley," of West 
Brompton, Eng., wishes the championship of the world as a 
pigeon shootist. This great matter (to him) can be decided in 
either Chicago, New York or Boston. 

All have seen notices of one Aubry Beardsley, of England, 
who was a celebrated sketch painter. Alas ! his career ended too 
soon. He was considered by many artists a man of great prom- 
ise to the world. 

By these references all can see how the name is spelled in the 
mother country. 



There is a town in Minnesota, near the line of Dakota, by the 
name of "Beardsley ;" another in northwest Kansas has the same 
name. A laroe park in Brido^eport, Conn., also has the name of 

Rev. John W. Beardsley, D. D., Holland, Mich. 




As to the origin of the Beardsley-"/i?^" family in America, 
there are many dififerent tradjtions extant. Some contend that it 
had a Welsh origin. One old lady wrote me : "I am no relation 
of 5'ours. My famil}^ came from the west coast of Wales." Other 
families have the same tradition. 

Others say : "There were three brothers who came from Eng- 
land, before the Revolutionary War, about 1700, and settled in 
New Jersey, since which their descendants have scattered through 
the United States." 

Another writes : "We have a tradition that our ancestors were 
descendants of a French Huguenot who fled from France to Eng- 
land, about eighty 3^ears before the settlement in Stratford" (1558- 

I have inet and also heard froin others who affirm that "My 

ancestors came direct from England some time in the past, but 

we do not know when." 

In all these "traditions" I discover several evident facts, 
namely : 

(1) That the family has an English origin. 

(2) That the Welsh tradition (found in man}' families) comes 
from the family history in the Island of Bardsey. 

(3) The French Huguenot theory comes from family associa- 
tions had with the Chief — General — of William the Conqueror. 

(4) Lastl}', the /'/^r<?i? ^r(7/>^^r.y were the three sons of "William," 
from whom the Ainerican family has descended. 

I have acted upon the theorj^ that unless a family was able to 
show some other time and date of their ancestor's coming-, that 
they were the descendants of one of William's sons, no matter 
what the "traditions" might be (see Appendix) ; hence what fol- 
lows : 


William Beakdsley, the progenitor of the family in Ameri- 
ca, was born in England in 1605. (Hatton's List of Emigrants to 
America 1600-1700.) 

Most careful and persistent searchings in Stratford-on-Avon, 
a traditional home of William, made by the author, failed to re- 
veal one particle of evidence that a Beardsley had ever resided 
in that town. The old church records were thoroughl3' examined, 
for the privilege of which he had to pay two shillings. The 
gravej'ard was also most carefully searched with no better re- 

I had hoped the "tradition" to that effect might be substanti- 
ated b}' some record of his birtli, his marriage, or the baptism of 
his children ; but nothing of the kind could be found. 

The probabilities are that his last residence, or that of his 
ancestors, was St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, for he took "A certifi- 
cate from the minister there and attestations from the Justice of 
the Peace to I^ondon, according to the Lord's order," from which 
place the}' sailed in the ship "Planter," Captain Travice com- 
manding (note the queer spelling), "2 Aprilis 1635. Theis under 
written names to be transported to New England." (Ship's 

There were thirty-seven emigrants in all. Nineteen were over 
21 years of age and eighteen under 21. Two were 20 and one 6 

The name, age and occupation of each is given. There were 
six Tuttells, three Lawrences, one Antrobus, age 65, one Green, 
one Weast, one Heford, ohe Chittwood, four 01ne3's, one Giddins, 
one Savage, two Harris, one Peabody, three Wilcoxsons, five 
Beardslej'S, one Perle}, one Felloe, one Baker, one Carter, one 
Williamson, and one Morrison. 

Their occupations were quite varied. There was one "mer- 
cer,'' three "shoemakers,'' three "tailors,"' three "husbandmen," 
one "weaver," and one "7nason." 

It is with the latter that we have to do. The following is a 


verbatim copy of the ship's record of our faniilj^ (Hatton's List of 
Emigrants) : 

"A Mason, William Beardsle3% j'ears 30. 
Marie Beardsley, " 26. 

Marie Beardslie, " 4. 

John Beardslie, " 2. 

Joseph Beardslie, " 6 mo.'' 

The ending- of the words "z>" is the Anglo-French way of 
spelling "ej^'' or "}' ;" instance, Marie meant "Mary," Beardslie 
meant Beardsl}^ or "ley." 

These emigrants landed in Massachusetts, probably, about 
the first of June, or later in the summer of 1635. 

William Beardsley took the oath Dec. 7, 1636, and was admitted 
a freeman of Massachusetts 1638 ; hence he must have been a 
landholder. (Winthrop's History of New England.) Where did 
he then reside? I think it highly probable he was then living in 
Watertown, eight miles west of Boston. It is known that several 
of his ship associates resided at this place. Dr. Trumbull says : 
"In 1635 the Watertown people gradually removed and prosecuted 
their settlement at Wethersfield, Conn." A few had gone there 
the 3'ear previous, and that 3'ear some of them located at Hart- 

Of the early settlers of Stratford, five families were from Con- 
cord, Mass. Two of these, the Wilcoxsons and Harrises, were 
with William Beardsley on the good ship "Planter," and were 
made freemen of Massachusetts at the same time. 

It is reasonable to suppose that, when these colonists reached 
the Connecticut River (the Indian name of this stream was 
Quoncktacut, "River of Pines."— H3^de's Indian Wars, p. 37), at 
Hartford and Wethersfield, the}' met William, when he joined 
them and proceeded with them to found a new town where thej' 
could better their financial condition. 

Another reason for this conviction is, Mar}^ William's eldest 
daughter, married Thomas Welles, in Hartford, Ma}', 1651, and 
was a resident of Wethersfield for nine years. I think their ac- 


quaintaiice began previous to 1G39, when her parents resided in 
one ot the towns named; for Hugh Welles, his father, was a resi- 
dent of that localitj'. 

William Beardsle}' and seventeen others left Hartford and 
Wethersfield (onl}^ six miles apart) in a body (probably by boat), 
and settled on a piece of cleared land on Long- Island Sound, 
October 3, 1639. This place the General Court in Hartford, Oct. 
10, 1639. called "Pigiianockey In June,, 1640, the same court called it 
"Citpheay" (the Indian name), and in lGi3 "Stratford,'' by which 
name that locality has been known to this day. 

It is claitned on very good authority that William Beardslej^ 
named the town of Stratford, Conn. This, I think, is indisput- 

Hinman says : "William Beardsley was deput3^ of the Gen- 
eral Court at Hartford for eight sessions between 1645 and 1661 " 

This court was the same as our Legislature of the present 
day, and held its sessions twice a year. 

The Colonial Records say that William Beardsle}' was elected 
to the court sessions in 1615, May, 1650, September, 1650, October 
1651, May. 1652, October, 1653, February. 1656. and May, 1658. 

He served eight terms in thirteen j^ears, showing that he was 
a man of some worth and influence. 

In the old colonial documents he is often spoken of as the 
" Goodman Beardsley.'' 

He was one of the founders of the First Congregational 
Church of Stratford, and was a leading- spirit in all public affairs 
of those early times, as all the records clearly show. 

In 1649 the Court made the following appointment by vote : 
"Mr. Ludlow was desired to take care for preparing 

the soulgers with provisions and all necessar3res for the 

designe in the two (sea-side) Towns ; and Mr Hull and . 

William Beardsley are chosen to assist therein " 

Then again, at the October session, 1651 : 

"Andrew Warde, George Hull and William Beardsle}^ 

are propounded for Assistants to join with the Magistrates 

for the execution of justice in the Towns bj^ the sea-side.'' 


This meant Stratford and Fairfield. From all this it is evi- 
dent that he filled an important place in the early history of New 

He d. in 1661, at the early age of 56. His will is dated Septem- 
ber 28, 1660, and probated July 6, 1661, and reads as follows : 

"I, William Beardsley, of Stratford, being sick and 
weak, but well in mind, do leave this mj^ last Will and 
Testament. All m}^ daughters that are now married, I 
give Ten pounds a peace. 

"M"y Sonne, Samuell, I give that red cow which I have 
now lent him. 

"T onl}' reserve tour akers of that land at Piquanock 
for m}' wife to improve, if Joseph fall in to help her, if she 
please ; the rest is Samuel's. I also give him one of j'e 
new white blanketts. 

"If Joseph, my sone, please to be an assistant to \\\y 
wife, for the car3'ing- on of her b3'snes whilst she lives, or 
marries and leaves the sea, I give to him 3-e halfe of my 
acomodations in Stratford; if not, 1 give him twent}' 
pounds of my share of y^ bark, to add to his part. 

"I desire mj' loving wife, that if she please to ad to ye 
portion of anj' of my daughters, that she would ad to j^em 
all alike. 

"The rest of my effects 1 leave to be disposed unto m}' 
wife and children, at the discretion of Mr. Blackman, 
Philip Grove, John Brinsmoyd, John Burdse}' and Joseph 

"As also y^ care, government and disposal of m}- 

"It is \\\y will that Daniell, after the decease of mj' 
wife, that he have ye other halfe of y& lots. 

"I give to my sonne, John, tenn shillings. 
"September 28, 1660. "William Beardsley." 

Presence of 
Caleb Nichols, 
John Wells. 

"This is a true copy of ye will of William Beardsle3^ 

"Per me, Joseph Hawly." 

The inventory of his estate was taken Jul)' 6, 1661, b)' Samuel 
Sherman, John Hurd, Henry H.W^aklin, Townsman, and amount- 
ed to £327 15s. 8d. 


1. Marj-, b. UVM in Kng-land ; in. Thomas Welles, in Hartford, 
May, 1().")1, who was the first cliild of Hugh Welles, late of Colches- 
ter, Essex County, England (103.i). For nine j^ears thej^ lived in 
Wethersfield, Hartford Count}, Conn., wdiere frv^ of her fourteen "jr*'^ 
children were b. He and his step-father, Thomas Coleman, were 
among the first settlers ("engagers") of Hadlej*, >Iass., where were 
b. to them ni-ne more children and where he d. Dec. 1-1, 1676. Of 
this famiU" of children ten were sons. He left an estate vahied at 
£732 12s. 6d. Debts, £9 10s. June 25, 1678, she m. Samuel Belden, 
of Hatfield, Mass., where she d. 1690, aged 59. (Histor}^ of the 

Wells Family pp. 638.) 

+ 2. John. 

-f 3. Joseph, p. 2.3. ""^ 

-\- 4. Samuel. 

5. Sarali, b. 1610, in Cupheag', Conn. ; ni. Oliadiah Dickinson, of 
Hatfield, Mass, June 8, 1()(J8. She became the mother of four chil- 
dren — Sarah, Obadiah, Daniel, Flliphilet. Their house was l)urned, 
Sept. 19, l(j77, l)y the Indians, his wife wounded, and he, with one 
child, taken off as prisoners to Canada. Her injuries probablj- 
resulted in her death, for after his return he married Mehitable' 
and had two other children, b. '94, '98. (Savage, vii. p. 49.) 

(j. Hannah, b. 1642, in Stratford, Conn.; m. Nathaniel Dickin- 
son, of Hatfield, 1662, a brother of Oliadiah. She d. 1679. leaving 
thi-ee sons and three daughters. Their names were: Nathaniel, 
Hannah, John, Mary, Daniel, Rebecca. 

-|- 7. Daniel. 

8. From tlie readingof the "7e////" it seems that he must have 
had other daughters. 

(CaI'T.) J(JHX Beakdslkv- (William'), b. 1633. in England ; came 
with his parents to New England when but two j^ears old. in tlie 


ship "Planter," and with them to where Stratford, Conn., now is, 
in 1639. He d. Nov. 19, 1718, aged 85, and his wife d. Dec. 3, 1718. 

He was made Lieutenant in 1697. and Captain in Maj^, 1704, "of 
the training band of soldiers." 

He took the oath of a freeman June 4, 1712. He was at one 
time a slave owner. His slaves were liberated bj- the following 
instrument : 

"Be it known xinto all men \iy these presents that 1, 
John Beardsley, in the connty of Fairfield, farmer, have 
remised, released, acqtiitted, and by these presents do, for 
me, my heirs or assigns, have freelj' and full}' given mj- 
Negro man his time and freedom at inj- decease, and have 
given him a dowr}^ of \ny estate if he doth stand in need 
hereof, and have given him \\\y horse that was called my 
wife's horse : as witness \\\y hand the 25th da}" of Decem- 
ber, 1717. 

(Signed) John Beardsle}^, his mark." 

He for man}' 5'ears resided "at the south end of Stratford vil- 
lage, btit in 1668 he had a house at Piquannock (now on Park 
Avenue, a little north of Fairfield Avenue, in Bridgeport), where 
he was among- the earliest settlers." 

His will was dated Jan. 1, 1714-15, and proved Nov. 25, 1718, and 
the inventory of his estate was dated Dec. 3, 1718. In his will he 
says : "I, John Beardslej', Sen., give m}' propert}- to sundr}' kins- 
men and kinswomen : to mj' kinswoman, Deborah Fairchild, wife 
of Alexander Fairchild ;" and he had given her, in 1704, five 
acres of land, south of Golden Hill. (Histor}' of Stratford, 1130) — 
Land South of Indian's land, also the hassakej' meadow Ij'ing- be- 
low^ and above the spring' next the highwaj'. Leaving wife, Han- 
nah Beardslej', buildings in Stratfield" (now Bridgeport). 

His estate west of Piqtiannock River he divided thus : One- 
third to his wife's heirs, one-third to John, "son to m}- brother 
Daniel, and one-third to John Fairchild, son to Alexander Fair- 

It is thought bj' some that "Deborali" was the dau. of his 
uncle, Thomas Beardsle}', of Fairfield, who d. in 1656, leaving sev- 


er:il cliildren, and that she was brought up by Capt. Jolin, lier 
uncle (.see Appendix), and hence the reason for giving her and 
lier son so much of his estate. In the town records of Stratford 
(Book 2 p. 44) may be found. "Sarah, dau. b. May 9. 1678." If she 
was the dau. of John slie i)robahly d. y., for he left no bving eliil- 

Note — In all these documents the name is spelled as here 
given, Beardsley, and not once with "ee." That form of spelling 
comes in in after generations. 

Joseph Beardsley- (William'), b. Nov. — , 1()34, in England, 
and l)rought, when six months old, to New England. When a boy 
about five years old the familj- settled in Cupheag, 1639; after- 
wards, in 164H, named, and known as Stratford, Conn. 

Here, on the banks of "the Housatonic River, about one and 
one-half miles from Long Island Soiind, in Fairfield Cotxnty, Con- 
necticut, which was fourteen miles from New Haven and fiftj^- 
eight miles from New York City," he grew to man's estate, and 
became ver}' fond of the water. 

This his much esteemed and honored father did not like ; for 
when he made his will, September 28, 1660, he left him qtxite a 
property on the condition that he "married and left the sea." 

This he did not fail do do. An old record shows that he re- 
sided at Brookhaven, Long Island, Aug. 1, 16(jl. 

In KK),") he m. Abigail Dayton, of Long Island. He took the 
oath of a freeman June -1, 16(38. 

He joined the Congregational Clmrch in Sti'atford in 1693, 
where he d. May 29, 1712, aged 78. 

The inventory of his estate amounted to £782 7s. 6d. From the 
distribution it seems that he owned "land in the old field, great 
neck. Walnut tree hill, and at traj) fall hill." 

His sons Joseph and John were appointed administrators b}- 
the Court, 




+ 1. Joseph. 
-f 2. John. 

3. Hannah, b. 1670; m. Thomas Harvey. 

4. Elizabeth, b. 1672 ; m. Kdninnd Prilford, Nov. 18, 
1713, ■ .'.')["t\tr...<,-tr 

+ !5. Thomas. 

+ 6. Kphraim. 
+ 7. Jonathan. 
+ 8. Josiah. / 

Samuel Beardsley^ (William'), b. 1638. He was the first 
American b. Beardsley. He d. at Stratfield (now Bridgeport), 
Conn., Dec. 24, 1706. Age 68. Married Abigail , 1663. 

He joined the Congregational Church in Stratford in 1678, 
from which he was dismissed in 1695 and became one of the nine 
Charter Members of the First Congregational Church of Stratfield 
(now Bridgeport), Conn., which was organized June 13, 1695. Jtil}^ 
10, 1695, Abigail Beardsley joined this church, with six others, b3^ 

He is mentioned in his father's will as "My sonne, Samuell, 
I give that red cow which I have now lent him." 

Sept. 21, 1663, he bought land of Kdward Higbee. "He also re- 
ceived land from his father in Piquannock, in what is now the 
northern portion of the citj' of Bridgeport, north of North Avenue- 
He became the owner of considerable land, for, after giving- to 
his children much, in his life-time, the inventor}' of his estate 
amoimted to £714. (History of Stratfield, p. 1131.) In 1704 he di- . 
vided his propertj', to take effect after his decease. Samuel and 
Richard Hubbell were the dividers. Thej' report the distribution 
to the Probate Court as follows : "To his sons Daniel, John, Ben- 
jamin, Nathan, and to his daughters. Mary (wife of Jonathon 
Wakeley), Hannah (wife of John Parruch), and Sarah^(dau. of his 
deceased son Samttel), each of the above received £73 16s. 5d. 

His widow, Abigail, received £167 14s. 7d. 


Jolin Bardsley and Jonathon Wakeley were tlie ai:)pointed 
adiiiiiiistratdrs of Saimiel's estate. 

1. Abio-ail, 1). 1664; in. May 28, 1684, Thomas Trowbridge, of 
New Haven, and had three children. (Savage, Vol. xviii. p. 333.) 
+ 2. Samuel. 
+ 3. William. 
+ 4. Daniel. 

4- 7). John. ^'j\ , 

+ 6. Kph rai m. f "^ '< • ^ ^-^.'^ • ' 
+ 7. Benjamin. 

8. Mary, b. 1680, m. Jonathan Wakely. 

9. Hannah, b. 1682, m. John Parruch. 
10. Deborah, b. 1684. 

H- 11. Nathan. 

12. Sarah. 1). 1688. 

Daniel Beardsley-^ (William'), b. 1644, d. Oct. 7, 1730, Age 86. 
HifA gravestone still remains. Married Ruth (dan. of Obadiah) 
Wheeler 1680, who d. 1739. Age 71. She joined the Congregational 
Chtirch in 1694. A farmer. 

In Ma}', 1708, Daniel Beardslej', Sen., was granted certain lands 
on the west side of Stratford, or Potatnck River, with others. 
(Colonial Records, Vol. v. p. 56.) 

Dec. 29, 1668, his mother, with whom he then resided, gave him 

her home in Stratford village, to be his after her decease. He 

died, however, nine j-ears before she, on Jan. 6, 1724-5. He gave 

the old homestead, "a dwelling, barn, and lot in Stratford" village, 

and "a piece of latid in Fairfield, in Beardsley's Neck," to liis son 



+ 1. David. 

2. Andrew. 
-|- 3. Daniel. 




-|- 4. Zachariah. 

o. Ruth, b. Oct. 13, 1688. 
+ 6. Nathan. 
-|- 7. Samuel. 
+ 8. Obadiah. 
+ 9. John. 

10. Mary, b. 1698. 
4- 11. William. 
-f- 12. Benjamin. 

13. Ann. 

14. Rebecca, b. — ; m. Kphraim Judson, Stratford, 

!.■). Jeremiah. 

The Author's Denver Home. 


It ir* cinite clifticult for us, in the rush of this age, to conceive 
of the habits and customs of our forefathers, seventj^-five and two 
l\undred j'ears ago. The following- statements, bj- Dr. George 
Bushnell, of Hartford, will g-ive some idea of some of these : 

"The seats of the school-house were made of slabs from 
the saw-mill (the aiithor well remembers when he was 
favored (?) with seats of similar stjle in the State of New 
York), supported bj- slant legs driven into and a proper 
distance through augur holes, and planed smooth on the 
top bj' the rather tardy process of friction." 

"The meeting- house probably stood on some hill, mid- 
wa}- between three or four vallej^s, whither the tribes go 
up to worship, and where the snow-drifts are deepest. Go 
literall}' from strength to strength." 

"There is no furnace or stove, save the foot-stoves that 
are tilled from the tires of the neighboring- houses, and 
brought in partly as a rather formal compliment to the 
delicac}- of the tender sex, and sometimes because thej- 
were really wanted." (I can well remember when the above 
custom prevailed in other parts, though I was quite small. 
>I. L. Beardsle3^, of Los Angeles, California, ha-\ one of 
those convenient meeting-house stoves. Call and he will 
be glad to show it to 30U.) 

"The dress of the assembl}- was mostly- homespun, in- 
dicating- onl}- slight distinctions of qtialit}' in the worship- 
ers. Thej' are seated according to age and their tax lists. 
The older and heaver tax payers in front near the pulpit, 
surmounted b}' its sounding board, a wooden canop\ ; 
the jounger generally farther back, enclosed in pews, sit- 
ting back to back, impounded, all for deep thought and 
spiritual digestion ; only the Deacons sitting." 

In the seatings of the Presb3terian meeting-house in New 
Milford, Conn., in 1812, Klisha Beardsle}' was given the loitrtk rank, 
tax list, $111, and Asher Beardslj- equal honor, tax list $128; hav- 


ing' pews close under the pulpit, b}' themselves, where thej' could 
receive "the more perpendicular dropping-s of the word." 

It will surprise man}' to ktiow that churcli pews were owned 
and deeded like other propertj-, even as late as l!S2.i, as the follow- 
uig- partial copj' of a deed of that date will confirm : 

"Know all men b}' these presents that I, Horace M. 
Shepard of Newton in the count}' of Fairfield and state of 
Connecticut, for the consideration of one dollar received 
do b}' the presents remise, release and forever quit claim 
unto * * * two-thirds of one certain pew in the Presby- 
terian meeting" house,, so called, situate on the south side 
of said house, being the fourth pew from the west end of 
said house, formerl}- occupied and owned b}^ iny father, 
Timothj' Shepherd, P3sq., deceased." 

Strange as all this ma}' appear, 

"These are they who bore the cross. 

Nobly for their Master stood ; 
Sufferers in his righteous cause, 

Followers of the dying' God. 
Out of great distress they came, 

\\ ashed their robes by faith beh)w, 
In the ))lood of yonder Lamb, 

Blood that washes white as snow." 

Longfellow quaintl} writes of the olden time : 

"Kach man cquipt, on Sunda} morn, 
With Fsalm-l)()ok, shot and powder-horn." 

Tlius they went to church ready for worship or battle. A 
watchman stood without during" the ser\ice to g"i^'e the alarm in 
case of an Indian attack. 

"There is a time, we know not when, 

A place, ^ve know not where. 
Which marks tlie destinies of men 

For glory or despair." 

William Cothren, of Woodl)ur\-, Conn., pictures tlie customs 

of the olden time as follows : 

"John Miner, Jr., being seriously inclined, b\- tlie state 
of liis aifections, unto tlu- l)iooming antl couu'In damsel, 


Siirali Judson, iiiouiiU-cl liis horse, with a deer-skiti for a 
saddU' and rode over in front of the house of the fair 
Sa rail's fatlier. Without disnionntino' sent for lier to come 
out to him, and on lier complyint;- with his recjuest, he in- 
formed her ])hiinly, tliat the Lord luid sent him to marry 
her. At this startling- announcement the sensible maid, 
neither faintiTio- in the present fashionable niode, nt)r ask- 
ing- him to consult her mamma, replied with a hearty gootl 
will : 'Here ?s ihe Jiaiiih}iaui of the Lord His ivili be done.' 
What else could the maiden do? For John was a good 
man, and she l)elieved both in him and his message. 
Tliere was nothing more to do than to get on horseback 
the next Sabbath evening, and sitting- on a piHion, behind 
her messenger from the Lord, ride to the parsonage, and 
l)e duly joined in the lionds of holj- wedlock." 

"Our lives are all)ums, written through 
With good or ill, with false or true ; 
And as the blessed angels turn 

The pages of oiir years ; 
Ciod grant they read the good with smiles 

And blot the bad with tears." 



Since our ancestors figured so extensivelj' in and about Strut. 
ford, it will not be out of place to make a few historical inser- 
tions : 

"Stratford was settled under the auspices of the Con- 
necticut Colon}^, which had, on January 14th, 1638, adopted 
a constitution, which has become the pattern of 'the Con- 
stitution of our States, and of the Republic itself, as thej' 
exist. to-daj^' In that great work some of the pioneers of 
this town took part, and share in its credit, for some of 
them lived in Hartford and Whethersfield, before they 
came to Stratford in 1039. 

"It was about 19 years after the landing of the Pilgrims 
at Pljanouth. For some 3'ears the English and the Dutch 
had been contending for Connecticut. In 1(533 the famous 
Holmes sailed up the Connecticut river, b}' the Dutch 
fort, landing at Windsor, where he biiilt his house and 
fortified it. 

"In 1(33.1 Hartford, Wind-^or and Wethersfield were 
founded b}* emigrants from the Massachusetts settle- 
ments, and strange enough, the}' came here that the}' 
might enjo}' a larger freedom in civil affairs than the}' 
were allowed there. 

"If Kngland was sifted to obtain the choice grain that 
planted Massachusetts, Massachusetts was again siftetl to 
obtain the choice grain that planted the Connecticut Col- 
ony, in point of civil liberties. The relation of these planta- 
tions in respect to government was not long in doubt ; for 
they soon set up a court, so-called, for themselves, and as- 
sttmed all the powers of sovereignty ; not only the ordin- 
ary atifairs, but also the extraordinary powers of making 
war and peace, and contracting alliances with the Indian 
tribes, they boldly exercised. 

"At the court held in l(i3(i 'their circumstances were 
such that it was judged necessary for every man to be a 
soldier,' and in May, 1()37. with matchless self-reliance, 
nerve and grit, if not andacit\, tlie court declared war 


ag'ainst the powerful Peqiiots, and raised an arinj' of 90 
men, wliich took the field under command of Captain 
John Mason, against the enemj-, and after a great victory 
over the Peqnots in their strong;liolds east of the Thames, 
a remnant of the enemj- fled to the west, and secreted 
themselves in the great swamp now 'in the limits of Fair- 
field county, where they were conquered and destroyed as 
a tribe b}' the colonists. 'Roger Ludlow and some of the 
principal gentlemen of the river settlements' accompan- 
ied the ami}'. Thej' were probabh^ the first Englishmen 
who had seen this beautiful territor3^ It was in June, 
and they were charmed with the situation, and spread 
most favorable reports of its features and prospects. 

"The gentlemen who settled New Haven arrived in 
Boston in the Fall of 1637, and stimulated hy these reports, 
they sailed from Boston, and earl}^ in 1638 founded New 
Haven, which with Milford and a few other towns, had a 
colon}' of their own until 1662. The liberal ideas of 
Hooker, Ludlow, and others, who founded the Connecti- 
cut colony, were not pleasing to the New Haven col- 
ony, which agreed with Massachusetts in allowing- onl^^ 
church members to vote. The Connecticut principle was 
stated b}' the gifted Hooker in liis great sermon of March 
31, 1638 : 'That the choice of public magistrates belongs 
unto the people by God's own allowance,' who have the 
power 'also, to set the botinds and limitations of the power 
and place unto which they call them.' 

"Let us rejoice that in the same j^ear, 1639, from the 
same bodj- of freemen, who had the genius and the will to 
frame that instrument, came our fathers into this goodlj' 
land of Cupheag, and established for themselves, and 
their successors, a township, where, assuredl}', all these 
j^ears, those great principles of civil government have 
been preserved. 

"Indeed it seems to be clear that they did not wait to 
bu}' the lands from the Indians. The Paugussett Indians 
living hereabouts were treated as allies of the Pequots, 
and conquered with them 'to maintain their right which 
God b}' conquest had given to them.' 

"The quieting- of the title of the Indians was legallj' 
secured b}' a decision of the court in 16.i9, and morallj' 
secured b}' deeds from the Indians in 1671. 


"Rev. Hixgh Peters wrote in 166(): 'In seven j^ears 
among thousands there dwelling- I never saw any driink, 
nor heard any oath, nor any begging, nor Sabbath 

"Sechford wrote : 'Profane swearing, drunkennes and 
beggars are but rare in the compass of this patent, 
through the circiiinspection of the magistrates, and the 
Providence of God hitherto, the poor then living \^y their 
labors and great wages, proportionablj' better than the 
rich, b}^ their flocks, which without exceeding great care 
quicklj^ waste.' And Cotton Mather called this 'Utopia.'" 

For nearly two hundred years mail was brotight to Stratford 
b)- the coach. 

"As soon as the mail was received at the post office 
the bag was opened and its contents emptied tipon the 
tloor behind the counter. The letters for Stratford were 
then separated from those destined for points further east, 
which latter were thrown again into the bag with other 
mail matter from Stratford, the bag secured and given to 
the stage driver. Postage in those days amounted to 
something. Twenty-five cents was charged on a single 
letter froin New Orleans or Savannah. Letters were sel- 
dom prepaid, and an entry in a book was made on the ar- 
rival of each mail of the address on each letter and tlie 
ainount of postag-e dtie thereon. In winter the distrilm- 
tion was made by the light of tallow dips which had to be 
snuffed about a dozen times in the course of one sifting of 
the mail." 

Public Opinio7t saj'S : 

"Less than sixty j^ears ago there was reall}' no postal 
system in this country. Previous to 1847 the mails were 
carried by private firms, and rates varied according to 
distance. Carriers often traveled on foot or horseback, 
and the progress was slow. In 1846 some of the jjostoffices 
issued stamps of their own, called 'provisional issues.' 
The adhesive stamp was first used in this countrj' in 1847, 
and ])repayment was made compulsorj- in 1856. In 186r{ 
the stamp containing the head of Andrew Jackson was is- 
sued, and from then until 188o the style adopted contained 
the profiles of presidents of the United States." 


Samuel Beardsle3' and his descendants have been so closely 
identified with the first church of Stratfield (now Bridgeport) 
that a short historj^ of it will not be out of place, and I am sure 
will be read with interest by the Beardsley family. 

For more than fifty years after the first settlement of Strat- 
field, the planters possessed no church of their own, but were 
forced to attend service upon the Sabbath, either at Stratford or 
Fairfield. In winter or in stormy weather this must have been 
very inconvenient. 

The place having- increased in size somewhat, application 
was made to the General Court (legislature) for permit to organ- 
ize a society and to build a church. In the year 1690 ecclesiastical 
privileges were granted to the "parish of Stratfield," which con- 
sisted of Richard Hubbell, Isaac Wheeler, James Benedict, Sam- 
uel Beardsley, John Odell, Jr., Saiuuel Gregory, Mathew Sherman, 
Richard Hubbell, Jr., and David Sherman. 

The foundation of a house of worship was laid 1694, on an 
eminence in the upper part of Division Street, a few rods south 
of the King's highwa\'. The height affords a pleasant view of 
the surrounding country, and is still called "Meeting House 


Rev. Charles Chaunce}', a young man of 2.5 years of age 
whose father was the Congregational minister of Stratford, be- 
cauje their pastor at a salary of £G0 per annum, payable in pro- 
visions at the market rate. This sum was afterwards increased 
to £80 per year. 

In June, 1695, the new meeting house was completed, and up- 
on the 13th was opened for worship. Mr. Chaunce^' was ordained 
pastor. It is now known as the "First Congregational Church'' 
of Bridgeport. 



For the want of a bell the worshipers were called together by 
the beating- of a drnm. 

The meeting house was the place where all school meetings 
were held, and all secular affairs, requiring the gathering of the 
people, transacted. 

Mr. Chauncey's ministry lasted (until his death, Dec. 31, 1714) 
for over twenty years, during which time the settlement and 
church increased in numbers. Besides the Sabbath services he 
was in the habit of delivering a religious lecture once in seven 
weeks, according to the custom of the times, beginning each 
when the sun was at least three hours high, and undoubted!}' 
lasting until sundown. 

On Sunday afternoon the youth of both sexes were assembled 
in church and catechised publicly. No levity of manner was al- 
lowed on such occasions, but it appears that even Puritan j'oung 
people were sometimes tempted in that direction, as is shown hy 
the society's record books : 

"Voted that Nathaniel VVackle (Wakeley) should be 
the man to look after 36 boys a Sabbath daN'S in time of 
exercise, tfiat they play not." 

Besides the Catechism, "ye boj's" were taught upon week 
da}'s to read, write and cipher, at least in the winter season. 

After no little parle3'ing the societ}- voted, on June 21, 171.^, to 
extend a call to the Rev. Samuel Cooke, of New Haven, offering 
him £100 sterling. 

The following is a verbatim copy of his letter of acceptance : 

"To the Worshipful Mr. James Bennett and the other 
Gentlemen of the Comte apinted hy the Sosiet}' of Strat- 
field to treat with me: — Gentlemen plas to inform 30ur 
Sosiely that I am content to sarve them in 3'e minestry as 
soon as Convenient provided they Agree Charfull3' and 
unanimousl3' to pa3' ine 100 pounds pr annum so long as 
I shall sarfe them in that capasit3% to be pad in Corant 
Mone3' of this Colon3', or provisions at the following, 
Rates, viz : 

"Indian 2s., ry at 2s. 8d., wheat at 4s. pr bushel, pork at 
20s. pr cwt.,and also to provide me firewood annuall}', as 


much as I shall have occasion for the 3'ous of \\\y faiiiil}', 
provided I meet with no discouragements now unseen. 
"I am Gentemen your lieart}' wel wisher 
"& humble Sarvt, 

"Saml Cooke." 

Mr. Cooke's terms were accepted, and he shortl}' after came 
to Stratfield. 

On public occasions he always appeared in full ministerial 
costume, which was a heav}^ curled wig-, black coat and small 
clothes, shoes fastened with silver buckles, and over all a large 
cloak, or gown. 

The two sexes occupied opposite sides of the house, and were 
seated by a committee appointed for that purpose once a year, 
according to their different social position, or, as the old record 
has it, "hy dignit3\ adge. and state." 

The precedent was followed until quite a recent period — 
about 1870 — usuall}' the females occupying the right and males 
the left of the pulpit. The olden style churches usually were 
entered b}' two doors, men entering the one and women the 
other. Tfiere were occasional exceptions. 

Returning to our subject we find in 1717, in the "Stratfield 
Paristi," William Beardsle}', Sen., Daniel Beardsley, John Beards- 
lej'. Sen., Nathan Beardsley, William Beardslej', Jun., Kbenezer 
Beardsley, David Beardsley, John Beardsle\', Jun., Obadiah 
Beardsle3\ All were householders. 




Aaron Beardsley' (Joseph^ Joseph*, Joseph-, William'), b. 

Oct. 19, 1760; d. 1835, aged 75, Trumbul, Conn. ; m. Sarah Wakelee, 

who was admitted into the Congregational Church in Trnmbul 

1818. She d. 1851 in her 83rd year. 

Their dau. Emeline, b. — , m. Stephen Nichols, of Bridgeport, 

Aaron Beardsley"^ (Jesse*, William', Daniel^ William') b. 
Mar. 27, 1775, at Redding, Fairfield co., Conn., and d. Feb. 11, 18G5, 
aged 90, Adams, La Salle co., 111. He m (') Lois Sanford Jan. 1, 
1801, who was b. Feb. 17, 1781, and d. March — , 1813. 

They moved from Conn, to Willianistown, Mass., where they 
resided several j'ears ; then to Lebanon Springs, Columbia co., 
N. Y., where his wife d. 

He m. (-) Nancy Chapman Apr. 24, 1814, who was b. May 22, 
1796. She d. Nov 11, 1864. 

In Sept., 1835, they moved to Ames Township, La Salle co.. 111. 
He was by trade a tailor, and in church membership a Methodist. 


+ 1. Jesse L, 

+ 2. William D. 

+ 3. Ephraitti Sanford. 

4. Angeline L., b. Jan. 7, 1811 ; m. Leonard King^ 
Jan. 1, 1834, who was a bro. of Kphraim's first wife. 

5. Aaron, b. Feb. 1 and d. Mar. 27, 1813. 


6. Amanda M., b. Feb. 15, 1815; m. Amos Lillie- 
bridge Jan. 21, 1838; had five children. Res. Muscatine, Iowa. 


7. 1.1103' Ann, b. 1818; d. 1825, from the effects of a 
fall on ice. 

+ 8. Henry Garner. 

-|- 9. Levi Chapman. 

+ 10. Edwin Van Der Zee. ^ 

-\- 11. James Aug-nstus. 

12. Miriam, b. Nov. 8, 1829; m. Rev. Jacob Brown 
Dec. 18, 1849. She is the proud mother of nine children. 

13. Knth, b. 1832; d. 1835. 

Aaron T. BeardsleV^ (William^ Jesse*, William*, DanieP, 
William^), b. 1810, Newtown, Conn. ; m. {}) Mary Curtis, of Bridge- 
port, Conn. ; (-) Frances Hamlin, of Newtown, Conn. Res. near 
Newtown, Conn. 


1. Marquette, b. — ; d. y. 

2. Harriet, b. — ; m. — , VVm. H. Edwards. 

3. Rebecca, b. — ; d. unmarried. 

4. George Anna, b— ; m. — , John L. Beardsley of 
Hartland, N. Y. 

5. Florence, b. — ; m. — , Asa Warner. 

Aaron Beardsley' (Jabez^ Abijah^, Jabez*, William^, Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. July 4, 1805, in Pitsfield, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 27, 1864 ; 
m. Nancy Brown, who was b. June 24, 1809; d. Mar. 25, 1875. "He 
was brought up in a distillery and contracted a love for drink, 
which never left him. He was killed by the goring of a cow.'' So 

wrote his son. 


1. Eunice, b. — ; m. Leonard Lottridge, and became 
the mother of two children, a son and a dau. She d. May 6, 1856. 

2. Sarah, b. — ; m. Leroj' Wilcox ; d. Jar. 1, 1852. 

3. Julia, b. — ; m. (') Charles S. Jamson, (-) George 
Staley. Res. Eldora, Hardin co., Iowa. 

+ 4. Henr}' Burfen. 


Here I wish to record the convictions formed after sixt3' -years 
of observation. The intoxicatino; ciip is the greatest curse of 
hutiianit3\ It is the direct canse of three-fourths of all the crime 
and povert}' in our boasted civilization. 

The author has crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times, and 
has sailed nearl}' around the Mediterranean Sea, crossed the Irish 
and English Channels, as well as the North Sea, and has visited 
Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, 
Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, Constantinople, Greece, Austria, 
Prussia, Germany, Holland, and has never found it necessary to 
use liquor of anj' kind, 

The drink habit is universally injurious, and no one can af- 
ford to indulge. It never pays. The returns are not equal to the 
expenditure, for, "at last it biteth like a serpent and stingeth like 
an adder." "Whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise." 

Aaron Beardsley^ (Beverly", Beverly'', Jehiel^ John^ John', 
Joseph-, William'), b. 1798; m. Sarah Fairchild. Res. Sussex co., 

+ 1. Orsamus. 

2. John, b. 1827; d. 1849. 

3. Phebe Ann, b. 1829; m. N. Laning, and had four 


4. Barten, b. 1831 ; d. 1839. 

Aaron Beardsley" (Barna', Daniel'', Benajah', Obadiah^ 
John", Samuel-, William'), b. 1832; m. Martha S. Manwarriney. 


1. Charles P. 

2. Albert. 

3. Lloyd M. 
i. Helen. 

5. Margaret. 

6. Aaron. 

7. Minerva. 


8. Edward. 

9. Hays. 

10 atid 11 d. in infanc}'. 

Aaron Beardslee'" (Orsamus", Aaron^, Beverly^ Beverly^ 
Jehiel-', John*, John', Joseph^ William'), b. Jan. 6, 1861 ; m. Nilla 
Green. Res. Clarkston, Mich. Farmer. 


1. Nettie. 
-|- 2. Orsamiis. 
.3. Hazel. 
J:. Charles. 

5. Julia. 

6. Henry. 

Abbott F. Beardsley* (William E.', Abel^ Jonathan^ Josiah*, 
Josiah', Joseph-', William'), b. Mar. 14, 1848, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; 
m. Grace Clark, Oct. 11, 1870. 


1. Grace Clark. 

2. Mary S. 

3. Fannie. 

4. Walter, d. at 2 years of age. 
n. Hattie. 

6. Bertha. 

7. Dora. 

Abel Beardsley^ (Jabez*, William', Samuel-, William'), b. 
1747 ; d. — . 

Had one dau., Betsey, who m. Sumner, and removed to 

Vermont, where she reared a large family. 

Abel Beardsley'* (Israel*, Thomas^, Joseph^, William'), b. 
1743, and d. April 18, 1788. 

Jared Beardsley was appointed administrator of his estate at 


Stratford, Oct. 4, 1788. I found no report of this administration. 
He left no heirs. 

Abel Beardsley'' (SanmelS William'^, Samuel', William'), b. 
1756, Fairfield, Conn. ; m. — . 

He and his family went with the Loyalists on that first trip 
to N. B., ship "Union," which left N. Y. Apr. 26, 1783. 

In 1787 he resided at Kingston, N. B., where he subscribed 
£1 10s. for building a church. 

Abel Beardsley** (Benajah\ Obadiah*, John'^ Samuel-, Wm.'), 

b. 1775; m.— . 


+ 1. John Odell. 
+ 2. William. 
-|- 3. James. 

4. Rebecca Ann, b. — ; m. James Hurst. 

5. Maria, b. — ; m. Smith Barton. Res. Madison, 
South Dakota. 

6. Jane, b. — ; m. Zerial W. Fisher. 

7. Levina, b. — . 

8. Hirain. 
-)- 9 Abijah. 

Abel Beardsley" (Abraham'', Abraham\ John", Joseph-, 
William '), b. 1770; d. between 1804 and 1842; m. Amelia Glover. 
Resided in Bridgewater, Conn. 

His will was dated Aug. 21, 1804; his property was distributed 
Jan. 21, 1842. Daniel and Abel Booth were the executors. 


+ 1. Curtis. 

2. Daniel. 

3. John, d. unm. 
+ 4. David. 

5. Mary Ann, m. (') Harry Judson and had three 
sons ; (-) Livingston. 


6. Israel, d. nnni. 

7. Rufus. 

Abel Beardsley" (William^ Joseph^ JohnS Jolin', Joseph^ 
Williami). b. 1727 ; d. — ; m. Phebe . 


1. Eleazer. 

2. John. 

3. Thaddens. 

4. Eunice. 

5. Samuel. 
+ 6. James. 

Abel M. Beardsley** (SamueP, Samuel*, John^ SamueF, Wil- 
liam'), b. March 9, 1775 ; d. Jan. 14,1857 ; m. Esther Peartree ; shed. 
April 25, 1860. Farmer. Had tvvo children. Their names have 
not been furnished me. 

Abel Beardsley" (Jonathan^ Josiah*, Josiah^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1774; m. Eunice Rowel, of Newtown, Conn. He d. Nov- 
26, 1832, and she Sept. — . 1874. 


1. Kliza, b. 1807 ; m Charles Booth ; mother of eight 

+ 2. William Edson. 

3. Juliette, b. 1812 ; m. Jared Botsford. She has five 

4. Lottie Maria, b. 1814; d. an infant. 
-|- 5. Abel Ferris. 

6. John. 

7. Betsy Jane, b. 1820; m. (') Abel B. Gregor}^ ; he 
d. — ; m. (-) Francis Fairchild. Childless. 

8. Moses. 

+ 9. Edwin Beers. 

Abel N. Beardsley' (James'', Michael', Abraham*, John'*, 

Joseph-', William'), b. 1813; m. Martha . One son, Albert, b. 

— ; d. Apr. 28, 1884. 


Abel F, Beardsley' (Abel'*, Jonathan', Josiah*, Josiah^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. Mar. 6, 1817; ni. (') Hannah Gray, b. Nov. 18, 
1819, d. Oct. 13, 1862; P) Sarah Porter. Res. New Fairfield, Conn. 


1. Henry S., b. Mar. 24, 1840 ; d. y. 

2. John B., b. Feb. 6, 1844; d. Oct. 17,1870. 

3. Emma L., b. Jan. 25. 1847 ; d. Aug. 19, 1849. 
+ 4. Charles F. 

5. Lester W., b. June 15, 1851. 
0. Martha A., b. June 2, 1853. 

7. Edward, b. April 2, 1856. 

8. Ida M., b. June 8, 1857, d. Dec. 7, 1863. 

9. Nellie B., b. Sept. 16, 1859. 

He had also one son (10), Frederick, \>y Sarah. 

Abel Beardsley' (Christopher'', Israel', Israel, Thomas"', 
Joseph^, William'), bap. 1817; d. Nov. 18, 1849, aged 32, at Upper 
Stepney ; m. Hannah Sherman, of Monroe, Conn , Nov. I, 1836. 

His will bears date of Sept. 22, 1849, and among his bequests 
are the following: "I give and bequeatli to the American and 
Foreign Bible Socict}' one hundred and fifty dollars;" also the 
same amount to "American Baptist Foreign Missions." 

He further remembers "my Bro. James' adopted son, Horace 
T. ;" also the "Stepne}^ Baptist Society in the town of Monroe, one 
hundred dollars — Tracts — Books — Preaching of the Gospel in 
said Societ3\ All else to my wife, Hannah Beardsley." 

Abel S. Beardsley' (Amos'', Gideon\ Nehemiah^ John', 
Samuel-, William'), b. July 22, 1818, at New Fairfield, Conn. 

At the age of seventeen commenced the trade of hat making. 
In 1842 he entered the store of Eli Curtiss of Watertown, where he 
remained four years. He then clerked for Poles & Co. of Ply- 
mouth, Conn., for two 3'ears. 

In 1848 he began business for himself, and in 1850 organized 


a mercantile tinn for trade in Texas, under name of Case, Beards- 
ley & Co. 

In 1856 he commenced work at the Brass Mill in Thomastown. 
Though the firm's name had changed, 3'et he remained as fore- 
man of one of the departments. 

Originall)' a "Whig," he t)ecame later a "Republican," and 
last, but not least, a "Prohibitionist." Was run b}' his fellow citi- 
zens for Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary of State, Member of 
Congress, State Senator, and Representative. 

Music was his forte. Was leader of a choir for over twenty- 
five 3'ears, and a member of a choir for over fiftj' 3'ears. His 
familj' took after him in this. 

He was always positive and decided in character, and on the 
side of ever3'thing that tended to elevate the tone of societ3' and 
build up men in true spiritual manliood. Whatever he undertook 
was sure to be accomplished. (Condensed from a copy furnished 
me ) Res. Plyinouth, Lichfield co., Conn. 

Married Jane Alcott, Nov. 15, 1843. She was b. Sept. 1, 1821, at 

Waterbur3', Conn. 


"t" 1. Charles Henry. 

2. William Gaylord, b. Sept. 18,1846; d. Oct. 11,1890. 

3. Arthur Seward. 

4. Ella Elizabeth, b. April 25, 1852; m. Mark L. War- 
ner, Nov. 26, 1874. 

5. Samuel Conant. 

6. Mary Taylor, b. Sept. 1, 1857. 

7. Jennie Madeline, b. Sept. 4, 1860. 
+ 8. Rodolph Edward, b. Sept. 15, 1867. 

9. Franklin Howard, b. March 14, 1870. 

(Kns.) Abijah Beardslky^ (Robert^ Daniel*, Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1749; bapt. July, 1750; d. Nov.2,1789; m. Drusilla Wheeler, 
July 22, 1780, who d. 1799. He served as Ensign in 8th Conn. Regt. 
in the Revolutionar3- War. 


Drusilla, his wife, was appointed administratrix of his estate 
Mar. 21, 1790. Inventory, £281 18s. lid. Res. Stratfield, Conn. 


+ 1. Abijah. 

2. Wheeler; d, y, 
+ 3. John. 
-|- 4. Anson. 

5. Sarah, b. 1786; d. unm. 1850. 

6. Drusilla, b. 1788. 

The final distribution of his property was made Mar. 17, 1810. 
Anson was given "One-third part of the house, the S. W. lower 
room, also privilege in the kitchen to brew, bake, and wash ; also 
in the cellar and garret and use of the well and back house, with 
libert}^ to pass and repass to and from, in the usual wa}'." (D. 

Equal privileges were also given to Sarah and Drusilla. 

Abijah Beakdsley-' (Daniel*, DanielS Daniel-, William'), b. 
1765-6; d. — . He enlisted June 12, 1777, in the 7th Connecticut 
Regt. under Col. Swift, as a musician, and proved himself a true 
lover of his country. Married Sarah Ann 


+ 1. Abijah. 

2. Oliver Samuel. 

3. Sarah Ann. b. July 16. 1792. 

Abijah Beardsley\ (Tabez^ William^ Samuel-'. William'), b. 
1749 ; d. 1781, on Eden Neck, Long Island ; m. Bertha Sherwood in 
1769, who d. 1772. One child, a son, + Jabez. 

Abijah Beardsley'- (Abijah', DanielS Daniel', Daniel-, Wil- 
liam), b. Dec. 2, 1785 ; d. at Derby, Conn., 1830 ; m. Elizabeth Betsey. 
His eldest son, Talmage, and William Smith were the executors 
of his will. (Volumes 40, 42, 43 New Haven Records.) 



1. Talniage. 

2. Lyman. 

3. Laura. 

Abijah Beardsley'' (Abraham', Abraham*, John*, Joseph-', 
William'), bapt. Jan. 1, 17(54 ; d. — ; m. Sarah Ann Wilcoxson, Feb., 
1790. Res. Stratford, Conn. His will is dated Sept. 26, 1839, and 
mentions one son, four daus. and a grandson, "Abijah B. Wor- 
din," and a granddau., "Caroline A. Wordin." 


-|- 1. Oliver Samuel. 

2. Sarah Ann, bap. Aug-., 1792; d. y. 

3. Caroline. 

4. Marietta. 

5. Mary Eliza. 

6. Grace Arabella, m. Sherman. 

Abijah Beardsley** (Abijah'', Robert*, Daniel*, Samuel-', Wil- 
liam'), b. 1781, at Bridoeport, Conn. In 1805, when 24 j^ears of age. 
he "'went as a seaman from Bridgeport, in a brig commanded by 
Capt. Samuel Hawley, to Antigua, on which voyage he was taken 
b3' an Knglish press gang and forced on board an Knglish man- 
of-war, when he was put on ship dut}' for a cruise for some 
months, until the man-of-war returned to Antigua. Through the 
aid of Sylvanus Sterling and Robert Southworth, who were doing- 
business there, he was liberated and sent home in a brig bound 
for Washington, North Carolina, in January, 1806. 

Soon after he shipped on board a schooner belonging to the 
Prindles of Bridgeport, and sailed for the West Indies, which was 
lost in a hurricane in 1806, and all on board perished. (Histor3' 
of Stratford and Bridgeport, pp. 527-8.) 

Abijah Beardsley' (Jabez'', Abijah^Jabez*. William^SamueP, 
William'), b. 1794; d. August, 1864, in Fairfield co.. Conn.; m. 
Huldah . 



1. Linnie A., b. — ; ni. — . Had a son and dau. 

2. Mary, b. — ; d. y. 

Abijah Beakdsley' (AbelS Benajah^ Obadiah', John^ Sam- 
ueP, William'), b. 1812; m. — . Res. Wheeling, West Virginia. 


1. Sarah C, b. — ; m. Phineas Hull. 

2. Polly, b. — ; m. Abel Cooper. 
-|- 3. Partem us. 

4. LrOvia, b — ; m. Wm Beachmur, Louisiana, Mo. 

5. Lozalia, b. — ; m. Phidelo Gillette. 

6. Hiram. 

7. Villetta, b. 1824; m. Lindsay Jacob Ladd, whose 
daughter, Mrs. Richard Crow, resides in Boulder, Colo. 

Abfjah BeardsleY' (Anson'', Abijah\ Robert\ Daniel', Sam- 
uel', William'), b. 1832; d. 1869, aged 37, m. Mony . 

1. One child, b. Oct. 11, 1865. 

2. Another, b. May 26, 1867. 

Abner Beardsley* (Caleb\ Caleb*, John*, Joseph-, William'), 

bapt. 1770; d. — ; m. Nancy . Res. Huntington, Conn. Hia 

will mentions "wife Nancy" and "my dau. Nanc}' Elizabeth."' The 
inventory of his estate amounted to $8,159.27. A farmer. (Bridge- 
port Records.) 

Abner Beardsley-' (Luke^ Michael^ Abraham\ John\ Joseph- 
William'), b. Jan. 7, 1793; m. Kmma Greene; b. 1804; d. —. Re- 
sided for 3'ears in Rochester, N. Y., where he worked at cloth 
dressing- and shoemaking. Later in life moved to Winnesta, 
where he d. A Congregationalist. 

+ 1. Henry M. 

2. Sarah Jane, b. Jan., 1830; m. W. B. Slocum. 

3. Elizabeth, b. Mar., 1832; m. Lyman Kendall. 
+ 4. Edward C. 

-f- 5. John QuinC3^ 


Abner W. Reakdsley" (Benajah", Gideon-', Obadiah^ Jolitv', 
Samuel-, William'). I> Aug-. 14, 1797, New Fairfield, Conn.; bap. 
Apr. 6, 1800; d. at Larned, Kas.. Feb. 10, 1883; m. Mary Peck Feb. 
11, 1818. She was b. at Fairfield, Conn., Aug-. 23, 1798; d. at Nnu- 
da, 111., March 3, 1879. Merchant. 

He moved to Penfield, Lorain co. Ohio, 1821 ; thence to Alden, 
Erie co., N. Y., 1823; then, in 18i5, to Alexander, Genesee co.. N. Y.; 
thence, in September, 1835, to Napierville, DuPai>e co., 111., and in 
1837 to Cr3'stal Lake, >IcHenr3' co.. III. where they became njeni- 
bers of the first Methodist class. Their house was the first 
preaching- place for their pastors and a home for the wear}' itin- 
erant in those earlj' da3's of the west. 

When visiting- his eldest son in Larned, Kan , he d. triumph 
antlj'. His shouts of victor}' could have been heard afar. Angel 
bands were near to welcome him liome. 

+ 1. Jolin P. 
-|- 2. Benajah. 

3. Manle}', d. }•. 
-f- 4. Orsamus. 

^. Mary Jane, b. 1827; m. Jolin R. Church. Res. 
Cr3stal Lake, 111. riie}- have a famil3' of interesting' children. 
+ C. William H. 

Abxer M. Beardsley^ (Ransom', Ichabod", Amos^ Samuel*, 
Daniel\ Daniel-, William'), b. Sept. 2,1815, North Langsinjr. N. Y. 
Methodist. Farmer. Married Sophrina Cook, Ma3' — , 1844, who 
was b. Nov. 22, 1820, and d. Sept. 13, 1852. 

1 Miriam, b. Jan., 18t6; died. Aug., 1846. 
2. Willard, b. June, 1849 ; d. Aug., 1856. 

Abraham Beardsley* (John'*, Joseph-. William'), b. March 6, 
1096; d. Juh' 9, 177.5, aged 79; m. Esther, dau. of William Jeans, 
Warden of Christ's Clmrch, Stratford, Conn., April 17, 1723. She 
d. 1772, at Ripton (now Huntington), Conn. 


On Feb. 26, 1723-4, he purchased of Samuel Beardsley, for £100, 
"one certain Messuage and tract of land, with a house and barn 
thereto belonging." He was a weaver by trade, and resided on 
Booth's Hill, Town of Huntington. 


-|- 1. George. 
+ 2. Abraham. 

3. Martha, b. April 19, 1728. 

4. Abigail, b. Feb. 16, 1731 ; m. Nichols. 

+ 5. William. 

+ 6. Isaac. 
-|- 7. John. 

8. Sarah. 
+ 9. Mickul. 

10. Esther, b. 1743 ; m. Benjainin Beach. 

Abraham Beardsley"' (Abraham^, John-*, Joseph-, William'), 
b. Sept. 28, 1726 ; d. Feb. 13, 1815, aged 88 ; m. {') Bethia, dan. of 

Joseph Curtis, Oct. 21, 1753. She d. Aug. 4, 1801, aged 71. He m. (2) 

Widow Benedict of Danbury, 1805. Res. in North Stratford (now 

Trumbull), Conn. His will is dated June 3, 1812. He gives to "my 

daughters Mar}' Hubbell, Sarah Curtis, Jerusha Burr, and to m}' 

grandchildren, — children of n\y son Ephraim, Frances, Sidne}', 

Sarah, Harriet, each $66." 

"M3' grandchild Mary Lewis, and to my grandchild Elizabeth 
Booth, and to the children of my son Curtis— Phebe, Maria, 
David, Josiah, Ephraim." 

"Chloe Glover, granddau. first wife, Betty, wife of Aaron 
Judson, George aad Charles, sons of my son Ephraim, my son 
Abijah, and my son Abel, and Aaron Judson I appoint executors 
of my estate." (Churchman.) 

His estate inventoried $6,629.59. 


-f- 1. Curtis 
-|- 2. Ephraim. 

3. Betty, b. 1757 ; m. Aaron Judson of Old Mill. 

4. Mary, b. 1758 ; m. Hubbell. 


+ 5. John. 
-\- 0. Abijah. 

7. Sarah, b. 17()7 ; ni. Joel Curtis. 
+ <S. Abel. 

9. Jerusha, b. 1772 ; in. John Burr, 1790. Res. nvAwy 
3'ears in Bridgewater, then moved to Ohio. 

Abraham Beakosley" (Henry-, Jehiel^ Jolin', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Aug-, 22, 1788; d. 1847. Farmer. Episcopalian. He m. 
Hannah Raymond. Res. near Danbury, Conn., where he d. 


1. Abby Ann, b. 1811 ; d. 1874. 
+ 2. Henry. 
3. Herman. 

Adam C. Beakdsley** (Emmanuer, Emmanuel'', Jehiel', JohnS 
John•^ Joseph-, Williami), b. May 31, 1834. Res. Clymer, N. Y. Mar- 
ried Rebecca Mead, of Pittsfield, Warren co., N. Y., March 4,1857. 
Methodists. vShe was b. Nov. 4, 1838. 


1. Mary Adelaide, b. Apr. 3, 1858, at Corrj', Erie co., 
Pa. ; d. there Apr. 21, 1874. 

2. Myron Edgar, b. Jan. 18, 1860; d. Feb. 12,1860, at 
Corr}', Pa. 

3. Carrie Inez, b. Jan. 31, 1861; m. Manoah Miller 
Oct., 1883. Res. Syracuse, Hamilton co., Kansas. 

4. Jessie Blanch, b. March 27, 1863; m. Edward 
Disher Aug. 12, 1886 ; d. in Denver. Colo., Nov. 3, 1890. 

5. Jennie Lillian, b. Mar. 16, 1865 ; m. Lincoln James 
Gibson July 27, 1886. Res. South Denver, Colo. 

,p ^. , ( 6. Hattie. 

^^ '"'' \ 7. Hettie, b. Feb. 26, 1867 ; d. the next day. 

8. Guy Grant, b. Aug. 5, 1868. 

,p . (9. Archie, b. July 19, 1873 ; d. Aug. 19, 1873. 
A Wins \ J J -' ' ? CD 

\ 10. Grant, b. July 19, 1873 ; d. Aug. 19, 1873. 

11. Ora Rebecca, b. Oct. 4, 1875, at Welland, Canada. 

12. Arthur Clyde, b. Dec. 24, 1879, Welland, Canada. 

13. Mabel Lullu, b. May 21, 1882, Clymer, N. Y. 


Addison L. Beardsley' (Leinuer, Timothy-', DanieP, Daniel-^ 
Daniel-, William'), b. Jan. 28, 1805 ; m, Harriet Cole, on Kent Moun- 
tain, Oct. 9, 1827, and lived near his father's homestead. He was a 
blacksinith, farmer and commission merchant. He d. Sept. 30, 
1864, and is buried in the old Bridgewater graveyard, in New Mil- 
ford, Litchfield co.. Conn. She d. June 1, 1877, aged 70. 


+ 1. George. 

2. Mary E., b. 1842 ; ni. Eugene R. Boland Jan. 1 
1863. She is the happy mother of five boys and three girls. 

Aguk Beardsley" (Jo8iah\ SamueP, William^ Samuel'-. Wil- 
liam'), b. June 5, 1774 ; m. Abigail Downs, 1795. Res. in Newton, 
Conn., until the winter of 1800, when they inoved to Scipio, Cayviga 
CO., N. Y., where he d. 1808. 

His property was distributed to his heirs the following June. 
(Book 9 p. 521 Danburj' Records ) 


1. Sally, b. 1796 ; m. Eli Blackman 1826. 
+ 2. Greenville. 
+ 3. Josiah. 
+ 4. Nelson. 

Agur Beardsley** (Samuel\ SaraueP, Josiah-, Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. June 12, 1791 ; d. 1881, aged 90 ; m. Lucinda Nichols. He 
mentions his wife's name in his will ; also one son and one dau. 
His property inventoried $14,796.67. He was a deacon in the Con- 
gregational Church. 


+ 1. Lucius N. 
. 2. George B. 
3. Mary, b. — ; m. Middlebrook. 

Aguk Beardsley'' (Philo-^ Josiah^ Josiah', Joseph-', William'), 
b. April 14, 1801; d. Sept. 2, 1861, Kent Hollow, Conn.; m. Eliza, 
dau. of Dr. Stephen Bennett of Kent Hollow, Litchfield co., Oct. 
20, 1824. 



+ 1. Stephen Bennett. 
+ 2. Fhilo. 

3. Jannetle Diana, b. 1829; m. Cliarles WellerlSoO; 
had two daiiohters. Res. New Milford. Conn. 

4. Sophia, b. 1831 ; ni. Abel Turreil.of Kent Hollow, 
Conn. Childless. 

5. Jerome ; died in infancy'. 
+ 6. Francis A our. 

7. William Henr3\ b 1840; d. in infancj'. 

8. Martha Eliza, b. 1842 ; m. Henry Hall of Hartford. 
Conn. Childless. 

+ 9 Irwin Johnson. 

Agur BEAkDSLEY'MKlisha-', Israel, Thomas', Joseph-, William'), 
bapt. Aug-. 1779 ; d. 1851 ; m. (') Ann Shelton, who died without is- 
sue, at Ripton (now Huntinoton), Conn. ; (-') Sylvia, dau. of Dr. 
Ezra Curtis, Sept. 20, 1812. His property was distributed Sept. 21, 
1852. His wife and children are mentioned. 


1. Abb}' Graj'. 

2. Ezra. 

+ 3. Ebenezer. 
4. Elisha H. 

Agur Beakdsley' (Elihu's Elisha"', Israel*, Thomas', Joseph-, 
William'), b. about 1810 ; d. May 27, 1844 ; m. Elizabeth A., dau. of 
Harry Lewis. Res. Monroe, Conn. Farmer. Episcopalian. 


1. Elsie Edward, b. — ; m. David A. Nichols. Their 
children are Daniel A., Morris B., and Selina E. 
+ 2. William Agur. 
+ 3. Edwards Sherman. 

Alanson Beardsley" (Henry', William", Joseph^ John^ John-*. 
Joseph-, William'), b.aboutl830 ; m. Emeline Booth. Res. Bridg^e- 
port, Conn. Property distributed June 26, 1862, to the heirs of 
Elbert, and to his widow. 



+ 1. Wilson. 
2. Elbert. 
4- 3. Frederick A. 

4. Warren M. 

5. Frances E. ; nj. A. Hoyt. 

6. Melony A. 

Albert Beardsley' (Philomus'', Ephraim\ David*, Ephraim^, 
Joseph-, William'), b. May 1, 1800 ; d. — ; m. Eliza Geir. of Spring-- 
field, Fa., June 8, 1826, who d. 1891. 


1. Ellen, b. — ; in. George Jessup, of Scranton, Pa. 
She has one son and two daughters. 

2. Two children d. in infancy. 

Albert A. Beardsley^^ (Charles W.', Ezekiel'', Jabez\ Williani*, 
William'^, Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. ^, 1827, at Alexandria, Jeffer- 
son CO., N. Y. ; d. — ; in. Amelia Carter. A Methodist. 


1. Alvaro. 

2. Alice. 

Albert D. Beardsley'' (Guy C, Zacliariah C', Eiias', Jona- 
thanS Josiah^ Joseph-, William'), b. 1846. Res. Council Bluffs, 
Iowa. Married Martha A. Dahl, Jan. 7, 18(37. Engaged in rail- 



1. Albert Lyman, b. April 15, 1868. 

2. George Frank, b. Dec. 30, 1869. 

3. Willis Kemp, b. Oct. 20, 1871. 

3. Martha Odessa, b. Aug. 10, 1874 ; d. 1878. 

5. Guy, b. May 10, 1881. 

6. Earl Kay nor, b. Jan. 13, 1883. 

Albert R. Beardsley** (Elijah H.', Elijah**, Phineas\ Obadiah*, 
John^, Samuel-, William'), b. 1847, at Dayton, Ohio ; m. Elizabeth 
Florence Baldwin 1872, Elkhart, Ind.. where he resides and is con- 


nected with the Muzzy Corn Starch Companj. Was City Clerk 
1870-2; City Treasurer 1874-8. Is a Methodist. His only child, 
Ruth, d. y. 

Albert G. Beardsley^ (Elias W.', Lewis'", \Vhitmore\ Benja- 
min*, Josiah^, Joseph-, William'), b. Feb. 6, ISol, Dunham, Canada ; 
m. Ag-nes Henrietta Hill, July 25, 1877. Res. vSt. Alban's, Franklin 
CO., Vt. A wheelwrig-ht and Methodist. Had one dau., M3'ron 
Hill, b. March 28, 1878, Dunham, Canada. 

Alexander B. Beardsley^ (Ezra', Elijah", Pllineas^ Oba- 
diah*, John-^ SamueP, William'), b. Nov., 1815, Delhi, Delaware co., 
N. Y. ; d. June 14, 1877 ; m. Lovina Rice, March, 1852, of Ripon, 
Fondiilac co.. Wis. Farmer. He moved to Boulder, Colo., Nov., 
1873, on account of asthiua, where he d. June 14, 1877, regretted by 
all who knew him. He was a resident of Ripon, Wisconsin, for 27 
j^ears. Honor, integrity and liberality were his peculiar charac- 


1. Frank, b. 1852. 
T^.;^^ ^ ^- Kffie, b. Mar. 3, 1855 ; d. Nov. 16, 1857. 

'' 3. Ida Idlle, b. Mar. 3, 1855 ; m. Henry V. Rosen- 
krans, of Boulder, Colo., May 8, 1877. 

4. Helen Anna, b. Dec. 12, 1857 ; d. y. 

Twins -*' ^- ""^^'''ii'cl Alexander, b. Feb,20, 1863; d. July 12, 1864. 

\ 6. Helen Isabel, b. Feb. 20, 1863. She first graduated 

from the Boulder High School, and then from the Colorado State 

University, where she is a successful teacher. She spent one 

suminer in Europe. 

(Capt ) Alkxa.xdei? E Bkardsleys (Ziba S.,^ Benajah«, Gid- 
eon% Obadiah*, John^ SamueP, William'), b. June 20, 1830, at Alex- 
ander, Genesee co., N. Y. Raised at Crystal, McHenry co.. 111. En- 
listed as a private in the 8th Kansas Vol. Inf. Oct. 5, 1861. Com- 
missioned 2nd Lieutenant May, 1863, and Captain of his Company 
August, 1864. He reached Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Jan. 1, 1866, and 
assisted in tlie reconstruction of that State. He has held various 


county offices, such as Assessor, Deputy Sheriff, and Deputy 
Town Clerk, for years. 

Alford O. Beardsley* (SamueF, Bennitt^ Timothy^ Daniel*, 
DanieP, DanieP, William^), b. Oct., 1857 ; m. Leola I. Cope, Sept., 
1882. One son, HORACE, b. Sept. 26, 1883. 

Alfred Beardsley" (John D.^ John\ John*, John^ Joseph-', 
William'), b. 1798; d. — ; m. Nancy Currie. Resided near Wood- 
stock, N. B. A farmer and an Episcopalian. 


1. Georg^e ; m. Barbara Craven. 

2. William. 

3. Sarah Matilda ; m. George Skedgel, of Grand 
Falls, New Brunswick. 

4. Laxara ; m. William DeLacy, of New Orleans, La. 

5. Anna ; m. George Clows. 

Alfred Beardsley^ (Daniel*, Benajah-', Obadiah*, John^ 

Samuel-, William'), b. 1805 ; m. Simpson. To them was born 

one dan., LOURAIN, b. 1840 ; m. Joseph Billheimer, 1858. He d. 1874, 
leaving her with five children to raise and a farm to care for. 

Alfred O. Beakdsley' (James A.^ Aaron'-, Jesse*. William', 

DanieP, William'), b. Dec. 12, 1856, Serena, La Salle co.. 111. Res. at 

Karl, in the same co. Married (') Millie S„ dau. of Walter and 

Esther Hyde, Dec. 25, 1878 ; b. Nov. 23, 1860 ; d. Feb. 27, 1887, at Le- 

land. 111. A farmer and Methodist. He m. (^) Ella Durning, Apr. 

30, 1896. 


1. Ray Hyde, b. Jan. 23. 1880 ; killed by cars Nov. 17, 


2. Frederick, b. July 5. 1884 ; d. Sept., 1884. 

3. George James, b. Aug. 6, 1886. 

Alfred Beardsley" (Josiah'*, Josiah'', James*, John\ SamuelS 


William'), b. 1804 ; ni. Eineline Buroliard. who d. 1872. He d. Aug., 



1. Klijah. 

2. Mary Catlicriiu' ; in. Lyman Cole. 
-f- 3. William IMiiiieas. 

-|- -t. John Henry. 
+ 0. James. 

(Dr.) Almox BEARD.SLEY' (Obadiah'\ Phineas', Obadiah*, 
Johri'^ Samuel-, William'), b. Nov. 29, 1795, in Fairfield, Conn. ; m. 
Huldah A. Patterson, wlio d. Sept. 28, 18.5(3, aged 58, at Westmore- 
land, N. Y., where he practiced medicine for over 20 years. He 
afterwards moved to Clinton, Oneida co., N. Y., where he d. Aug. 
20, 1873. 

His j^oungest daughter writes : "Mj^ father was a good man, 
very strong willed and strong in his attachments and love of 
family ties. He d. in tlie communion of the Episcopal Church, 
with a well grounded faith in the glorious Gospel. He said, 
'Many more are there to meet me than I leave behind.' The only 
fault we can find in Beardslej- blood, none are blessed in this 
world's goods. I never knew one rich." 

Evidentl3' her acquaintance was limited. Thank God ! There 
are riches untold, that the world "knows not of!" 


1. Thomas, d. aged 19. 

2. Harriett, d. aged 21. 

3. John, d. aged 51. 

4. Mar\^ Ann, d. aged 13. 

5. Sarah. 

(3. Louise, Ij. ; d. aged IG. 

-i\. ,., ^ '• Rachael Both i a. 
1 \\ ins •, 

' + 8. W illiam Henry. 
9. John Patterson. 

10. Chloe Rebecca. 

11. Huldah Ann, b. Aug. 24, 1838. 

12. Angeline Patterson, h. Oct. 13. 1840. 


Almon L. Beardsley* (Ephraiin', Obadiah^ Phineas^ Oba- 
diah*, John^ Samuel-, William'), b. June 1, 1833, Volney, N. Y. ; m. 
Sarah A. Hubbard, Jul}- 14, 1855. 


ton, N. Y. 

+ 1. Lawton D. 

2. Emil} L., b. Feb. 3, 1862 ; m. A. H. Vanburun,May, 

3. Arthur, b. March 22, 18()7 ; railroad agent at Ful- 

Amos Beakd.sley" (Jehiel', Emnianuel'', Jehiel^, John*, John\ 
Joseph^ William'), b. 1824; m. Harriet Travers about 18.50. Thej- 
d. fifteen years after, leaving one little girl, Ida, living- in Wis. 

Almus Beardsley" (Philo\ Jo.siah^ Josiah', Joseph', Wil- 
liam'), b. Apr. 11, 17i)9, in Kent, Conn. ; d. July 21, 1873, at Ellsworth, 
Mahoning- co., O. ; m. Amanda CogvSwell Nov. 26, 1820 ; d. Aug. 23, 
1869. They moved to Ohio in 1830, and purchased a farm upon 
which he lived until death. They were earnest Christian people, 
converted in their eastern home, under the labors of Rev. C. A. 
Boardman. They so trained their children that they were all 
converted and united with the church, before reaching their ma- 
jority, and liecame active in Christian work. Congregationalists. 


4- 1. Homer. 

2. Henry Curtis, b. 1823; n\. Klizabeth Smith, 1851. 

3. Esther. 

4. Birdsey, b. 182S ; m. Susan Coult 1856. 
-\- 5. Josiah. 

6. Fanny Maria, b. Mar. 10, 1835, Ellsworth, Ohio ; \\\. 
Lloj'd Allen. One son. 

7. Amanda Ann, 1). Mav 12. 1837. 

Almus Beardsley' (Philo'', Philo\ Josiali\ Josialr^, Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1828, ul Mary P. Deon 1854. A farmer and stock- 
grower near Canfield, Mahoning- co., Ohio. 



1. Doe, I). 1856 ; d. 18.m 

2. Ruby, b. 1858; d. 1879. 

3. Frederick, b. 1860 ; d. 1861. 

4. Sarah, b. 1866. 

5. Ensio-n, b. Oct. 2, 1873. 

6. John, b. Aug-, i, 1878. 

Alonzo G. Beardsley' (John^ Kliakim^ Samuel*, John^ Sam- 
uel''', William') b. ]\\\y 11, 1820, Venice, N. Y. ; m. Anna Phillips, 
dau. of Hon. John Porter, Sept., 1848. Res. Auburn, N. Y. A law- 
3^er and manufacturer. 

"He was elected secretary of the Osweg'o Starch Fac- 
torj", and continued in this position until 1858, when he 
became treasurer. In 1866 he entered the Cayuga Chief 
Manufacturing Co., and carried on the manufacture of the 
Cayviga Chief mower and reaper." 

He is also president of the Auburn Water Co. and vice-presi- 
dent of the Cajaiga County National Bank. 


1. Carrie, b. Jan. 12, 1850 ; m. John H. Woodruff, and 
have six children. 

-f 2. William P. 

3. Alonzo G., b. 1853; graduated at Yale 1875; m. 
Agnes F. Hartwell.. 

4. George Thompson. 

5. Nelson, b. Feb. 12, 1858 ; d. in Oct., 1858. 

6. Douglas, b. 1860 ; m. Mary A. Chadell. 

7. Porter. 

Alonzo J. Beardsley" (Ira**, Ephraim^ Benjamin*, Josiah*, 
Joseph^, Williami), b. Feb. 4, 1830; d. Dec. 3, 1901; m. Clorintha 
Blakeman, Oct. 1, 18.51. She joined the Congregational Church in 
1850. He in 18.52. Re.s. West Stratford, Conn. 


1. George B. 

2. Nellie C. 


Alonzo D. Beard,sley^ (C5^rus^David^Obadiah^ John*,John^ 
Joseph^, William^), b. 1827 ; ni. Augusta Lewis, of Catherine, 
Schujder co., N. Y. 


1. Waj'land. 

2. Jennie. 

3. Bruce. 

Alvin Beardslev' (David", Obadiah^ John*, John^ Joseph^, 
William'), b. 1801, Bradford co., Pa. His family emigrated to Erie 

CO., N. Y., in 1808 ; m. (') Elizabeth ; (-') Nancy Stoddard 18iO. 

They emigrated to Ashtabula co., O., in 1841, where he remained 
eleven inonths ; then inoved to Wisconsin (1842), where he d. 1864. 
A Presbyterian. 


1. Catherine Rebecca, b. 1826. 

2. Wealthy Ann, b. 1827. 

3. Margaret, b. 1829. 

4. Alvin Henry, b. 1838 ; d. y. 


-\- 5. Hiram. 
6. George W. 

6. Elizabeth D., b. 1846. 

7. Alvin L , b. 1849 ; d. 
9. Susan R., b. 18,52. 

Alvin Beawdsley* (Enoch', Truman«, Gideon^ ObadiahS 
John-*, SamueP, Williami), b 1826; m. Theda Moss, 1852, at Hunts- 
burg, Geauga co , Ohio. A farmer and Congregationalist. 


1. Ruby Ida, b. 1854. 

2. Arthur, b. 1866; m. (•) Jane Nye 1881. She d. 1883. 
M. (2) Eva Njre 1884. 

3. Lincoln. 

4. Alvin E. 

5. Enoch. 

6. Charles, b. May 2. 1873. 


(Dr.) Ambrose Beardsley^ (Elihu^ Elisha^ Israel*, Thomas^ 
Joseph-', William'), bapt. 1812 ; d. Oct. 30, 1884 ; m. May, the only 
dan. of Satmiel Bassett, Esq., April 30, 1837. He was a successful 
physician in Bii-minghani, Conn., for many years, where he was 
very highlj^ esteemed for his manly virtues. 


-(- 1. Ambrose K. 

2. Mary E, b. July lo, 1849; m T. B. Jewett, M. D., 
Nov, 19, 1873; d. Maj' 24, 1878. He was a popular and instructive 
temperance lecturer for manj^ j-ears. The writer heard him in 1868. 

(Capt.) Ambrose E. Beardsley'^ (Ambrose', Elihu'', Elislia% 
Israels ThomasS Joseph-, Vxilliami), b. Dec. 17, 1839 ; m Fanny M. 
Brig^gs, Jul}' 3, 1871. Aug-. 1,5, 1862, he was elected 2nd Lieut, of 
Co. H. 20th Reg-t. I. C. V.; promoted to Captain March 5, 1864; 
mustered out June 13, 1865. Res Birrning-ham, Conn. 


1. Ruth Edwards, b. Dec. 15, 1872. 

2. Fanny Jay, b. Oct. 16, 1875 ; d. May 7, 1880. 

Ammon Beardsley' (Eli**, Isaac^ Abraham*, John% Joseph-, 
William!), b. 1791 ; d. in Stow, Summit co., Ohio, 1866, aged 75. A 
farmer. Episcopalian. Married (') Rachael Somiuers, of Weston, 
Conn., who d. in 1813, Mason, Conn.; (2) Sabre M. Worden, of 
Geneva, Cayug-a co., N. Y. She d. 1863, ag-ed 75 Thej^ moved to 
Ohio in 1837. 

1. Edwin. 

+ 2. Irad. L, 
3. Edgar. 
+ 4. FIric. ; 

5. Edward. 

6. Einilus, b. 1827 ; d. 1838. 

7. Edmund, b. 1829; killed in the I'nion Armj' at 
the battle of Chickmauga, Oct. 18, 18()3. 

8. Sabre Maria, b. 1832; m Dudly Travis 1851. 
Res. Parkman, O. 


Amos Beardsley^ (Samuel*, DanieP. Sanuiel-', William'), b. 

July 10, 1743 ; d. April 6, 1818; m. Abi,tcail Hall 1765. He served in 

the French and Indian wars. His old gun was still a relic in the 

famil}" in ISi^.i. 


+ 1. Ichahod. 

2. Asa. 

;i Silas. 

4. Truman, d. Dec. 20, 1798. 
-(- .1. Jonathan Hall. 

<•). Mehitabel. 

Amos Bkardsley'' (Josiah\ Josiah*, Josiah', Joseph^, William'), 
b. 1791 ; d. at New Milford, Conn , 186(3, aged 70. He m Cloa Miner- 
va, dau. of Lemuel Jennings, Aug. 6, 182U. She d. Oct 17, 1887. He 
was both a carpenter and farmer. He came from Bridgewater 
and bought a tract of table land one mile north-west of New Mil- 
ford, on the west bank of the Housatonic River, of Unathan Pelt, 
a part of which is now "Conetia Park," at the eastern base of 
Guard Mountain, on the summit of which the Indians once built 
their signal fires. 

A mound a little south of his dwelling-house was once the 
burjnng-place of the Indians, from whom it was purchased l)y 
Capt. Noble. Tliis small elevation has been called "Fort Hill" for 
nuuiy generations, from the fact that the Revolutionary fathers 
had a log fort thereon. 


-f 1. Oliver Le Grand. 

2 Maria, b. 182.i ; ni. John B. Sharp in 1860. She 
has been "a teacher, a poet, and an authoress." Resided on the 

old homestead.' Died Oct. 17, 1887. 

W. Daniel Starr. 

1. Polly Ann, b. 1827; m, (') Kdward M. Noble; (-) 
Constance W. Ferris. Has two cliildren Walter D. and Maud K., 
who m. Walter S. Jxxdd, a lawj-er of Litchfield, Conn., 1880. 

,"). Kliza James, b. 1830 ; m. John M. Hirn. Has one 
dan , Alta X ; b. ; d. 187.1. 


Amos Beardsley" (Gideon'*, Nehemiah-% John*, John", SamueP, 
William'), b. Oct. 26, 1795; d. Aug". 25, 1855; m. Rachel Swallow 
Nov. 9, 1817, New Fairfield, Conn. 


-|- 1. Abel Swallow. 

2. Elizabeth, b. An^.30, 1820; d. May 25, 1859. 

3. Amos T., b. Sept. 16, 1823; d. Feb. 20, 1824. 

4. Elinel T., b. Oct. 13, 1825 ; d. July 17, 1840. 

Amos D. Beardsley' (Davis'% Price', Israel*, Josiah*, Joseph-, 

William'), b. — ; m. Eleonora Eannon, Streetsborough, Portage 

CO., Ohio. 


1. Nellie. 

2. Freddie. 
?). Frank. 

4. Mary, b. — ; m. J. H, Betts. 

Amzi Beardsley^' (SamueF, Austin^ John*, John', Joseph^ 
William'), b. Aug'. 8, 1819, Hardeston Township, Sussex co., N. J. ; 
went to Michigan in 1839; m. (') Eliza Taylor, March 14, 1844, who 
d. 1858 ; (-') Mary Jane Ackerman, March 14, 1860. A manufacturer 
and a Methodist. Res. Flint, Genesee co., Mich. 


1. Mary Evelyn ; m. Charles L. Elliot Nov. 28, 1883. 

2. Anna Wallis. 

Amzi M. Beardsley** (Guy C.', Zachariah C", Elias', Jona- 
than*, Josiah', Joseph-, William'), b. 1830. Res. i-'ouncil Bluffs, 
Iowa. M. (1) Parthenia Knox. 1874, who d. 1876 ; (-) Sarah J. Ben- 
nett, 1877. A druggist. >» 


1. Clyde Mentor, b. 1878 ; d. 1879. 

2. Earl Amzi, b. Jan. 23, 1880. 

3. A dan. b. and d. Nov. 18. 1881. 

4. Ray. 


Andrew Beardsley* (John^ Joseph'-, William'), b. 1708-9; d. 
1758, at Stratford, Conn., ajred 42; ni. (') Mary — — ; (-) Sarah 
Squire, Mar. 1, 1743-4. His son Andrew, of Walling-sford, v/as ap- 
pointed administrator March 20, 1750, by the Court. The estate 
was inventoried April 4, 1750, £112 10s. 7i/^d. In the distribution 
the following' children's names are mentioned : Andrew, Henry, 
Comfort, Ann, Dayton, each receiving £21 10s. 


1. Ann, bapt. Dec, 1731 ; m. Daj'ton. 

2. Sarah, bapt. Feb., 1734 ; d. y. 
-\- 3. Andrew. 

-f- 4. Henry. 

5. Urania, bapt. June, 1740 ; d. y. 

6. Jehiel. 

-|- 7. William Comfort. 

8. Urania, bapt. Feb. 16, 174G. 

9. Sarah, b. Jan. 27, 1748. 
-(- 10. Squire. 

Andrew Beardsley*, (John', Samuel-, William^), b. 1715, at 
Stratfield (now Bridgeport), Conn. ; m. Klizabeth. Renewed cov- 
enant March 31, 1734. Res. in Wells, Rutland co., Vt., where he d. 



1. David. 

2. James; m. Anna Shelton. They were murdered 
while in bed. 

+ 3. William. 

Andrew Beardsley-^ (Andrews John's Joseph-, William'), 

bapt. April, 1736 ; m. Sarah . At one time he lived in Walling- 

ford. New Haven co., Conti. He returned to Stratford to settle 
his father's estate, and d. in Fairfield March 25, 1785. He willed 
one-third of his property to his widow and the balance to his 
children. Sarah and his son John were the administrators of his 
estate, appointed April 4,1785. The estate was valued at £54 lis. 
lOd. (Fairfield Records.) 


His widow received a residence one mile north of the church 
in Stratford, 1785. 


-f- 1. Andrew, 
+ 2. John. 

Andrew Beardsley*^ (Andrew^ Andrew*, John', Joseph^, 
William'), b. about 1760 ; m. Judson. 


r 1. Andrew Judson, b. 1788 ; m. Alice Newton. Had 
Twins] a son, Henry Judson. 

(2. Philo. Lost at sea. 

3. Joel. 

4. Mary ; m. Josiah Jones. 

5. Hepsey. 

Andrew Beardsley*^ (John^ Abraham*, John^, Joseph^, Wil- 
liami), b. March 9, 1774, at Trumbull, Conn.; m. Mary Curtis 1802. 
who was b. 1784 and d. 1864. 


1. Permelia, b. April 1, 1803; m. Abijah M, Nichols. 
Ten children. 

2. Burr. 

.3. Cornelia, b. 1808 ; d. 1818. 
-|- 4. David Nelson. 
+ 5. John Curtis. 

6. Mary, b. Oct. 20, 1816 ; m. Luther Manser, of Ham- 
den, Conn. 

Anson Beardsley^ (Abijah^, Robert*, DanieP, Samuel^, Wil- 
liami), b. 1782-3 ; d. May 19, 1866, at Bridgeport, Conn., ag^ed 84 ; m 
Nanc)"^ Treadwell, who d. June 12, 1866, aged 77. On her tomb- 
stone are these words, "Only resting till the morning." His 
property was inventoried Dec. 27, 1867, and amounted to $4,141.35. 
Distributed Nov. 30, 1868. 


+ 1. Abijah. 

2. Sarah ; m. Wakeman. 


Anson Beardsley' (Samuel T.'^, Jared^, Israel*, Thpmaa^ 
Joseph-', Williami), b. Feb. 2, 1800 ; m. Caroline Matilda Phippeny, 
of Bridgewater, Conn. Res. at Monroe, Conn. Hatter and an 
Episcopalian. He d. 1872. 


-\- 1. George Fayette. 

2. Edward Camp, b. 1837 ; d. in the Union Army at 
Newbnrn, N. C, April 25, 1862. 

3. Mary Victoria, b. 18i3 ; m. Andrew Benson. 

Anson Beardsley** (Squire^ Andrew*, John^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1803 in Duchess co., N. Y. ; in. Susan Lyndon in Perinton, 
Monroe co., N. Y., 1831 ; d. 1845. 


1. Lyndon, b. 1832 ; d. 1838. 

2. Amanda, b. 1835; d. 1874. 

3. Sarah, b. 1837; d. 1852. 

4. Albert L., b. 1839 ; d. 1840. 

5. Anson A., b. 1842 ; d. 1845. 
-(- 6. Anson L, 

Anson BeardsleY' (Ju^tus^ Squier\ Andrew*, John^ Joseph-, 
William^), b. h pril 18, 1827, in Perington, Monroe co., N. Y. ; grad- 
uated from the National Law School in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and 
was admitted to practice in the city of Albany; m. Frances A. 
Howe, at Cattaragus, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1859. Moved to Holly, Mich., 
where he still resides. 


1. Harriet H., b. Oct. 29, 1860 ; d. 1861. 

2. Victor S., b. July 3, 1862 ; d, 1880. 

3. Florence M., b. May 12, 1874. 

4. Lucy S., b. Jan. 11, 1876 ; d. 188L 

5. Mary M., b. Jan. .5, 1878. 

AnsOxM C. Beardsley" (Lyman^ Moses\ Josiah*, Josiah=*, 
Joseph-', Williami), b. about 1832; d. 1867; m. Almira Barker, 1847. 



1. Frank Clinton, b. 1848 ; d. May, 1862. 
+ 2. Charles Anson. 

3. Willard Barker, b. 1852; m. Stella Proctor, 1880. 

Anson L. Beardsley' (Anson^, Squier^ Andrew*, John'\ 
Joseph-, Williami), b. Jan. 26,1847; m. (i) Statia Cobb, June 27, 1877, 
who died Aug-. 2 following-; (2j Aug-usta Parsons, Sept. 10, 1884. 
He is engaged in the insurance and real estate business at Fair- 
port, Monroe Co., N. Y. A Methodist. Childless. 

Aram Beardsley"^ (Whitmore\ Benjamin*, Josiah'*, Joseph^ 
Williami), b. 1790, Fairfield, Vt. ; m. (i) Maria Wakeman of Fair- 
field CO., Vt., who d. at Batavia, Genesee co , N. Y., to which place 
they had moved ; (-) Sabrina Barker, 1816, in Onondaga co., N. Y. 
He d. at Akron, N. Y., 1876. 


+ 1. Bushnell. 


+ 2. Whitmore. 

3. Caroline ; m. C. Senall3\ Six children. 

4. Almira ; m. William Burber Onlj' two cfiildren. 

5. Everett. 

6. Russell, b. 1826; m. Caroline Merritt. Have a 
daughter, Alice. 

-|- 7. Benjamin F. 
8. Cyrus A. 

Arthur C. Beardsley', (James A.^ Aaron\ Jessee*, William^, 
Daniel-, William'), b. 1862 ; m. Martha Larson, Nov. 39, 1891. 

This faniiU- is now in possession of a famil}^ cane bearing 
date of 1691, which is given to the 3'oungest son of each genera- 
tion. A singular feature of the figures on this cane is that they 
read the satiie anj' waj' 3'ou look at it. The inverted six becomes 
a nine. They claim it has descended from Daniel, the youngest 
son of William. It now falls to the youngest son in this famil}'. 



I had hoped his photo, holding the cane, might appear in this 


1. Willard. 
4. Hazel. 

3. Kline. 

4. Ro). 

Arthur Beardsley* (Jonathan', Jonathan H.'', Amos^, Sam- 
uel^ Daniel-*, Samuel-, William'), b. Nov. 1, 1843, at Ksopus, Ulster 

CO., N. Y. ; m. Emma, dan. of George and 
\r\n I, yon, of I.ockliart, 111., June 29, 
1870. Graduated from Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Institute. Troy, N. Y., Feb,18ot, 
and became a civil engineer at tlie 
HooSAC Tunnel. From 1869 to 1872 was 
professor in the UNIV^EkSlTY of >linne- 
sota. In June, 1872, resigned his posi- 
tion to accept that of Professor of P\.\i- 
plied Mathematics and Physics in 
member of various literary societies, 
and stfinds very high itt liis profession 
as a teacher. In 1>!89, the "honorar}' degree' of Ph.D. was con- 
ferred upon him, 'in recognition of his general scholarship, 
varied attainments, and valuable services to this College." 


1. Laura, b. May 10, 1871, at St. Anthony (now Min- 
neapolis), Minn. 

2. Clara, b Sept. 12, 1874, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

3. Kthel, b. March 18, 1S82, at Swarthmore, Dela- 
ware CO., Pa. 

Akthur BEARDSLEY^Kdgar A ', Kphraim S.', Aaron\ Jessee*, 
Willianr', Daniel-, William»j, b. March 22, 1802; m. Lulu Virginia 
Stinchacum, who d. March 2ii, 1899, Los Angeles, Cal. He was an 
electriciati in Los Angeles, California, iti 1901. 




1. Mary Fay, b. 1895. 

2. Arthur Roy, b. Jan. 2, 1897. 

3. May Ruth, b. Sept. 8,1898. 

Arthur E. Beardsley, B. S. 

Arthur E. Beardsley'' (Celestus^ Belah', \Villiam^ Jabez^ 
William*, William^ SamueP, William'), b. Oct. 4, 1853, AUeo-hany, 
Cattaraugus co., N. Y. ; m. Ella Pearson, Nov. 15, 1883, of Trinidad, 
Las Animas co., Colorado. He graduated from the Cornell Uni- 
versity 1878, and received the degree of B. S. B3' profession a 
civil engineer. He has been for several years a teacher of Sci- 
ence in the State Normal School at Greeley. 



1. Earl Pierson, b. 1884, 

2. Eugene Darwin, b. Sept. 3, 1885. 

3. William John. b. March 15, 1887 ; d. Oct. 11. 

4. Edith May, b. Jan, 19, 1890. 

5. Mabel Inez, b. Aug. 25, 1891. 

Arthur M. Beardsley« (Samuel', Obadiah^ Obadiah^, John*, 
John'^ Joseph-', William^), b. — ; m. — . Res. Utica, N. Y., 19 Hoffer 
St. A lawyer. 


1. Mary A., b. April 21, 1851. 
-|- 2. Samuel Arthur. 

3. A son b. Dec. 1, 1853 ; d. Jan. 1, 1864. 

ArZA Beardsley' (Jo9iah^ Josiah'^, James*, John^ Samuel-, 
William"), b. Aug. 6, 1807 ; m. Phebe Chase. He d. Aug. 28, 1881. 
A farmer. 


1. Helen ; m. Amnion Gould. 
+ 2. David. 

3. Betsey ; m. 

4. Jane. 

5. Elizabeth, 

Arza T. Beardsley' (Elisiia C', Daniel^ John*, Nathan^, 
Daniel-, William^), b. Jan. 28, 1837. Res Ithica, Gratiot co., Mich. 
Married Adelia Maria Partlow April 29, 1872. She was b. May 3, 
1852, near Lake Champlain. 

He served in the Union army from July 22, 1861, to sometime 
in September, 1865, in the 10th Kansas Infantry. He was in sev- 
eral battles, the most noted of which were Prairie Grove, Ark., 
Franklin and Nashville, Tenn., and Fort Blakely, Ala. A Mason 
and a Baptist. 


1. David Carpenter, b. Feb. 8, 1874, Eagle, Mich. 

2. Sarah Rebecca, b. Dec. 17, 1875, Oneida. Mich. 

3. Mary Adelia, b. April 13 ; d. 29, 1879, Eagle, Mich. 


4. Thomas Alberti, b. May 20,1880, Portland, Mich. 

5. Clarence Chester, b. Oct. 27. 1883, McBride, Mich. 

6. Daisy May, b. Sept. 10, 1886, Ithica, Mich. 

Asa Beardsley' (William^ Levi^ William*, William^ Samuel^ 
William'), b. 1821 ; m. Maria Hall. Formerly was a farmer, but in 
1886 resided in Tunnel, Broome co., N. Y. 


1. Addison, b — . He served in the Union army 
until he was captured, and d. in a Southern prison during the 
Civil War. 

2. Arthur. 

3. Ida. 
3. Ella. 

Asa B. Beardsley" (Jared^ Israel*, Thomas^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. October 3, 1784 ; d. Oct. 13, 1850, near Bethel, Conn. ; m. 
Flora, dan. of Philo Tonecy, Sept. 6, 1824. She d. Nov. 5, 1874. Far- 
mer. Congregationalist. 


1. Emily Esther Tonecy, b. Sept. 17, 1825. 

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 15, 1826; m. June 7, 1859, 
William J. Dick. 

3. Philo Tonec3% b. Dec. 11. 1827; d. Sept. 20, 1862. 

4. Julius Theodore, b Oct 22, 1829. Sinole 

5. John Mark b. Aug-. 2.3, 183.3. Never married. 

6 Frances Josephine, b. Jan. 13, 1834, was a class- 
mate of tlie author in the old N. Y, Conf. Seminary. 

7. Henrietta, b. March 13, 1836 ; d. Oct. 26, 1850. 
When there in 1888 "John M." showed me a queer old account 
book of one Thomas Tonecy, which dated back to 1715. I copied 
what related to the "Beardsleys." 

"David Beardsley 1744-5. Dr. to Doctoring- three of his chil- 
dren, 7 visits and medacina £1 9s. Od." 

"Josiah Beardsley carting Arms Aug. 1755 £1 5s. Od," 

"Josiah Beardsle}' Feb. 1753, sleding timber for Thomas Tonecy 
£2 Oa. Od." 


ASHER Beardsley* (Samuel^ Daniel-, William^), b. 1733 ; m 


1. Typhina. 

2. Ann. 

3. Phebe. 

4. Jonathan. 

5. Asher. 

6. Arza. 

7. John O. 

8. Josiah. 

9. Abby A. 

ASHER Beardsley*^ (John\ James*, John^ Samuel-, William'), 
b. 1774 ; d. Aug. 20, 1840, in New Fairfield, Conn. His will is dated 
March 10, 1838. A farmer. Married Hannah Remeley May 1, 1800, 
who was b. 1772, and d. when over 90 years of age. 


+ 1. Walter. 

2. Phcebe, b. — ; ra. {}) Lewis Disbrow. Had a dau.^ 
Emily, and a son, Henry Hanson. After his death she m. (-) Wm. 
Casser. Res. Keosauqua, Iowa. 

3. Frederick W. ; d. unmarried at 20. 

Asher Beardsley' (John**, John^ James*, John^ Samiiel-, Wil- 
liam^). b. Aug. 16, 1808, Scipio, Cayuga co., N. Y. ; d. near Port Clin- 
ton, Erie co., Ohio, Sept. 20, 1886 ; m. (') Electa Beardsley Nov. 28, 
1832, New Fairfield, Conn. She d. Dec. 18, 1834. 

Asher superintended the manufacture of broadcloth, in Dan- 
bury, Conn., for Col. Ephraim Moss White. Afterwards he went to 
Germany for the same party, superintending works there for 
four years. When he returned, he married (-') Lydia Beardsley, a 
sister of his former wife. May 28, 18.37. 


1. Elizabeth ; d. y. 


+ 2. Moss White. 


3. Charity White, b. Aug. 13, 184(5 ; d. 1849. 

4. Knima Marie, b. Feb. 1, 1849; in. John J. Stiny. 
Have one child, Isaac Beardsley Stiny. 

After the death of Ashcr L3'dia m. Daniel Dollison. Fremont, 
Ohio, where she still resides (1902). 

ASHKR Beardsley' (Jehiel'^, JehieF, John*, John's Joseph-', Wil- 
liam'), b. Oct. 29, 180f) ; d. in California ; m. Macomber. 


1. John Davis. 

2. Jehiel. 

3. Adelaide. 

4. Gertrude. 

Augustine Beardsley* (Wells\ David*, Ephraim^, Joseph-, 

William'), b. Sept. 12. 1779, at Washington, Conn. ; m. Polly Beard, 

probably 1800. 


1. Clarinda. 

2. Lucinda. 

3. Samuel. 

Augustus Beardsley' (Lester®, Joseph^ John*, John'', Joseph^, 
William'), b. Feb. 1, 1808 ; d. Feb. 21, 1900, aged 92 years ; m. Betsey 
Frisby. Res. over 50 years at Hume, Alleghany co., N. Y. 


1. Charles H., b. Aug. 8, 1828 ; d. Nov. 7, 1895. 

T, . (+2. Willard Willet. 
Twins \ ' 

( 3. Willis Wirt. 

4. Andrew J., b. — ; d. Jan. 1, 1894. 

5. Mary E.. b. Mar. 14. 1837 ; m. Byron L. Phillips. 

6. Julia v., b. July 8, 1839; m. Comstock Castil. 

7. Francis E., b. 1841 ; m. Orlando Gibbs. 

8. Lester R.- 

9. Augustus, b. — ; d. April 13, 1863. 

Augustus J. Beardsley' (Jesse*, William^ Joseph*, SamueP, 
Samuel-, William'), b. 1837; m. — . 



1. Adeline, b. — ; rn. W. Colburn. 

2. Mary Isabella, b. — ; m. J. L. Bradly. 

3. Elizabeth. 

4. Jabez Dwight. 

Augustus Beardsley* (Bennett', JaredS Eliakim^ Samuel*, 

John^, SamueP, Williarai), b. May 14, 1832, Troy, Mich. ; m. Mary A. 

Gearhart. Ret. Portageville, Wyoming co., N. Y. Merchant. 



1. George A. 

2. Charles G. 

3. Flora. 

4. Nellie. 

5. Mary. 

6. Stella. 

Austin Beardsley^ (John*, John^ Joseph^ William'), b. Feb. 
9,1726; d. — ; m. Ann, dau. of Samuel Canfield, of New Milford, 
Conn. He settled in Newburgh, N. Y., on the west bank of the 
Hudson, where he worked at harness making and saddlery pre- 
vious to and during the Revolutionary War, Family tradition 
says he repaired harness and saddles for Lafayette's army, and 
no doubt for Gen. Washington's as well. 

About 1790 he removed to Hardestown, Sussex co., N. J., where 
Charles, a younger brother, had resided for several years. 

When the English troops vacated New York, April 26, 1783, 
one of his sons, Beverly Robinson, went with them to New Bruns- 

Rev. John Beardsley, Chaplain of a British regiment, and 
brother of Austin, also accompanied them. 


1. Ann, b. — ; m. Wood. 

2. Abby, b. — ; m. Wade. 

3. Betsey, b. — ; ni. Little. 


-\- 4. Beverlj' Robinson. 

5. Clara, b. — ; m. (') Schofield, (^) Sharp. 

+ 6. Morrison. 

7. Polly, b. — ; m. Gable. 

8. Eunice, b. — ; m. Carey. 

-\- 9. Samuel. 

Backus A. Beardsley" (Evans", Gersham^ John^ John\ Sam- 
uel'*, Williami), b. Dec. 3, 1816, Sangerfield, Oneida co., N. Y. ; d at 
Waterville, Dec. 23, 1896. A Presbyterian. Married Cornelia Eliza 
Pangman May 5, 1843 ; she d. Sept. 9, 1892. 

A few extracts from extended notices of him in the "Waterville 
Times," N. Y., Dec. 25, 1896, will show the character and worth of 
the man : 

"The death of Backus A. Beardslej' occurred at his home 
in Waterville, Saturday, about 9 A. M. Mr. Beardsley suf- 
fered an apoplectic shock about two weeks ago and had 
rapidly failed since then. His grandfather, Gersham 
Beardsley, was a ph3'sican and druggist in New Haven, 
Conn., and at the time of the Revolutionary War, entered 
and served as surgeon under Cols. Parsons, Tyler and 
Huntington. He also served in the war of 1812. Later he 
resided at Cheshire, Conn., where Rev. Evans Beardsle3^ 
father of the deceased, was born. He was a natural me- 
chanic and invented and manufactured many useful 
things, among which were the bark mill, a cook stove, hop 
stove and hop press. In 1840 he purchased the furnace 
business in Waterville, N. Y'., and here continued in the 
foundry and machine business for some years. 

"The stove which he invented sold readil5^ When the 
war broke out he lost considerable. Many of the mills 
which he had made had been sold south, and it was im- 
possible to collect the debts which were owing him there. 
He also turned his attention to building public works, 
and there are quite a number of these in Waterville which 
stand as monuments to the excellence of his workman- 

"He possessed a keen sense of humor, was a good stor3'^ 
teller and had such a retentive memory that he was al- 


waya listened to with pleasure. He dies beloved and es- 
teemed by the large number of friends which he made 
during his long life among them." 


1. May Rocetta, b. Feb. 8, 1844; m. R. P.Foster, of 
Cornwall, Conn., June 27, 1867. They have two sons, Frederick 
Beardsley and Brace Beardsley. 

2. Backus Brace, b. Feb., 1847 ; m, Louise Perry, Nov. 

3, 1899. 

3. Cornelia, b. Nov. 30, 1849. 

4. Harriet Louise, b. Sept. 23, 1860; d. June 12, 1863. 

5. Sarah Grace, b. Feb. 15, 1865 ; m. James Mott, of 
Sangerfield, N. Y., June 16. 1886. A lovely daughter, Cornelia 
Beardsley, b. 1887, adorns their home. Res. 29 Lafayette Avenue, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bailey Beardsley^ (Jonathan^ Josiah\ Josiah^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1791 ; d. June 4, 1831, Newtown, Conn.; m. Betsey Seeley, 
who d. Nov. 15, 1867, aged 76. He was by trade a shoemaker. 


+ 1. Beach. 

2. Sarah. 

3. Huldah. 

4. Turner, b. 1829 ; d. 1836. 

Barna BearDvSLEY' (Daniel-, Benajah^ Obadiah*, John'*, Sam- 
uel, William'), b. Mar. 9, 1797, Delhi, N. Y. ; m. Mary Boylan, near 
Newark, Licking co , Ohio, 1820. During the war of 1812-15, he 
served first as a wagon boy and then as clerk in the office of pay- 
master. He was several times sent out as bearer of important 
dispatches to officers in command of different posts in Northern 
and Central Ohio. Messages were conveyed by him to Gen. Cass 
at Zanesville, Ohio, to Gen. Harrison at Fort Meggs, and to the 
commander of Fort Crognan, at Fremont, Ohio. In 1834 he 
moved with his family to Findley, Hancock co., Ohio, where his 
wife d. in 1847. "This was then an unpretentious village. Here 
was real pioneer life with all its cares and privations.— no roads, 
no markets, no farms, and almost no neighbors ; surrounded by 
dense forests, inhabited by wild beasts and Indians." Here he 
lived until 1856, when he caught the western fever and went to 


Keokuk Iowa, where he resided for about fifteen years, when he 
returned to his old home and friends. He was b}^ trade a car- 
penter, and a Methodist for more tlian sixty 3'ears. His home 
was the home of the toilino- itinerant preachers. He d. in great 
peace, at Columbus Grove, Hancock co., Ohio, April 4, 1881, as the 
truly righteous man only can die. He lived not for earth alone, 
but for heaven, "In my Father's house are many mansions." 
John 14:2. 


+ 1. James Pierson. 

2. Samantha, b. 1822; m. George Mullen 1851. 

3. Minerva, b. 182:^ ; m John Frits 1842 ; d. 1881. 
-f 4. Elmus Weston. 

-|- 5. Calvin Warner. 

T, . ^ + 6. Daniel B. 
Twins \ ' 

( + /. Aaron. 

8. Amanda, b. 1834 ; m. John H. Stewart of Findley, 
(.)hio. in 1854. 

9. Jane, b. 1836 ; m. Charles K. Morris 1857. 

10. Mary, b. 1839; m. Nelson Baldwin 1857 ; d. 1860. 

Baktholomew C. BEARDSLKY^ (John^ John*, John'^ Joseph'-', 
William*), b. Oct. 21, 1775. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; d. March 24, 1855, 
Oakviile, Ontario, Canada; m. Mary Jenkins, b. 1783; d. Dec. 29, 
1852. Entered upon the practice of law in 1797 in New Brunswick, 
Canada, and at Niagara. Upper Canada. He became Chief Judge 
of the Court of Common Pleas of Canada, and was also a mem- 
ber of successive Provincial Assemblies, He was the father of 
six sons and one dau., but only the following have been named : 

-\- 1. Charles Edwin. 

2. Horace Homer, b. 1817; m. Eliza Knglish, and 
had + Stanley Brunswick. 

3. James J. 

Beach Beardsley', ( Bailey", Jonathan^ Josiah*, Josiah'*, Joseph-', 
William'), b. 1812 ; d. May 30, 1882, Sandy Hook, Conn ; m. Julia 
Ann ; d. Jan. 6, 1849, aged 35 3'ears. 


1. Cicero. 

2. Sarah E. 

3. George. A dan. m. Lu Eobdell. 



Beach Beardsley* (John', John", Abraham'^, Abraham*, John^, 
Joseph^, William'), b. June 10, 1823; d. Mar. 30, 1890, ajred 66; m. 
Betsey Ingl}^, Feb. 13, 1845. Res. North Langsin^, Tompkins Co., 
N. Y. A Farmer. Converted when young- and came into the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church in 1865; has been a class leader most of 
the time since. Death had no terrors for him. He talked of dying 
as one talks of going on a journey. His companion said, "Father, 
you are almost over." A moment after he said to one coming into 

Mrs. M. A. Beardsley Small. 

the room, "They say I am almost over. Bless the Lord." As the 
end drew near he said, "I see it." And the light from the glory 
land illumined his countenance. His last words were Rev. 7 : 9. 


1. Mary Augusta, b. Nov. 23, 1845; m. Thomas Small 
Feb. 23, 1869, in Taylor St. M. E. Church, Cleveland, O. For a num- 


ber of 3'ear9 she has been a most effective evang^elist. God has 
g-iven her many souls to her ministry. Her whole being is in the 
work of aoul-saving-. She enjoj's a free and full salvation — saved 
to the uttermost. "They that be wise shall shine as the bright- 
ness of the firmament : and they that turn many to righteousness 
aa the stars for ever and ever." Daniel 12 : '^. 

2. Manly Jacob, b. 1849 ; m. Eliza Brown 1869. 

3. Hattie Jane, b. Jan. 17, 1860 ; m. Vinton Hubbard 
March 17, 1880 ; d. Sept. 25, 1882. 

Beers Beardsley« (Jonathan"', Samuel*, William^ Samuel^ 
William'), b. — ; m. Sally Hubbell. He learned shoemaking from 
Birdsej' Beardslej^ and lived on New Preston Hill man)^ years. 
He was sexton of the Presbj'terian church a long time, of which 
he was at one time a Deacon. He was at that time partially de- 
mented. A shoemaker tramp, named Rabello, caine along and 
worked in the shop. His son, Harris, about 12 5-ears of age, built 
the fires in the shoj^. One morning Harris did not come to break- 
fast. His mother found his body at the woodpile literally cut to 
pieces, — head cut off, one leg and one arm severed from the body. 
Eleven blows with an axe in the hands of that trainp had done 
the work. When the father saw the remains of his son he was 
made rational in a moment, and ever so remained. The criminal 
was tried, condemned, and died a raving maniac in the prison at 
Wethersfield, Conn. 


1. Harris; murdered 1834. 

2. Samuel. 

3. A daughter. 

(Dr.) Belah Beardslee' (William^Jabez^ William*, William'*, 
Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. 5, 1793, Kent, Litchfield co., Conn. He 
m. Re))ecca Smith 1817. Was a practicing physician for years at 
McDonough, Chenango co., and afterwards at Willett, Courtland 
CO., N. Y. Now (1884) resides with his daughter at Bordentown, 
New Jersey. 


1. Orondo, b. 1818; m. Anna Rigdon 1849. 

2. Oresta, b. Nov. 28, 1819. 

3. Rachael Estella, b. 1822; m. Jacob Jenkins. 
+ 4. Celestas. 


5. Jethro Hatch, b. 1827 ; m. Susan . 

6. Caroline Mead, b. 1829; died 1856. 

7. Lareda, b. 1831 ; m. James C.Fitzgerald. Resides, 
in Denver, Colorado. 

8. Adelina Catherine, b. 1834; m. F. C.Taylor. Res. 
in Denver, Colorado. 

9. Rebecca Antonette, b. 1836 ; d. 1857. 

10. William Melchizadeck. Unmarried. A miner. 
Resides in Jamestown, Colorado. 

Benajah Beardsley^ tObadiah^, John'\ Samuel-, William'), b. 
Sept. 27, 1749, New Fairfield, Conn. ; ni. Rebecca Tajdor Feb. 12, 
1772. He emigrated to Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y., and later to Ohio. 
He d. on Rock Fork Creek, six miles east of Newark, Licking- co., 
Ohio, August, 1810. 


+ 1. Daniel. 
+ 2. Abel. 
+ 3. John Odel. 
+ 4. Charles. 

5. Benajah, b. 1781 ; m. Rachael Holmes. 

0. Phebe. 

7. Rebecca. 

Benajah Beardsley^ (Gideon^ Obadiah*. John\ Samuel-, 
William'), b. Jul}' 20, 1776, in Connecticut, and d. at Crjstal Lake, 
111., Oct. 6, 1844. Married Rachael Worden April 11, 17fM3 ; d. 1849 
at New Fairfield, Conn. 

In the spring of 1800 thej^ rode on horseback from New Fair- 
field, Conn., to Harpersfield, Delaware co., N. Y., then an almost 
unbroken wilderness, the home of wild beasts and wilder sav- 
ages. There were no roads, or bridges across the streams, onlj' 
trails through the forests which covered the hills and valle3's. 
They settled upon and improved for ten years lot 27, which for 
over half a century has been known as the Sternburgh Farm. 
This locality has since been known as North Harpersfield, where 
the writer of this was born and reared to early manhood. 

Benajah and familj^ moved westward in the spring of 1810, 
and located in Alexander, Genesee co., N. Y. They were restless. 
In the suiumer of 1834 or 5 they moved on westward to Illinois, 


and settled at Cr^^stal Lake, Mc Henry co., where some of his de- 
scendants now (188G) reside. A farmer and Congreg-ationalist, 




Abner W. 




Ziba Smith. 






Fann3% b. — ; m. H. V 

Be.vajah M. Beardsley' (Morrison^, Austin^ John*, John^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. Nov. 5, 1785; m. — . 


1. Oscar ; d. y. 

2. Morrison. 
+ 3. Frank D. 

4. Filmore. 

5. John M. 

Benajah Beardsley'* (Abner N.', Benajah^ Gideon\ Oba- 

diah*, John'*, Samuel-, William'), b. Aug-. 3, 1822, Penfield, Lorain 

CO., O. ; m. Sarah J. Furney. Res. Nunda, McHenry co., Ill , where 

he is a Deacon in the Baj^tist Church and Superintendent in the 

S. S. Was Justice of the Peace for two terms, and Coroner one 

term (1886). 


L James F). 

2. William Adelbert. 

3. Frederick ; d. y. 

4. Byron. 

5. Florence A. 

6. Floran ; d. j. 

Benajah M. Beardsley^ (Joel", Morrison^ Austin^ John', 
John^ Joseph^, William'), b. Jan. 14, 1831. A machinist and Meth- 
odist. Married Rachael, daughter of (Rev.) John Berdan, who 
was pastor of one church at Passiac, N. J , for 57 years, and was 
a heart}' old gentleman in 1888, when the writer met him at his 
daughter's home in Patterson, N. J, Benajah and family moved 



to Ventura, California, in 1894, where they have an elegant home. 
The last few years thej^ have resided in Los Angeles, so as to be 
with their daughter. Rachael, his wife, died March 21, 1902, in 
sweet peace and with a blessed hope, after a life of great useful- 
ness in various lines of Christian work. She rests from her 

^t ^m^-^^ 

Summer Residence of Benajah M. Beardsley at Mount Tabor, New Jersey. 

On the extreme left is Benajah. In the center is Rachael, his wife. 
The sitting group is their son John and family. 
Those at the right are their daughter Emma and her husband, Rev. A. A. Graves. 


.1. Emma, b. Nov. 25, 1857 ; m. Rev. Arthur A, Graves 
July 16, 1891. One dau., Rachael, blesses their home. 
+ 2. John Berdan. 

3. Morrison, b. Nov. 3, 1863 ; d. June 21, 1864. 


Bexjamix BEARDSLEY^ (Saiiiuel-, William'), b. Dec. 2."), 1G77 ; d. 
Jul}' 2, 1712, aged 3o. 

Samuel Treadwell, Sen., and Thomas Hawley were the ap- 
praisers of the estate, which amounted to £108 15s. Id. Daniel and 
John Beardslej', his brothers, were appointed administrators June 
17, 1712 ; which was distributed to his brothers and sisters March 
14, 1726, each receiving £13 3s. 6d. (Fairfield P. R.) From the above 
it seems that he never married. 

The following will be read with interest, showing the manner 
of doing some things in the olden time : 

"Feb. 3, 1702. Benjamin Beardsley, John Hall and Tom 
bringing up a white horse out of the woods, without any 
town brand on him, which said horse with his natural and 
artificial mark was notified and sent to Fairfield, Stratfield 
and Norwalk and no one appearing and no one laying 
claiin to said horse ; the Constable of Stratford b5^ advice 
of authority ye day above sd. caused j^e drum to beat to 
invite customers and then at an outcrj' made sale of said 
horse, and Samuel Hawley, Jr , and Samuel Fairchild, Jr., 
bid for said horse twenty-three shillings in cash, and no 
person bidding more ye said constable delivered said 
horse to said Hawley and Fairchild ; the said horse is 
white, gelt, dockt, and ear marked. * * * The charges of 
bringing up said hofse 14 shillings with sending to the 
neighboring towns as above, to ye constable for his labor 
and pains three shillings ; and the charge the entr}^ to ye 
keeper of ye brand-book 6d." 

Benjamin Beardsley^ (Daniel^ William'), b. about 1702; d. 
before 1727. 

The following record, found in B. 1 p. 13, shows that Daniel 
had a son Benjamin : 

"Nathan Beardslej', Jonathan Wakelee and Mar3% his 
wife, all of Stratfield, to prevent future trouble and for 
want of a more formal settlement of the estate of our 
brother, Benjamin Beardslej', of Stratfield, deceased, do 
quitclaim to our brother Daniel, his heirs, a parcel of 
land at Broad Plaia. April 11, 1727." 

Nathan and Mary showed a very commendable spirit. "Bless- 


ed are the peacemakers : for thej- shall be called the children of 
God." Matt. 5:9. 

Benjamin Reardsley's estate was appraised by Samuel Haw- 
lej^ and Agur Beach between Aug. 17 and September 9, 1762, and 
amounted to £1^1 13s. 9d. 

Benjamin Beardsley^ (DanieF, SamueP, William'), b. Dec.—, 
1698; d. 1761, aged 63; m. — . Res. "on Chestnut Hill, at what is 
now the Four Corners, a little wa3' east of the school-hoiise. His 
dwelling stood on the northwest corner, for when he deeded this 
homevStead to his son David, it was bounded south and east by 
the highwaj ." (Stratford Land Records V. 2, page 18. Historj^ of 

Benjamin Beardsley had thirteen acres laid out to him near 
the south end of Tashna, Dec. 25, 1734, and in 1735 another piece at 
same place, and in 1736 another. (Book 6, pp. 219, 210, 224.) 

Daniel Beardsle}, of Stratfield, "in consideration of the pa- 
rental love I have for my son, Benjamin Beardsley, of Stratfield, 
do absolutely give to him land at White Plain, S^-^ acres." (Book 
4, p. 213.) 

"Ann, Rebecca, and Jeremiah Beardsley, of Stratfield, sells to 
Benjamin Beardsley, of Stratfield, all that part and parts of house 
and lands which was the inheritance of our brother, Daniel 
Beardsley, late of Stratfield, deceased, at Ox Hill." (Book 4, p. 128.) 

Benjamin's will was dated Nov. 3, 1759, and proved April 7, 
1761. It begins with : "I commit my soul to God, my Creator, 
trusting in his mercy through Christ my Redeemer, and my bod)^ 
to ye dust." In it he says he has "already' given his homestead 
and 30 acres at White Plains" to his "eldest son, David," and that 
having already given £300 to his "eldest daughter, Lois Porter," 
he gives her "five shillings" only. In the will and in the distribu- 
tion his children are mentioned. 


+ 1. David. 

2. Lois, b. 1730; m. Thomas Porter 
-|- 3. Benjainin. 

4. Abigail, b. 1734 ; m. Elias Curtis. 
+ 5. Joseph. 

6. Stephen, b. 1738 ; d. 1762. 

7. Ruth, b. 1740. 


(Knsigx) Benjamin Beardsley* (Josiah^ Joseph-, William'), 
b. Feb. 27, 1727-8 ; d. Dec. 6, 1802; m. (1) Thankful, dau. of Thomas 
Beardsley. The old Stratfield church records has this entrj- : 
"Knsi<>n Benjamin Beardsley l)tiried his wife, Thankful, acfed 60 
jears, A. D. 1787, and married Ann Jackson the same 3'ear." His 
first wife d. in Stratfield. and the second in Roxbury, Conn., Mar. 
10. 1812. "He lived in the old red house (still stands, 1902) in 
Isinglass, Huntington, which house and land he deeded to his 
:*on, Thomas, Nov. 10, 1777." (Histor}' of Stratfield.) 


+ 1. Benjamin. 
-|- 2. Thomas. 
+ 3. Whitmore. 
-|- 4. Nathaniel. 
-|- o. Dunning. 

6. Betsey, b. 1764. 

7. Nancy, b. 1766 ; m. Nathan Strong 1804. 
-|- 8. Ephraim. 

9, Mary, b. 1770 ; m. Nathan Beach. 

Benjamin Beardsley'', (Benjamin*, Daniel^ Samuel-, Wil- 
liami), b. 1738. His will is dated Aug. 25, 1807. Married Elizabeth 
Hinman, of North Stratford, Conn , Dec , 1765. (Trumbull Church 
Records.) Res. Weston, Fairfield co.. Conn. 

In his will he mentions all his children except "Moll}" and 
the first "Joseph," who d. y. 

He names two sons and two daughters of his dau , Betsey 
Adams, deceased. He also mentions "mj- wife Elizabeth," and 
appoints '-mj' two twins, sons Joseph and Benjamin, executors." 


1. Molly, b. Jan, 1768 ; d. y. 

2. Hannah, b. Jan., 1770. 

3. Joseph, b. Nov^, 1771 ; d. y. 

4. Justice, bapt. July 25, 177.3. 

5. Bett}', h. Ma)-, 1775 ; m. Adams. 

T • , , \ + 6. Joseph. 
1 wins -] ' -" ^ 

' + 7. Benjamin. 

8. Sarah, b. Dec, 1780. 

9. Judson, b. May, 1782. 


Benjamin BeardslEY* (Benjamin*, Josiah'^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liami), b. Jan. 30, 1752, Stratford, Conn. ; d. 1837 in Genoa, Cayuga 
CO., N, Y., where he had resided many years and reared his 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and a pensioner. 
Served under General Washington, and was in camp with him 
that dreary winter at Vallej' Forge. 

After the war closed he m. Amelia Stevens, 1785, and settled in 
Cayuga co., N. Y., Avhere he became a farmer and lived to the 
ripe age of 85 j^ears, an honest, upright man. 


+ 1. James. 
+ 2. Kliphalet. 

3. Zachariah. 

4. Philomelia ; m. Silas Skeeles. 

5. Unice; m. Satiiuel Mosher. 

Benjamin Beardsley^ (Ephraim% Benjamin*, Josiah', Joseph^, 
William'), b. Aug. 16, 1795; m. Diadama Thomas. A shoemaker 
at Franklin, Delaware co., N. Y. He died 1862. 


1. David; m. Lucretia FMwards. Had a son, Wil- 
liam and four daughters. 

2. Parliman ; m. Agnes BirdsalL 
+ 3. Kbenezer. 

Benjamin F. Beardsley' (Aram^, Whitmore^ Benjamin*, 
Josiah'', Joseph^, William^), b. 1828; d. at Akron. N. Y. ; m. Julia 
Westlake. Their children were Cora and Frank. A farmer. 

Bennett Beardsley'' (F;benezer', John*, John', Samuel-, Wil- 
liam"), b. about 1780, New Haven, Conn. ; d. Fulton, Wis., July, 1850. 
Married three times, (1) Susannah Johnson, Walton, N. Y., who d. 
there about 1818; (2) the names of the others have not been given. 


1. Mary Martha, b. Nov. 27, 1817 ; ni. E. Elderkin. 

2. Adelaide Cowles, 


3. Caroline IvOui^a. 

4. Julia Lui){oii, b. — ; m. Dr. Casto. 
.1. Phillip Thomas. 

(). Florence Townsend. 

7. Kllen Blinda. 

8. Horace Granville. 

Bennett BEARDSLEY^' (Timothy'', Daniels DanieP, Daniel-, 
William'), b. April, 1783, Bridoewater, Conn., where he was a Dea- 
con in the Congregational Chnrch ; m. Chloe Fairchild. Moved 
to Kavenna, Portage co., O., 1832, where he d. Oct., 1852. 


+ 1. Samuel. 
+ 2. Henrj. 
3. Ezra. 

Bennett Beardsley'* (Price"', Israels Josiah'S Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. about 1790; m. Sarah Allen. They had children, but all 
died in infancy. 

He was a private in the 20th U. S. Infantry under Capt. Dan- 
forth. Discharged at Burlington, Vt., Aug". 15, 1813. 

Bennett Beardsley'' (Nehemiah'', Nehemiah*, Nathan*, Dan- 
iel-, William'), b. 1806; m. Eveline . He was killed in a run- 
away, after which the youngest child was born. Thej' lived and 
died in Galloway, Franklin co., Ohio. 


1. Millie. 

2. Nehemiah. 

3. Abbie. 

Bennett Beardsley' (Jared", Flliakim-, Samuel*, John's Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. 1787 ; m. Mary Taber 1829. 



Mary. b. Jan. 18. 1830. 









George B. 


(Col.) Beverly R. Beardslev'^ (Aixt^tin"', John*, John*, Joseph-, 
William'), b. about 1760; m. Sarah Hatch. Jul^- 15, ITS.^, in New 
Brunswick, Canada. He probably accompanied the British 
forces when the}- vacated New York in April, 1783. His uncle 
John was chaplain. They all settled on the St. John's River in 
New Brunswick. After the death of Col. Robinson he was made 
the colonel of the regiment, and held that position until his death. 

Two long- letters, dated 1790 and 1791, written by him to his 
parents in New Jersey, were copied with the view of inserting- 
here, but they are crowded out. 

Joel Beardsle3\ of New Jersej", sa3'S B. R. Beardsley. sent to 
New Jerse}', about 1808, "a chunk of chalk as big- as a bushel bas- 
ket." He and neighbors used to help themselves whenever thej' 
w^anted a piece. 


1. Elizabeth, b. June 1. 17S6. 

2. John Ansgustin. 
-f- 3. Samuel Canfield. 

4. Sarah, b. Nov. 14, 1792. 
-f- 5. Robinson. 

6. Anne, b. March l.S, 179(). 

7. Patience, b. Aug. .i, 1798. 

Beverly BEARDSLEY«(Jehier', John*. John^ Joseph-, William'), 
b. 1770; m. (1) Ada Curtis, who afterward became a noted Metho- 
dist preacher; (2) Bets}^ . 


1. Helen Maria ; m. Sylvester Weston. 

2. George Curtis. 
-\- 3. Beverly. 

4. One says, "there were seven girls." 

Beverly Beardsley' (Beverly^, Jehiel\ John^ John', Joseph-, 
William'), b. — ; m. (1) Anna Longstreet ; (2) Martha Nixon, who 
died in child-birth. A farmer. Moved to Michigan. 


+ 1. Charles. 

-\- 2. Christopher Longstreet. 

-f 3. John. 


1. William ; m. Anne Monson. 
+ 5. Aaron. 

(). Panl,b. 1807; d. 1864. 
-f- 7. Joshua. 

8. L3'dia ; iii. James Perry. 

9. Catherine ; d. unmarried. 

10. IvOis, b. — ; m. John Trayor. 

11. Victoria ; d. y. 

12. Oscar; d. an infant. 

BiRDSEY Beardsley** (Philo^ Josiah*, Josiah^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liami), b. Oct. 12, 178.i ; m Sarah McCune, Oct. 12, 1805. Res. Kent 
Hollow, Conn. By trade was a tanner and currier. On his farm 
was a blacksmith shop, shoe store, tanner}^ and harness shop, all 
owned and run by him. 

He was a magistrate for several years, and at one time a 
member of the Leg-isiature. 


-f- 1. Horace. 
-(- 2. James. 

.3. Laxira, b. — ; m. Corkins. 

-j- 4. Frederick. 

5. Abigail, b. — ; m. Dr. Sidney Lyman. 

6. Sarah Ann, b. — ; m. Daniel Kvitts. 

7. Charles. 

8. William A. 

BosTWiCK Beardsley'' (Parruck^ Elijah^ Phineas^Obadiah*, 
John', Samuel-, William'), b. July 11, 1813, Delhi, Delaware co., N. 
Y. He moved to Wisconsin in 1835, and iinproved a farm near 
Burlington, Racine co. Married Mary Fowler, Dec. 7, 1841. In 1854 
he sold out and bought 380 acres of land in the town of Caledonia, 
Wisconsin, where he died March 3, 1882 A Baptist. 


1. Henry, b. Sept. 5, 1842. Enlisted in Co. C. 30th 
Reg-t. Wis. Vols. ; d. at Fort Bell, D. T., Aug. 2, 1864. 

2. Benjamin P., b. Dec. 17, 1843. Enlisted in Co. I. 
8th Wis. ; d. at luka. Miss., Sept. 1, 1862. 

-|- 3. Oscar E. 


4. NarcisJa. b. Oct. 31, 1847 ; m. Hans Oleson 1865. 

5. Lyra h., b. Mar. 17, 1851, ni. Frederick Lidstom 
Febrviary 16, 1879. 

+ 6. Elam. 

7. Huldah, b. Mar. 5, 1857 ; ni. Jesse Wing March 15, 

8. Otto. 

9. May, b. April 28, 1868. 

BOGARDUS Beaf^dsley' (Eli", Josiah\ SaniueH, Josiah'*. Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1809; d. in Hartford, Conn., 1877. He kept a clothino; 
store. Married Statira Hodoe, of Roxbury, Conn., who d. in Hart- 
ford, Conn., Oct. 23. 1900. aged 82 years. 

Her fatlier. Philo Hodge, of Roxbnry, Conn., made the cart- 
ridges at the battle of Bunker Hill, and wlien the powder gave 
oitt he seized bis musket by the barrel and pounded the British 
soldiers over the head, until compelled to retreat. 

Their daughter Grace married Clarence W. Church. 

Bk!ans()N Beardsley' (Zerah**, Samuel^ Samuel*. John', Sam- 
uel^, VVniiamM, b. Sept. 17. 1816 ; m. Antoinette H. Thayer. 

He was Second Lieutenant of Co. K New York Cavalry •, was 
wounded at the battle of Middleburgh. and d. June 23, 1863. She 
d. May 8. 1880. age<l 64 years. 


1. Ivinn Kugene, b.. May 17, 184^; d. 186X unmarried. 
2 Zerah, b. Oct. ^846; d. 1865. unmarried. 
3. Lucy Ann. b. 1849 ; m. Howard Bacon 1872. 

(Rev.) Bkonson B. Beardsley^* (Nichols', David^ David'', Ben- 
jamin*. Daniel^, Samuel-, William'), b. 1817; d. 1898. Graduated 
from Yale in 1845 and from the Union Theological Seminar}- in 
1848. He was jiastor at White Plains for one year, and a mission- 
ary' in Arkansas two years and in Hartford two years, and pastor 
at Shirley, Mass., six years. 

He m. (1) Louisa R. Benton in 1848, who d. in 1852; (2) Mary V\^ 
Boardman m 1853. A son was 1). Sept. 4, 1857, named Boardman B.; 
d 1875. Miss L. T. Montgomery is an adopted daughter. 

The author was entertained by them on two different occa- 


After providini>- Iiberall3' for his wife and other legal heirs, 
he gave ^f-KX) to Miss Kale Fifzpatrick, a domestic, who had been 
in his family for manj' years, and !f24,0(X) to the following charit- 
able institutions and societies: 

"To the Bridgeport Orphan Asylum, $2,000; Bridgeport Hos- 
pital, $"2,nO(); Olivet Congregational Church, |2,000 ; American 
College Hdncation Societ3', $2,000; Connecticut Home M issionary 
Society, $2,0(X); American Board of Commissioners of Foreign 
Missions, $2,000; Sterling Widows' Home, $2,000; Society of Asso- 
ciated Charities, $2,000; Burroughs Home. .$2,000; Y. W. C. A., 
$2,000; Y. M. C. A, $2,000; and his friend, Oswald P. Backus 

BULKLEY Beardsley^ (Josiah\ Samuel*, Josialr, Joseph-, Wil- 
lianiM, b. Feb. 27. 1791, in Fairfield co., Conn. In 1812 he moved to 
Otsego CO., N. Y., and in 1814 to Indian Orchard, Wayne co.. Pa,, 
where he m. Lucretia Kimbal. At this place thej' lived and died. 
A farmer. 


1. Kliza, b 1816. 
+ 2. Walter. 
+ 3. Howkin Bnlkley. 

4. Abbey, b. Feb. 11, 1822. 

Tx Phebe, b. 1828. 

6. Sarah, b. 1834. 

7. Charles K. 

BUKK Be.\rdsley' (Zachariah C", Elias^, SamuelS William^, 
Samuel-, William'), b. May 29, 1823; d. March 16, 1873; m. Ann 
Smith 184.0. 


1. Arnetta, b. 1848 ; m. Theodore Hager 1868. Res. 
Odessa, X. Y. 

2. Amelia, b. 1849 ; m. Benjamin Topping 1866. Res. 
Klmira, N. Y. 

3. Henry, b. 1851 ; m. Ursula Clark 1875. 

4. Sylvester, b. 18.58; m. Lesting Chaptnan 1879. 

5. Louise, b. 186(5; m. Samuel Hubble 1881. Res. 
Klmira, X. Y. 

6. Mary, b. 1872; d.l873. 


BUSHNELL B. BeardsleY' (Aram^ Whitmore\ Benjamin^ Jo 
siah^, Joseph-, Williain'), b. Dec. 6, 1812, Fairfield, Vt. ; ni. Rebecca 
Van De Bocrart, Sept. 14, 1836. He d. at Warsaw, Wyomino- co., N. 
Y., Sept. 2."). 1877. A shoemaker and a Universalist. 


1. Maria J., b.Jan. 11, 18:-!8. 

2. Mary K., b Dec. 48, 1841. 
.3. Lester, b. 1843 ; d. 1844. 

4 Nellie R., 1). Nov. 7, 1848 ; m. Lester H. Tozur 1871. 

.1 LsabellL, b. May 2,18,52; m. Henry R. Yanks. 1876. 

6. Kate K.. b A no-. 2, 1854. 

7. James L.. b. 18.16 ; d. 188.3. 

Byron P. BeardslbY' (David J «, Stiles-', David^ Kphraim'^, 
Joseph-, William^), b. Jan. 31, 1842, in Freedom, Ohio ; d. March 27, 
1882, Garrettsville, Ohio ; m. Orsula L. Drake, Dec. 6, 1870, who was 
b. June .30, 184,t ; d. Oct. 23, 1893, at Harrington, Kansas, in the "full 
assurance of faith." He was an assessor for a number of terms, 
and hiohiy esteemed. 


1. David Joseph, b. May l,i, 1873; d. one month later. 

2. Orsamus Drake, b. 1874; m. Jessie B. Sykes 1900. 

3. Donald Jay. b. Oct. 8, 1877 ; d. Sept., 1878. 

4. Hazel Ella, b. March 20, 1882. 
.1. Aubrey. 

Byron T. Beardsley'' (Frank D.^ Benajah M.', Morrison'', 
Austin', Johns John\, Joseph-, William'), b. Feb. L"), 1849, Pontiac, 
Mich. ; m. Ina M. Warner, June, 189.3. 


1. Ruth A., b. April 12, 1894. 

2. Helen May, b. Feb. 11,1897. 

3. Harriet Iness, b. Aug". 9, 1901. 

Caleb BearDvSLEY* (John-*, Joseph-, William'), b. Nov. 30. 1092 ; 
m. Elizabeth (dau. of Ebenezer) Booth, Jan. 21, 1722, who was dis- 
missed by letter from Stratford to Ripton (now Huntington) 
Church in 1724, and d. 1776, aged 84. 

b. 1749. 



1. Deborah, \^. 1725 ; in. John Downs ^vxg-. 22. 1751. 

2. Mary, b. 1727 ; in. James Patterson Jan. 4, 1752. 

3. Abio-ail, b. 1728 ; m. Jndson Cnrtis June 10, 1760. 

4. Elizabeth, b. 1730; m. John Treadwell April 1, 1757. 

5. James, b. 1731 ; m. Rebecca . A son, Nathan, 

-|- (S. Joshua. 
-f 7. Caleb. 
-f- 8. Samuel. 
+ 9. Jeremiah. 

10. David, b. 1743 ; d. 1828. 

Caleb Beardsley-' (Calebs John*, Joseph"-, William^), b. 173G ; d. 
1773 at Huntington, llonn ; m. — . 


-f 1. Abtier. 

2. David, d. unmarried. His will is dated July 14, 
1848, and mentions "Nanc}', widow of my brother Abner Beardsley." 

Carl K. Beardsley^* (Gideon B.', Gaylord^ Gideon^ Obadiah*, 
Tohn^ Samuel-', William'), b. July 10, 1878 ; in. Anna Pettit, of Benkle- 
man. Nebraska. July 18, 1901. Telegrapher, B. & M. R. R. A dau., 
Hazel.b. June 30, 1902. 

Carlos B. Beard.sley" (Orin'', Dunning^ Benjarnin^ Josiah^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. July 10.1833, at Fairfield, Vt ; m. Eunice Maria 
Bartram, Sept. 27, 1856; who was b. Oct. 1, 1837. Res. 257 Lincoln 
Ave., Chicago, 111. Carpenter. Methodist. 


1 Maria Estelle, b. Sept. 26, 1858, Dundee 111.; m. 
Frank M. Eppenson, Sept 26. 1876. Res. Chicago, 111. 

2. FMith Rosmond, b. June 22, 1867. 

3. Frank Carlos, b. Dec. 25. 1870. 

4. Gracie, b. Aug. 27. 1873 ; d. Nov. 20, 1876. 

Carlton A. Beardsley^ (Lockwood H.', Jared'^Eliakim', Sam- 
uels John^ Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. 4, 1852, at Castile, N. Y. ; m. 
Sarah C. Hance, 1). May 17, 1860, Farmington, Mich. Res. Detroit, 
Mii;ll* Lii>y.i'yr^ Methodist. 



1. Marion Irene, b. May 22, 1880 ; d. April 14, 1883. 

2. Howard Kli^ha, b. Oct. 23, 1883. 

3. Llo3-d Augustus, b. Nov. 30, 1884, 

4. Gordon Hance, b. Dec. 22. 1886 ; d. July 16, 1887, 
o. Blanche Inez, b. Sept. 13, 1888 ; d. Aug. 6. 1890. 

Calvin W. Beardsley'^ (Barna', Daniel'', Benajah\ Obadiall^ 
John\ Samuel-. William'), b. 1827. near Newark, Ohio ; m. Elizabeth 
Willis, 1851. Served three years in the 75th Indiana Vol. Infantry, 
in the Civil War. 


1 Amanda; m. Wilson Dean. 
2. Augusta. 
-I- 3. Charles. 

4. Montraville. 

5. Two others d. in infancy. 

Celestus Beardsley** (Belah", William'', Jabez\ William*, Wil- 
liam', Samuel-, William'), b. 1823, at McDonough, N. Y. ; m. Aman- 
da Palmer 1847. A Spiritualist and a farmer. Cayuga, Living- 
stone CO , 111. 


+ 1. Oscar Sylvester. 
-|- 2. Arthur Kugene. 

3. Mary Klla, b. 1855 ; m. John A. Cross. 

4. Dora Kllen, b. 1862. 

(CoL.) Charles Beardsley^ (John*, John', Joseph-, William'), 
b. Maj- 28, 1739, in Ripton (now Huntington), Conn., and d. at 
Franklin Corners. Sussex co., N. J., and is buried in the old North 
Church cemetery. 

He was in the Revolutionary War, and was State Senator of 
New Jersey for thirteen years. Was an extensive farmer and 

lived in a stone house on his farm. Married Marj- , and 

moved from New Milford, Conn., before 1765, for he was then a 
resident of Sussex co., N. J., according to a certain deed found 
among the records of that town. 



+ 1. Charles. 
-f 2. William. 
+ 3. George. 

4. James. 

5. Thomas. 

0. Pearl. 
+ 7. John. 

8. Beverl}', who was drowned in a millpond while 

Charles Beardsley** (Charles-', John*, John^, Joseph'-, William'), 
b. Oct. 24, 1761, Hardestownship, Sussex co., N. J.; m. Mary Scho- 
field. Farmer. He d. 1818, near where he was b. and always lived. 
He owned 333 acres of land. His wife d. 1845, aged 64. 


1. Thomas, b. July 7, 1800 ; d. 1864 single. 
+ 2. Isaac. 

-|- 3. Lewis. 

4. Charles, b. 1806; d. 1827; m. Rebecca Farber. One 
daughter, Mar3^ Ann. 

+ 5. Jonas. 

6. Elias, b. April 17, 1810 ; d. unmarried. 

7. Clarissa, b. March 28, 1812; m. Elias Frost Oct. 12, 
183.1. Have 4 daughters and 3 sons. 

-|- 8. Samtxel. 
4" 9. George. 
+ 10. Jehiel, b. June 11, 1818 ; d. 1819. 

Charles Beardsley" (Benajah^ Obadiah*, John^ Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. about 1780; m. Mary Pitney. 

+ 1. Lewis J. 

2. Marj-, b. — ; m. Chadwick. 

Charles Beardsley' (Elijah'', William^ Abraham*, John'*, Jo- 
seph2, Williami), ^^ 1787 . ,„_ Sally Baldwin. 


1. Charles W. 


2. Abigail, b. — ; m. Charles Baldwin. 

3 Hezekiah ; in. Marj- Stone. Had a dan , Hellen. 

4. Theodore. 

5. George. 

6. Elvira. 

7. Frederick. 

8. Jane. 

Charles Beardsley" (Emnianner',Jehiel\ John*, John*, Joseph'-^, 
William'), b. 1793; ni. (l)Loriana (dan. of Ichabod) Beardsley; (2) 
. Res. State of ^"^- Y., and later, Michigan. Farmer. 


,1. Charles. 

2. John. 

3. Mary. 


4. Alvah. 
7). Susan. 
0. Uavid. 

-(- 7. Joshua Wliite. 

8. James. 

9. Jehiel. 

10. Jerome. 

11. Coridon Libbv. 

(Dr.) Charles Beardsley' (Philo'', Willianr', Abrahams John*, 
Joseph^ William'), b. Sept. 22, 1793, at Newton. Conn ; m. Mary A. 
Tomlinson Nov. 27, 1818. Physician at Milford, where he died JuU- 
28, 1822, aged 29. In the settlement of his estate a widow and four 
children are mentioned. She died March 19, 1885, aged 87. 


1. Charles, b. 1819. Went to sea, and d. in England 
1840, aged 21. 

2. Lucy Maria, b. Jan 12,1821; m Rev. E. W. Hewitt, 
a Congregational minister, Sept. 29, 1843, and became the mother 
of nine children. She d. 189-1. 

r3. Marj, b. Dec. 16,1822; m. Rev. Gould C. 'judson, a 
Twins'} Congregationalist. The}' have 4 sons. 

1^4. Martha, b. Dec. 10, 1822; m. Rev. William Bald- 


win, a Conofreo;ationalist. Six children adorn their home. After 
spending- some time in Italj', he settled in Vernon Centre, N. Y. 
Two of his sons are physicians in Florence, Italy. 

(Rev.) Charles \V. Beardsley' (Ezekiel", Jabez'', William*, 
William^ Samuel', William'), b. Jan. 18, 1800, Conn, and d. at Hast- 
ino-s, N. Y., March .1. 1860, aged 00; m. Annis Streelor, March .31, 
1823. who d. March .31, 18G1. 

Was a Local Preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church for 
24 jears. when he joined the Onondaga conference of the Metho- 
dist Protestant Church and continued therein xinfil he died. His 
son saA's of him : 

"M}- father had a brilliant intellect and was a clear, 
strong- and logical reasoner. He was a man of strong 
faith in God. I was holding a meeting. He came and 
preached on "Divine Law" with great power and effect. A 
jjroiuinent intidel, who had come some distance to hear 
him, arose and in tears renounced his infidelity and be- 
came a Christian." 


4- 1. William C. 
+ 2. Albert A, 

3. Emetine, b. Oct, 10, 1830 ; m. Andrew Northrop. 

4. Eleanor. 
7). Julius. 
0. Annie. 

7. Emily. 

8. Julia. 

9. John. 

Charles Beardsley' (William", Charles\ JohnS John', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. about 1801 ; m — . Res. Sussex co., N. J. 


1. William. 

2. Charles. 

3. Reuben. 

4. Phineas. 
.1. John. 

6. George. 


CHAWLE8 Beardslky (Philom^s^ Ephraim% DavidS Eph- 
raim^, Joseph', William^), b. Ang-. 15, 1805; d. Jan. 23, 18(58, N. Y. 
Citj •, ni. Hanna Hopson, of Kent, Litchfield co.,Conn. He carried 
on the nianixfactnre of carriages for jears in New York Cit}'. 


-|- 1. Homer Swift. 

2. George. 

3. Mary H., 1). Oct. 22, 1842 ; ni. A. A. Sterling. 

Charles Beakdsley' (Hunting'', Thomas'^, Benjamin*, Jo- 
siah=*, Joseph-, William'), b. Aug. 24, 1807. Kes. Roxbury, Conn. 
Died Dec. 12, 1888. Married (1) Jerusha A. Booth Jan. 26, 1831. She 
d. April 14,1862. No issue. Married (2) Eliza, widow of the late 
Samuel Smith, of South Britain, Conn., Sept. 24, 1863. No chil- 
dren. He held the office of Selectman for thirty-two 3^ears, of 
Jtistice of the Peace for more than twenty-five, of Judge of Pro- 
bate three, and of Town Treasurer twenty-three. He represented 
the town in the General Assembly in 1839 and ag-ain in 1860. He 
joined the Congregational Church in Roxbury in May, 1843, and 
continued an active member during his life. Was prudent and 
economical in business, and gave liberally to relieve the needy. 

Charles S. Beardsley' (Sherman\ Eliakim-, SHUiueH, John', 
SamueP, William'), b. April 19, 1815, Scipio, Cayuga co., N. Y. He 
was offered an appointment to the Naval Academy, which he de- 
clined, and instead entered Princeton College, where he giadn- 
ated in the class of 1838. and entered the law office of the late 
William H. Seward, at Auburn, N. Y., as a student, but subse- 
quentlj' left the profession to engage in a manufacturing busi- 
ness, at Auburn and at Sing Sing, N. Y. Married (1) a daughter 
of Conrad Ten Eyck, who d. in 18,56 ; (2) Sarah F. Beach, 1860. He 
had five sons and one daughter by each wife. Res. Auburn, N. Y. 
Daiighters' names not given. 


1. Alonzo. 

2. Charles. 
.3. Edward. 

4. George. 

5. Henry W. 


6. William S. 

7. James S. 

8. Nelson. 

9. John K. 

Charles Beardsley' (Lemuel", Ephraim^, Benjamin\ Jo- 
siah'. Jofseph-', William'), b. — ; m. Melinda Spangenberg". 


1. A son, d. at Harper's Ferr}^ in Union Army. 

2. Earl. 

3. A daxiehter, who m. Charles Wilkins. 

Charles B. Beardsley^ (James*", Benjamin^ Benjamin*, To- 
siah^ Joseph-, Williami), b. July 1, 1817 ; d. June 28. 1900, Malone, N. 
Y. ; m. (1) Amanda Vosburgh, of Canada, April, 1841; (2) Lovicy 
Busk, of Burke, N. Y.. June 25, 1848, who d. Feb. 12, 18.^5. Res. Ma- 
lone, N. Y. He was a machinist, inventor and pattern maker. 

children by AMANDA. 

1. Helen C, b. June 1, 184.3 ; m. - — - Moulton in 1863. 

children by LOVICY. 

2. George Stevens, b. Sept. 4, 1849 ; d. Aug. 25, 18.52. 
.3. Charles Henry, b. 1851 ; m Martha Donally 1874. 

4. Milford Nelson, b. 18.52; m Mira M. Bosford 1871. 

5. Maria Adelia, b. May 14, 18.54. . 

(Rev.) Charles E. Beardsley' (Bartholomew", Johnl John*, 
John^ Joseph-, William^), b. -. ; d. Jan , 183— Morane, N. Y. 

He was a graduate of Union College, Schenected}^ N. Y. 
Studied law in Buffalo, N. Y., and was admitted to the Bar of the 
Supreme Court of that State. He went to New Brunswick, where 
he was admitted to the Supreme Court of that Colon}-. Afterward 
he returned and settled in Michigan. Here he was elected Justice 
of the Peace and then to a Constitutional Convention, from the 
county where he resided. After which he was elected First Judge 
of the Coinmon Pleas Court. 

When his term expired he turtied his attention to theology, 
to which he had been inclined for manj' years. After one j'ear's 
studj' he was ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Church, 


He wrote and published a book in two volumes, — "Victims of 

For a time he was a clerg3man of his church in Plainfield, 
Livingston co., Mich. 

(Dk.) Charlks Beardsley' (John*', John'', John\ Nathan'*, 
Samuel-, William'), b. Feb. 18, 1830, in Knox co., Ohio. Physician, 
Journalist, State Senator, etc. 

"He practiced medicine at Or<kaIoo?5a, Iowa, itntil 1861 ; 
was editor of the 'Herald' of that place from 18.o8 to 18(5o ; 
and of the 'Burlington Hawkeye' from 1865 to 1874, He was 
a member of the State Senate in 1870, 1872 and 1873 ; and in 
1879 was appointed fourth auditor of thetreasur}- at Wash- 

Charles H. Beardsley' (Henry^ Daniel', DanieH, DanieT', 
Daniel-, William'), b. March 13, 1851, at Neversink, Sullivan co., N. 
Y., where he now resides ; m, Vira K. Bowers, Nov. 7, 1878. 


1. Ida.b. Aug. 17, 1879 ; d. Feb. 8, 1883. 

2. Eudella, b. Aug. 21, 1882; d. June 8, 1883, 

3. James Chester, b. May 23, 1885. 

Charles Beardsley"* (Beverlj'", Beverly^ Jehiel"', John^ John^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. Jan. 12, 1797, in Ohio ; m. Rachael A3'ers in 
Licking co., Ohio, and moved to Sharon, Henry co , 111., where he d. 


1. Beverly. 

2. Robert. 

3. Orsaiuus ; m. Martha Cherry. A son, Martin. 

4. James. Supposed to have been drowned. 

5. William. 

(5. Jesse ; died in California. 

7. Eliza ; m. William H. Devore, of Port Byron, 111. 

Charles W. Beardsley'' (George', Charles^ Charles^ John^ 
John'^ Joseph-, W^illiam'), b. Feb. 27, 1841, Hardiston, Sussex co., N. 
J. ; ni. Nancj' Cline. 



1. Etta ; m. Charles Michel. 

2. Lula. 

3. Frank. 

Charles W. Beakdsley'* (Whitniore', Aram", Whitmore'', Ben- 
jainin^, Josiah*, Joseph-, William^, b. 18i5 ; ni. Mary Horton. Mer- 
chant, Williamston, Intrham co., Mich. 


1 Georg,e Horton, b. Feb. 5, 1874. 
2. Fred Raymond, b. April 17, 1879. 

(Dr.) Ch.\RLE.s BeAKDSLEY*' (Havilah', Klijah^ Phtneas\ Oba- 
diah*. John', Samuel-, VVilliam'), b. 1827. Graduated at the Univer- 
sit\' at Bloomington, Indiana, and studied medicine in Cincinnati, 
O. He never practiced, but engaged at once in the manufacture 
of paper at Elkhart, Indiana. Sold the mill in 1867, and bought a 
farm close to the citj', where he resided until his death in 1878. 
He had been a State Senator of Indiana, and at his death his 
brother in-law, Benjamin L Davenport, was elected to fill the va- 
canc}'. He m. Julia A. Decamp Oct. 11, 1860. One child, Carl, b. 
1872, is their only descendant. 

Charles F. Beardsley'' (Ralph D.', John D,*^, John^ John*, John'^ 

Joseph-', William'), b. May 16,1830; m. May 1,1865, Sophronia Haines. 



1. Henry William, b. 1856; m. Deborah Vanvert 1877, 

2. Mary Flliza, b. July 12, 1859 ; m. George Pollard. 

?,. Anna Maria, b. Jan. 13, 1863; m. Ira Porter March 

24. 1880. 

(Dk.) Charles E. Beardsley'' (Orlando', Daniel*, Eenajah^ 

Obadiah*, John^ Samuel-, William^), b. 1834. Physician, Ottowa, 

Ohio. Married Swapp. She d. — . His second wife was 



1. Coryalon, b. Aug. 10, 1863. 

2. Edd, b. July 10, 1866. 

3. Charles, b. March 25. 1870. 


Charles A. BearusleV (Lyaian B.', Josephs Zephaniali'. Jo- 
seph*, Nathan', Samxiel-, William'), b. 1841, in Watertowu, Conn. B}- 
trade a wagonniaker He enlisted in the Union ami}' first for 
three njontlis, then for three years, or during- the war, in Co. H. 
l.ith Conn. V. I., where he served faithfnll}^ until killed in battle at 
King-ston, N. C, March 8, 1865. Rest to his ashes until the last 
trumpet sounds ; "then what a gathering that will be !" Reader ! 
jou and I will be there. Will we hear the welcome plaudit, "Come, 
ye blessed of \r\\ Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you 
from the foundation ot the world." Matt. 25:34 "Knter into the 
jo}' of th}' Lord." 

Charles H. Beardsley* (Henry C.', Sherman'', Kliakim% Sam- 
uel, John\ Samuel-', William'), b 1845; m. Flora Sterling 1870. Res. 
180 Wilson Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Is Assistant Secretary to Cleve- 
land Gas, Light and Coke Co. A Presbyterian. 


1. Charles Sterling, b. Sept. 18, 1871. 

2. Mary Adda. b. Oct. 3, 1877. 

3. Ralph Prescott. b. March 14, 188.3. 

Charles Fv. Beardsley* (Nathan T.', Nathan^ Thomas\ Ben- 
jamin*, Joseph', Joseph-, William'), b. Oct. 12,1862; m. Carrie A. 
Fairchild, March 23, 1887. A farmer and a Congregationalist. 


1. Frank F., b. Oct. 19, 1890; d. Jan. 21, 1891. 

2. Raymond F , b. Jan. 13, 1894. 

3. Margaret A., b. March 18, 1895. 

Charles A. Beardsley^ (Anson C.', Lyman': Moses^, Josiah*, 
Josiah*, Joseph-, William'), b. March 12, 185.5, West Cleveland, (^hio; 
m. Manda Dee, Oct. 1, 1884. Res. 206 Clinton Street, Cleveland, 
Ohio. Has a clock , a family relic, that is believed to be 200 years 
old. A manufacturer of harness oil. 

Charles A Beardsley** (John D.", John D.'', John', John*, 
John'*, Joseph-, William'), b. — ; m. Mary Parkhurst, Woodstock, 
Canada. Res. at the old homestead. 



1. Horace. 

2. Alice. 

S. John Davis. 
4. Ellen. 

Charles H. Beardslev^ (AbeT, Amos", Gideon^ Nehemiah*, 

John^, Samuel-, William^), b. Oct. 27, 1844, in Watertown, Conn. ; m. 

Emma F. Blake. 


1. Clarence A , b. 1870 ; m. Ella Crowell 1895. Have 
a .son, Ralph Abel. 

2. Edith Ma3^ b. April 18, 1875; d. Dec. 11, 1883. 

3. Frances L , b Sept. 5, 1879. 

Charles F. Beardsley** (Abel F.', Abel®, Jonathan^ Josiah*, 
Josiah^, Joseph-, William'), b. May 24, 1849, at Newton, Conn.; m. 
Marj' Josepliene Lake Oct. 27, 1875. 


1. Clarence Lake, b. Oct. 17, 1878. 

2. Paul Joseph, b. April 17, 1884. 

Charles F. Beardsley" (Sherman^ David', Abel'', Abraham"^, 
Abraham*, Jolin% Joseph-, William'), b. Jnl}^ 1867, Cleveland, Ohio ; 
m. K\\\y F:. Foote, April 9, 1890, Kearnej^ Neb. She d. Sept. 25, 1898. 
He has lived in different States Is now (1901) a travelinii; sales- 
man for the Majestic Mannfactiiring- Co., St. Louis, Mo., with his 
residence in North Adams, Mich. 


1. F;mory S , b. June 14, 1891, Bismark, N. Dakota. 

2. Delia M., b. Aug-. 14, 1892, Billing-s, Montana. 

3. Anna Maria, b. Nov. 8, 1893, Billings, Montana. 

4. Kstelle Montana, b. April 20. 1896. Billings, Mont. 

Charles O. Beardsley" (John N.\ David', John'', Alirahanr"', 
Abraham\ John', Joseph-, William'), b. March 3, 1840; m. Sarah L. 
Mowary Jan. 21. 1804. Res. Kldorado, Butler co., Kansas He en- 
listed in the L'nion armv, Oct. Ki, 1861, in Co. H. 51st N. Y. V.. and 


his regiment was assigned to General Bxirnside's 9th Army Corps 
and toolt part in 21 different battles and numerous skirmishes. 
Was discharged Oct. 17. 1864. 


1. Marj- E., b. Aug. 22, 186n ; m. John H. Clark 1886. 
Res. Eldorado, Butler co., Kansas. 

2. Catherine J., b. Feb. 26, 1867 ; d. Oct. 2, 1868. 

3. Sarah L., b. Maj^ 12, 1868 ; m. C. G. Snj^der 1887. 

4. John H., b. Oct. 10, 1869. 

5. Elith F., b Oct. 5, 1871 ; d. Feb. 23, 1873. 

6. Nora L., b. July lU. 1874 ; d. Nov. lo, 1878 

7. Charles N , b. Oct. 9, 1876 ; d. Nov. 12, 1878. 

8. Stephen A., b. May 18, 187'8. 

9. Perly, b. Aug. 22, 1880. 
10. Loisa, b. July Vl, 1884. 

Charles F. Beakdsley" (Nehemiah^, John O.', Gideon", Nehe- 
miah^ John*, John'', SamueP, William'), b. May 28, 1848, Fremont, 
Ohio ; m. Frances Maners Judy, Dec. 29, 1870, Res. St. Louis, Mo. 
Merchant. Presbvterian. 


1. Le Roy White, M. D., b. Oct. 30, 1873. 

2. Annette Judy, b. Aug. 29, 1876, St Louis, Mo. 

3. Jennie Mabel, b. Sept. 23, 1878, St. Louis, Mo 

4. Herbert Amaziah, b. Nov. 3, 1880, St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Beardsley" (Calvin W.^ Barna', DanieP, Benajah-', 
ObadiahS John', SamueF, William'), b. 1856; m. F;mma McHenry. 
Res. Columbtis Grove, Putnam co., Ohio. 


1. Maud 

2. Lee. 

Chauncey Beardsley'' (Josiah^ James', John\ Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. July, 1786; m. Joanna Berry 1811. He d. in 1837 and she 

in 1854. 


1. Melinda, b. 1813; m. S. S. Woodruff 1833. 


2. William, b. 1815; in. Annie L. White 18oi. A son, 
William, h. 1855. 

3. Lucy. b. 1817 ; m. A. L. Adams 1838. 
i. Irene, b. 1819; d. 1834. 

5. Charlotte, b. 1822; m. J. N. Fryer 1819; she d. 1881. 
+ G. John James. 

7. Lois Berry, b. 1827; m. M. E. Young- 1849, who d. 

8. Mary K,b. 1830; d. 1830. 

Christopher Beardsley" (IsraeF'. Israel*. Thomas^, Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1759 ; d April 21, 1821), at Upper Stepne3% Conn., aged 
61 ; m Anna Burr, who d. June 1, 1845, aged 60 

The inventor}' of his estate amounted to $5,067, and was dis- 
tril)uted by Elihu Beardsle}- and Stephen Blackman. His widow's 
name is mentioned., 


+ 1. Abel. 

2. James, b. 1820. 

3. There were other children. 

Christopher L. Beardslev'' (Beverly', Beverly", Jehiel^ John*, 
John^. Joseph-, William') b. Sept. 25, 1792, in New Jersey; m. Re- 
becca Losey Feb. 26, 1821. Was a civil engineer. 

In 1827 he moved to the State of New York, where he taught 
school for a few years; then he moved to Missouri, remaining 
one year; thence to MuvSkegon, Mich., in 1837, where he took up a 
a piece of land, upon which he lived until his death, Aug. 30, 1850. 


-f \. Moses Tuttle. 

2. Paul. 

3. Abraham I.osey. 

4. Peter Edward Townsend. 

Clarence E. Beardsley'* (FIdwin A.', Flphraim S.*"', Aaron^ 
Jesse*, William', Daniel-, William'), b. March 26, 1860; m. Anna E. 
Salisbury Sept. 5, 1882. 


L Herbert. 
2. Raymond. 


Clarence L. Beardsley* (Lorenzo', LeviS LevP, WilHamS Wil- 
liam', Samuel^ William^), b. July 21, 1865; d. April 1, 1899, Downey, 
Calif. ; m. Grace M. Huffstetter ; d. 1900. 


1. Claude Amro, b. Aug. 12, 1894. 

2. Harold Ulyssut^, b. Nov. 1, 1896 ; d. Feb 24, 1898. 

3. Stella Almedia, b. Jan. 25, 1899, at Downey, Calif. 

Clark Beardsley'' (Ephi-aini'', David\ Ephraini", Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. April 7, 1783 ; d. June 24, 1847, Kent, Conn. ; m. Naomi 
Chase, who d. 1847. 


1. Alvin ; m. Sophia Hawley 1848. 

2. Sarah ; m. Frederick Mallorj . 

3. Georg-e ; m. Marion Banister. One son, Frederick. 

4. John C. 

5. Susan ; m. Daniel Lynn. 

Clark Beardsley' (Jared'', Eliakim^ Samuel*, John'^, Samuel-', 
WMlliam'), b. 1805; m. Oct. 10, 1837. Minerva Culver; b. April 29, 

He went to Michigan in 1825 and took up land in the town of 
Tro5% Oakland co.,18 miles north of Detroit. He was industrious, 
energetic and conscientious; a kind-hearted Christian man. 
Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace for many 3ears Sheriff of 
Oakland County for two terms Presbyterian. Moved to Pontine 
1855. Lived there 20 years, then moved to Detroit, where he died 
in Januarj', 1876. His home was blessed with 12 children. 

Clark A. Beardsley** (Jared', Isaac'', Isaac\ Abraham\ JohnS 
Joseph-', William'), b. Sept 27, 1847, at Canton, Pa.; m. Jennie K. 
Chamberlain May 22, 1873 Res. Whitten, Hardin co., Iowa. Car- 
penter. Presbyterian. 


1. Lawrance W., b. Sept. 16, 1878 ; d. July 24, 1880. 

2. Carlysle Orellis, b Aug. 13, 1883. 

3. Charles P., b.Dec. 17, 1885. 


(Rev.) Clark Beardsley* (Saimu'I A.', Zerahf', SamxielS Sam- 
uel*, John^ Samuel-, William'), b. Feb. 1, 1850, Coventry, Chenango 
CO., N. Y. ; m. Kmnia Gillette Alvord, Dec. 13, 1882. He graduated 
frotn/\T^^^^3ffl[l, and for two j'ears was assistant instructor of 
Hebrew in the Hartford Theological Seminary. He left there to 
become Pastor of the Congregational Church in Le Mars, Iowa. 
On Jan. 1. 1885, he accepted the pastorate of the Congregational 
Church of Prestcott, Arizona. 

In 1888 he accepted the Associate Professorship of Systematic , ^ 

Theolog3' in his=Alma Mnte r, N e^^ ^H a ^oiTT-CTyTm . JT&Ai"^Hrrt( /:^^f<u.o-i(ry^^<J ALua^ 

One son, Raymond Augustus, was b. Sept. 21, 1883, at Le Mars, a^ . 


Clement Beardsley' (John'% John^ Abraham*, John'^ Joseph'^ 
William'), b. 1808 in Conn., and d 1871, at Axtel, Krieco., O. He m. 
Sarah Akers 1834. Farmer. His body sleeps in "The Maple 
Grove Cemetery," near where he resided, rie was very much re- 
spected b3' all who knew him. I first met him in 1851, when I 
preached in his School-house. 


+ 1. George Howard. 

2. Frances Caroline, b. 1811 ; m. Richard Edgar 1864. 
+ 3. Walter Christie Smith. 

4. Isadore 

5. Charles Sumner, b. 1854; m. Fannie Talbot, and 
have a son, John Walter. Res. Covina, Calif. 

Curtis Beardsley'' (Abraham^ Abraham*, John^, Joseph'-', Wil- 
liam'), b. 1754. Res. Stratford ; d. there Sept. 13, 179G. The Probate 
Court appointed guardians for his children, Oct, 16, 1797. 


1. Ephraim, b 1777; d. 1793. 

2. Mar3, b. 1780; m. James B. Lewis. 

rr ■ ^3. Elizabeth, b. March, 1783 ; m. Abel Booth. 
Twins ^ 

\i. Eli, b. March, 1783; d. y. 

T, . \ 5. Ellis, b. Feb. 22, 1785; d. next day. 
A Wins •{ 

( 6. Sally, b. Feb. 22, 1785 ; d. next day. 

7. David. 

8. losiah. 


9. Phebe, b. 1790; m. Stephen Wheeler. 

10. Ephraim, m. Sallie Br)'ant. 

11. Maria, b. 1795; m. David Dayton. 

Curtis Beardsley' (Beverly", Jehiel'\ John*, John^ Joseph'-, Wil- 
iani'), b, — ; ni. — . 


1. Samuel. 

2. Lucretia. 

Curtis Beardsley*^ (Philo^ Josiah*, Josiah'', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1797. The following- obituary notice tells the story of his 

"Died in Canfield. Ohio. Dec. 6th, 1876, Curtis Beardsley, 
asred 79. He was one of the oldest settlers of Mahoninof 
county, and has never reinoved from the place on which he 
first settled. He was born in Kent, Litchfield coxinf}'. Conn. 
In 1816 (March 10th), being- but 19, he married Miss Sophia 
Hanford, who was one 5 ear younger than himself, and on 
the 10th of the ensuing April left the Kast for their future 
home in the West. Thej' arrived May 1th, and spent the 
following day, which was Sunda}', with his brother, Josiah 
Beardsle}' ; and on Mondaj^the 6th, took up their life-long 
abode on an uncleared farm, in a little log cabin, with pun- 
cheon floor and! without a pane of glass. They were Inave 
and hopeful souls who could begin life cheerfully under 
such circumstances." 

In 1822 he joined the Episcopal Church, soon became a Vestrj-- 
man, Sunday School Superintendent, and Lay Reader. His wife 
d. Jan., 1894. 


+ 1. William H. 

2. Mary L., b. 1821 ; m. Augustus Vangorder 1817. 
She d. 1859. 

:i Anna S., b. 1821. 

4. Sarah M., b. 1832. 

5. Luc3% b. 1834; was burned to death bjher clothes 
catching on fire on the morning of Dec. 14, 1886. 

6. Eliza M , b. 1837; m. Pratt A. Spicer 18.54 ; d. 18.57. 
-|- 7. Henr}' Ctirtis. 


Curtis Beardsley' (AbeK', Abrahani\ Abraham^ John', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. 1805 ; d. 1852 ; in. Maria Peck 1828. 


1. Frederick, b. 1845 ; m. Ida S. Peck 1872. 

2. Maria Josephine, b. 1849 ; m. Geo. F. Wilderman, 
and liad two children. She d. 1866. 

3. Delia Caroline, b. 1817 ; m. Nelson F. Dornian. 

Cyril Beardsley', (Jabez", Abijah'*, Jabez*, William^, Samuel^ 
William'), b. — ; m. — . 


1. Paley G. 

2. Eunice Summers. 

3. Maria, b. — ; m. H. H. Harrington. 

4. Grace, b. — ; m. Karson C. Gibson, D. D. S. 

5. Albert. 

6. Ellen. 

7. Nettie. 

8. Kate, b. — ; m. F. B. Johnson. 

Cyrus Bearlsley'' (Jehiel"', John\ John'\ Joseph'-^, William'), b. 
17(54; m. — in Vermont. 


1. Harle}'. 

2. Beverlj'. 

3. Hannah 

4. Alma. 

(Judge) Cyrus H. Beardsley'', (Hall-', Samuel*, John', Samuel'^ 
William'), b, 1799, July 4; d. 18,52; m Maria Burr. He graduated at 
Yale 1818. He was a man of commanding influence in the county 
and state, and occupied many official positions. Was repeatedlj' a 
member of the General Assembly, and Speaker in 1846. His will 
is dated Jan. 13, 1852. Probated Sept. 25, 1852. 


1. Mary K. H. ; m. (I) Henry S. Wheeler. One child, 
Julia Ann. (2) Henry P. Curtis, and had three children. 
-|- 2. Sidney' Burr. 

3. Sarah Maria ; d. aged 6. 

4. Henrj' Tomliiison. 


Cyrus Beardsley' (Eli'', IvSaac^ Abraham*, John^, Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1804 ; m. >Iar3^ Wakeman. Worked as a mason in sum- 
mer and a cooper in winter. 


1. Alonzo. 

2. Antoinette, b. 1823 ; m. David Sherwood. 

Cyrus Beardsley' (Justlts^ SquireS Andrew*, John^, Joseph2, 

William'), b. in Perington, Monroe co.. N. Y., 1825. Civil Engineer. 

He assisted in building- the New York Central Railroad, and in 

the enlarging of the Erie Canal ; was Citj' Surveyor of Rochester, 

N. Y., for years. Married Helen M. Warren in Rochester, Aug. 1, 



1. Emily P., b. Nov. 21, 1862. 

2. Harry W., b. April 5, 1866. 

Daniel Beardsley' (Samuel-, William'), b. April, 1671 ; d. 1737, 
aged 56; m. (1) Rebecca Jackson, Dec. 3, 1695; (2) Ann (daujihter of 
John) Seeley 1704. She was bapt. Feb. 13, 1708, and joined the 
church the same daj'. Res. Stratfield (now Bridgeport), Conn. 
He shared in his brother Benjamin's estate, also in that of his 
mother, Ma}' 2, 1727. His will was probated Feb. 7, 1737. The in- 
ventory^ amounted to £1,000, after all he had given his children 
before, Avhich Avas no little 

The will of his widow, Ann, was dated April 2.3, 1748, in which 
the marriages of several of the children are shown. 

children by REBECCA. 

+ 1. David. 

2. Ruth, b. 1696; d. y. 
-|- 3. Benjamin. 

4. Abigail, b. — ; m. James Fairchild. 
+ 5. Samuel. 

6. Sarah, bapt. July 23, 1704 ; d y. 


7. Ann, bapt. Nov. 4, 1705 ; ni. Edward Eake. 

8. Rebecca, bapt. Sept. 7, 1707 ; m. David Cole. 

9. Jemima, baj^t. June 19, 1709; m. Thomas Wordin. 


10. Mary, bapt. Jjine 10, 1711; iii. Thomas Hawley. 

11. Sarah, bapt. July 12, 1713. Her will was probated 
Feb. 5, 1738. 

12. Ruth, bapt. April 1, 1716. Her will mentioned 
her "beloved brother, Daniel." 

13. Jerusha, bapt. July 27, 1718 ; m Wordin. 

14. Esther. 
+ 15. Robert. 

16. Tabitha, b. — ; m. Stephen Curtis. 
+ 17. Daniel. 

Daniel Beardsley^ (Daniel-, William'), b. 1681, at Stratfield 
(now Bridgeport), Conn.; ni. Marj^ (dan, of Thomas) Bennett, 
March 6, 1717. His father o-avehim eight aci"es of land at Ocquon- 
quaqe, on the north end of Trapfnll Hill, April 1, 171S. (B. 3, 15.) 

He sold land "on Beardsley's neck, in j-e Fairfield, to John 
Hawley, 1724-5." (B. 4, 11.) 

His will, dated Sept. Sept. 3, 1705, and probated June 30, 1766, 
mentions wife ••Mar3-," and all his children, except Timothy. His 
wife sole executor. • 


+ 1. Daniel. 

2. Mary, b. 1720 ; m. George Bard. 

3. Abigail, b. 1722 ; m. F^dmund Leavenworth. 

4. Anna, b. 1724; m. Kphraim Hurd. 

5. Timoth}'. 

6. Betty, b. 1729; m. F;iijah Hubbell. 

7. Rachael, b. — ; m. William Moss. 

8. Rhoda, b. — ; ul (1) John Moss ; (2) James Leaven- 

Daniel Beardsley* (Daniel', DanieF, William'), b. 1717-8 ; m. 
Phebe, a descendant of Samuel and Marj^ Crofut, of Hadley, Mass., 
Nov. 10, 1742. 


1. Ann, b. Dec 20, 1743. 

2. Sarah, b. April 21, 1745; m. Peleg Sunderland 
March 14, 1759. 

-f- 3. Timothy. 

4. John. 

5. Lucy, b. March 18, 1749. 

6. Bennett, b. 1751 ; d. 1782. 

7. Phebe, b. June 20, 17.53. 


8. Bijnr (Abijah). 

9. Avis, b. Ano-. 14, 1758. 
10. Nehemiah. 

+ 11, Daniel. 

12. Betty, b. Jan. 25, 1766. 

13. Eli. 

14. Ezekiel, b. 1770; m. Charry Leavenworth 1765. 

Daniel Beardsley* (DanieP, SaniiieF, William'), bapt. July 25, 
1731 ; d. 1758, aged 27. Res. Stratford, and his will was dated June 
4, 1756. Hezekiah Treadwell and Lieut. Ezra Hawie}' were sole 
executors of his estate, which amounted to £141 5s. He wills his 
property" to "my brother Robert's heirs, Thomas Hawle}', son 
of Ezra Hawley, Ezra Hawley, Jr., Edward Lake, heirs and legal 
heirs of James Fairchild, heirs of Benjamin Beardsley, heirs of 
Thomas Worden, heirs of Stephen Curtis, and to ni}' sister Hester." 

He was the "beloved brother Daniel" mentioned by his sister 
Ruth in her will twenty-one yearvS before, from whom he inherit- 
ed proi:)erty. 

Daniel Beardsley'' (Samiiei*, Josiah*, Joseph'-. William'), b. 
July, 1752; d. at North Stepney (formerly "Birdsey's Plain") 1826, 
aged 74 ; m. Anna Hawley, of Ripton, Conn., Ma}' 7, 1777, who d. 
April, 1840, aged 63. 

His will was dated Feb. 5, 1817, and gives one-half of his prop- 
erty to "Anna, \\\y beloved wife," and the balance to his son and 
daughter, naming them and making his son executor. 


-(- 1. Gideon. 

2. Anna, b — ; m, Samuel Shelton, Jr. 

Daniel Beardsley"^ (John*, Nathan^ Daniel-, William'), b. Jan. 
2, 1764; d. at Canadice, Ontario co.. New York, May, 1838, aged 74. 
He was married three times. 

children by first wife. 

1. Silas B. 

2. Sarah, b. March 16, 1793. 

3. Nathan. 



4. Cynthia, b. Feb. 4. 1800. 

5. Daniel. 

6. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 2, 1803 

7. LucindaMarcia. b. Oct.ll, 1806; m. Wm. Bowman. 

8. William Bennett. 

9. Andrew M. 

10. Kiisha Carpenter. 

11. Mary. b. Feb. lo, 1816. 


12. F;]ijah D. 

13. George W. 

Daniel Beardsley'' (Daniel', DanieF, Daniel-, William'), b. Oct. 
9, 1763 ; d. about 1826; m. Prudence . Res. Monroe, Conn. 

1. Bennett. 
+ 2. Henry. 

3. Miranda. 

4. Stephen. 
+ n. Idrael. 

Daniel Beardsley^ (Jesse*, William^ Daniel-, William'), b. at 
Bedding-, Conn. ; m. Nancy Darwin. A tailor by trade. Was killed 

in an accident with a sleigh. 


1. Philo; d. aged 24. 
+ 2. Dnniel. 

3. Talmon. 

4. William D , b. 1791. A son, + James H. 

5. Mary. 

6. Chloe. 

7. Sally. 

8. Clara. 

9. Fann}'. 

Daniel Beardsley« (IsraeP. Israel*, Thomas^, Joseph-', Wil- 
liam'), b. about 1775 ; m. Prudence Wakele3^ He was a shoemaker 

and farmer. 



1. Betsey, b. June U, 1801. 

2. Mary, b. May 3, 1804. 

3. Miranda, b. Jnly l.i, 1806. 
+ 4. Bennett. 

5. Henry. 

6. Stephen. 

7. Israel. 

Daniel Beardsley" (DanieP, JesseS William^ Daniel-, Wil- 
liam^), b. about 1772; d. — . 


1. Clarii^sa. b. May 9, 1792. 
-|- 2. Lockwood DeForest. 

3. Philo. 
+ 4. Reuben. 

5. Keziah, b. March 17, 1804. 

6. Maria, b. April 3,1808. 

7. Marcus. 

8. Lucius. 

Daniel BearDvSLEY" (Benajah\ Obadiah^, John', Samuel-, 
William'), b. 1773, Litchfield co , Conn. ; m. Hannah Brush. In the 
winter of 1809, he, with his father and eldest son, Barna, traveled 
over rouoh roads, with a team and wagon, from Delhi, Delaware 
CO., X. Y., to Licking- co., Ohio, locating six miles east of Newark, 
the count}' seat, on the Rock Fork of the Licking River Here 
the}' built a double log cabin suitable for two families and made 
a "clearing" by grubbing out the small trees and underbrush, 
girdling the larger trees, and then planting corn and potatoes, on 
which to live the coming winter. In August, 1810, Benajah, his 
father, died. He returned for the family, arriving there in Nov. 


1. Anna, b. 179,i ; m. Isaac J. Strother. 
+ 2. Barna. 
-|- 3. Talmon. 
+ 4. Orlando. 

:^. Philo. 

G. Alfred. 


+ 7. Hile. 

+ 8. Daniel B. 

9. Hannah, b. 1812; m. Strawthor. 

10. Dorinda, b. 18U ; m. Wells. 

Daxiel Beardsley'' (Josiah-, Samuel*, JosialvS Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Jnly 15, 1779 ; d. April 28, 1871, aged 92 ; m. Hannah Acksa 
Hnrd, Nov. 11. 1801. The}^ moved to Gilbertsville, Otsego co., N.Y., 
then known as the "Butternuts." 


1. Elvira, b June 6, 180G ; d. 1850. 

2. Krastu,s. 

3. Chaunce^'. 

+ 4 William Hurd. 

Daniel S. Beardsley' (Amos", Josiah\ Josiah*, Josiah-^ Jo- 
seph-, William!), b. 1826 ; ni. (1) Loisa Kelly. One son, Frank, was 
born of this union. (2) Adnline Delany. No issue. Afarmerand 
an Episcopalian. Res. New Preston, Conn. "He served, during- 
1863-4, in the U. S. Navy, in the CivIT War, in the "Gulf Squadron," 
and was disabled in action. Was promoted to "petty officer'' for 
gallant conduct ; discharged on account of disability, Jan. 6, 1864. 

Daniel D. Beardsley'' (Lockwood D.', Daniel'*, DanielMesse*, 
William', Daniel-. Williami), b. 1822 ; m. Mahala Sa bins Jan 25, 1859. 
at E.Randolph, N. Y. 


1. Morris Deloss. 

2. Marj^ Jane. 

3. Frederick Georg-e. 

Daniel Beardsley' (Philo", Elias^ Josiah*, Josiah'\ Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1816; d. Feb. 26, 1863. aged 47. By trade a shoemaker. 


1. Mary, b. — ; d. Nov. 2, 1847. 

2. Daniel, b. Dec. 17, 1848. 

Daniel H. Beardsley^ (Lewis', Gideon*', Nehemiah'', John*, 


John's Samuel-. Williami), b. April 28, 1825; m. Mary H. Linsley, 
Oct. 27, 1847. Res. Bradford, Conn. 


1. Htxldah A., b. Jan. 25, 1849 ; m. R. Ferris 1872. 

2. Alice E., b. Sept. 21. 1851 ; m. E. S. Shepherd 1880. 
+ 3. Daniel Lewis, b. 1858; m. Hattie Bishop. A son, 

Daniel H.. b. 1876. 

Daniel B. Beardslev* (John F.'. Gaylord^ Gideon^. Obadiah*, 
JohnSSamnel^ William'), b. Jan. 20,1828; d. Aug.. 1895, in Andes, 
Delaware co., N. Y. He had gone into a neighbor's yard for 
a drink of water, and just after the neighbor went to get the wa- 
ter, he fell to the ground dead. He was a farmer. A queer genius 
and odd in all his ways. Married Jennie Fuller, Oct. 19, 1858, of 
Jefferson, Schoharie co., N. Y. 


1. Ella, b. Oct. 13, 1859; m. Davis Bussey. 

2. Mott, b. Jan. 20. 18fil ; d. 1870. 

3. John. 

4. Hattie. b. — ; m. Sherman Slj'ter. Res. Kelley's 
Corners, Delaware co., N. Y. 

5. Otis. 

6. William. 

Daniel B. Beardsley^ (Barna", Daniel'\ Benajah^ Obadiah^ 
John*. Samuel-, William'), b. May 12, ISOiJ ; d. — ; m. Jane A. Sum- 
mers May 22, 1856 Res. Findley, Ohio. Lawyer and realty dealer, 


1. Carrie Evelyn, b. 1857 ; m. George w. Ross. 

2. Herbert Vinton. 

3. Lenora, b. 18G1 ; d. y. 

4. Gertrude, b. 1865; m. William J. Kiefer. 

5. Lena, b. 1868. 

Danv Beardsley*^ (Dunning-", Benjamin*, josiah', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. in Vermont; m. . 


1. Mary Allen ; b. — ; m. James Booth. 

2. Julia Ann, b. — ; m. Benjamin Elwood. 


3. Catherine, b. — ; in. (1) Frederick Lacy, (2) 

4. Betsey Storr, b. — ; m. David Morris. 

."i. Fred J, 

(). Jane, b. — ; ni. Henrj- Wells. 

7. Maria, b. — ; m. Georoe N. Marchman. 

8. Frances, b. — ; d. at 12 3'ears. 

Darius BeardsleY' (Elijah'', Phinea.s\ Obadiah*, John', Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. Feb. (i, 1787, in New Fairfield, Conn. The 
family moved to Delhi, Delaware co , N. Y., reachino there Oct., 
1809. He m. Dolly Cone, in West Moreland, N. Y., and with He- 
man, his next yonnoer brother, took his bride into the wilds of 
Central Ohio, settlino- near Worthing-ton, Franklin co. He served 
in the war of 1812. Emiorated to Cass co , Mich , in 1832, where he 
was frozen to death two years later, Feb. 15, 1834, within half a 
mile of home, aged 47. In this famil}' were eight children, but 
the name of -|- David only is given. 

DarwIiV H. Beardsley' (Heman", Thoraas^ Benjamin^, Jo- 
siah^, Joseph-, William^), b. Sept. 15, 1821 ; m. Sally J. Aver.ll, Sept. 
6, 1854. A farmer. Res. Roxbur3', Conn. 


1. Heman Averiil, b. 1856; m. Sarah A. Keeler 1884. 

2. Betsy Maria, b. 1860 ; d. 1883. 

David Beardsley-^ (Daniel-, William^), b. 1680; d. earlj^ in 
1720-7 ; m. Rebecca . 

'Daniel Beardsley of Stratford gives to his son, David Beards- 
ley, a parcel of land at Ox-hill, April 2nd, 1724" (Book 1, p. 2.) 

His estate was appraised March 15, 1726-7, and Benjamin and 
Rebecca Beardslej' were the executors. Ruth Beardslej^ of Strat- 
ford in 1735 willed to "inj' beloved brother Daniel" a dwelling- 
house "which descended to me by m3' brother David Beardsley 
of Stratford, as heirship " 

David Beardsley* (Daniel-^ Samuel-', William'), b. Aug. 28, 
1696 ; d. 1753. aged 59. fie received a division of "land on east side 
of Isinglass Creek and east of highwa}', April 10, 1730." (B.,6, 172.) 


The inventory of his estate was reported to j^robate Mar. 15, 1753, 
and amounted to £313 13s. 5d. 

The distributors appointed b}' "The Worshipful Court" were 
Joseph Booth and Gideon Hawlej'. The final distribution was 
made June 6, 1757. 

One-third was gfiven to his widow^ ; the balance to his son 
Benjamin, and to his brothers and sisters; all of whom were 
named, save Daniel, who died the year before the distriljution 
was made. 

David BearDvSLEY* (Kphraim-*, Joseph-, William'), b. April 28, 
1712; d. April 15,1782; m. Sarah (dau. of Thomas and Sarah Stiles) 
Wells, who d. March 6, 1806. aged 91. 

His farm lay west of the Housatonic River at a place called 
"Beardsle3''s Cove." 

Sept. 12, 1750, he was arraigned, before the Congregational 
Church, for absenting himself from the services, and for denying 
the "Say Brook Platform." 


+ 1. Elihu. 
+ 2. Ephraim. 

3. Sarah ; m. Stone. 

1 Rebecca; m. Abel Canfield. 

5. Lucy ; m. StejDhen Chittenden, 1765. 
+ 6. Welles. 

7. Stiles, b. 1755; m. Eunice Beardsle}' A son, 

+ David J. 

8. Hezekiah; bapt. Dec. 7, 1760. 

9. Philomus. 
10. Dexter. 

(Capt.) Havid BEARDSLEvMBenjamin*. Dan iel', Samnel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1728; d. May 11, 1802, aged 71, at Trumbull, Conn.; m. 
Mary , who d Feb. 26 1822, aged 97. 

He enlisted June 26, 1775, in the 2nd Company, 5th Regiment of 
Militia, and went to Ticoiideroga under Col. VVaterbury— retired 
Nov. 29th, following. 

In June Thaddeus and David were appointed executors of his 
estate, which amounted, after all debts were paid, to $1,279.23, 

In the final settlement of the estate, the widow, Mary, and the 
following children were mentioned. (Vol. 4, Brig't Rec.) 



+ 1. Thaddeua. 
-|- 2. Lemuel. 
-I- 3. David. 
-j- 4. James. 

5. Jernsha, b. 17G0; m. Enoch Bailejs Apr. 15, 1779. 

6. Stephen. 

David Beardsley'^ (Obadiah*, John^ Samuel-, William'), b. 
July 7, 1752, in New Fairfield, Fairfield co., Conn.; d. Aixoust 2, 
1825, in Eden, Erie co., X. Y , ag-ed 73; m. Lois Cole, who was b. 
April 5, 1757, and d. Aug-. 4, 1846, at Towanda, Bradford co., Pa., 
where the}' resided manj' years. 


1. Trnman, b. Mar. 4, 1779. Supposed to have been 
murdered in 1801, while driving- cattle, or sheep from Connecticut 
to Pennsylvania. 

H- 2. Salmon. 

3. Kvay, b. Aug., 1786; m. Gilbert Horton. 

4. Sibj'l, b. Oct. 6, 1788 ; m. Col. Franklin Blackman, 
of Wilkesbarre, Pa. Had ten children. 

+ 5. Sanmel. 

6. Clarissa, b. July 31, 1795 ; d. y. 

7. David Jackson. 

David Beardsley^^ (David\ Benjamin*, DanieP, Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Feb- 19, 1756, and bapt. when 10 days old hy the Rev. 
Richardson Miner. He was killed b}' lightning, while harvesting, 
July 24, 1822 ; m. Huldah Nichols, May 14, 1783. They were ad- 
mitted to communion in the North Stratford Congregational 
Church March, 1788. His father gave, March 29, 1785, "for paren- 
tal love," to "my true and loving son, David Beardsley, Jr., six 
acres of land on which his dwelling-house stands in North Strat- 
ford, at Long Hill, so-called, bounded westerlj- and southerly on 
highwaj', and easterl}- in part on highwaj-, and in part on Island 
Brook, and part on his own land, and northerl}' on Jonah Curtis' 
land." (Land Record, Vol. 22, 160.) 

The following named heirs are mentioned in the distribution 
of his estate, Dec. 10, 1822. The amount given to each was ^4,305.66. 
A large number of notes was given to his ^vido^v, Huldah. 



-I- 1. Nichols. 

2. Klliot. b. 179G ; in. Mabel . One son, Hall. 

+ 3. David. 

-1. Stephen. 

5. James. 

David Beardsley'^ (Neheniiah\ Nehemiah*, Nathan'^ David^ 
William'), b. Feb. 3, 180i ; d. — ; m. Elizabeth Gibson Mar. 4, 1824. 


1. Abig'ail, b. Jan. 17, 1826; m. Joseph Ainsworth 
Dec. 12, 1842; seven children — six sons and one daughter — born to 


2. Ellen Jane, 1>. — ; m. John M. Reatman. 

3. WUliam. b. 1828; d. 1843. 

4. Elizabeth, b. — ; m. Jolm Allsvvell. 

5. Lxicina, b. — ; d. in infanc}^. 
+ 6. Obed H. 

7. Nehemiah, b. 1832; m. Mary Tubbier. 

8. David, b. — ; d. in infancy. 

9. Margaret Elvira, b. — ; m. John Cregar. 
10. Cynthia, b. — ; d. in infancj'. 

David Beardsley*' (Obadiah\ John\ John'*, Joseph'-, VVilliatn'), 
b. Oct. 7, 1768 ; d. Nov. 1, 1849 ; tn. . She d. in Nov.. 1820. 


+ 1. David J., b. \im. 

2. Alvin, b. 1801. 

3. Cyrus, b. 1802. One son, + Alonzo D. 

David Beardsley" (Michael^ Abraham*, John^, Joseph-, Wil- 
liam^), b. June 3, 1769; m. Pa rm el i a (dan. of Zachariah) Clark, of Zoor, 
Newtown, Conn., 1794. A carpenter and farmer. He was one of 
the early settlers of Johnson Settlement, in the town of Catherine, 
Tioga (now Schuyler) co , N. Y. 


-|- 1. Lewis. 
+ 2. Michael. 

3. Ency Ann. 

4. Lucius. 


David H. Beardsley", (Squire-', Andrew*. John', Joseph^ Wil- 
liam"), b. June (i. 1789; cl. Aug. 31, 1870, Cleveland, O. 

Tanolit a select school in Baltimore, Md., 1816. Married Cas- 
sandria Hirsh April 7, 1817. Pnrcliased 31,1 acres of land in Little 
Sandnsk^r, O., 1821. Ajapointed Associate Judge of Marion co., O., 
Feb. 24, 18"2i ; elected State Senator that fall. For seven 3'ears he 
was Recorder and Clerk, pro tern, of Common Pleas of Crawford 
CO. In 1S33 he accepted the position of Collector at Cleveland, O., 
for the Ohio Canal, which position he held until March 31, 1850, 
when he resigned on account of advancing years. A Quaker. 


1. Ma}' Hamlin, b. 1822 ; m. Aaron Clark ; d. 1843. 

2. Elizabeth. 1). 1823 ; m. William Bingham. Had a 
son and two daughters. 

3. Sarah, b. 1824 ; m. Thomas Berner. Had three sons. 

4. John Hirsh, b. 1839 ; d. 1879, Stockton, Calif. 

David D. Beardsley'' (John S.'', Joseph*, Nathan"', Samuel'^ 
William^), b. Dec. 3, 1^23; m. Susan Conner, of Kingston, N. H. 
Before marrying he caused his name to be changed to Prescott. 
Res. Bar Harbor, Hancock co., Maine. 


1. Sarah. 

2. John. 

David J. Beardsley^ (Stiles', David*, Ephraim'*, Joseph^ Wil- 
liam*), b. in Cornwall, Litchfield co.. Conn., May 25, 1811; d. in 
Freedom, Portage co., Oiiio, Feb. 12, 1867. A farmer. Married 
Martha S. Gross, Oct. 15, 1838, who was b. Dec. 7, 1819, and d. Aug. 

7, 1862. 


-\- 1. Byron Paine. 

2. Joseph Stiles, b. Feb. 10, 1844, and d. April 1, 1862, 
in Oakland, Calif., after enlisting in the army. 

3. Kmily Sarah, b. March 28, 1847 ; m. Henry Hyde- 
She died in Oakland, Calif., of consumption, Feb. 17, 1880. 

4. Ella Melina, b. Nov. 7, 1849; m. Arthur E. Crane, 
April 7, 1870. 

David Beardsley^" (John**, Abraham^ Abraham^ John^, Jo- 
seph-, William*), b. 1782; m. Lydia Rogers. 



+ 1. John Nelson. 

2. Kphraim, b.l8ir>; ni. (1) A. Fairchild, (2) Hub- 
bell. A daughter married John Penn. 

'^. Polly, b. — ; ni. James Lewis. Was the mother 
of thirteeii children. 

4. Phebe, b. — ; m. Stephen Wheeler. 

David Beardsley' (David'', William^ Abraham*, John', Jo- 
seph-. William'), b. Jan. 25. 1786; d. March 9, 1805, in Stratford, 
Conn.; ni. Rebecca Starr, April 24. 1808, who died 1848. They 
joined the Congregational Church of Stratford. Conn., 1821. 


1. Julia Ann, b. Oct. 10, 1808 ; m. Benjamin Edwards, 
and died 1876. 

2 Mary Allin, b. June 3. 1812 ; m. James Booth. 

■A. Catherine Ann, b. Oct. 18, 1817 ; m. (1) Frank 
Lacey, (2) Vincent Conrad. 

4. Betty Starr, b. May 26, 1820; m. Daniel S. Morris. 

5. Infant ; d. June, 1822. 
-)- 6. Frederick Josiah. 

7. Jane Rebecca, b. Aug. 25, 1827; m. Henry Wells. 

8. Maria Louisa, b, Jan. :^1. 18,31; m. George More- 

9. Frances Augusta, b. Jan. 19, 1825 ; d. Mar. 8, 1848. 

David BeardsleY' (DavicF, David'', Benjamin^ Daniel'', Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. July, 1792 ; m. Clarissa Walker 1816. 


1. David Shelton. 

2. Charles Walker. 

3. Susan Maria; m. William H. Brotherell. 

4. Huldah Ann. 

David Beardsley' (Abel", Abraham'', Abraham^ John', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. 1798, and d. 1800; m. . Res. Nelson, 

Portage co., Ohio., from 1814. Farmer. 












A dang liter. 

Davtd J. Beakdsley' (David'*, Obadiah^, John*, John', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. Nov. 15, 1799. at Hartford, Conn.; d. at Monroe, 
Bradford co , Pa.; m. Anna Yonno-. 


1. George. 

2. Wallace. 

David N. BearDvSLEy' (Andrew", John'', Abraham*, John'', Jo- 
seph-^, Wiiliami), b. April 3, 1811, at Trumbull, Conn. ; m. Mary S. 
Foskett Oct. 7, 1835. Res. Winchester, Conn. Mechanic. Metho- 


1. Caroline, b. Sept., 1836; d. 1840. 

T, . \ + 2. William A. 
i wins ' 

/ + 3. Wallace A. 

4. Lucy, b. 1851 ; ni. J. T. Bevans Feb. 23, 1875. 

David M. Reapdsley' (Levi'', Timothj-^ Daniel*, Daniel-'', DanieF, 

William"), b. 1812; d. May 10, 1902 ; m. (1) Darrow, of Plymouth, 

Conn., 1835; (2) Nancy Norville. Res. at Watertown, Conn. 


1. Martha, b. 1839; m. F. V. Woodruff. 

2. Georg:e L., b. 1841. 

3. Eliza, b. 1843. 

David M. Beardsley' (Samuel", Davids Obadiah*, John'', Sam- 
uel-', William'), b. 1815. in Tomi^kins co., N. Y. ; m. C3'rene Taylor 
18.50. By trade a millwright and I)}- profession a school teacher, 
he writes: "The BcHrdsleys, as a rule, have been successfvil in 
keeping out of office, oiit of lawsuits, out of jail, out of the poor- 
house, and whether rich or poor are the same self-reliant, posi- 
tive, conservative people." 


1. Leonard Douglas. 


Twins ^ ^- Klvira, b. Oct. 6, 1853. 

y 3. Alcina, b. Oct. 6, 1853 ; d. 1862. 
4. George, b. Aug. 12, 1856 ; d. Dec. 6, 1862. 

David Beardsley' (Davis", Price^ Israel^ Josialr', Joseph-, 
William'), b. — ; in. Melong Sperry. 


1. Julia Etta. 

2. Purlietta. 

3. Clara. 

David BeardsleY' (John'', Nehemiah', Neheniiah^ Nathan', 
Daniel-, William^), b. 1837; m. Delenda Woolheater Dec. 13.1865. 
Res. Kingston, Ulster co., N. Y. 


1. Marion Ellsworth, b. Oct. 4, 1866. 

2. vSarah Hannah, b. Oct. .30, 1874. 

(Rev.) David Beakdsley** (Darius', Elijah'', Phineas^ Oba- 
diahS John^ Samuel-, William'), b. March 31, 1824, Hamilton, O. ; m. 
Caroline Morv. Res. Mason, Ingham co., Mich. Farmer. Local 
Preacher in the M. E. Church for many 3'ears. 


1. Lena Ann, b. — , 18.50 ; m Nathan G. Stanardjiine 
21, 1871. 

2. Louisa Jane, b. June 27, 1852; m. Wesley Deafen- 
baug-h Feb. 5, 1882. 

3. Walter Hubbell. b. 1854; m Nettie Brown 1879. 

4. Mary Adelia, b. Jan. 25, 1856; m. Eastnjan H. Zon. 

5. Ida Matilda, b. Aug. 29, 1857; d. Feb. 9, 1859. 

6. Otis, b. 1859 ; m. Virgin Yeager 1885. 

7. Alice Adeline, b. May 23, 1861 ; d. Oct. 14, 1863. 

8. Ada Christina, b. April 3. 1863. 

9. Clara Etoil, b. June 9, 1865. 

10. Weltie, b. Aug. 10, 1867. 

11. Dora Fklene, b. June 12, 1871. 

David E. Beardsley"* (F^lijah H.', Elijah'', PhineasS Obadiah*, 
John', Samuel-, William'), b. 1830, New Carlisle, Clark co., Ohio ; m. 


Kaoliael H. Wheeler 1855. A vva<iO!i maker at Buchanan, Mich., 
where lie d. 1879. Five children — four daughters and one son. 

David H. Beardsley** (Seba', Paxil F.'', John", James^ John'', 
Sanuiel-', William'), b. 1829; m Addie Ljon 1855. 


1. Clayton ; d. an infant. 

2. Hallis, b. 18G2. 

David Beardsley* (Arza', Josiah*^, Josiah'', James^ John^, 
Samuel-, William'), b. — ; m. Delia Burbick. Res. Danbixr}', Conn. 


1. Kmeline ; m. Jonas Eastwood. 

2. Nellie ; m. Jerry D. Page. 

3. Oliver, b. 18G1 ; m. Minnie Atkins. 

4 Waher H.,b. 186.S ; m. Lula Vandervault. 
5. Charles, b. 1865 ; m. Kate Slaver. 

(Rev.) David A. BeardsleV* (John F.', Gaylord", Gideon'', 
Obadiah*, John', Samuel-', William'), b. Sept. 10, 1831, North Har- 
perslield, Delaware co., N. Y. He secured his education in the 
common schools and at the New York Conference Seminary. Be- 
gan teaching- earl}-, and was elected President of the Lotiisville 
Conference Male College in Kentuck}', Sept , 1856. Two 3'ears later 
he joined the Louisville Conference of the M. E. Church South 
(Oct., 1858), doing effective work therein until Oct., 1865, when he 
was tratisferred to the Kentucky Conference of the same church, 
and filled some of the best appointments in that Conference. In 
1891 failing health compelled him to retire from active work. For 
a time he had charge of the Female Seminary at luka, Miss. 
Married Annie M. Daniel Nov. 1, 1865, — a lady of fine culture and 



1. Mary McCrary, b. Sept. 1, 1866; m. W. G.Lewis, 
Nov. 23, 1892. He died K)00. 

2. Clara Vivian, b. Nov. 17, 1869; m. Allen D. Cole. 
May 18, 1892. He died 1901. 

3. Alice McLeod, b. Feb. 23, 1875; m. Eugene Stevens. 
She died 1896. 


Davis Beardsley" (Price-', Israel*, Josiah^ Joseph^, William'), 

b. 1786, in Dorset, Vt. ; d. 1850, in Summit co. Ohio ; m. (1) , 

(2) Deborali Baldwin, (3) Deborah Davis. 


+ 1. David. 
+ 2. Reuben. 
+ .^ Price. 


1. Mar}-, 1). — ; m. Isaac French. 


5. Lucinda Jane ; m. Isaac Linning. 
+ 6. William Jay. 
-(- 7. Henr}' Clay. 
+ 8. Hiram G. 

9. Amos D. 

Decker R. Beardsley" (Krvin'^, Knoch', Truman'', Gideon-', 
Obadiah*, John', Samuel-, William'), I). Mar, 3, 1856 ; m. Hannah 
Picket, April 7, 1880. 


1. Florence, b. Mar. 28, 1881. 

2. Frank D., b. Aug". 22, 1883. 

Dunning Beardsley-' (Benjamin\ Josiah^, Joseph-, William'), 
b. 1762, in Huntington, Conn. ; d. at Ferrisburg-, Vt., July 2, 1829; 
m. . 

-f 1. Dany. 
+ 2. Orin. 

3. A dan. and others. 

Ebenezer BEARDSLEYMWilliam\ Samuel-', William'), b. Nov. 
24, 1706, at Stratfield (now Bridgeport), Conn., where he continued 
to reside. Married Mary . 


1. John Wool}'. 

2. Lucena ; bapt. Maj- 25, 1729. 

3. Mar3"; bapt. June 17, 1736. 


(Dr.) Ebenezer Beardsley^ (JohnSJohn^ Samuel-, William^), 
b. 1738, and died April 5, 1790. 

David Austin, Elizabeth Goodrich and Martha Beardslej-, 
his widow, were appointed b3' the Court administrators of his es- 
tate, which inventoried at £660 19s. 7d. (New Haven Probate Rec- 
ords.) He married Martha Phillips. 

He was Snrg-eon of the 22nd Reoiment Connecticut, command- 
ed by Samuel WylUs, Oct. 2i, 177(5 (Records Department of State, 
Washiuj^ton, D. C), at which date he was awaj' on furlough. He 
joined the Continental ami}' in 1775, and served three 3'ears. He 
was an able phj'sician and a man of genius. Yale College con 
ferred on him the honorary degree of A. M. in 1784. After he left 
the arm}- he settled in Cheshire as Physician and Druggist. Here 
is an advertisement which appeared in the "Connecticut Journal" 
Auoust 25, 1779. It will be read with interest: 

"Ebenezer Beardslej' has just received a Qnantit}' of 
Medicines which are to be sold at the shop opposite the 
Meeting House in New Cheshire, on reasonable terms. 
Among- which are the following important articles, viz: 
Manna, Senna, Jalap, Rheubarb, Alocfi, Jesuit's Bark, and 
Gum Camphor by the Pound or Oitnce ; Opium, Sperm- 
Ceti, Liquorice Root, Calomel, (Quicksilver, Antimonials, 
Ciiicoma and Gentian Root, Camomile Flowers, Orange 
Peel, Sal Diu Etic, Cream Tartar, Scamony, Venice Treicle, 
Flour Sulphur, Emplasters, Cerates, Magnesia Alba, Ipus- 
cunoha, Sal Merabile, Tart. Emet., Turpeth Mineral, Itch 
Ointment, Castile Soap. — Also Otter by the Pound or 
Ounce, Best Tenriffe Wines, Bohea Tea, Coffee, Brown Su- 
gar by the Hxindred or Single Pound, New England Rom 
by the Barrel or Galon, Figs, Raisins, Prunes, etc., etc." 

In 178() he had a drug store on Street, New Haven, Conn. 


1. Horace, b. 1770; d. 1791. 

2. John. 

3. Thomas Phillij), b. 1774 ; m. Eunice . 

+ 4. Henry H. 

•\- 5. Bennett. 
6. Sally. 

After his deatli the family moved lo Caledonia co., Vermont. 


Ebenezer Beardsley'^ (Elisha'', Israel, Thomas^ Joseph^, 
William"), b 1772; d. 1834, aged 62; m. Maria Beach 1813, at Strat- 
ford, Conn. Res. Monroe, Conn. 

His will was dated March 15, 183t. His propert}^ amounting 
to $15,066.31, was distributed July 15, 1836. His sons, Ezra and 
Elisha, were the administrators. (Bpt. Rec.) 


1. Marietta ; bapt. 1815 ; m. William A. Judson. 

2. Elisha E. 

3. Ezra. 

4. William B. 

(Dr.) Ebenezer L. Beardsley'* (Ezekiel\ Daniel*, Danier\ 
Daniel-'. William^), b. Dec. 29, 1793 at Johnstown, Fulton co., N. Y. ; 
m. (1) Sarah Hoofcoot, Jan. 10, 1816; b. Dec. 28, 1790; d. Jul}^ 19,1841, 
at Gouverneur, St. Lawrence co., N. Y. He was an M. D. Late in 
life a farmer. M. (2) Nancy Murphy Feb. 27, 1842 ; d. June 8, 1868, 
aged 63. Methodists. 


-|- 1. Francis Malvin. 
-|- 2. Nicholas Norman. 

3. Cherry Angeline, b. Sept. 27. 1820 ; d. 18S5 ; m. 
Levi Cadwell. Had two sons and one daughter. 

4. Susan Kezia, b. Aug. 8, 1823; m. Sylvester Bod- 
njan. One son, Charles. 


5. Ezekiel Frederick, b. 1843 ; m. Mary Winslaw 1874. 
Had a son, Robert. 

Ebenezer Beardsley' (Benjamin'', Ephraim^ Benjamin*, Jo- 
siah^ Joseph-', William', b. — ; m. Ma}' E. Daniels. A blacksmith 
in Deposit, Delaware co., N. Y. 


+ 1. Willard R. 

2. Ella J., b. 1867 ; m. Hiram M. Bailey Feb. 23, 1886. 

3. Frederick H., b. 1860 ; d. 1870. 
+ 4. Edmund V. 


Kbenezer T. Beardslee** (Thomas', Thomas^ Charles'", John*, 
John^ Joseph-, William^), b. Sept. 20, 1830, Sussex co., N. J.; m. 
Abigail Sutton, Ma}' 15, 1851. Farmer, Independence, Mich. 


1. Arabell. 

2. Samuel. 
'?,. Flora. 

4. Susan. 

5. May F:. 
(). Luc\-. 

7. Carrie. 

8. Augusta. 

FiBENEZER L. BEARDSLEY^ (Nicholas N.', Ebenezer L.", EzekieP, 
Daniel*, DanieP, Daniel-, William'), b. Maj- 16, 1856 ; d. April 11. 1866, 
at Gouverneur, N. Y. ; m. March 16, 1881. Truckster. Methodist. 


1. Mary Ethel, b. Jan. 29, 1882, 

2. Mildred Pearl, b. Oct. 16, 1884. 

Edgar D. Beardsley' (Levi*^, Levi^ Jesse*, William^, Daniel-, 
Williami), b. Sept 1820, West Haven, Conn., and d. at Alta, Fon Du 
Lac CO., Wis.. Dec. 21. 1885 ; m. Sophia Maria Field Aug. 11, 1812. 
Res. /Mta, Wis. By profession a sur.'e3'or. Of him it was said : 
'Edgar Dail}' Beardsle}' was a born leader among men. During 
his lifetime he held manj' offices of public trust, and was a suc- 
cessful lumberman'' Episcopalian. 


-)- 1. Levi Carpenter. 

2. Mary E., b. Sept. 25, 1816 ; m. E. C. Hubbard, Sept. 
3, 1871. Has two sons. 

3. Oscar J., b. Sept. 12, 18.50 ; d. May 29, 1880. 

4. Ella L., b. Oct. 2 185:i 

(Rev.) FJbenezer E. Beakdsley' ( FHisha'. F;iislia^ Israel*, Thom- 
as-^ Joseph-, William'), b. Jan. 8, 1808, in Monroe, and d. in New Hav-* 
en, Conti., Dec. 21. 1891 His father being a farmer, he lived upon 
the farm until 16 years of age, when he left home to prepare for 
College. He attended the Aciidem\- at Norwalk firs<, and then the 



Trinit}' ColleiL>-e, Flartford, graduating- in 1832. He then taught 
school for three years, two of these as Tutor in liis Alma Mater, 
when he entered the niinistr}- of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
receiving- ordination as a Deacon, Aug, 10, 1835. He was placed 
in ctiarge of St Peter's, Cheshire, and then temporarily in charge 
of the Academy. He founded St. Thomas' Church in New Haven 


\ \\ 

Ebenezer E. Bcardsley. 

and was re ained as its rector for 46 years, when he "ceased at once 
to work and live." He was a constant student, taking great in- 
terest in cliurch and jjuldic affairs. As an author lie displayed 
marked ability, being- the author of the following works: "A 
pauiphlet sketch of William Beardsley, one of the Original Set- 


tiers of Stratford, Conn." tracint>; his own faniil}' liistorj' down 
from that ancevStor ; "The Histor3' of the Episcopal Church in 
Conn." ; "The Life and Correspondence of the Rt. Rev. Samuel Sea- 
buiy, D. U , first Bishop of Conn., etc. ;" "Life and Correspondence 
of Samuel Johnson, D. D., Missionarj', etc.;" "Life and Times o1 
William Samuel Johnson, LL.D., first Senator in Congress from 

Trinity Collea,e conferred upon him the Degree of D. D. in 
1854, and Columbia College that of LL.D. in 187L 

Married Jane, dau. of Rev. Samuel Mathews, of St. Simon Is- 
land, Georgia, Oct. 11. 1842. She d. Aug. 30, 1851, and left one dau., 
Elizabeth Margaret, \vho filled, through the remaining j'ears of 
her father's life, the place of both daughter and mother. 

The author on two different occasions enjoyed the hospitality 
of this cultured, Christian home. 

Edgar A. Beardslee** (William E.', John", Abijah\ Robert*, 
Daniel*, Samuel-', William'), b. 1845, Newtown, Conn. ; m. Velena 
Babcock 1864. In charge of the Western Union Telegraph office, 
Los Angeles, Calif. One child, a son. 

-j- William Edgar Moore. 

Edgar A. Beardsley' (Ephraim S.*', Aarou\ Jesse*, William', 
Daniel-, William^), b. Oct. 1, 1832, Fredonia, N. Y. ; m. Maria Pitcher 
March 10, 1857. He moved to California in 1849. Res. Lodi, San 
Joaquin co. He is a Baptist and an active Prohibitionist. He is 
one of the firm, "Beardsle}', McMaster & Co." 


1. Charles Augustine, b. 1859 ; m. Hattie Foster 1887. 
Has a son, Howard. 

-f 2. Arthur. 

3. Ernest, b. March 23, 1864 ; d. July 14, 1865. 

4. Nelson, b. 18<i6; m. Sadie McEwen. 

5. Eugene. 

6. Delos Rose, b. Aug. 12, 1870; m. Nelson Goode. 

7. Eda Hulda, b. Feb. 14, 1873. 

8. Ida Ma}', b. Aug. 5, 1875 ; m. George Scott. 

9. Frank, b. Aug. 16, 1879. 

EdmoxI) V. BeardsleV (Ebenezer", Benjamin", Fvphraim-' 


Benjamins Josiah'^ Joseph-, William'), b. 1871 ; m. Laura Cable Jan. 
3, 1888. Res. Scran ton, Pa. 


1. Lena K., b. July 21, 1889. 

2. Edith A , b. April 10, 1892. 

(Rev.) Edmond J. Beardsley'" (John", Hosea^, Nehemiah B.', 
John**, Abraliam\ Abraham*. John"', Joseph-, William*), b. Jan. 26, 
1861, in Pij-son Township, Warwich co., Ind. At the age of 17, he 
taught his first school, at the Read School-fionse. A reproduction, 
in many respects, of "The Hoosier Scliooi Master." The follow- 
ing Slimmer he attended a Normal School at Selvin, Ind., and the 
winter taught at the 6ay school-house. Then he went to Peters- 
burg, Ind., where he taught in the High School as assistant teach- 
er, and, at the saine time, completed the course of stud3' and grad- 
uated with the class as valedictorian. 

He went from there to Franklin, Ind , aud spent two j'ears in 
College. Here he met Mollie McLain, a student in the College. 
On the r2th of June 1883, the}' were married. 

He then began the study of medicine, taking- a ccurse of lec- 
tures at the Pulta Medical College, Cinn. The next winter, the 
Superintendenc}^ of the Selvinschools being offered him, he ac- 
cepted the position for one year. After tliat he went to the Chicago 
Home Medical College, where he graduated in 1886. He practiced 
medicine first at the village of Utres, 111 , and then at St. Paul, 
Neb., entering, subsequentlj', the Morgan Park Baptist Theolog- 
ical Seminar3^ 

He was converted at the age of eleven, and united with the 
church. He began work with the j'oung" people, and has had 
marked success for the Master. 


1. Carl, b. Sept. 7, 1884. 

2. Paul, b. May 10, 1887. 

Edward S. Beardslev" (John', Nathaniel^ John'\ Daniel-, 
William'), b. March 12, 1807, near Hamburg, Sussex co., N. J. ; d. at 
Jerseyville, 111., Jan. 26, 1896; m. Susan Munson Nov. 22, 1826. who 
d. Jan. 13, 1885, aged 76. 



1. Catherine, b. 1828 ; d. 1832. 

2. Elizabeth M., b. 1830; m. Dr. J. Whitaker. 

3. Phebe A., b. 1832 ; m. B. C. Vandervoort. Haa 
three children. 

+ 1. Theodore F. 

5. Emma C, b. 1836; m. Rev. R. W. Sandis. 

6. Theodosia M., b. 1838 ; m. G. W. Ware. Three 
children have come to their home. 

-|- 7. Israel Miinson. 

+ 8. Nathaniel K. 

9. Frances A., b. 1845 ; ni. (1) Milton D. Robbins Dec. 
10, 1802 ; (2) George E. Steele. Has two children, one by each of 
her husbands. 

+ 10. Richard S. 

Edward Beardsley' (Jehiel'% Jehiel\ John*, John^ Joseph'-, 
William'), b. April 11, 1811, and d. April 11, 1860 ; m. — . 


1. Benjamin. 

2. Henry ; d. soon after his return from the army 

in the "00"s." 

Edward R. Beardsley^ (Elliott", Elliott^ Samuel*, Josiah^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. Jan. 10, 1839. Res. Hartford, Conn.; m. Em- 
ma Adelaide Watson, Jan. 10, 1807. He is Secretary of the Hartford 
and Connecticut Western Railroad Co. 


^^ . \ 1. Edward Watson, b. 1868 ; m. Ida M. Johnson 1889, 
Twins ■ • ' J 

> 5. Elliott Gay. 
.3. Grace Rockwell, b. April 5, 1876. 

(Dr.) Edward M. Beardsley^ (Samuel B.«, Samue^l, Samuel*, 
Josiah^, Joseph-, William-), b. March 5, 1823, in Danbury, Conn. ; 
m. Elizabeth A. Gray, April 22, 1855. 

In 1841 he graduated from Yale Medical College. Had an ex- 
tensive practice of medicine at Monroe for many 3'ears. Has now 
retired to a farm and takes great interest in agriculture. Was 
representative in the Legislature for two terms, 1880 and 1881. 
Con gregationa list. 





1. Samuel Birdsey, b. 1856; m. Stella L. Sherman 

2. Edward Gray, b. 1858 ; m. Rebecca G. Curtis 1886. 

3. Charles McKwen, b. 1859 ; m. Kuphenia Walthro 

4. Sarah Abigail, b. Oct. 10, 1861. 

5. Louis Benedict, b. Oct. 25, 1863. 

6. Elizabeth Adaline, b. April 23, 1865. 

7. Mary Lucinda, b. Nov. 27, 1866. 

Edward Beardsley^ (Joseph H.', WilliamS Josephs John*, 
Johns Joseph-', William^), b. 1828 at Newark, N. J. ; d. Feb. 1883, Mo- 
bile, Ala., where he worked at his trade of building houses and 
steainboats for thirt}' jears. He was a superior mechanic, was 
upright and honest in all his transactions. A Methodist. Mar- 
ried Rebecca F. Chapin Nov. 4, 1857. 


1. Huldah Jane, b. 1859 ; in. Edgar T. Chamberlain 
1880. Have a son and daughter. 

2. Edward Francis. 

.3. Anna Rebecca, b. 1864. 

4. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1866. 

5. Jesse Lee. b. 1868 ; d. 1869. 

6. Lottie Gaines, b. 1872. 

7. Alfred Zorrans. b. 1881. 

Edward C. Beardsley* (Abner', Luke^ Michael^ Abraham^ 
John', Joseph^. William^), b. May, 1838 ; m. (1) Dibbie A. Newcomb ; 

(2) ' ; (3) . Res. Medford, Steele co., Minnesota. 



1. Minnie, b. — ; m. (1) H. Merritte ; (2) P. J. Howe. 

2. John. 


3. Almara. 

Edward L. Beardsley* (Morrison', SamueP, Austin^", John* 
JohnS Joseph', William^), b. al)out 1840; m. Lucy Saterlee Feb. 26, 
1867. Farmer. 



1. Mollie L.. b. Jaimary 2i, 18(j8. 
'L William S.. b. Feb. 21, 1871. 

Edward C. Beardsley'* (Elijah', Klijah**, Phineas\ Obadiah*, 
John^ Samuer-', William'), b. 1842 ; m. ^lice F. Richard 186;i 

Entered the armj^ as private in Co K. 6th Mich. Vol. Inf. 1861. 
Was in nine different ent^aoements in the South Western army. 
Mustered out as First Lieut. Oct. 10, 18G5 Has one child, Beat- 
rice, b. Sept. 20,1871, at Aurora, 111., where her parents reside. 

(Dr.) Edward >I. Beardsley* (Henry', Abraham'', Henry^ JehieP, 
lohn', Joseph-, William'), b. Aug- 15 1858, and d March 28. 1888. He 
m. Maria Amelia Wilson June 21, 1883. Two children were born 
to them— Isabel, b. Dec. 4. 1885, and Edward Henry, b. July 4, 1887. 
"He received a common school education, and went 
through the junior year at Wooster College. He attended 
lectures at the Miami Medical College, in Cincinnati, and 
in 1881 went to California, where, in 1882, he graduated at 
the Tolan Medical College in San Francisco. He was sub- 
sequentlj' appointed a surgeon in the army and was sta- 
tioned at Angles' Island in San Francisco harbor and 
afterwards at Fort Bidwell near the Oregon line. He then 
came home and soon located in Minneapolis for a short 
time, then in Rush City, Minn., where hardship and expos- 
ure from his practice, resulted in the fatal malady that 
caused his death. He left for California on account of his 
fast failing health. He returned home very feeble and 
never again left his bed. A wife and two children survive 
him. He was a yoving man of fine abilitj^, devoted to his 
profession and gave great promise." 

Edwix V. BEARDSLEY*^ (Aaron-', Jesse*, William^ Daniel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Feb. 24, 1824, in Mass. ; m. Margaret Townsend Jan. 1, 1841. 
She d. July 2, KKX). 

He crossed the plains with his brother James and others in 
1849 in search of California gold, where he remained eighteen 
months. Since then has resided in Sheridan, 111. Farmer. Meth- 



1. Elias. 

2. Nathan. 

3. Olive A., b. May 2, 1854; m. George Hume. Have 

two children. 

4. Janet M., b. May 11, 1850; m. Dandaville. 

5. Elena J., b. March 28, 18o8 ; m. Hibber. 

(5. Homer. 

Edwin Beardsley' (Silas'*, Silas^ JohnS Samuel', Daniel-, VVil- 
liami), b. Jan., 1836; m. Addie L. Esmond Jan. 1, 1859. Merchant 
and liostmaster. Superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal 
Sunday School at Little Meadows, Pa. 


1. Verna I., b. July 21. 1869. 

2. Silas Esmond, b. Oct. 6, 1872. 

Edwin Beardsley' (Jabez'', Jabez\ William*, William*, Samuel-, 
William'), b. 1815, in Kent, Litchfield co., Conn., and d. at Phelps, 
N. Y., Oct. 21, 1893. 

At 21 he left Conn, with one thousand dollars, which he had 
earned, and lived thtee 3'ears in Ulster co., N. Y. ; thence to Phelps, 
Ontario co.. in 1839. Married Sophia M. Gilbert 1846. A merchant 
and later a malt dealer in Bixffalo, X. Y. ; then a larg-e farmer. 
One child, a son, Hopkins Gilbert, b. 1848, who m. AbbieE. Beeman. 

(Rev.) Edwin B. Beardsley' (AbeF, Jonathan^ Josiah^ Josiah^, 
Joseph-', William'), b. Jan. 6, 1823, at Newton, Conn. When about 10 
years of age his father died 

"He did a man's work on a farm for a number of 3'ears 
while but a mere boy, and then entered the comb and but- 
ton shop in Berkshire. In 1845 he married Miss Susan Per- 
kins. At the age of 15 he was converted and joined the 
Baptist Church in Berkshire, which he served in the ca- 
pacities of clerk and deacon. This church voluntaril}' lic- 
ensed him to preach Auir. 1, 1853. In 1854 he was ordained 
pastor of the church at Fishkill Plains, N. Y. He remained 
there six years, supplying the East Fishkill Church 
four years of that time. Subsequent pastorates were : lO^a 
years at North Hillsdale, N. Y., where his wife died ; one 



and one-half years in Kast Tawas, Midi., and vicinity, as a 
niissionai'3', during' which time he married Miss Ellen Horr. 
Returning to the east, he was two and one half years at 
North Hillsdale, and eight jears at Northville, Conn. In 
1883 he went to Schoolcraft, Mich., where in less than a 
year his health failed and prevented further pastoral work. 

Rev. Edwin B. Beardsley. 

A few years later an injury to a knee-cap rendered him a 
cripple for the remainder of his life. Later residences were 
at Fenton, Mich., Plainville and New Britain, Conn. While 
at the latter place, the God he had so faithfully served 
called him to his reward on Sunday evening. May 17, 1896." 
"For me to live is Christ, and to die is g-ain." (E. W. B.) 



1. Ezra Johnson, b. 1846; m. Goldie Greene 1898. One 
daughter, Kllen Sarah, b. 1899. 

2. Amelia Kstelle, b. Juh, 1849; m. Horace P. Dres- 
ser, and has one daughter and two sons. 


+ 3. Kdwin Walling. 

4. Melora, b. 1875 ; m. Charles Allen Bunnell, Feb. 
19. 1895. Has two sons. 

Edwin A. Beardsley' (Ephraini S.'', Aaron\, Je.sse\ Willianr^, 
Daniel-, William'), b. May 8, 1834 ; m. Elizabeth S. Calkins June 8, 
1859, who was b. June 5, 1840. Res. Sand^vich, De Kalb co., Ill, 

-(- 1. Clarence E. 

2. Mary Eda, b. Dec. 14, I860; m. Edgar C. Eastman 
Jan. 12. 1887. One son. 

3. Earl, b. Sept. 11, 1867. 

Edwin S. Beardsley'^ (James H', James^ Josiah% JamesS Jolin^ 
Samuel-, William'), b. Nov. 10, 1822; m. Clarissa M Phelps Jan. 6, 
182G. Farmer. Methodist Res. Eaton, Lorain co., Ohio. 


Twins *'+ ^ Elmer H, b. April 25, 1847. 

' 2. Ebnor H., b. April 25, 1847; m O^born Hales 1871. 

Four children. 

3. Clarence L, b. 1848 ; m. Amy Goodman 1876. Has 
a son, George, b. 1879. 

4. Edwin }., b. 18.55 ; m. F;va I,. Lloyd 1879. 

5. Lucy D., b. 1856; m. Charles Carpenter 1875. Has 
three children. 

6. Frank E., b. 1859; m. Amanda L. Farover. Has 
a son, Howard E., b. 1882. 

7. Emma C, b. 1862; m. Charles I. Snagle 1851. 

8. Dollie E , b. Oct. 6 1866. 

Edwix R. Beardsley'* (Havelah^ Elijah^, Phineas^ Obadiah*. 
John', Samuel-', William'), b. 1824, at Leesburgh, Highland co., 



Ohio ; m. Olive - 
niillins: business. 

Res. Waldron, 111. Engaged in a large 


1. Frances, b. ; m. John T, Lenfestey. 

2. Ada. 

3. Alice. 

4. Rufus. 

Edwin W. Beardsley, 

Edwix W. Beari'SLEys (Edwin B.", AbeF, Jonathan^ Josiah*, 
Jo3iah\ Joseph-, William"), b. Aug. 10, 1873, Hillsdale, Columbia 
CO., N. Y. A mechanical engineer. Res. New Britain, Conn. ; ro. 
Josephine A. Hutchinson Oct. 23, 1895, who. d. Dec. 15, 1898, leav- 
ing a daughter, Marion Josephine, b. Dec. 24, 1897. 



Edwin H. Beardsle y** (Jared', Jared'', Eliakim^ SamuelS John'', 
SamueP, William'), b. June 27, 1839, at Scipio, N. Y. Res. Detroit, 
Mich. Traveling- salesman ; ni. Ella Louisa Draper, Apr. 27, 1869. 

Congregational ist. 


1, Charles Draper, b. May 27. 1870. 

2. Edwin Stuart, b. June 1, 1878. 

Edwin H. Beardsley. 

Edwin H. BearDvSLEY** (Frederick', Birdsey^ Philo\ JosiahS 
Josiah'*, Joseph-, William'), b. Oct. 13, 1850 ; m. Mary Noble Sept. 13, 
1876. Res. New Preston, Litchtield co.. Conn, A Congregation- 

He is a harness maker and grocer; also a newspaper corres- 
pondent. Furthermore a prominent Mason, and says : "I am 


a ineniber of Rising- Sun Lodge No. 27, at Washington Depot, 
Conn. A comp'n of OusatonicChapter, No 33, R. A. M , of New Mil- 
ford, Conn. Also comp'n of Buell Council No. 20, R. & S. M., of 
Litchfield, Conn., and at present (1901) am District Deputy of the M. 
W. G. L. of Conn, lor Litchfield co." 


1. George N., b. May 2, 1879. 

2. Raymond, b. June 4, 1887. 

Edwix H. Beardsley'* (William H.', Curtis**, Philo\ Josiah^ 
Josiah', Joseph-', William^), b. Aug. 21, 1850, in Ohio ; m. Carrie E. 
W. Dailey Oct. 26, 1877. A salesman. Res. Mesopotamia, Ohio. 


1. Leon Nelson, b. Aug. 80, 1872. 

2. Minnie Kliza, b. Oct. 29. 1876. 

Elam BearDvSLEY' (EliS Isaacs Abraham*, John^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. May 7, 1795, in Huntington, Conn. He was a cripple from 
his tenth year. 

In the fall of 1820, he was converted and joined the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Married Polly Clark Feb. 16, 1825; d. at his 
home in Havanna, N. Y., Sept. 28, 1884 ; his wife d Oct. 21, 1867. 

He acquired the art of shoemaking by his own effort, and that 
of school-teaching in the same manner. Tailoring was the real 
business of his life. 

"Blessed of God with a fine voice, and improving it by 
culture, he became useful as a singer, and was for many 
years the chorister of his chvirch. The difficult music of 
the olden time was familiar to him, and his choir was his 


An intelligent lady of Denver, Colo., pronounces him the 

most remarkable man she ever knew in mental ability and deep 

spirituality. Give God the glory! Let no one make light of such 

an experience. 


1. Loring G., b. 1826 ; d. y. 

2. Elam W., b. June 27, 1827 ; d. y. 
+ 3. Othniel 

4. Mary Ann, b. May 8, 1830 ; m. James Arnold. 


5. Catherine K., b. May 28, 1832 ; d. 3- 

6. Thaddens B., b. 1834; d. 1835. 

Elam Beardsley^ (Ezra". Elijal/', Phineas\ Obadiah^ John^, 
Samuel-, VVilliain'). b. 1806, at Delhi, Delaware co , N. Y., and d. 
June 1, 1877, in Burlington, Racine co., Wis., aged 71 3-ears ; ni. (1) 

McMillan, (2) Sinington. The "Standard" of June 7, 1877, 

spoke as follows : 

"Mr. Beardsley came to Racine County when this state 
was but a territory, and has been one of the pioneers who 
helped to form a state and organize a countj^ ; he was the 
first settler west of Racine. Here he has seen grow up 
around him a happy family and contented community." 


1. Martin. 

2. Nancy; m. Elijah Beetles. 

3. Ezra. 


4. Marcelus ; d 3'. 

5. Frances ; m. John Kelly. 

Ela>i Beardsley-' (Bostwick\ Parruck', Elijah\ Phineas% 
ObadiahS John', Samuel-, William'), b. about 18.i4; m. Louisa K,' 
Holly, who d. Feb. 12, 1883. 


1. Anna, b. April 28, 1879. 

2. Milford, b. June 6, 1880. 

3. Emmeline, b. July 9, 1881. 

Elbert J. Bearixsley^ (Silas', Joseph'-, Zepheniah\ SamueH, 
William^, SamueP, William'), b. about 1829 ; m. Ann Nelly Carpen- 
ter. He was a soldier in the Civil War, and with his regiment, 
the 7th Conn. Vol. Inf., in all its engagements. Has a son, Frank, 
born April 6, 1854, and pi'obably other children. 

Eli Beardsley'' (Isaac^ Abraham*, John^ Joseph^, William'), 
b. Dec. 11, 1763, and d. July 15, 1815, aged 82 years ; m. Rhoda French 
Jan. 21, 1786, who d. March 25, 1810, aged 73 years. 


He was by trade a blacksmith. Thej' beg'an housekeeping in 
a small house, on the north l)ank of Wooster Cove, Housatonic 
River, Conn. About 1790 he bought a place in Stepne3^ eleven 
miles north of Bridgeport, on "Birdsey Plain.'' Here he ^vas con- 
verted under the preaching of the Methodists and joined that so- 
ciet}'. In 1812 he sold and moved to Tioga, Schuj'ler co., N. Y., 
where he connected himself with the Episcopal Church. 


1. L3'dia, b. 1787 ; m. Lemuel Sherman. Was mother 
of eight children. 

2. Hannah, b. 1789; m. Mason Jones; d. in 1819, 
leaving one dau., who married Reuben Judd, of Weston, Conn. 

+ 3. Amnion. 

■1. Abigail, b. 1793; m. William Judd, of Weston, 
Conn. Had nine children. 
+ 5. Elain. 
+ 6. Hiram. 
+ 7. Irad. 

8. Mehitabel. b. 1803 ; m. Philo Beardsley. Has five 

+ 9. C3'rits. 
+ 10. Stiles. 

11. Othniel, b, 1808, and d. 1827. 

Eli Beardsley*' (Josiah^ Josiah*, SamueP, SamueP, William^), 
bapt. Oct. 18, 1778, when a boy about ten years old ; ni. , 


1. Hannah ; bapt. 1789. 

2. Mary ; bapt. 1789. 

3. Cyrus ; bapt. 1809. 

gLY Beardsley" (Josiah^ Samuel*, Josiah^, Joseph^ William^), 
b. 1780, and d. June 14, 1850, aged 70, Bridgewater, Conn. ; m. Patty 
Lewis, who d. Jan. 31, 1851, aged 73. 


1. Augusttis ; d. y. 
+ 2. Bogardus. 

3. Bulkley, b. ISll ; m. Katie Weller. 
+ 4. Lewis Wells. 




5. Sarah, 1). — ; m. Northrop Kellogg, and has three 

6. Faynette, b. — ; m. Joel \V. Judd May 24, 1846. Five 

7. Silas Robert. 

Kli Beardsley*' (SamiieP, Samttel*, John^, Samuel-, William'), 
b. 1779 ; d. 1854 ; m. Lucy Glover March 8, 1801. Blacksmith. Epis- 
copalian. He was a Legislative Representative from Sherman, 
Conn., for three j^ears and State Senator for two years. 


+ 1. Samnel Glover. 

2. Josiah, b. 1807 ; m. (1) Rebecca Osborn 1828, (2) 
Mary Word in 1857. 

3. Millicent A., b. 1811; m. William Hawley 1839; d. 
1865. Had fonr children. 

4. Sarah, b.l813; m. Alonzo Clark 1882 Had three 
children— one son and two datighters, Cornelia Elizabeth, m. 
David Monroe, Esq., of Danbnrj^ Conn., who entertained the com- 
piler on several occasions. 

+ 5. Eli Doolittle. 

6. Sallv; m. Thomas Botsford. 

(Capt.) Eli D. Beardsley' (Eli-, Samuel^, Samuel*, John'% 
Samuel', William'), b. Feb. 2, 181.5. in Sherman, Conn.; m. (1) Caro- 
line Blackman 1838, (2) Mrs. Ann Eliza Booth May 24, 1871. Black- 

suiith. Ba])tist. 


1. George Edward, b. 1840; m. Mary Bacon. 
-(- 2. Oscar Lewis. 
-|- 3. Frederick Truman. 

4. Caroline Lucy, b. 1847; m. William K. Miles. Has 
three sons — Walter, William and Winfield. On entering- Danbury, 
Conn., for the first time (Oct., 1887), the author accosted Walter, 
who happened to be crossing the street, with, -'Do j'ou know everj'- 
thing about this town ?" He replied, "Prettj' nearl}'." "Can 3'ou 
tell me where Mrs. Monroe lives?" "I ought to; she is w\\ aunt." 
^ ^. ^5. Charles Eli, b. 1849; m. Jennie Suddington. 
^^ "^^ i* 6. Ellen J., b. 1849 ; m. Edward J. Porter. 


Kltakim Beardsley'* (Samuel*, |ohn^ Samuel-, William^), b. 
1744, and d. at Southbyry. New Haven co., Conn. ; m. Esther Sher- 
man, of Newtown, Conn., who d. 1822. Her property was given to 
her chil(h-en. (Vol. 33, pp. 34, 30, N. H. Records.) 

His father gave him "Land with dwelling-honse in Stratford, 
in Parish of New Stratford, near ye tipper end of Bogburn Hill, 
May 4, 1767." (Book lo, 8.) Probably soon after his marriage they 
resided in Derby, Conn. (Oxford Parish.) 

John Sherman, his brother-in law, and his eldest son, Jared, 
were the executors of his estate. (Vol. 19, pp. 20, 21, N. H. Court 


+ 1. Jared. 

2. Anna, b -- ; m. Ebenezer Bennett. 

3. Clark, b. 1774 ; m. Mary Jackson 1799. 

4. Poll}', b. — ; ra. Lockwood Hinman. 
-f ,"j. John. 

6. Sarah, b. — ; d. unmarried. 
-|- 7. Sherman. 

8. Roswell.b. 1787; m. Harriet Swift. One son, Roa- 

Klias Beardsley' (JosiahS Josiah^ Joseph-, William^, b. 1757 ; 
m. . 


1. Roswell. 

2. Agur '. d. y. 

3. Rhoda. 

4. Eli ; d. 18 years of age. 
o. Elizabeth. 

{). Daniel ; d. 3-. 

Elias Beardsley"' (Samuels William', Samuel-, William'), b. 
about 1760; d. — ; m. Hannah Clark Jul}' 2, 1783, Newtown, Conn. 


+ 1. Zachariah Clark. 

2. Parmelia, b. Feb. 19, 1788. 

3. Mary Ann, b. 1790. 

4. Lucy, b. Dec. 24, 1793. 
+ 0. Philo. 


(Rev.) EliAvS Beardsley* (MichaeP, Abraham*, JohnS Joseph^, 
William^), b. — ; m. Amy Samtiel. After his death in Illinois the 
faniil}- moved to Wisconsin. 

He was a joiner and farmer at Catherine, N. Y. An ordained 
Local Preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church. A good 
Bible scholar; a man of deep piet}^ and of marked ability. 
Greatly beloved. 


1. Eden. 

2. Phebe. 

3. Samuel. 

4. Zilpha. 

5. Roswell. 

6. Am3\ 

7. Harriett. 

8. Edith. 

Elias B. Beardsley' (Joseph*', Zephaniah^ Joseph*, Nathan^ 
Samuel-, William^), b. April 1, 1825. at Goshen, Conn., and d. at the 
same place July 23, 1871, aged 46; m. Sarah Jane Andrew, of 
Canaan, Conn., 1848. Carpenter. Congregationalist. 


1. Lauren S., b. 1849 ; m. Eva A. Beardsley 1877. 

2. Emma C, b. May 15, 1858. 

Elias W, Beardsley' (Lewis', Whitmore\ Benjamin*, Josiah^, 
Joseph-, William^), b. June 11, 1825, Fairfield, Franklin co.. Vt. ; m. 

(1) Melinda 1845, and went to Dunham. She died 1867. M. (2) 

Melissa A. Loop in 1868, and moved to West Brown, P. Q. A 
Methodist, and a wheelwright by trade. 

children by first wife. 

+ 1. Herbert F:iias. 
+ 2. Lewis Stephen. 
-|- 3. Albert George. 

children by second wife. 

4. Franklin Loop. 

5. Adelia Asenath, b. 1877. 

6. Louella, b. 1878. 

7. Anna Helena, b, 1883. 


Kltas J. BEARDSLEY' (Zachariah*', Elias', Samuel*, William^ 
Sanmel-', William'), b. July 7, 1833; m. Inak Jane Hopkins 1858. 
Has been a teacher in the public schools of Klmira for over 30 
years, Conoregationalist. 


1. Lottie Frances; d. in infancj'. 

2. Mott Hopkins ; d. in infanc3\ 

3. Harry Merchant. 

Elihu BearDvSLEY^ (David*, Ephraim', Joseph-. William'), 
bapt. 1736 ; m. Laura A. . 


1. Sarah ; bapt. May 29, 1763. 

2. William. 

3. Belle, bapt. March 27, 1770. 

Elihu Beardsley" (Elisha\ Israel*, ThomasS Joseph-, Wil- 
liami), b. May 10, 1777, and d. Feb. 29, 1811, aged 67 years ; m. (1) 
Prescilla Silliman. She d. Oct. 21, 180.3, ag-ed 25 years. No issue. 
M. (2) Ruth Edwards, Sept. 1, 1805. She d. 1861, aged 83 years. 


1. Prescilla. 
+ 2. Ebenezer Edwards. 
+ .3. Ao;ur. 
-|- 1. Ambrose. 

5. Sylvia, b. — ; m. IvUcius B. BuKroughs. 

6. Rufus, b 1815 ; \\\. Betsey A. Beardsley ; d. 1863. 

Elijah Beardsley^ (Phineas'", Obadiah*, John^ SamueP, Wil- 
liami), b. May 16, 1760, in New Fairfield, Conn. ; d Oct. 2, 1826, in 
Springfield, Ohio Tradition says he was a membsr of the "Boston 
•Tea-party," Dec, 1773. 

He enlisted Jan. 1, 1777, as a private, under his father, Capt, 
Phineas Beardsiej-, in the 7th Connecticut Regt. He kept a diary 
from which a few extracts are taken : 

"July 25, 1777, We reached Peekskill Landing. Crossed the 
Hudson River to Haver?traw.'' "Aug. 8, There wasa Tory hung to 
an elm." "Aug. 17, Stratton and Miller was whipped 100 lashes for 
stealing mone^-." "Saturday, Aug. 23, Paid up to July." He now de- 


scribes a series of marches through New Jersey, and mentions, 
King Street, Kakoos, Ramapo, Clowe, Garrison, Prompton, Wan- 
aqua, Morristown, Wenontown, Reddington. "Nov. 17, Marched 
throtigh Annall and crossed the Delaware River." The}^ marched 
here and there for four days in Pa , and then recrossed the Dela- 
ware, at Ditnkers Ferry, to Mt H0II5', Burlington, Bristol and Bil- 
let, on their way to the "2Sth mile stone," — Schoolkill, — Schuylkill. 
"Dec. 20 and 21, Had nothing to eat." "Dec. 22 Reached Valley 
Forge" "Dec. 24, Began our housen." "Jan. 19. 1778. I sleded wood." 
"Saturday, the 24th, "We sleded 12 loads of wood." Their marches 
and countermarches were almost innumerable to confound the 

These are just a few items from quite an extensive diarj'. He 
served three years. 

The war over, he returned to Danbur}^ Conn., where he m. 
Sarah (dau. of Parruck) Hubbell 1780. They moved to Delhi, Dela- 
ware CO., N Y.,1796, and left there Oct. 23, 1811, arriving in Delaware 
CO., Ohio, Dec. 9th, — 43 days enroute. April 1, 1814, they moved to 
Urbana. Ohio, and in Oct., ISl.o, to Springfield. Then, in April 
1817, to Butler co., O., and in 1821, back to Springfield, where he d. 
five years later. He was a farmer. A Deacon in the Presb3'terian 
Church for 50 3'ears. 


1. Ezra. 

+ 2. Parruck. 

3. Ruth, b. May 6,1785; m. Daniel Frisbee 180.3, in 

Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y. She had 12 children, and d. aged 77 


-|- 4. Darius. 

5. Hem'an, b. 1789; d. 1815, at Urbana, Ohio. 

6. Clara, b. June 2, 1791 ; m. Gideon Frisbee 1809, and 
d. aged 23, leaving one child. 

7. Lydia, b. May 21, 1793; m. David Bingham Aug. 
19, 1821, in Butler co., Ohio, She d. in Springfield, O., Oct. 21. 1821. 

+ 8. Havilah. 

9. Abby, b. 1797; m. Ira Vaige 1816, and d. 1819, 
leaving- one child. 

10. Sarah, I1. Oct. 9, 1799; m. her brother-in-law, Ira 
Vaige. She had eleven children, and d. at the age of 78. 

11. Fannie, b. Sept. 22, 1801 ; m. Erastus Felton 1830, 
in Cass co., Mich. She had four children, and d aged 76. 


12. Ivaiira, b. June 11, 180.'^ ; in. James S. Christie Feb. 
22. 1824, in vSprino-field, Ohio. Had eleven children, d. Mar. 23, 1888. 

13. Marilla, b. Oct. 16, 1805; m. James Dean 1836; d. 
Dayton, Ohio, a^ed 35. Had two children. 

+ 14. Elijah Hubble. 

Mrs. La\ira Christie, formerlj' of Springfield, O., under date of 
Sept. 12, 1884, describes their first settlement in Ohio, Dec, 1811. 
Two brothers had preceded them and located in the beach woods 
between VVorthington and Berkshire, near the north line of 
Franklin count}'. 

"We found them in a loi>- cabin about 20 feet square, 
with a floor of logs split open in the middle, with the flat 
side uj). We ascended to the loft above on pegs driven in 
the wall. Fourteen of us lived there until April, among;- 
the wolves, panthers, coons, opossoms, deer, wild turkeys 
and wild hogs. 

"I was a little girl in my ninth year. It was the fash- 
ion to send a bunch of flax to the neighbors to be spun in- 
to thread, and take it home on a certain da3^ and then 
have a good time. My mother not being- well enough to 
go to the party, sent me with the thread, which was about 
a mile from home through the woods. When about half 
way I saw a drove of wild hogs coming towards me with 
their noses up snuffing- the air, grunting loudl}'. I was 
directed bj- Providence to a large tree that had fallen. I 
climbed into the roots, and sat there on my perch until 
the hogs got tired watching me and went to their lodg- 
ings. My mother became uneasy about me, and sent my 
brother, Havilah, to hunt me. I was glad to see him. I 
do not remember just how I felt, but I was a noted char- 
acter for some tinje. 

'•The next spring we moved about eight miles into an- 
other house, similar to the one we had left. I think it 
must have had a larger door and fire-place, for father 
vised to f)lindfold an old horse and haul in the back logs 
to burn in the fire-place, which was made of sticks and 
daubbed with mud, and extended clear across the end of 
the house. 

"The war of 1812 commenced that year. My father 
used to prepare for war every night by getting tubs of 
water in the hottse in case the Indians should set us on 



fire before morning, and (supplied each one of us witli im- 
plements of one kind or another, snch as pitchforks, 
shovels, tongs, axes, guns for himself and Havilah. We 
little ones felt pretty brave. 

"The next year we moved to Urbana, and there re- 
mained nntil the war closed ; then came to Springfield, 
Clark CO , O , where father, mother, and other members of 
our famil}' lived, died, and are buried. 

"My father was in the Revolutionary^ War. He was one 
of the boys that helped to throw the tea overboard in Bos- 
ton Harbor. My brothers, Darius and Heman, were in the 
war of 1812, and three of my sons were in the Civil War, 
enlisting in 1861. 

"Our family has been justlj^ celebrated for their Chris- 
tian virtues. They were mostl}^ Presbyterians. We have 
a good hope that our children and relations, gone before, 
are safe in heaven. 

"I am, your sincere friend, 

"Laura Christie " 

This interesting letter was written at the remarkable age 
of 81. 

Elijah Beardsley'^ (William-^' Abraham*, John', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. about 1762 ; d. 1852 ; m. Joanna Lyon, and moved to Cath- 
erine, Schuyler co., N. Y.; thence to Rochester Station, Ohio, 
where he closed his earthly pilgrimage at tlie advanced age of 
90. A man of undoubted integrity. 


1. Orson. 
-\- 2. Charles. 

3. Kphraim. 

4. Daniel, 

5. George. 

6. Philander. 

7. Rachel. 

8. John. 

Elijah H. Beardsley' (Elijah^ Phineas^ ObadiahS John'*^ 
Samuel-, William'), b. Sept. 10, 1807, in Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y.,' 
and d. in Buchanan, Mich., Sept. 8, 1885, aged over 77 3'ears ; m. (1) 
Matilda Lemon, and settled in New Carlisle ; moved, 1837, to Day- 


ton, iuid in 1853 to Beardsley's Prairie, Cass co., Mich. Here the 
mother of his children died. A year after he married (2) Mrs. Su- 
san Mitchell, and in 1865 settled in Buchanan, Mich., where he re- 
sided until called from labor to reward. March 2, 1879, his wife d. 
In Dec , 1879, he was m. (3) to Mrs. Hannah Graham. 

He was a manufacturer of wagons, and was a devout Chris- 
tian from 19 years of age, and became a member of the M. E. 
Church, becomino- an efficient office bearer. 

Just before his decease he wrote to the author : "I am waiting 
like a shock of corn fully ready for the garner." 

From him came the first letter fi-om an unknown Beardsley 
to the compiler. 


+ 1. David Elijah. 

2. Lorena Ann, b. 18.31; m. John 1857. They 

have three children, and reside in Wellington, Kansas. 

3. Solomon Lehman, b. 1836; m. Martha Ferten 1861. 

4. William Granville, b. 1838; m. Rebecca V. Mic- 

hael 186,3. 

raonds 1889. 

5. Henry Harrison, b. 1840 ; d. 1854. 
+ 6. Kdward Christie. 

7. Ann Matilda, b. 1846 ; d. 1846. 
+ 8. Albert Raper. 

9. Charles Weston, b. 18.50; d. 1854. 

10. Emma Bell, b. 1853 ; d. 1854. 

11. Ashley Ashery, b. 1856 ; d. 1859. 

12. Benjamin Franklin, b. 1860; m. Amelia Sim- 

(Dr.) Elijah Beardsley* (Ezra', Elijah^ Phineas^ Obadiah*, 

John''*, Samuel-, William^), b. — ; m. . Settled in Madison, 

Wis., where he practiced medicine, or law, for many years. 


1. Kate. 

2. Mary. 

(Dr.) Eliphalet BearDvSLEY'^ (Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Josiah'*, 
Joseph-, William!), \^ 1787; d. 1880, in Lewis, Essex co., N. Y. ; m. 
. Was a practicing physician. 


1. Nancj'. 


2. Samuel. 

3. Harriet. 

4. Zacliariah. 

5. Amelia. 

6. James Eliphalet. 

Klisha BeardsleY'^ (Israels Thomas^, Joseph'-', William'), b. 
1735; d. April 6,1822, a^ed 87; m. Mehitabel Hurd. Res. Monroe, 
Conn. Fanner and laroe land-holder. Warden in the Episcopal 

His will was dated Atig'. 7, 1823, and mentions all his children, 
save Agiir and Roswell. 

Ebenezer was the executor, and C3'rus H. Beardslej^ his as- 
sistant, appointed Oct. 25, 1823. 



1. Abbe Betsey, b. 1770 ; ni. Xehemiah Gray; she d. 

+ 2. Ebenezer. 

+ 3. Elisha Hubbard. 

-f "i. Ezra A1)el. 

-(- 5. Elihu. 

-|- 6. Ag-ur. 

7. Roswell, b. 1782 ; d. Sept. 13, 1822, unmarried. 

Elisha H. Beardsley'' (Elisha', Israel*, Thomas'", Joseph-, 
William^), b. 177-t; d. March 14, 1840; m. (1) Patience Prudence 
Edwards ; she d. Feb. 20, 1818, aged 41. M. (2) Betsey Walker 1819, 
who d. Jan. 2, 1853. 

His will was dated Oct. 15, 1825, and mentions his wife Betsey 
and ail of his children. He left a large estate. 


1. Prudence Marietta, b. 1798 ; d. April 5, 1813. 

2. Sarah ; m. Flli Blackburn. 
+ 3. Fllisha Ezra. 

4. Juliette; unmarried. 


-)- 5. James Walker. 


Klisha Beardsley** (Sanntel\ Samuel*, Josiah^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. April 9, 1787, in Truiuhiill, Conn.; ni. Ruth (daughter of 
Thaddeus) Beard^*Iey. 

His will mentions "my wife Ruth" and two children, which 
his wife Ruth does not mention in her will, namely, Amelia M. 
and Susan C. Distributed March 13, 1861. Ruth wills her prop- 
erty to the other two of her children. 


1. Priscilla. 

2. Agur. 

3. Amelia M. 
1. Susan C, 

Klisha C. BeAKDSLEY" (DanieF, John\ Nathan^ Daniel'-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Oct. 23, 1813; m. Rebecca Millard, ot St. Thomas, Canada, 
Feb. 4, 1836. She d. at Richland, N. Y., Dec. 23, 18,33. Baptist. 
Carpenter and farmer. Served three years in the 110th New York 


-|- 1. Arza Thomas. 

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 30, 1839; m. Harris Hovier. 

3. Elisha Daniel. 

4. Richard Phelps, b. Aug. 7, 1844 ; d. Feb. 25, 1845. 
-\- 5. Henrj' Adelbert. 

6. Silas Benjamin, b. Oct. 27, 1848; died March 11, 
1870, in Tucson, Arizona, "where he went nearlj^ three years be- 
fore to fight the Indians." (A. T, B.) 

Elisha Beardsley'' (LeviS Obadiah*, John", Joseph^ Wil- 
liam'), b. Aug. 4, 1793; d. Feb. 9, 1882; m. Caroline Marvin July 9, 


1. Polly, b. 1819 ; m. Luke Cheney. She d. 1855. 

2. Phebe, b. 1822; m. Joseph Conet 1838. 

3. Eunice, b. 1824 ; m. J. Lloyd. 
-|- 4. Ezra Marvin. 

5. Asenath, b. 1830; m. E. S. Roberts 1846. 

6. Seth, b. April 30, 1732 ; d. in May. 

7. Elisha I., b. 1837; m. Hannah M. Holly 1862. 
+ 8. Harriet M.. b. 1841 ; m. A. L. W^right 1859. 

+ 9. James M. 


Klisha E. Beardsley' (Elisha H.", Elisha% Israel, Thomas^ 
Joseph-'. William'), b. Oct. 21, 18(M, and d. Dec. 25, 1852, at Monroe, 
Conn.; nj. Laura A. Burrouohs June 4, 18.32. His estate inven- 
toried 18,615.87. 


1. Susan E;iizabeth, b. April 22, 1833; m. David S. 

Clarke Oct. 25, 1857. She has three children. 

+ 2. Webster Burrouglis. 

.3. Ada line Hepsa, b. Feb. 2, 1836. 

4. Caroline Ann, b. Nov. 7, 1837; ni. Lorenzo B. 

Beers, Oct. 15, 1862. She has two children. 

+ 5. Ezra Elisha. 

(). Marv Jane, b. July 16, 1841 ; m. Elliot M. Beardsley- 
June 3, 186,3. 

7. Hobart Edwards. 

8. George Lucius, b. July 21, 1845 ; d. Sept. 15, 1854. 

9. Gertrude Annanianda, b. May 16, 1847. 

10. Laura Annetta, b. May 28, 1849; ni. Wallis Smith 
June 14, 1876. One daughter, Agnes E., b. 1878. 

11. Agnes Maria, b. April 28, 1851. 

ErxiOT Beardsley"' (SamueH, Josiah^ Joseph'-, William'), 
bapt. Aug. 27, 1762, and d. July 19, 1807, aged 45; m. (1) Hannah 
Beach April 20, 1788. She d. June 10, 1798. M. (2) Abigail Patter- 
son Oct. 16, 1800. 


1. Abigail, b. April 25, 1794. 

2. Hannah, b. May 17, 1798. 
+ 3. Elliot. ^ 

Elliott Beardsley'* (Ephraim^ Benjamin^, Josiah', Joseph-, 
William'), b. at Roxbury, Conn., May 6, 1817 ; m. Nancy Hurd Feb. 
16, 1850, who was h. Oct. 8, 1826. She d Oct. 22, 1898. He was found 
unconscious under a tree Jan. 11, 1901, and died on the 12th. He 
held several town offices, and in 1862 was elected a member of the 
Legislature. Farmer. Congregationalist. 


1. Charles F;iliott, b. May 18, 1851 ; d. March 12, 1852. 

2. Hattie Maria, b. Jan. 19, 1855; m. Jerome Lewis 
Gillett Oct. 7, 1875. She d. Dec. 16, 1879. Had one daughter. 

3. Frances Augusta, b. Sept. 6, 1858 ; d. July 10, 1873. 

4. Sarah Hurd, b. Oct. 14, 1862. 


Elliot Beardsley'' (Elliot■^ Samuel*, Josiah^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Dec 26, 1801, Hnntino-ton, Conn. ; d. Jan. 19. 1871, at West 
Winsted, Conn., where- he had a res. for 32 years. He was laroely 
eno-ao-ed in niannfactnrino-, and was for a time president of the 
Winsted Bank. He had been a member of both branches of the 
Legislature, and was a very intlnential and nsefnl citizen, nnas- 
snmino- and yet nnwaverino- for the rioht ; liberal and public 
spirited; reverent and eai'nest in all he did. M. (1) Patty John- 
son Feb. 23, 1832, who was b. March 24, 1803, and d. April 19, 1836; 
(2) Delia Ellen Rockwell March 28, 1838. She was b. Jan. 16, 1811, 
and d. March 19, 1878. 


1. John. b. Nov. 15, 1833, and d. Oct. 8, 1839. 

2. Martha Elizabeth, b. Feb. 13, 1836. 


-|- 3. Edward Rockwell. 

4. Cornelia, b. 1810; m. Rev. Samuel B. Forbes 1867. 
Had two children. 

5. Sarah Hinsdale, b. 1842 ; m. Eugene Potter ; died 

6. E;iliot, b. 1843; d. 1861. 

7. Julia Plumer, b. 1845; m. George Trent Barton 
1867. Has three children. 

8. Theadore Hinsdale. 

Elmore W. Beakdsley' (William H.*"', William\ William*, Wil- 
liam^ Daniel-, William'), b. May 7, 1853, F;astGalway, Saratoga co , 
N. Y. ; m. Sarah A. Batchelder, of London Ridge, N. H., Jan. 15, 
1880. Her father lives on the homestead which has been in the 
famil) for 250 years. She is a niece of Col. Napoleon Batchelder ; 
also of Captain Batchelder. vi'ho has been a sea captain over 44 
3'ears, and has sailed over two million miles on the water. He 
moved to New York City 1873, where he now resides. 

Elmer H. Beardsley" (Edwin S.^ James H.', James", Josiah*, 
James*, John•^ Samuel-, William'), b. 1847; m. Martha J. Mayhew, 
1878. Farmer, Grafton, Lorain co., Ohio. Methodist. 


1. Clarissa E., b. Aug. 3, 1879. 


% Florence H., b. June 8, 1881. 
3. Le Roy \V., b. Jan. 15, 1884. 

Klmek W. Beardsley" (Fayette^, JamcfV, James^ Josiah"', 
JaniesS Jobn■^ Samuel-, William^), b. —; m. (1) Mary Harris 1868, 
who died April 2,1872; (2) Elizabeth Erwin Aug;. 5,1872. Carpen- 
ter and builder, Peoria, Illinois. 


1. John Faj'ette. 

2. Barbara Ellen, b. Oct. 20. 1870. 

3. Mary F^mnia, b. March, 1872 ; d. Aug., 1872. 


1. Charles Clarence, b. June, 1873. 
5. Eva Jennetta, b. June 1, 1877. 

FvLMER E. Beardslee^" (Orsanius", Aaron^ Beverly', Beverly", 
Jehiel', John\ John^ Joseph'-', William'), b. May 16, 1863; m. Ora 
Dell Hall. Res, Clarkston, Mich. Farmer. 


1. Laura. 

2. FMwin H. 

3. Marj' Josephine. 

Elmus W. Beardsley^ (Barna', Daniel*', Benajah"', Obadiah*. 
John', Samuel-, William'), b. 1825; m. Christina Hartman 1851, Mc- 
Comb, Hancock co., Ohio. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Amos Allen ; m. Margaret Morehead. 

2. Mary, b. 1853. 

3. David E. ; m. Hester Fountain. 

4. Miner. 

Emory Beardsley' (John^ JehielS John\ John^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1802 ; m. . 


1. Edward. 

2. Erastus. 


3. Henrj'. 

4. Martha. 

5. Mary. 

6. Charlotte. 

(Dr). Emmanuel Beardsley'* (Jehiel^ John*, John'', Joseph'^ 
William'), b. 1768 ; d. March, 1828 ; ni. Chlotilda Curtis 1788. A suc- 
cessful physician. 


+ 1. Jehiel. 

-(- 2. Knimannel. 

;i Chlotilda, b. Nov. 27, 1791 ; m. when 16 years old ; 
raised seven children. 

+ 4. Charles. 

5. Phebe. b. — ; d. ao^ed 61. 

6. S3dvia. b. — ; ni. Corlidt>e Bridwell. 

7. Susan. 

8. Alvah. 
0. \A\cy. 

Emmanuel Beardsley' (Emmanuel'', Jehiel'', John*, John^, Jo- 
seph'^, Williami), b. July 29, 1805 ; d. Oct. 19, 1879, aged 74 ; m Phebe 
Miller, Dec. 6, 1829, Clymer, Chautauqua cc, N Y. She d March 3, 
1888, aoed 86. Wesleyan Methodist. By trade a stone-cutter and 



1. Harriett Jane, b. 1831 ; d. 1842. 

2. Keziah, b. 1832 ; m. Rev. Thomas Burrows. 
+ 3. Adam Clark. 

+ 4, Matthew Hale. 

5. Marg-aret Helen, b. Feb. 2,1838; m. David York. 

6. Julia Emily, b. April 27, 1840 ; m. Edward Snell. 
Two children were b. to them. 

7. John Wesley, b. 1842 ; d. 1863. 

8. Jeremiah Sherrill. 

Enoch Beardsley' (Truman'', Gideon^ Obadiah*, John'^ Sam- 
ueP, William'), b. April 6, 1801 ; m. Betsey Smith 1823. Moved with 
his father to Huntsburg-, Geauga co., Ohio, 1829. Hed. April 7,1869- 
Fanner. Congregational ist. 



+ 1. Alvin. 
-f- 2. Ervin. 
-f 3. Smith. 
-|- 4. Knoch. 

5. Iconise; m. Alonzo RhodCvS April 24, 1872. 

Enoch Beardsley'* (Enoch', Truman'*, Gideon^ Obadiah^, 
Johii^ Samuel^, William^), b. 1836; m. Addie E. Root 1864. Res. 
Mill Village. Erie co., Pa. Merchant. Presbj'terian. 


1. Fannie A., b. Jan. 19, 1860. 

2. Reid De Witt, b. 1869. 
H. Cassins B., b. 1875. 

EXOCH F. Beakdsley' (Ervin% Enoch", Truman\ Gideon', Oba- 
diahS John^ Samuel-, William'), b. Feb. 21, 1849; m. Mary F. Clark, 
June 2.1, 1874. 


1. Frederick E., b. March 10, 1876. 

2. Susie May, b. March 14, 1878. 

3. Lottie L.. b. March 11, 1888 ; d. Dec. 22, 1885. 

Enos Beardsley* (William'^ Samuel-, William^), b. Oct. 15, 
1724 ; d. 1757, at Northfield. Conn ; m. . 

May 3, 1857, the Court appointed Hezekiah Treadwell admin- 
istrator of his estate, and on the same date, guardians were 
appointed for his children. 

No widow is mentioned; had doubtless d. previously to him. 

Ma}' 1758, the court ordered the sale of certain "lands of Erics 
Beardsley, late of Stratford, deceased, to meet liabilities amount- 
ing to £9 12s. 7d. (Colonial Records Vol. 11, 169). 


1. Hannah. 

2. Temperance. 

3. Elizabeth. 

Ephraim Beardsley^ (Samuel', William'), b. Feb. 4, 1675; d. 


1748. Res. Stratford, Conn. Joined the Congregational Church in 
July. 1727. 

The inventor}' of his estate was reported to Probate Dec. 21, 
1748 (Book 1, Town Records, Stratford), and amounted to 
£().ii7-t Os. M. The court at Fairfield appointed Sarah, his widow, 
and John Beardsley the administrators. 

Kphraim Beardsley'^ (Joseph-, William'), b. 1677, at Stratford, 
Conn.; d. 1734. Joined the Congregational Church 1698; m. Me- 
hitabel Osborn, Dec. 31, 1708. 

His will, dated Feb. 23, 1733. proved March 21, 1733. Inventory 
taken on the 23rd of the same month, amounted to £1,300. Men- 
tions his wife, Mehitabel, and the three children here given. 

1. Mary, b. Sept. 24, 1709. 
+ 2. David. 

3. Mehitabel, b. May, 1715 ; m, Ephraim Clark July 8, 

F^PHRAIM Beardsley^ (Benjamin^ Josiah^ Joseph^, William^), 
b. 1769, and d. June 5, 1825, at Roxbur3% Litchfield co.. Conn. ; m. 
(1) Abigail Judson, who d. March 15, 1812; (2) Anna Hurd, who d. 
June 5, 1864. Farmer. 

Aug. 25, 1805, he vinited bj- letter with the Congregational 
Chvirch in Roxburj', Conn., and was appointed Deacon in lbl2, 
holding that office tintil his death. On his deathbed he requested 
his friends to sing: 

''On Jordan's storm}- banks I stand, 

And cast a wishful eye 
To Canaan's fair and happy land, 
Where my possessions lie," 
and in a few moments crossed to the other shore. 


+ 1- Judson. 

2. Sail}', b. May 12, 1791; m. Friend Thomas. 
+ 3. Jonathan. 
+ 4. Benjatnin. 

5. Anna, b. Sept. 12, 1797; m. Glover Fairchild Nov. 

27, 1820. 

G. Abigail, b. Dec. 4, 1799; m. John Teeple. 
-\- 7. Ira. 


8. Fann3% b. May 1, 1804. 
-f- 9. Lemuel. 


-f 10. Ctirtis Everett, b. 1813 ; m. Mar}' M. Foster. Had 
a son, -\- Willis E. 

11. Maria, b. Oct. 4, 1815, and d. 1817. 

12. Elliott. 

Ephraim Beardsley^ (David*, Ephraim^ Joseph-, William'), 
bapt. 1738, and d. March 22, 1806. aged 68 ; m. Martha Hatch. The 
record says : 

"Ephraim Beardsley bought land above Beardsley's 
Cove in 1762, and had land laid to him in 1763, west of 
Beardslej's Bridge.'' 

This was just above New Milford and on the opposite side of the 
river. In his will he gives to his son Phiiomus his "silver shoe 
buckles;" to his son Wells his "silver knee buckles ;'''and to his 
son Clark his "silver stock buckles." 

-|- 1. Phiiomus. 
-)- 2. Ephraim. 

3. Diedama. b. Sept. 13, 1770; m. Capt. Abijah Berry. 

4. E^dia. 
+ 5. Wells. 
+ 0. Clark. 

7. Sally, b. April 12, 1787; m. Moses Swift. 

Ephraim Beardsley" (Abraham^ Abraham*, John^, Joseph-', 
William')- b. 1755; d. Jan. 10, 1793 ; m. Frances Chapman. 

Was he the Ephraim Beardsley, "fifer" of the second compan}- 
5th Conn. Regiment, Col. Waterbury commanding? Res. Strat- 
ford, Conn. 


-)- 1. Francis. 

2. George, b. — ; bapt. June 1785 ; d. \. 

3. Charles, b. ; bapt. April 29, 1787 ; d. y. 

4. Henrietta, b. — ; bapt. 1791 ; d. 3-. 

5. Sarah. 

Ephraim Beardsley'' (Ephraim'', David*, Ephraim', Joseph-, 


William'), b. March 30, 1773; m. (1) Hannah Berrj^, and settled on 
Grand IsUn in Lake Champlain, Vt. M. (2) . A farmer. 


+ 1. Herman R. 
2. Nathaniel. 
+ 3. Jerome John. 

4. Cornelia. 


5. Lafayette. 

6. Charles. 

7. Henry. 

Ephraim S. Beardsley'* (Aaron', Jesse*, William'^ DatiieP, Wil- 
liam'), b. Nov. 25, 1807 ; d. Oct. 20, 1886, aged 79, at Downer's Grove, 
111., where he had kept a hotel for 20 years. Baptist. "Influence 
alwaj's on the side of the right," is the verdict of those who knew 
him. >I. (I) I^^da King-, of Fredonia, Chantriuqua Co., N. Y.. May 5, 
1830. He first moved from North Adams, Mass., to Holly, N. Y. 
Then, in 1835, to Ouinc^-, 111., and in 1818 to La Salle co., 111. His wife 
d. Jan. 22, 1862. He m. (2) Kliza H. Watkins May 22, 1862. In 1861 he 
moved to Downer's Grove, Du Page co.. 111. 

children by EDA. 

1. Kllen Amelia, b. April 7,1831; m. Fitch, She 

d. Dec, 1884. 

4" 2. Edgar Augustine. 

3. Edwin Atwater. 

4. Earl Austin, 

5. Eli Ashley, b. Dec. 4, 1838 ; d. Feb. 1, 1865. after six 
months' imprisonment in Andersonville. 

6. William H. 
-j- 7. Levi Cla3'ton. 

8, Charles King, b. 1845; d. 18.55. 

9. Horace Sanford 

10. Almeda May, b. Oct. 6, 1849. 

11. Emily Judson. b. May 7, 1852 ; d. March 17, 1876. 

12. Walter Jay, b. 18.54; in. Josephine Shears. One 
son, Joseph Clayton. 

children by ELIZA. 

13. George Dorr, b. 18(i6 ; d. Feb.. 1881. 


Kphratm BeardsleY' (Obadiah", Phineas^ Obadiah*, John*, 
Samuel-, Williami), b. May 1, 1792; d. Jan. 29, 1869, aged 76 ; ni. Leu- 
cerne Goodsell, b. 1797 ; d. 1846. A farmer. Justice of the Peace for 
14 jears. 


1. Huldah Ann, t). March 29,1815; m. Rev. Thomas 
M. Hubbard. Five children. 

2. Emily K., b. Nov. 17, 1816 ; m. Ezra Hchnes Feb. 2, 

3. Sarah L., b. Jan. 16, 1819; m. F. S. Gasper Feb. 17, 

4. Mary P., b. Feb. 4, 1823 ; ni. V. Van Buren April 1, 
o. Rachael M., b. Nov. 14, 1825; m. F. Vant Sept. 7, 



6. Isabell ; infant. 

7. Died unnamed. 
+ 8. Aim on I^. 

0. Samuel ; d. an infant. 

Ephraim Beardsley' (Jonathan^ Ephraim^ Benjamin*, Jo- 
siah', Joseph-, William'), b. Dec. 4,1831; m. Harriet Landers 1864. 
Farmer. Sidney Centre, Delaware co., N. Y. Methodist. 


1. Laura A., b. 1866. 

2. Anna V., b. 1869. 

Ephraim G. Beardsley' (Gaylord'', Gideon', Obadiah^, John^, 
Samuel', William'), b. Aug. 7, 1814, in Harpersfield, Delaware CO., 
N. Y., and died March, 1890, in Harpersville, Broome co , N. Y. ; m. 
Gaylord Sarah Brainard. 

In 1845 he sold the old homestead and moved to near the 
place of his death. It was while in conversation with him in 1882 
that the author determined to find out the name of his great- 
trreat-grandfather, which has cost him many years of research, 
toil and expense of time and money. 


1. Several d. young-, 

2. Ernest is the onl3' one living (1892). 


Kkic BeardsleyS (Amnion", Kli'>, Isaac^, Abraham^, John3, 
Josepli2, Willianii), b. Nov. 0, 1825 ; ni. (1) Sarah Ann Peck 1850 ; (2) 
Mrs. Klvira Peck 1878. 


1. Lillian F, b. Feb. 18,1854; m. Arthur Heber Feb. 2, 
188o. Two children. 

2. Joseph Cosmo, b. Maixh 6, 1863 ; entered the reo- 
uhir arni3' of the U. S. 18S8, passing- a successful examination for 
the position of 2d Lieut. 8th Infantry, U. S. A. (1889), Fort Robin- 
son, Neb. 

The following', clipped from the public press, refers doubtless 
to the above-named officer: 

"Emploj^es of the water works office, Thursday, pre- 
sented Captain J. C. Beardsley, of Conipanj' B. with a 
handsome pair of field glasses, when he left for Colum- 
bus. Chas. Willard made the presentation speech. Cap- 
tain Beardslej" responded. 

"Director of Public Works' Warden assured Beards- 
ley that his place was open for him, if he lived to return 
from the war." 

Ervin BeardsleyS (Enochs, Trumane, Gideons, Obadiahi, 
Johns, Samuels, Williami), b. — ; m, Mary Jane Crothers 1817. He 
d. 1883. 


-|- 1. Enoch Ford. 

2. William C, b. 1851 ; m. Harriet E. Moffitt 1880. 
+ 3. Decker R. 

1. Lena S., b. 1858. 

5. Delphena C, b. 186U. 

(Rev.) Evans BeardseeyR (Gershom^, John4, John3, Samuels, 
Williami), b. Feb. 20, 1780, at Cheshire, Conn., and d. at Sangerfield, 
Oneida co., N. Y., ag^ed 50 years ; m. Hannah Magoon of Danville, 
Vt., Dec. 1, 1802, who d. Sept. 16, 1843. A Presbyterian minister, 
spending- the last fourteen years of his ministerial life in Water- 
ville, Oneida co., N. Y. 

He left a good record, with hope of a blessed immortality. 

1. Rossetta Massa ; hl Norton. 


2. Sally Fitch. 

3. Linda Roxana. 
i. Died unnamed. 
.1. Died unnamed. 

-|- 6. Backus Azel. 

Everett Beardsley6 (\Vhitmorei>, Benjamin!, JosiahS, Joseph2, 
Williaiiii), b. 1785; m. Olive Peters, Fairfield. Franklin co,, Vt. ; 
moved to Clinton, Oneida co., N. Y., 1812 ; thence to Batavia, Green 
CO., N. Y., 1817, and to St Clair, Michigan, 1825. Here he was Jus- 
tice of the Peace for about 12 jears ; also a Deacon in the Congre- 
gational Church. In 1844 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and to 
Wisconsin in 1855 ; finally to Makanda, Jackson co., 111., where he 
d. 1870. 


1. Marilla, b. 1808 ; d. an infant. 

2. Lewis P. 

3. Leonard K., b. 1812; d. an infant. 
+ 4. Leonard Everett. 

5. Hiram, b. 1817 ; d. eight years old. 

6. Persis, b. 1820; m. Hathaway. 

7. Theron, b. 1822 ; drowned at 18 years. 

8. Dewitt C, b. 1824 ; d. y. 

9. Maria, b. 1828 ; m. Clay. 

10. Marilla, b. 1830 ; d. an infant. 

11. Mary, b. 1831; d. y. 

12. Henrv Martin. 

EzEKiEL Beardsley'' (DanieU, Daniel^, Daniel2, Williaml), b — ; 

m. . 


-|- 1. Kbenezer Leavenworth. 

2. Charles. 
+ 3. Henry. 

4. Klias Smith, b. 1802; m. Nancy H. Lansing-. Had 
a son, Isaac Lansing. 

EzEKlEL Beardsleyr (JabczS, William4, William3, Samuel2, 
Williaml), b. 1766 ; d. in Jefiferson co., N. Y., in 1828; m. Martha 
Stuart about 1790. The}' moved from Conn, to Herkimer co., N. Y., 


in 1812. Four years after to the place where he d. Was a school 


1. Nathan. 

2. Jabez b,1796; m. D0II3' Taunei". 
+ ?>. Julius S. 

+ 4. Charles William. 

5. Sal!}', tj. 1802-3; ni. Dr. Holister. 

6. Emeline. Began school teaching- at fourteen 
j'ears of age. She was tall, handsome, and weighed one hundred 
and eight}- pounds ; m. Hyram Chapman, and d. aged 20. 

+ 7. John N. 

EZEKiEL Beardsley6 (Thomas'*, Benjamini, Josiah^, Joseph2, 
Williaml), b, 1785, at Huntington, Conn., and d. Sept. 27, 1864, at 
Roxbury. Conn. ; m (1) Lucy Thompson, of Woodbury, Conn., 
Nov. 23,1808. She was b. July 22, 178:5, and d, Nov. 13, 1828; m. (2) So- 
phia Downs, April 4,1833. She d. July 1, 1875, childless. Farmer- 

children by first wife. 

1. L0SS3' Maria, b. 1810; m. Shelton Johnson. Shed. 
July 11, 1832. 

2. Caroline H., b. 18U ; d. Nov. 18, 1828. 

Ezra A. Beardsley6 (Elisha^, Israel*, Thomas3, Joseph2, Wil- 
liaml), b. 1776; d. Aug 20, 1863 ; m. Eliza (dau. of Dr. Ezra) Curtiss. 
Theodore D. was the executor of his estate. 


1. Frances; m. O. B. Sherwood. 

2. Theodore Dehon, b. 1822. 
+ 3. Edward. 

Ezra H. BEARDSLEytJ (Timothj'^, DanieH, Danier^, Daniel'-, Wil- 
liaml), b. May, 1789, New Milford, Litchfield co.. Conn.; d. at For- 
est, Hardin co., Ohio ; m. . 


1. Clarina ; m. William Wright. 
-f- 2. Julius Oliver. 

3. Eliza ; m. Edward Horton. 


KZKA BearDvSLEY' (Elijah'', Phineas^ Obadiah*, John% Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. Oct. 17, 1781, in New Fairfield, Conn. ; d. 1842, in 
Wisconsin ; m. (1) Nanc}' Brush 1803, Delhi. Delaware co., N. Y. 
She d. in Clark co., Ohio, 1818. M. (2) a Mrs. Niblack, Farmer. 


+ 1. Othni. 
-f 2. Elani. 

.3. Lovina ; ui. Col. Thomas H. Edwards. 
-f 4. Elijah. 

o. Ann ; ni. George Crawford. 
-(- G. Alexander Brush. 


7. Marrilla ; \\\. Hiram 
+ 8. William. 

FvZKA Beardsley*' (Jehiel', Emmanuel'', |ehiel-', John^ John% 
Joseph-, William^), b. Nov. 21, 1827, in Chesterfield, Essex co , N. Y. ; 
m. Henrietta White. Moved to Oak Grove, Dodge co., Wis. For 
the last eight jears has lived in Prescott, Pierce co. (1884). Far- 



1. Francis M., b. 18.14 ; m. Ann G. White 1881. 

2. Ella H.,b. 1856; d. 18,19. 

3. Dora V.. b 18.17 ; d. 18.19. 

4. Lillian, b. 1861 ; m. D. A. Whitene}^ 1884. 

5. Mamie, b. Nov. 20, 1867. 

6. Orren L., b. April 2, 1870. 

(Col) Ezra M. Beardsley** (F^lisha'. Levi", Obadiah\ John*, 
John^ Joseph-, William^), b. Oct. 4, 1827, at Ashland, Green co., 
N. Y., and d. in Lake Citjs Barber co., Kansas, 1885. 

Came to Illinois in 1844, and was elected Sheriff of Rock Island 
CO. in 18.55. Studied law, and was admitted to the Bar in 1859. In 
1861 he enlisted in the "three months' service' and was commis- 
sioned a Lieutenant in the 69th 111. Vols. ; was afterwards Post 
Adjutant at Camp Douglas, a military prison near Chicago. Af- 
ter the expiration of his enlistment he returned to Rock Island 
and recruited six companies of the 126th 111. Vol. Inf., and was 
elected Lieut.-Col. of that reu'imtMit, serving with the "army of the 


TenneSvSee." His reg^iinent was afterward transferred to Arkan- 
sas, and he was appointed Post Commander at Devall's Bluff, an 
important point on the Arkansas Riv^er. 

He moved to Parker, Kansas, in the spring of 1870, where he 
resided for seven years engaged in the practice of law. He m. 
Sarah Simon. Feb. 8, 1848. 


1. Mary C, b. 1848 ; m. H. F. Stockton 1868. 
+ -2. Seth Marvin. 

3. Ezra Irving. 

4. William Lincoln, b. 1860; m. Maggie O. Miller 


.0. Albert Lemon. 

KZK'A E. BEARDSLEY** (Elisha E:.', Elisha H.b, ElishaS Israel*, 
Thomas'. Joseph-, William^), b. Aug. 81, 1839 ; m. Florence Holmes 
Oct '21, 1874. Res. Bronson, Mich. 


L Walton Hohnes. )>. Sept. 18, 1875. 
2. Jessie Gertrude, b. May 2, 1877. 

E)ZRA S. Beardsley'* (Levi 5.', Levi'', Obadiah\ John*, John-*, 
Joseph-, William^), b. March 27. 1847 ; m. Mary Ann Fleming Dec. 3, 
1874. Res. Townville, Crawford co.. Pa. 


\. Mabel Lee, b. Aug. 11, 1875. 

2. John Marvin, b. July 4, 1877. 

3. Helen May, b. Sept. 3, 1879. 

4. Charles Alexander, b. Jan. 14, 1882. 

5. James Smith, b. March 31, 1884. 

6. Lorena, b. Aug. 26, 1888. 

Fayette Beardsley? (James H.i, James'>, Josiah->, James^, 
John^^ Samuel2, Williami), b. — ; d. 1865; m. Lucy Jennetta 


1. Elmer Williston. 

2. Sarah, O. A. ; d. v. 


3. Ivnc3^ >I. D. ; m. John Hall 1868. 

4. Latira Ellen ; in. Thomas Erwin. 

Francis BeardsleyT (Ephraim6, Al>rahani'., Abrahani4, Johns, 

Joseph2, Williami), b. about 1772 ; d. 1837 ; m. . Res. vStrat- 

ford, Conn. The inventory of his estate was put on record Sept., 
1837. Aljel Booth and Daniel Williams were the distributors. 
Three children are mentioned, but no widow. 


1. Francis. 

2. Sidney J. 

3. Harriet, 1). — ; m. Birdsey Curtis. 

Francis Beakdsleys (Francis^, Ephraimg, Abrahamri, Abra- 
ham4, Johns, Joseph2, Williau)!), b. Dec. 28, 1792, Stratford, Conn.; 
moved to Athens, Athens Co., Ohio, in Nov., 1811. He m. (1) Flliza 
Culver, who d. in 1838 ; m. (2) Rebecca S. Bartlett 1839, and she d in 
May, 1882. He d. March 4, 1844, aged 91 years. "Without children 
of his own, he raised and fostered quite a number of those in 
need of parental care, and advanced them to respectable positions 
in life. He was an excellent mechanic, cabinet maker and house 
carpenter. He was a sincere Christian and devout memher of the 
Presbvterian Chui-ch from boyiiood.'" (F. M. C.) 

Francis M. BeardslEY' (Ebenezer L.'J, Ezekiel^, DanieH, Dan- 
iels, Daniel^. Williami), b. Dec. 18, 1816, at Johnstown, N. Y ; m. 
Julia Smith Sept.20, 1841. Res. Gouverneur, St. Lawrence co., N. Y. 



1. Lucy Jane, b. March 3, 1843. 

2. Sarah Annetta, b. March 2, 1845. 

3. Francis, b. 1847; m. Maria N. Beardsley. 

4. Orange Henry, b. 1849; m. Ollie Rhodes 1878. A 
son, Leslie Henry, b. 1879. 

5. Angle Elizal)eth, b. Sept. 6, 18iil ; m. John B. 
Marsh May 20, 1874. 

6. Julia Agnes, b. Aug. 2, 1853; m. Henry W. Proc- 
tor Aug. 6, 1877. 

Francis A. Beardsley7 (Agurc,, Philo5, Josiah4, Josiahg, Jo- 
seph2, Williami) b. June 19, 1838, Kent, Conn. Res. Austin- 


burgh, Ashtabula co.,Ohio ; in. Keren F.Spelman Dec. 6,1876. He 
served two jears in the war for the Union in the Second Conn. 
Heavj- Artillery. Moved to Ohio in I860. Episcopalian. Child- 

Francis M. Beardslev9 (John N.8, David7, Johnr,, Abraham^i, 
Abraham^, Johns, Joseph2, Willianil), b. June 4,181:9, at Lansing-, 
Oswego CO., N. Y. ; m. Georgia Anna Haj^ford Dec. 26, 1876. rie 
entered the Cortland Normal School in 1872- Took a classical 
course; taught district school two winters and graduated in June, 
1876; was principal of Tull}' graded school in 1876; principal of 
Horsheads union school 1877; principal of school No. o, Klniira, 
N. Y.. from 1877 to 1881, with 21 assistant teachers and 900 pupils. 
Traveled for D. McCarthy & Sons, of Syracuse, N. Y.. selling dry 
goods, from 1880 to 1885. Traveled for Burke 6i. Co., of Rochester, 
N. Y , selling- dry goods from 1885 to 1888. Now in dr\' goods busi- 
ness in Marathon, Cortland co., N. Y. 


1. Glinn Leroy, b. Sept. 7, 1879. 

2. Myron William, b. Feb. 26, 1881. 
:i Clinton Romain, b. Oct. 3, 1882. 
4. Lida May. b. Feb. 27, 1883. 

Frank D. Beardsleys (Benajah M.", Morrison^, Austin5, Jolin^, 
J()hn3, J()sei)h-, Williami (b. — ; m. ■. 


+ 1. Byron T. 
+ 2. John A. 

Franklin Beardsley? (Salmons, David^, Obadiah^, JohnS, Sam- 
uel2, Willianil), b. July 11, 1812 ; d. — ; m. (1) F;mma West, Feb. 12, 
183n. She d. Aug. 10, 186<); m. (2) Mrs. Celia Newton Harrington, 
Oct. 4, 1872. She d. March 9. 1885. 


1. Sarah Jane, b. Nov. 18, 1836 ; d. 1839. 

2. Harriet Maria, b. March 20, 1840; d. J842. 

3. Adeline Lueelia,b. Feb. 24, 1843; d. 1844. 

4. Selina F:mma, b. May 13, 1846; m. Henry David 
Beardsley Oct. 12, 1869. 


Fkederick Beardsley' (Birdsey^ Philo'', Josiah*, Josiah^ Jo- 
seph-', William'), b. Jan. 17, 1809; m. Mary Beardsley, his third 
cousin, Dec, 1835; d. Dec, 1885. He was a farmer, currier and har- 
ness maker. He d, July 7, 1874. 


1. George W. 

2. Charlotte N., b. Sept. 0, 1838 ; m. Charles E. Bee- 
man 1861. She has four children. 

+ 3. Edwin H. 

Frederick W. Beardsley' (Philo'* Philo\ Josiah*, Josiah-*, 
Joseph-, Wiiliami), b. Nov. 27, 1831, in Canfield, O. ; m. Jaqueline 
Gee. who d. Dec. 21, 1891, in 111. 


1. Alongea Da}'. 

2. Lois G. 

3. Bertha E. 

Frederick J. Beari»SLEY^ (David', David', VVillianv"', Abraham*, 
John^ Joseph-, William'), b. May 22, 1825; m Margaret (dau of 
Charles and Harriet Warner) Edmond Jan. 10, 1850. Res. Stratford, 
Conn. Congregationalist. 


1. Margaret Starr, b. Jan. \, 1860. 

2. Frederick Starr. 

3. Katherine Augusta, b. Feb. 15, 1865; m. April 17. 
1884, Charles W. Hawley. 

4. Charles Edmund. 

5. Claribel Daisy, b. July 26, 1871 ; d. June 9, 1876. 

Frederick T. Beardsley** (Eli D.', Eli'', Samuel^ SamueP, 
John^, Samuel'-. William'), b. Dec 20, 1844; m. May 20, 1863, Addie, 
Peck Clark. Res. first in New Milford, Conn ; then in Bridgeport. 
The author enjoyed the hospitalit}' of this home in each place, 
very much. He now (1902) resides 188 Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. For j^ears he has superintended important financial inter- 
ests of various kinds, and always with success. This has taken 
him over the seas seven times. He now superintends the busi- 



ness of one of the largest importers and dealers in spices and 
mustards in the U. S. (E. R. Durkee & Co), doing a business of 
over a million and half a year. He is genial and companionable. 
A Methodist. 

Frederick T. Beardsley. 


have two boys. 


1. Earl Guild, b. July 4, 1864 ; m. Margaret Farist 

2. Carrie Louise, b. Dec. 1. 1866 ; d. Jan. 22, 1879. 
:i Charles Arthur, b. Aug. 19, 1869 ; d. 1890. 

4. Freddie, b. Jan. 18, 1872 ; d. Feb 27, 1872. 

5. Margetta, b. Nov. 6, 1875 ; m. E. W. Duboise, and 

6. Henr}' Clinton, b. 1881 ; m. Blanch Coulstin. 


Frederick P. Beardsley'' (George F.", Phillip'^, George^ Abra- 
haln^, John^ Joseph-, William'), b.Feb. 15, 18i8 ; m. Frances M. Van- 
stone. Harness maker. Res. Bridgeport, Conn. 


1. George Frederick, b. May 11, 1871. 

2. Walter, b, Dec. 2, 1873. 

:i Clarence, b. Feb. 21, 1885. 
4. Florence, b. Nov., 1887. 

Frederick A. Beardbley'' (Alonson^ Henry", William^ Jo- 
seph', John^, John^, Joseph-, William'), b. about 1830, Bridgeport, 
Conn.; d. 1870. Ship carpenter. Methodist. Emigrated to San 
Francisco, Calif., 1850. Married Sophia Humphreys 1859. 


1. F)mma Frances, b. Jan. 24, 1860. A graduate and 

2. Fannie F;meline, b. July 7, 1868. 

Freeman Beardsley*" (Nathaniel', Benjamin*, Josiah-*, Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1797, Fairfield, Franklin co., Vt. He went to China, 
Delaware co., N. Y., where he m. Mahala White. 


-|- 1. Warren F. 
+ 2. Sidney B. 

3. Ellen, b. Feb. 24, 1839. 

Frisbee Beardsley*" (Parruck", Elijah^ Phineas\ Obadiah^ 
John^ Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. 11, 1816, Delhi, Delaware co., N Y. ; 
d. July, 1856; m. Cynthia Howland 1845. 


1 George Parruck. 

2. Alice, b. 1850 ; m. Moses Woosterl879. One child. 

Ga ylord Beardsley'' (Gideon', Obadiah^ John-', Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1773, in Fairfield co.,Conn.: m. his half second cousin, 
Charlotte Beardsle)^ Feb. 2, 1794, at New Fairfield, Conn., and set- 
tled in Norwalk, Fairfield co., Conn. In the spring of 1800 he 


iiiovod to the then wilderness of Harpersfield, Delaware co., N. Y., 
and bought a jjiece of land one mile east of the center, where he 
lived until his death, which was caused by an injurj', Jan. 31, 18-1:2. 
A Fanner. In religion a Ouaker. She d. Nov. 30, 1858, at Hamil- 
ton's Corners, Medina co., Ohio. She was a Presbyterian. 


1. Ada, b. April 18, 1795; ni. William Starr Feb. 22, 
1815. She d. 1856 in Penfield, Lorain co., Ohio. She was the mother 
of seven children. 

2. Annis, b. Aug. 25,1796; ni. David Hrainard, and 
d. 1847, at Harpersville, Broome co., N. Y. The mother of three 


3. Polly, b. Sept. 18, 1798 ; m. Abner Davis 1837. who 

moved to Jackson's Prairie, in North Eastern Indiana. She had 
ten children, and d. 1881. 

4 Acksah. b. April 26, 1800; m. Mathew Lindsley 
Hamilton, of North Harpersfield, Delaware co., N. Y. The}' moved 
to Hamilton's Corners, Medina co , Ohio, where she d. in 1839. The 
inother of four sons — Horace, Gaylord, William and Lewis. 

5. Sally, b. Oct. 15, 1802; m. her brother-in-law, M. L. 
Hamilton. She d. Jan. 22, 1874, at Hamilton's Corners. Medina co., 
Ohio. Childless. He d. Nov. 3. 1881, at the same place. 

The above five daughters were born in Norwalk, Fairfield co., 
Conn. After their removal to Delaware co., N. Y., three sons 
were born : 

+ 6. John Fairchild. 

+ 7. Gideon Bearss. 

-j-- 8. Ephraiin Gajdord. 

George Beardsley*^ (Abraham*, John^ Joseph-, William',), b. 
1723; m. Ruth Sherman. 


1. Charity ; bapt. 1762 ; d. unmarried. 

2. Phillip. 

3. Ann, b. — ; m. Curtis. Had several children. 

George Beardsley" (Charles', John\ John', Joseph-, William'), 
b. about 1765. 


1. George ; m. Slaver. 


2. Saniitel. 

3. Mary A. 

4. Lois. 

George W. Beardsley' (Le-ster^ Joseph', Jolm^, John', Jo- 
sepli', William'), b. March 6, 1812. 


1. Klla, b. — ; m. Morris. 

2. Frederick E. 

3. Lester F. 

4. Caroline, 

5. Clarence, A. H. 

6. Georiie L. 

George M. Beardsley' (Morrison", Austin^ John^ John', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. — ; m. . 


1. John. 

2. Elizabeth. 
'^. Benajah. 
1. Ida. 

George Beardsley' (Charles", Charles^ John^ John', Joseph-, 
William^), b. Jnlj' 9, 1816, in New Jersejs d. in Waterford, Mich., 
1892. Farmer. A Baptist. Married Bertha Tuttle Feb. 13, 1840, in 
New Jersey. Moved to Oakland co., Mich., in 1845, and bought a 
home of 250 acres of land. 


-f 1. Charles W. 

2. Paul T., b. 1842 ; m. (Ij Rebecca Gibbs, (2) Sarah 
A. Vontick. One daughter, Irene. 

3. Lj^dia M., b.l844 ; m. (1) F:dvvard Taylor, (2) Elmer 
Davis, (3) John Case. 

4. Lottie, b. 1846 ; m. Alfred Wingate. Has four 

+ 5. Watson. 

6. Alice E., b. 1852 ; m. (1) George Dennis, (2) J. T. 

7. Edwin G., b. 1857 ; m. Florence Gumer3\ 

George. M. Beardsley' (Levi", Jabe//, WilIiam^ William^Sam- 


uel-, William'), b. Feb. 10, 1825, at Penfield, Monroe co., N. Y. ; in. 
L3'dia Monto;onier5\ He saj'S : "I am a doctor and millwrij^ht, 
blacksmith and inventor." 


1. Doritha G. ; m. Theodore Child. 

2. Shiviland Shelaj^den. 

3. Zubic Mina; m. J. Hnnstead. 

4. Gora Zilla Zena ; in. Jeremiah Green. 

George F. Beardsley' (John'', John\ John*, Nathair', SamneP, 
Willianj'), b. May 26, 1827 ; m. Martha Mahan Ang. 10, 1854. Con- 


1. Henry M., b. 1858; m. Marietta Davis 1883. One 
dan^liter. Ella. b. 1884. 

2. Francis ; d. y. 

3. Annie, b. 18(38. 

4. John, b. 1871. 

George W. Beardslev' (James", Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Josiah^, 
Joseph-, William!), i, March 21, 1825; m. Charlotte A. Davis, of 
Vermont. Now a farmer and speculator. State Senator two 
years, Vieing- the only Democrat in the Senate of Vermont, 1878. 


1. Georg-e Jackson, b. Jan., 1853 ; d. April, 1881. 

2. Justin Spaulding. 

George F. BEARDSLEY' (Phillip'', Georges Abraham^. John*, 
Joseph-, Williami), y^ _ . d. 1846 ; m. Sarah E. Monroe Oct. 26, 1834. 
A shoemaker, Methodist. 


1. Sarah Josephine, b. 1836; m. William Bryon. 

2. George Franklin, b. — ; d. aged 9 years. 

3. Frederick Prindle. 

GeoR(;e E. BeARDSLEY^ (Lewis'', Whitman', Benjamin*, Josiah'\ 
Joseph-', William'), b. April 3, 1842, at Bakersfield, Vt. ; m. Emeline 
P. I'stick Nov. 30, 1S65, Neillsville, Wis. A Methodist. 



1. Ida Isola, b. Dec. 29, 1867; m. Millard Parker July 
3,1880. Three children. 

2 Albert Jacob, b. Maj- 3. 1870. 

'?,. Lillian Mac, b. April 10,1872 ; m. William J. Eilert 

Nov. 20, 1900. 

4. Carrie Amelia, b. Aug-. 28,1874. 

5. Delia Bethiah, b. Nov. 10, 1876. 

6. Mertie Melissa, b. Aug. 16, 1879. 

7. Charles Otis, b. June 6, 1882. 

8. Lena D., b. Ano-. 15, ISSo ; d. Oct. 26, 188.5. 

George H. BeardsleV* (Clement', John''. John', Abrahams 
John', Joseph-, William^), b. 18:^9 ; m. Adelaide Sperry. Farmer. 


1. Edo-ar, b. 1876. 

2. Anna May, b. June, 1878. 

George W. Beardsley** (William', Jabez", Abijah\ Jabez\ Wil- 
liam^ Samuel-, William'), b. April 23, 1840. Studied music in Cher- 
ry Valley, N. Y. Graduated in three j'ears, and taug-ht miisic in 
Brookfield, N. Y., one 3 ear ; then Professor of Music in Fort Plain 
Seminary. Enlisted in tlie 1st New York Lij^ht Artiller}^ as Chief 
Bugler, and served during the Civil War. Salesman forChickeringf 
& Sons, Boston, 14 years. In 1879 entered into bu.siness for him- 
self, under the firm name of Harvvood tk Beardsley, at 158 Tre- 
mont Street. Boston, Mass. Married May Hale, of Boston, in 1868, 
who is a public singer and actress under the name of "Miss May 
Ten Brook." Have one daughter, Kittie May. b. 1869. In 1881 he 
visited England, France and German}'. 

George Beardsley* (Addison L.', Lemuel'', Timothy\ Daniel* 
DanieP, Daniel-, VVilliam'). b. Sept. 22. 1828, in New Milford, Litch- 
field CO., Conn., from which he was sent to the State Legislature 
of 1864 ; m. (1) Mary Jane Glover June 10, 1852, who d. Dec. 8, 1868 ; 
(2) Emily F. Irwin April 29, 1874. He was a proprietor of a ho- 
tel and restaurant in New Milford, Conn. (1887). where he g-ave 
me a hearty welcome and pleasant entertainment during a visit 
in that locality. His home at present is in Da^tona, Florida. 



1. Emily Jane, b. Oct. 4.1854 ; ni. Richard M. Wclton. 
Has two childfen. 

2. Minnie Louise. 1). April 2, 1868 ; d. Sept. 26, 1875. 

3. B}' his second wife, one son, George Addison, 
b. May 19, 1879 ; d. May 1, 1880. 

George F. Beardsley* (Anson', Sanntel T.^ Jared'', Israel', 
Thomas\ Joseph-, Williairi^), b. 1831 ; m. Caroline Amelia Brajrnr 
1854. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. Hatter, and Class Leader in the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church. 


1. Charles Fa5^ette. 

2. Minnie Eliza, b. Sept. 24, 1856. 

3. Carrie Emily, b. Sept. 28, 1861 ; d. Jan. 28, 1864. 

4. Gertrude Matilda, b, March, 1867. 

5. Ada Frances, b. Nov. 1869. 

George E. Beardsley' (Orson^ F;iijah^ William-^ Abraham*, 
John-^ Joseph-, William'), b. Jan. 19, 1832; m. Margaret M. Perkins, 
who was b. in Quebec, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 9, 1842. He enlisted 
in the X. Y. V. 1., and was in the first battle of Bull Run. Honor- 
ably discharged on account of illness. A Baptist. 


1. Edward. 

2. Mildred, b. Dec. 4, 18()4. 

3. Charles M. 

4. L>;d N. 

.5. Hattie N.. b. June 14, 187.5. 
6. George, b. Feb. 28, 1880. 

George R. Beardslev'' (Stiles', Eli'', Israel"*, Abraham^ John', 
Joseph-, William'), b. at Havanna, N Y. April 9, 1832. Carpenter. 
Presbyterian. Married (1) Elizabeth McGregor 1855. She d. Ma}' 
16, 1871. Married (2)Adella Augusta Chapin Nov. 12,1872. Present 
res. is St. Helena, Napa co., Calif. He enlisted in Co. G 27th III. 
Infantry, Aug. 9, 1861, and served as Orderly Sergeant to Jan. 1, 
1862, when he was commissioned 2nd Lieut. Discharged Oct. 26, 
1862. He was in three Laities. 



1. Fanny Elizabeth, b. Jan. 4, 1856 ; d. Aug. 9, 1857. 

2. Fred Stiles. 

+ 3. John Richard. 


4. Chanc}- Chapin, b. Aug-. 7, 1874. He was in the 
U. S. Nav3'. Died in Klondyke. 

5. Edwin Willis. 

6. Cora Augusta, b. April 28. 1881. 

George P. Beardsley" (Josiah^ Agur«, Josiah', SamueP, Wil- 
liam^ Samuel-, William'), b. 1833; m. Hannah Downie Oct. 1, 1863. 


1. George. 

2. Frank. 

George N. Beardsley'* (Seba\ Paul F.^ John', Ja^les^ John*. 
Samue)-, William'), b. 1834 ; m. Polly L. King 1859. Farmer. 


1. Seba,b. 1861; d. 1864. 

2. Oscar K., b. 1870; ni. Julia Ward 1896. 

3. Mary A., b. 1876 ; in. Fred W. Reynolds Feb. 7. 1900, 
and has one girl, Mildred F). 

(Col.) Geo. A. Beardsley'' (Justus W.'. Morrison", Austin', John', 
John', Joseph-, William'), b. June 27, 1836; d. 1899. Kes. Newark, 
N. J. Married Henrietta Cornelia Bennett Jan. 17, 1859. Baptist. 
Merchant in New York Citj^ He entered the army at the begin- 
ning of the Civil War and displayed on subsequent battle fields 
the highest soldierly qualities, winning the enconiums of all. 
Made Capt. of Co. U. Aug. 26, 1862; Capt. of Co. B. Aug. 22, 1863 ; 
Major Dec. 15, 1863. Resigned July 16. 1864. Lieut.-Col. and Col. 
March 13, 1865, of a New Jersey Regt. The author enjoyed the hos- 
pitality of his home. 


1. Harriet Samantha, b. Dec. 22, 1859 ; d. Apr. 4, 1860_ 

2. Ida May, b. Aug. 8, 1861 ; d. Oct. 12. 1867. 

3. Manetta Burnett, b. Dec. 23, 1863 ; d. Aug. 13, 1865. 

4. .Susie Fitzgerald, b. Oct. 11, 1866. 

5. Addie Burnett, 1). Jan. 11, 1869 ; d. Sept. 13, 1872. 

6. Gertrude Ann, b. Aug. 17, 1871 ; d. same day. 


7. Henrietta Churchill, b. May 1, 1874. 

8. Georg-e Austin, Jr., b. Oct. 25, 1877. 

George A. Bearosley'' C^amuer, Bennett", Timothy-', Daniel*, 
Daniel^ Daniel-', William'), b. May 9, 1843, Campbellsport, Portage 
CO., Ohio. Res. San Diego, Calif. Married Ida Sutliff. In 1861 he 
entered the army in Kentuck}'^ as teamster; returning was em- 
ployed to guard prisoners on Johnson's Island, Ohio. Enlisted 
Sept. 11, 1862, in Co. G. 7th O. V. 1., for three years, or during the 
\va r. 


1. Jennie Lirn. 

T, . ( 2. Richard Sheridan, b. — 1876. 
Twins \ 

I 3. Robert, b. — 1.S76. 

4. Myrtle ; m. Hankerinson. 

George W. Beardsley** (Frederick", Birdsey*^, Philo', Josiah\ Jo- 
siah', Joseph-', William'), b. Jan. 8, 1837 ; d. 1863; m. Harriet Stokes 
Jan. 8, 1860, in Conn. Was a tanner and harness maker. Congre- 



1. Emma C, b. Oct. 1.3,1860. 

2. Georgianna, b. Aug. 12, 1863 ; d. Aug. 8. 1864. 

George B. Beardsley^ (Bennett', Jared**, Eliakim"', Samuel*, 
John', Samuel-, William'), b. April 21, 1838, Scipio, N. Y. ; m. Cather- 
ine Sutherland. Merchant. Methodist. 


1. Hattie. 

2. William. 

George L. Bkardsley'^ (Eewis W.'. Ely'', Josiah\ Samuel*. Jo- 
siah>, Joseph-, William'), b. June 7, 1840; m. Emily Copewell 1865. 
Res. Oakville, Conn. Methodist. 


1. George Joseph, b. Dec. 18, 1866; d. Aug. 4, 1886. 

2. Lewis Wells, b. March 12, 1877. 

3. Edwin Engene, b. Oct. 11, 1878. 

4. Gertrude Emily, b. Aug. 19, 1881. 



George Beardsley^ (William', John 0.% Benajahs, Obadiah*, 
Johti^, Samueia, Williami), ni. Emma Aylesworth. 


1. Hall. 

2. Annie. 

(Dr.) Geo. L. BeardsleyS (Lxicius N.7, AgiirG, SamneK>, SamueU, 
Jo8iah3, Josephs, Williami), b. May 12, 1848, at Milford, Conn. ; m. 

George L. Beardsley, A. M., M. D. 

Laura Maria (dan. of Amos) Allino-, Dec. 24, 1874. Entered Yale 
«. College in 18(50. Graduated in 1870, and from Bellview Hospital 
Med. Col. 1873. He settled in Birniin^iham, Conn., in 1874, where he 
practiced medicine for some time with success. He is now (1902) 
resident physician of Derb3', Conn., and is also medical examiner 
for seven life insurance companies, health officer, post surgeon, 


ami a member of the Board of Kducation. He is thoroxig-hl}' 
equipped for anj' position in his line. The author was pleasantly 
entertained b3" him at his home in 1888. 


1. Allino- Pruden, b. Jan. 29, 1877. 

2. Florence Coley,b. Nov. 11, 1885. 

Geokge E. Beardsleri" (Moses T.^ Christopher L.^ Beverly', 
Beverly". Jehiel^ JohnS John'', Joseph^ William^), b. June 30. 1805, 
Admitted to the Bar May 10, 1889. Mayor of the city of Pontiac, 
Mich , in 1901. Married Mina B. Gilboe Nov. 19, 1890. 


1. Winona E., b. Sept. 21, 1891. 

2. Bernice J., b. March 14, 1894. 

3. Trenison. b. July 6, 1902. 

(Dr.) Gershom Beardsley^ (John*, John'', SamiteP, William'), 
b. Oct. 8. 173(i, and the Fairfield Probate records show his death on 
June 1, 17S0. Married Linda Evans. Served as Surgeon in the 
Continental Army; afterwards was practicing- physician and 
druggist at Mansfield, Windliam co.. Conn. His body rests at 
Whitesboro, Oueens co., N. Y. 


1. Linda Rosetta ; m. Rev. Marcus A. Perry, of Wal- 
terborough, So. Carolina, July 31, 1815. Rev. Kvans Beardsley per- 
formed the marriage ceremonj' for liis sister, Linda, and also for 
several other members of the family. Maria Louise Perry, a de- 
scendant of Linda and great-granddaughter of Dr. Gershom, is 
married to Backus Brace Beardsley, a descendant of the Rev. 
Evans, and a great-grandson of the doctor, and live in Utica, N. Y. 

2. Hezekiah. 

3. Ebenezer. 
-)- 4. Evans. 

(Capt.) Gideox Beardsley"' (Obadiah*, John^ SamueP, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1738; d. at Harpersfield Center, Delaware co.,' New York, 
May 28, 1810 ; m. Mary Bearss April 28, 17(32, at New Fairfield, Conn. 
Moved from there in 1806 to near the center of Harpersfield, N. Y. 
Presbvterian. Farmer. He was in the Continental army and 
bore the title of Captain. 



1. Mercy, b. 176G; iii. Matthew Lindsle}'. Was the 
mother of several children. 

2. Ada, b. April 28, 1709 ; in. Lewis Penfield Jan. 22, 
17b9, and had several children. Their eldest son, Trnnian, b. 1789, 
with his faniil}', were the first settlers of Penfield Township, Lo- 
rain CO., Ohio, and his wife, Ruth Ann, was the first to die in that 

3. Sally, b. 1771; ni. Paul F. Beardsley 1791. Three 

children born to them. 

+ 4. Gaylord, probabl}' named for Rev. William Ga}'- 
lord, who m. Elizabeth Bishop March 25, 1753, and was Pastor at 
Wilton, Conn , 1765. 

+ 5. Benajah. 

-f- (). Truman. 

Gideon BeAKDSLEY** (Nehemiah^ Jolini, John', Samnel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Jan. 30, 1759; d. March 7, 1823; m. Hnldah Robinson June 
10, 1783, who d. 1833, aged 68. 

He was the Society Clerk from 1797 to 1806, at New Fairfield, 
Conn. His estate was distributed by the Conrt April 30, 182.3. 


+ 1. Nehemiah. 

4- 2. John Odell. 

3. Betsey, b. Feb. 3, 1789 ; d. 1844 ; m. Levi Stevens 
Feb. 3. 1808. 

-|- 4. Amos. 

-|- 5. Lewis. 

(Dr.) Gideox Beardsley'^^ (Daniel\, SamueP, Josialr, Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1778, and d. 1826, aged 48; m. (1) Sarah Ann Curtis, 
who d. 1813 ; (2) Fanny Booth, of Monroe, Conn. 

He was an excellent physician at New Stratford (now Monroe), 
Fairfield co.. Conn. 

Henr}' C. and Lucius Curtis were appointed executors of his 
estate May 15, 1826. 


+ 1. Henry Curtis. 
-f 2. Hiram. 

3. Mary, b. 1714 ; m. Frederick Beardsley 1735. 


GIDEOX B. Beardsley' (GaJ•lord^ Gideon^, Obadiah*, John'', 
Samuel-, William'), b. Auo-. 22. 1809, aboxit one mile north-east of 
Harperslield Center, Delaware co., N. Y. ; m. (1) Ann Titus Nov. 11, 
18H0. and settled on a farm at North Harpersfield, where four sons 
were b. to them. Mie d. Au^. 26, 1846. He often taught tlie Dis- 
trict School dtiring the winter. 

One incident, illustrative of his character, will be oiven. In 
the fall of 1839, when the author was a lad of eight years, he ac- 
companied his father to call on the minister, Rev. Arad S. Lakin. 
An hour or more passed quickly. Tea was read}-, and we were 
cordiall}'^ invited to participate. Father politely declined. His 
e5'es moistened when the devout minister and his little fatnily 
sat down to their frugal ineal of baked potatoes and salt, and in- 
voked the Divine blessing. 

After the tallow candle had ceased to burn in the parsonage, 
which was just across the street, a short, heav3'-set man might 
have been seen marching toward the "Dominie's," carrying a 
heavj' load of provisions, with an eight-year-old boy b}' his side, 
equallj' well loaded. At the parsonage the pantrj' window was 
gently raised, the sacks were carefullj' and noiseless!}' placed in- 
side, the window closed, when two light hearts returned home to 
rest easil}'. On the following morning, as we were sitting down 
to breakfast, the minister came hurriedly in, and after a pleasant 
"good morning," picked up the famil}' Bible and read a chapter, 
then knelt and offered a most fervent prayer. All were in tears. 
Without another word he replaced the dear old book and returned 
to his home. 

About this time ni}' parents were converted. Father realized 
a call to the work of the ministry, but feeling, like man}^ others, 
wholly unqualified for so important a work, he failed to respond. 
Mother's conversion was remarkable for its clearness and spirit- 
ual assurance. Years after, an aged Christian who was present, 
said to the writer, "Your mother's face shone as that of an angel." 
She lived her religion and taught her sons to fear God and love 
the Lord Jesus Christ. Her prayers were ever ascending that her 
sons might become useful ministers of the Gospel. Though she 
never lived to see her praj^ers answered, yet two of them have 
spent, combined, nearly a century in the ministry of the Word. 

He m. (2) Kve Ann Multer, of South Wooster, N. Y. Moved sub- 
sequently to the "Dug Way" in Schoharie co., where he d. June 18, 



-\- 1. Isaac Haight. 

+ 2. Jacob Titus. 

-(- 3. Hosea Lewis. 

4- 4. Jolni Ga3'lord. 



5. Emerson Joseph, b. Oct. 5, 1847 ; d. Oct. 5, 1848. 

6. Florence Antoinette, b. Nov. 18, 1849 ; d. June 13, 

7. Gideon Losee. 

Gideon Beardsley*' (Samuel CJ, BeverU- R.'*, Austin^ John*, 
Johtv\ Joseph-, Williami), b. Nov. 23. 1715, at Burling^ton, West 
Cornwallis, King's co., New Brunswick, where he now (Feb., 1885) 
resides; m. (1) Fanny Banks Nov. 26, 1839, who d. April 13, 1860; 
(2) Elizabeth Saunders, March 8, 1861, who d. Sept. 9, 1882 ; (3) Mrs. 
John Bankman, Julj- 30, 1883. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Thomas Ansle>;, b. May 18, 1840; d. Sept. 15, 1865. 

2. Susanna, b. Sept. 1,1842. 

3. Joshua. Merchant and Justice of the Peace. 

4. Harriet Lovina, b. March 6, 1847. 

5. William Wallace. 

6. Sarah Jane, b. June 18, 1853; d. June 26, 1858. 

7. Henry Alborn, b. March 7, 1856 ; d. — . 

8. Spurgeon, b. Jan. 18,1858; d. July 11, 1858. 

GiDEOX Beardsley'* (John O.', Gideon'^, Nehemiah-', John*, 
John\ Samuel-, William^), b. Dec. 14, 1814, and d. July 1.5, 1871. By 
trade a hatter. Late in life a speculator. Res. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Married Fannie Esther Kipp Jan. 10,1854, in New York City. 


1. Esther Kipp, 1). 18.54; m. David Lewis Ballard 
Oct., 1900. 

2. Susan Wright, b. March 14,1858; m. William M. 

Ferns, Oct. 10, 1880. 

.3. Rebecca C, b. June 20, 18(50. 

GiDEOX L. Beardsley''* (Gideon B.', Gaylord'', Gideon"', Oba- 


diah^ John'', Samuel-', William'), b. July 6, 1851, at the "Dng; Way," 
Schoharie co., N. Y. ; m. Luella Paul, July 29, 1873, at Fremont's 
Orchard, Colo. Ret^. Barr, Colo., where he was the railroad a<>fent 
and telegraph operator ; was also eno-aoed in the stock business. 
On account of ill health he quit railroading in Jan., 1899, and, in 
Januar}-, 1901, opened a general inerchandise store in the same 


1. Eva Antoinette, b. Jiily 19. 1876. 

2. Carl Emerson. (On pag^e 91 he is erroneously 
placed in the 8th generation ; it should be the 9th.) 

Twins •** ^- C'^"^e Brunson, b. Sept. 5,1892. 
' 4. Clyde Gideon, b. Sept. 5, 1892. 

Graxdisox BeardsleY' (Hunting**, Thomas^ Benjamin*, Jo- 
siah^ Joseph^, William'), b. Nov. 26, 1812; d. April 5, 1883; m. Mary 
Ann (dau. of Dr. Josiah R.) Eastman, of Roxbur}', Conn., Nov. 11, 
1810. They had one son, Stanley E., b. Aug. i, 1811- He d. Feb. 23, 
1879, unmarried. 

Both father and son held important offices in the town of 
Woodbur}', Conn , such as Selectman, Town Clerk, Justice of the 
Peace, etc. Grandison represented the town in the Legislature of 
Connecticut, They jointlj' conducted a successful mercantile 
business in that town, and died leaving a handsome propertj'. 
Their remains are deposited in a beautiful granite tomb, con- 
structed by him a few years before his death. 

Grant Beardsley' (Samuel A.^ Lewis", James^ MichaeP, Abra- 
ham*, John'^, Joseph'^, William^), b. 1814, Catherine, Schuyler co., 
X. Y.; m. Hattie D. Campbell 1870. Is a custom and merchant 
miller and dealer in general merchandise, at Manson, Warren co., 
N. C. Methodist. 


1. Xary. 

2. Ida. 

3. Edith. 

4. Ada. 

5. Nellie. 

Greenville Beardslev' (Agur'', Josiah\ Samuel*, William', 
Samuel-', William'), b. Aug. 29, 179S. Scipio, Cayuga co , N. Y. He 


was bound out at the a^e of ten years to learn the carpenter's 
trade. At the aa^e of 16 he left and worked at his trade in Anburn, 
N. Y. In 1833 went to Michigan and bouoht and improved 360 
acres of Government land. Hem. (1) Malania Stone 1823; (2) Char- 
lotte Dorrance 1851. He sold his land in 1865 and moved to BattJe 
Creek, Mich., to educate his children. He d. here 1867. Was a 
carpenter and farmer. Presbyterian. 


1. Elizabeth. 

2. Caroline. 

3. Harriet. 


4. Greenville Lawton ; m. Mag-gie Fairchild. 

5. Frank Josiah, b. 1854 ; m. Jennie R. Holt. One 
daug-hter, Lottie. 

6. Charlotte Maria, b. 1855; m. Charles H. Lawrence, 
April, 1871 ; d. Sept., 187L 

7. Nelson Agur. 

Greenville S. Beardsley** (Leonard K.', Everett^ Whitniore', 
Benjamin*, Josiah'^ Joseph-, William'), b. Nov, 4, 1841, Northfield, 
Ohio ; m. Mary Elizabeth Clark, who was b. at Lebanon, Pa., Feb. 
12, 1849. Was for fifteen years station agent on the Detroit and 
Milwaukee Railroad. Now a photographer at Ovid, Clinton co., 
Mich. Cong^regationalist. 


1. Bessie Clark, b. July 23, 1868. 

2. Frank Greenville, b. Nov. 9, 1870, 

Guy C. Beardsley' (Zachariah C", F;iias\ Jonathan^ Joseph^, 
Joseph-, WiUiami), b. Oct. 15, 1813; d. April 9, 1869, Chicago, 111.; 
m, (1) Merisava Manther 1836, (2) Samantha M. Demorest 1845. 


1. Edith, b. 1837. 
+ 2. Amzi M., b. 18.39. 

3. Ophelia L., b.l841; m. Charles B. Stone, 
+ 4. Lyman. 



+ o. Albert D. 

6. Y)&y Lamissie, b. 1849 ; m. Martha C. Linden. 

Hall Beardsley' (Samuel*, John''', Samuel-, William'), b. 1754; 
d. 1826. Monroe, Conn.; m. (1) Rebecca Ann Wheeler Feb. 15, 1793, 
who d. 180.3; (2) Mrs. Mary Hawley. In his will, Dec. 25, 1826, he 
niention-s his widow and grand children. 


1. Catherine, b. 1793 ; d. 1798. 
+ 2. Cyrus Hall. 


3. Marj' Ann, b.— ; m. F.Clark. 

Harmax C. Beakdsley^ (Levi", Jabez-', William*, William^Sam- 
ueP, WilliamM, b. 1801, and d. 1871; m. Cynthia Batcheldor 1828; 
res. Carlton, N. Y. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Sallie Cordelia, b. 1830. 

2. Samuel Harman. 
-j- 3. Hazelton Spencer. 

Harrison T. Beardsley' (Trinnan'*, Gideon^ Obadiah*, John^ 
Samuel-', William'), b. Oct. 1, 1813, in Danbury, Litchfield co.. Conn., 
and d. in Lock Haven, Clinton co.. Pa., Au^-. 3, 1883 ag-ed 70 3'ears ; 
m. Sept. 29, 1842, Catherine Schnjder. The "Clinton Republican," 
with notice of his death, said : 

"He has practiced law in this citj^ since 1840, and was 
known as the oldest member of the bar in the county The 
deceased was a la wyer of more than ordinar}' ability. In his 
social relations his attachments were stronsjf. Asa friend he 
was firm and constant, and was ready to render a friendly 
service when an opportunity offered. In his family rela- 
tions he was a kind and induly'ent husband and father." 



1. John Truman. 

2. William Fairchild. 

3. Mar3' Esther. 

4. Charles Schnyler, b. 1854 ; d. of consumptioia in 
Florida, whither he had gone for his health, March 24, 1882. 

5. Frank. 

Harrisox G. Beardsley" (Obed H.^ Nehemiah'', Nehemiah'*, 
Nathan^, Daniel", William'), b. April 12, 1860; m. May Elizabeth 
Eidman March 8, 1882; res. F;imwood, Cass cc. Neb. Methodist. 


1. Charles Obed, b. April 12, 1883. 

2. Ira Pearl, b. March 18, 1885. 

3. Galenna Catherine, b. Dec. 16, 1886. 

4. Albert Clarence, b. May 18, 1889. 

5. Eenna Mand, b. May 16, 1891. 

6. I^eota Perditta, b. May 18,1896. 

Harry Beardsley'' (WilliamS Samuel'. Daniel-, William'), b. 
Aug. 25, 1791, in Middletown, Conn. ; m. (1) Rachaei Little, Sept. 9, 
1814, in Halifax. Vt.,who d. in Rochester. N.Y.,1833; (2) Mrs. Fanny 
(Shoemaker) Wright, 1835, who Seneca Falls 1845. He founded 
the little village of Solsville, Madison co., N. Y., where he had a 
woolen mill. 


1. Thomas Little, b. 1815; never married. 

2. L^'dia Powers, b. 1817; m. William Hilton 18.36. 
One son and a daughter. 

3. Eliza Hotchkiss,b.l8l9; m. E. D. White 1849. Four 

4. AnnisLittle, b.l821; m. (1) Sidney Peck 1848. Had 

one daitghter. (2) W. H. C. Lyon. 

5. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1823; m. O. F. Forsyth 1849. 
Thej" have two sons and four daughters. 

6. Abigail Zerviah,b. 1825 ; m. Andrew R. Henderson. 

7. Caroline Verona, b. 1827; m. D. E. Day 1850. Three 
sons and two daughters. 

8. Rol>ert Emmet, b. 1829 ; d. an infant. 
-|- 9. Washington Irving. 



10. Fanny, b. 1837; ni. (1) S. R. Bird 1866. He d. 1875. 
(2) John Embleton. 

11. Susan Margaret, b. Dec. 25,1838; m. D. L. Hoadley 
18.15. Two sons and two daiiohfers. 

12. Kninia Maria, b. April 17, 1811 ; in. (1) Andrew 
Olson; (2) William B. Manly May 5, 1886. She has two daug-hters. 

-|- 13. Henry Shoemaker. 

(Dr.) Havilah BEARr)SLEY'(Elijah8, Phineas^Obadiah^ John% 
Samuel-, WilliamJ), b. 1795, New^ Fairfield, Conn, ; came with his 
father to Spring-field, Ohio, and volunteered for the war of 1812, 
but was not called into service. In 1816 he commenced the study 
c f medicine ; attended lectures at I-exington, K}'., and graduated 
March 21, 1825. He practiced medicine several years at Leesbury, 
Ohio, and in 1830 moved to Elkhart, Ind , where he continued his 
practice for several 3'ears. In 1841 he built a flouring mill and in 
1851a ])aper inill ; also became interested in railroad enterprises. 
M. Rachael E. Calhoun 1823. A Swedenborgian the last twelve 
years of his life. Died May 23, 1856. 


+ 1. Fxlwin. 

+ 2. Charles. 

+ 3. James Rufus. 

4. Sarah Francis, b. 1831; m. B. S. Davenport 1850. 
Has two sons and five girls— one, Carrie R., is m. to William How- 
land, of Denver, Colo. 

5. Robert ; d. 3'. 
+ 6. Ricliard. 

Hazelton S. BEARDSLEY' (Harmon C.«, Levi^ JabezS William', 
Samuel-, William'), b. 1847; m. May Esther Hogg 1872. 


1. George Jay, b. June, 1875 ; d. Aug., 1875. 

2. Gordon Cornelius, b. 1883. 

Heman Beakdslev" (Thomas', Benjamin*, Josiah*. Joseph-, 
William'), b. Feb. 7, 1788, and d. March 2, 1860; m. Esther M. Kurd 
March 31, 1818 ; d. March 16, 1883. He was a carpenter and joiner. 



1. Harriet Maria, b. Oct. 1, 1822; m. Simeon W. Ba- 
con 1850. Three children. 

Darwin Hnntino;. 

Henry Beardsley'^ (Andrew^ John*, Joseph-, William '),b.l732; 
d. AtTg-. i;s, 1806, aged 69, at Stratford, Conn. ; m. (1) Lucretia Graves- 
ton April 19, 176.3 ; (2) Christina . Her body sleeps side by side 

Avith his in the Episcopal Cemetery, Stratford, Conn., and from the 
head-stones I copied theri ages. She d. Fel). 27, 182.3, aged 89. 


1. Philo. 

2. William Henr3', 

Henry BEARDSLEY'^(JehielSJohn'^ Joseph-, William' ),l)ai3t April, 
1761 ; m. Anna ; res. in Tashna, Conn. Farmer. A Church- 
man. His property was distributed May 2,i, 1812, to his heirs, 
naming as snch all his children that were then living, and his 
wife "Anna." 


-|- 1. Stephen. 

2. Abraham. 

3. Anna. 

1. Phebe, bapt. 1791; m. Hubbell Bennett. 
"S. Lucius. 

6. Hermon, b. 1790; \\\. I^ucy Stone. 

7. Minerva. 

8. Polly Esther, bapt. 1797; d.y. 

Anna, widow of the above, '"wills" to her dau. "Anna, one 
bedstead and cord and the bed clothes thereto belonging-, and 
also my sack of feathers, and 1113' string of gold beads ;" and to 
Minerva she gives a "bed and bed clothes belonging ;" and to Phebe 
"mj^ side saddle." Lucius and Hermon are also remembered. 

Hexky H. BeakOvSLEY^' (Ebenezer', John\ John^ Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1776, Stratford, Conn. He enlisted at Shurburn, Conn., 
as a private in the U. S. Dragoons for five years, Jan. 28, 1811. 
Joined Capt. Bennett's Co. U. S. Artiller3^ June 11, 1815, from the 
Dragoons. Discharged Sept. 14, 1815, on surgeon's certificate of 
disabilit\'. Occupation a blacksmith. 


Henry G. Beardsley*"' (Aaron^ Jesse*, William^ Daniel'-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Oct. 11, 1819. Res. Sheridan, 111. Married Lovina. Blake 
July 10 1837. and d. Oct. 1, 1889. Farmer. Adventist. 


+ William Blake. 

2. Adeline, b. April 0, 1841 ; m. Francis H. Rogers. 
Four children. 

3. Chester. 

4. Kmma, b. — ; m. George Stevens. 
r> Albert. 

6. Marshall. ' , 

7. Oscar H. 

Hexrv S. Beardsley'' (Harrys William*, Samuel^ Daniel-, 
William!), b. at Rochport, N. Y., April 27, 1812 Res. Waihena Kan- 
sas. General merchant. M. (1) Klizabetb Harvil June 10, 18()3. He 
moved from Flint, Mich , Feb., 18o7, to Kansas. Enlisted in Co. A. 
1st Regt. of Kansas Vol. Inf. May 30, 1861. Was with Gen. Lyons 
in 1861. Discharged on account of disabilit}', April 6, 1882. 

During the sumn.ers of 1859, 1860 and 1863 he freighted across 
the plains to Denver, Colo. In 1881 his wife d. at St. Joseph, Mo. 
M. (2) Mary A. Beal. 


1. Zada. b. 1861 ; m. D. B. Riley 18S2. Two chddren, 

2. Kdwartl. 

children by seco.nd wife. 

3. Donnel 1 ouis, b. 1881 ; d. 1885. 
1. Eliza Rosena, b. March 3, 1886. 

Twins ■*' ^- George Beal, b. July 7. 1888. 

"^ / 6. George CleveLind, b. July 7, 1888. 

Henry Beardsley' (Samner', Austin', John'. John', Joseph-, 
William'), b. May 1 1801; d. No/. 7, 1860, at Bennington, Mich. ; m. 
Nancy Shafer, who d. 1886. 


1. Madison. 

2. Drusilla, b. 1827; d 1882 

3. John M. ()n(' son, George F., who m. Annie 


4. Eloner, h. 1833 ; d. 183G. 

5. Lanson. 

6. Peter S. 
+ 7. Henry T. 

8. Emeline F., b. 1842; d. 1883. 

9. Martha A., b. Dec. 1, 1844. 

Henry BeardsIvEY' (William", Joseph', John^, John^ Joseph'-, 
William'), b. about 1802, and d. 1860, near Akron, Ohio ; m. Susan 
Stone Oct. 25, 1822. 


1. Mattivson. 

2. Joseph, 

3. John. 

-\- 4. Alanson. 

(Dr.) Henry G. Beardsley' (Obadiah", Phineas'', Obadiah*, 
John^, Samuel^ William'), b. May 26, 1800, and d. Feb. 19, 1866, of 
consumption, caused by exposure in the armj'. He was surgeon 
of the 114th N. Y, V. Infantr}^ and also of a Mar3'laiid reuiment. 
For 3^ears he was a practicing ph3'sician at Hamilton, Madison 
CO., N. Y., but after his return from the war he settled in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., where his family reside. 


1. Harriet L., b. — . A teacher in New York City. 

2. Another dan. m. P. Abl)Ott, an attorne}' in New 
York City. 

(Dr.) Henry C. Beardsley-lee' (Gideon'', Daniel"', Samuel\ 
Josiah', Joseph^ William'), b. 1807, Monroe, Conn.; d. Dec. 25, 1884. 
Graduated from Yale College 1826. when onlj' 19 years of age, and 
from a medical school in 1829. He practiced medicine and sur- 
gerj' in Montville, Conn., until 1845, when he moved to PainsviJle^ 
Ohio, where he continued the practice of his profession. For two 
3'ears he was surgeon of the Board of F^nrollment of the 18th 
Coneressional District of Ohio, and examined ten or eleven thou- 
sand recruits for the army. M. (1) Harriet Hawle}' 1833, in Conn. 
She d. 18()0 in Ohio. M. (2) Clemantine M. Currier 1861. 


1. Maria Hawley, b. 1834 ; d. 1861. 


2. Ang-ustia, b. 1840; d. ISi.-i. 

3. Charles Henry, h. 1845. 

4. Edward, b. 1847 ; d. 1848. 

o. Harriet L., b. 1849 ; d. 1866. 


6. Jamea Currier, b. Oct. 1, 1862. 

7. Henry Curtis, b. 186r). 

8. Lucius Webster, b. 1868. 

Hexry BeardsleV' (Daniel^ Daniel^ Daniel^ Daniel-, Wil- 
liamij, b. Dec. 10. 1810, Monroe, Conn,, and d. x\ov. 14, 1885 at Never- 
sink, N. Y. ; in. Sallie Cornelia Patterson 1835. A shoemaker and 
farmer. Was Justice of the Peace for 5'ears. Was also appointed 
postmaster, but did not live to fill the office. Universalist. 


1. Harriet Prudence, 1). Aug'. 14, 1837; ni. Joseph 
Sacket French Jan. 1, 1859. 

2. Miranda Antoinette, b. March 9, 1840; m. Charles 
Slater July 4, 1860. 

3. Mar}' Maria, b. June, 1843; m. Cornelius D. De La 
Mater, Jan. 3, 1863. 

4. Susan Frances, b. April 10, 1849. 

-|- 5. Charles Henr}'. 

6. Clara Alice, 1). Jul}-, 1853; m. Charles Wright 
Jan. 1, 1879. 

Henry Beardsley' (Abraham*^. Henry"', JeliieP, John^ Jo- 
seph-'. William^), b. 1812, Danbur3', Conn.; d. at Hamilton, Ohio, 
1888; m. (1) Isabel Gibson 1840. A daug-hier, C aroline A., died an 
infant, and the mother died soon after. M. (2) Laura O Connor 
1847. She died 1856. M. (3) Sarah C. Moore 1857. 


2. Emma, b. 1848 ; m. F. Martindale 1868. Three sons. 

3. William Henry, b. 1850; m. Ida R. Ogelsby 1888. 
A son, Robert Ogelsby. 

4. Abby Jane, b. 1S52. 


-j- 5. F;d^vard Moore. 

6. George, b. 18(59. A civil engineer. 


Henry Beardsley' (Bennetf', Timothj^ Daniel*, DanieF, 
DanieP, \Villiatn»), b. Feb. 16. 1821, in New Milford, Conn. The 
family moved to Ravenna, O., in 1832, He m. Sarah R. Hard 1845, 
and moved to Lima, Ind., 186i. 


1. William H. 

2. Lawrence. 

3. Helen. 

4. Eliza. 

ii. Ida. 

Henry C. Beardsley' (Curtis'', Philo^ Josiah*, Josiah\ Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. 1838, and d. 1887 ; m. Mary J. Mine 1863. 

d. 1889. 


1. Rhoda H., b. 1864; m. George R. Woolf 1883. She 

2. Edward H., b. 1866. 

Henry N. Beardsley' (Ira'', Ephraim'', Benjamin*, Jovsiah^, 
Joseph-, Williami), ^ j^q^ 14^ i828, and d. Dec. 18, 1888, at Bridge- 
port. Conn. ; m. Sarah A. Benjamin Dec. 8, 1852. 

The Bridgeport "Evening Farmer'' published the following : 

"The coinmunity was greatl}' shocked to-day to learn 
of the sudden death of Henr}- N. Beardsle3', the General 
Manager of the Bridgeport and West Stratford Horse Rail- 
road, whose unexpected demise occurred at his residence, 
No. 24 Harriet Street, shortly before eleven o'clock. He 
seemed to be in his usual health this morning- when lie 
went to the horse car barns to receive the earnings of the 
road for the previous da}-, and deposit them in the bank. 
As he was returning to his home a siidden illness, accom- 
panied with pains in the stomach, seized him, and on 
reaching his residence he was obliged to go to bed, and 
soon breathed his last. The doctors ascribe death to heart 
failure. The deceased had just passed the 61st year of his 
ag:e. He leaves a wife to mourn his death." 

Henry C. Beardslky' (Sherman'', Eliakim'', Samuel*, John', 
Samuel-', William'), b. 1824; d. 1865; m. Nancy . Lands were 


sold for the benetit of the heirs Dec. 4, I860, and guardians a])- 
pointed for the two younger children on the 6th. 


+ 1. Charles H, 

2. Harriet L. 

3. Martha R. 

4. Caroline H. 

Henry C. Beardsley" (Davia", Price\ Israel*, Josiall•^ Joseph'-, 
William'), b. 1839; ni. Minerva Brown, Twinsburgh, Summit co., 
Ohio. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Hiram D. 

2. Perry ; d. y. 

Henry A. Bearlsley' (Elisha C.'', DanieP, John*, Nathan^, Dan- 
iel-', William'), b. March 2. 1846. Res. De Funiack Springs. Fla. 
Married Amelia Barnaby Aug. 16, 1868. Mason. Baptist. 


1. Charles Henry, b. Aug. 1,3, 1870. 

2. Myrtie Amelia, b. June 20, 1872 ; d. 19, 1872. 

3. Oscar Morton, b. Feb. 28, 1874. 

4. Adeline Amelia, b. March 25, 1876. 

5. Horace, b. Aug. 20, 1878; d. Nov. 4, 1880. 

^, . \ 6. William, b. Oct. 9, 1882. 
I wins ■ ' 

/ 7. Lillie, b. Oct. 9, 1882. 

Henry M. Bfardsley** (Abner', I^nke'', Michael'', Abraham*, 
John^ Joseph-. William'), b. April 4, 1828, in Rochester, N. Y. ; d. 
Dec. 28. 1901 ; m. Araminta Newcomb Jan. 1, 18ri8, who d. Nov. 29, 
1899. Res. for 3'ears was in Minnesota. In 1885 moved to San 
Diego, Cal'f., and then to Los Angeles, where they closed their 
earthl\- career (ongregationalists. One son, Clyde E., who m. 
(1) Alice Cooke. One dau., Anna G. M. (2) Josephine Gassawa^'. 

Henry J. Beardsley** (Andrew J.', Andrew", Andrew^ Andrew*, 
John', Joseph-, William'), b. Feb. 3, 1821, Kirtland, Lake co , Ohio ; 
m. (1) Harriet Jackson, who d. July 23, 18,")2 ; (2) F:ii/.abeih Jane 
Roach. Res. Gallipolis, Gallia co., Ohio. Farmer. Methodist. 



1. Andrew Judson. 

2. Harriet Eveline. 

3. James Oscar. 


4. Ruhanna Alice. 

5. Anna Maria. 

6. Effie Satnantha. 

7. Nellie Augusta. 

8. Mary Frances. 

9. Kate Ellen. 

10. Frank Leslie. 

11. Harry Ellsworth. 

Henry Beardsley** (Horatio', Joseph'^, Zephaniah\ Joseph*, 
Nathan^ Samuel-, William'), b. — ; m. Maria Emmons, of Mass., 
July 4, 1862. Res. Canaan, Conn. Painter. Methodist. 


1. Marcia, b. July 18, 1863; m. Paul Pleififer June 3, 
1881. One daughter, Mary, b. May 6, 1883. 

2. Sarah, b. Jan. 27,1865 ; m. Wm. Shores Oct. 12,1882. 

3. Alice, b. June 30,1868. 

4. Joseph, b. Sept. 2, 1873. 

Henry W. Beardsley^ (Ziba S.', Benajah**, Gideon^ Obadiah*, 
John^, Samuel-, William'), b. Aug. 1, 1828, Alexander, Genesee co., 
N. Y. ; m. Alzena Maynard. Enlisted in the Union Army Aug. 14, 
1862 ; was at the siege of Vicksburg. 


1. Ann F:8tella, b. Nov. 24, 1854; m. Elias T. Paine. 
Two children. 

2. Frank Henry, b. 1857; m. Emma E. Vanallen. One 
dau., Ethel. 

3. Herbert J., b. 1860 ; m. Lenea Dygert 1881. A son, 

Henry, b. 1883 ; d. 1886. 

4. Juliet W., b. April 17. 1863 ; m. Joseph Fuller, 1883. 
One son. 

Twins \ ^- Newton S., b. Oct. 10, 1866 ; d. 1883. 
^^" / 6. Unnamed, b. Oct. 10, 1866 ; d. Oct. 27th. 


Henry Beardslev*^ (Timoth}- FT.', Leinnel'"', Timothy'', Daniel , 
Daniel-', Daniel', William^), b. May 18, 1833. Res. Thomaston, Conn. 
Mechanic. Married Jennette Bovvers Nov. 30, 1854. 


1. Kdwin Henry, b. 1857 ; m. Elizabeth Catherine . 

2. Rosaline Frisbie, b. 1859 ; m H. H. Beach Jan. 25, 
187(1 ; d. Jan. 22, 1878. 

3. Uiella Irene, b. Nov. 27, 1860; ni. A. B. Mahler 

4. Idella Madaline, b. April 23, 1862; m. George T. 
Larkin April 25. 1883. 

5. Wilbur Ernest, b. June 7, 1866. 

6. Charles Levi, b. Jan, 25, 1871. 

Henry B Beard-SLKY^ (Aaron", JabezS Abijah^ Jabez*, Wil- 
liam^, Samuel-, William'), b. May 3, 18.34, in Pittsfield, Otseoo co., 
N. Y. Enlisted in the La Crosse, Wisconsin, State Guard Vlaj' 22, 
1861, and sworn into the United States service June 11, 1861, 2d 
Wis. Vol. Inf. Discharoed June 30, 1864. He was in nine battles 
and six skirmishes. W as taken prisoner at the clo^^e of first day's 
fight at Gettysbiiri>- ; escaped at night and was re-captured on the 
morning- of the 6th. That night he escaped again and joined his 
regiment at Frankstown, Md., July 11. Married Rachel McClintock 
Sept. 23, 1865. Res. Tallapoosa, Georgia. 

Hknrv T. Beardsley** (Henrj-', Samuel'', Austin-', John*, John^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. May 16, 1841, Bennington, Mich. Married 
Eva. V. Rogers Nov. 13, 1877. Res. Perrv, Mich. Farmer. 


1. Sadie Floy, b. Sept. 29, 1879. 

2. Howard Earle, b. July 14, 1882. 
.3. Ross D., b. Feb. 2, 1885. 

Henry B. Beardsley'^ (Lewis W.', Eli''. Josiah', SamueP. Josiah-^ 
Joseph^, William"), b. Oct. 25, 1841; m. (1) Mary E. Smith After 
her death he married (2) Henrietta E. Atwood. Res. New Haven, 


1. Harry Judson, b. May 16, 1878. 

2. Fred B., b. Feb. 8, 1882. 


3. Herbert Lewis, b. Jnne 17, 1884. 


4. Wilfred Atwood, b. April 4, 1889. 

Henrt Beardsley^ (David^ Joseph H.^ Salmon W.^, Obadiah^ 
Jolin^, Samuel-, Williatn'), b. about 1840; m. Selinna Emma (dau. 
of Franklin) Beardsley Oct. 11, 1869. Res. North Collins, Erie co., 
N. Y. 


1. Emma Amelia, b. Jan. 8, 1873. 

2. Carrie Evelyn, b. June 1, 1879. 

3. Franklin Henry, b. June 21, 1881. 

Henry M. BearI'SLEY" (James M.^. Elisha', Levi*', Obadiah^, 
John*, John3, Joseph^. William^), b. Oct. 22, 1870, in Rock Island, 111. ; 
in. Maggie Ohlwisler, Nov. 6, 1894. Res. Boulder, Colo. 


1. Earl Calvin, b. July 6, 1895 ; d. Aug. 23. 

2. Leroy O., b. May 12, 1896 ; d. Sept. 5. 

3. Alice, b. March 27, 190L 

Henry C. Beardsley" (James P.**, Barna", DanieP, Benajah\ 
ObadiahS John^ SamueP, William'), b. 1845, Findlay, Ohio; m. (1) 
Jane Price, (2) Sarah Ann Needles in 1888. He served over three 
years in the 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantr}- ; was taken prisoner at 
Chickamauga Sept. 19, 1863; retained a prisoner nearly eighteen 
months, when he was paroled at Richmond, Virginia, in 1865. Res. 
in Adel, Dallas co , Iowa. 

Henry C. Beardsley^ (William P.^ Alfred', Josiah«, Josiah\' 
James*, John^, Samuel-, William'), b. 1861 ; m. Ella Fairchild. Res. 
Danbury, Conn. Hatter. Methodist. 


1. George William. 

2. Francis Henry. 

Hermox R. Beakdsley" (Ephraim'', Ephrainr"', David*, Ephraim^, 
Joseph-, William'), b. 1800 ; d. 1881 ; m. . He was a promin- 


ent lawyer for over fiftj^ years, at St. Alban's, Vt. Held various 
Legislative and Judicial ofllce^* connected with the State govern- 


1. Marion, b. ^ ; ni. Cyrus Butler. 

2. Anna. b. — ; ni. William Ballard. 

Herbert E. Beardsley** (Elias W.", Lewis'"', Whitmore^ Ben- 
ianiin', Josiah', Joseph-, William'), b. 1847, Enosburgh, Franklin 
CO., Vt. ; ni. (1) Alice Clark, (2) Mrs. Lucius Jackson. Farmer. 


1. Homer; d. 3'. 

2. Miles; d. v. 

(Dr.) Hezekiah Beardsley' (John*, John', Samuel', William'), 
b. 1740, and d. Jul}' 19, 1790, at New Haven, Conn., where he had 
been a physician for manj' j^ears. Married Elizabeth Davis. 

In his will he mentions "wife Elizabeth, brother-in-law Isaac 
Davis, Brother Ebenezer, Brother Gershom, and sister Ljdia 
Hubbell." These were his heirs with one "Sail}," who, when 18 
3'ears of age, was to receive £50. Dr. Ebenezer Beardsley* and 
Isaac Davis were the executors, and the estate inventoried £920 Os. 
10(1. Xo children are mentioned in the will, or in the distribution 
of the property. (N. H. Pro. Rec, Vol. 15, 10, 356, 44, 62 ) 

Parruck Hubbell, of New Fairfield, mentions in a codicil to his 
will that his wife "L3'dia'' had received £30, a legac}' from her 
brother Hezekiah, late of New Haven, Conn. (Danbury Probate 
Records.) In 1786 he had a dwelling-house and drug store com- 
bined in New Haven. 

(Dr.) Hiram H. Beardsley*"' (Salmon W.\Obadiah*, John", Sam- 
uel-', William'), b. May 7, 1807, on Smith's Street, a mile north east 
of Harpersfield Centre, Delaware co., N. Y. ; m. Caroline Webster 
Gxirnse}' Sept. 3, 1833. He practiced medicine in Rock Island, 111., 
from 1836 to 1845, and then moved to Chicago, where he continued 
to practice- imtil his death, Sept. 28, 1867. 


1. Flora Amelia, b. July 2(), 18.35 ; m. Charles S. Clark. 

2. Medson Hoyt, b. Dec. 25, 1838 ; d. y. 


3. Lawrence Sprague, b. 1841 ; m. Kmma F. Haines 


4. Addison Hoyt. 

Hiram Beardsley' (Eli*', Isaac\ Abraham*, John^ Joseph'-, 
William^), b. Maj^ 15, 1794 ; d. May 30, 1882, aged 85, Wapron, Wis. ; 
m. Lydia Knapp, who d. Oct. 13, 1887, aged 82 years. He was a stone 
mason and cooper by trade ingenious, industrious, and con- 


1. Lucy, b. — ; m. Judson Crawford. 

2. Rebecca, b. — ; ni. George W. Wilson. Res. Ocon- 
to, Wis. Her iive children, daughter and sons, are line singers. 

3. Clara, b. July 21, 18.34 ; m. Thurston Wilson, and 
has one son (Waldo B., express agent at Fargo, North Dakota) and 
Luc5' C. Teacher. 

4. John Grover. Is said to have five daxighters. 

Hiram Beardsley' (Gideon^, DanieF, SamueP, Josiah^, Joseph-, 
William^), b. 1813 ; d. 1872 ; m. (1) Klmira Nichols, who d. 1854, aged 
46; (2) Elizabeth Middlebrook. Res. Birmingham, Conn. 


1. Henry Nichols. 

2. Sarah Ann. 

3. George W. 

4. Harriet, b. — . She drove her horse in the Hou- 
satonic River to drink, just above Zoar bridge, became dizzy, fell in 
and was drowned. 

5. Mary A., b. — ; m. Albert Wheeler. Two children. 

6. Charles. 

Hiram G. Beardsley' (Davis^ Price-', Israel*, JosiahS Joseph-, 
William^), b. — ; m. Anna Ward. Res. Sand Lake, Kent co , Mich., 
where he owns a saw-mill and farm. 


1. Mar}- Jane. 

2. Mattie. 

3. Delia May. 

4. One son. 


Hiram Beardsley' (John", Jehiel-', JohnS John^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1S0() ; m. . 


1. Ruth. 

2. Abbie. 

3. Anna. 

Hiram Beardsley** (Alvin', DavicP, Obadiah', John*, John*, 
Joseph-', William'), b. Dec. 29, 1840. By trade a carpenter and join- 
er. Served over two years in the Union Arnij^ in Co. Iv. 1st Wis. 
Vol. Cav. On April 13, 186-1:, was taken prisoner and kept in An- 
dei'sonville, Savannah and Millen stockades till the 24th of Nov., 
when he was paroled. He was honorably discharged June, 1865. 
Married Josephine Fox 1865. 


1. Georg-ella A., 1). 1866; m. Thomas B. Baker 1881, 

2. Kmnia A., b. 1868. 

3. Clinton E., b. 1870. 

4. Susan V.. b. 1871. 

5. Isa M., b. 1873. 

6. Hiram A , b. 1875. 

7. Ta^'lor F., b. 1876; died an infant. 

8. Nancy L., b. 1877. 

9. Charles L., b. 1878 ; died an infant. 

10. Geo roe J., b. 1879. 

11. Madelia I., b. 1881. 

Homer Beardsley' (Almus'', Philo\ Josiah^ Josiah', Joseph-', 
William'), b. Oct. 'I, 1821 ; m. Janette Chapin 1852. No issue. He 
was a school teacher for fifteen 3'ears. Served also three 3'ears 
and six months in the Union Army. Baptist. 

Homer S. BEARDSLEY^ (Charles', Philonus^ Elphraim^ David*, 

Ephrainr', Joseph-. William'), b. June 15, 18.33; m. Oct., 1860, 

. Res. New York Cit}'. Manager of "Looker-on Publisliing Co., 

1402 Broadway, N. Y." He was an inventor of an automatic freight 
car coupling', doing away with the link and pin. 

Homer Beardsley' (Nehemiah^ John O.', Gideon'*, Nehemiah\ 
John*, John*, Samuel-, William'), b. — , Scipio,N. Y. ; m. Amelia Keb- 


lej', Dec, 1862. She d. about the close of the Civil War. He enlisted 
in 3d Ohio Cavalr_v, became Orderl}' Sergeant and served until the 
surrender. He had command of the schooner W. W. Arnold, which 
foundered on Lake Krie, and all on board were drowned. One 
child was b. to theni, Homer Amelia. 

Horace S. Bearhsley' (Paul F.", John'', James*, John^ Samuel-, 
William'), b. 1810. at Delhi, N. Y. ; m. Clarissa Paj-ne 1840. Child- 
less. He wrote (1884) of himself: "I have been a waoon maker, 
farmer, etc. For the last 18 years have been too lazy to do any- 
thing- much ; have been, by the grace of God, a Methodist over 50 
years." Res. Coventr}', Chenango co., N. Y. The author visited him 
in 1891. He crossed to the other shore Jan. 1, 1899. 

Horace Beardsley' (Birdse3'^ Philo\ Josiah*, Josiah^ Jo- 

seph^, William'), b. — ; ni. . Was early in life a shoemaker. 

Later a farmer. Lived in Roxbury, Conn., and moved later to Deer 
Park, 111. 


1. Esther E., b. — ; m. Lewis Judd Jan. 11, 1851. 

2. Another daughter; m. Henry L. Smith. 

Horace M. Beardsley-' (Lucius\ Nehemiah B.', John'', Abra- 
ham^ Abraham*, John^, Joseph-, William'), b. Feb. G, 1850; m. 
Clara Ashley 1873. 


1. Louisa Ashley, b. May 25, 1878. 

2. Lucius Simeon, b. April 10, 1880. 

Horatio Beardsley' (Joseph'', Zephaniah'', Joseph*, Nathan'^ 
SamueP, William'), b. Dec. 10, 1801, at Goshen, Conn., and d. May 
28, 1879, in Canaan, Conn. ; m. Almira Sheffield Nov. 10, 1821, who d. 
July 13, 1871. Painter. Methodist. 


-|- 1. Henrj-. 

2. Jane,'b. July 4, 1834; d. Feb. 17. 1881. 

Howard F. Beardsley^ (Joseph S.", John''', John\ Abraham*, 
John^ Joseph-, William'), b Nov. 3, 1841, in Bellevere, Jackson co., 



Iowa; 111. Mary K. Jones Dec. 26, 18()(). Res. Peoria, 111. Kditor 
''Dail}- News" (1885). Served three 5'ears in the Union Army. 



1. Howard S., 1). June 10, 1868 ; d. Nov. 6, 1868. 
•2 Bettie, b. Jan. 20, 1870. 
8. Maud, b. July U, 1872. 

(Rev.) Hosea L. BeardsleV* (Gideon B.', Gaylord'', Gideon', 
Obadiah*. John', Samuel-, William'], b June 11, 1838. in North Har- 

persfield. Delaware co , N. Y. ; ni. 
Sarah Jane Burgess April 22, 18()9. 
He attended school at the New 
York Conference Seminary; also 
at the Baldwin Universit}^ Berea, 
Ohio, and the Iowa Wesleyan Uni- 
versit}', Mount Pleasant, Iowa. He 
enlisted in the Union Army, in 
Co. I. iSth Iowa Inf., July 7, 1802, 
and, with his regiment, was soon 
ordered to join the army in the 
south-west; was appointed a cor- 
poral in his Co, and soon after 
entering active service, a sergeant. 
On Jan. 28, 1804, he was commis- 
sioned 1st Lieutenant and Reg. 
Ouartermaster of the 2nd Arkan- 
sas Infantr3' Volunteers. On Oct. 
10 of that year he resigned and was 
muslered out, but remained with 
the army until Fel^ruary follow- 
ing, clerking in the office of the 
Chief Ouartermaster in Little Rock. After leaving the army he 
took a business course in St. Louis, and then taught public school 
for one 3'ear, when he was admitted on trial, as a traveling 
preacher, in the Missouri Conference of the M. K. Church. Was 
transferred to Colorado in 1874. Was Secretar3^ of this Conference 
from 188,1 to 1901. On retiring was presented with a Jj^.i gold piece 
for each 3ear he had served. In 1879 was Chaplain for the lower 
house in the Colorado Legislature. Was also Grand Secretar3' 
of the Colorado Grand Lodge I. O. G. T. for two terms. He has 

Rev. H. L. Beardsley. 


rendered invaluable service in the final preparation of thi.s work 
for and issuance tlirough the press. 


1. Mary Estella, b. Jan. 12, 1871, Bethany, Mo.; ni. 
John E.Daniels May 24, 1893. Two children. --Harold and Mildred. 

2. Rose Martindale. b. Jan. 30, 1874, Newark. Mo. ; m. 
Robert J. Wells Jiuie 11, 1901. 

3. Grace Florence, b. April 3,1879, Longrnont, Colo. ; 
m. Dr. Walter Joel Kino- June 22, 1899. A dan,,— Alice. 

4. Earl Gideon, b. April 10, 1883, Arvada, Colo.; d. 
October 2.1, 1900. 

5. Myrtle Phebe, b. Dec. 2, 1884, Buena Vista, Colo. 

6. Ethel Viola, b. Sept. 29, 1889, Denver, Colo. 

HOWKIX B. Bearosley" (Bulk]ey^ Josiah% SaniueP, Josiah^*, 
Joseph-, William'), 1). May 22, 1820, at Indian Orchard, Wajnie co., 
Pa., where he d. March 15, 1886. He m. Charlotte Norton Clark in 
1846, and resided in Honesdale, Waj^ne co, Pa., until 1872. Acoteni- 
porary wrote of him : 

"For several 3'ears he was editor and proprietor of the 
'Wayne County Herald,' which he managed with distin- 
guished ability, doing 3'eoman service for the Democratic 
party, the principles of which he fearlessly and honestly 
upheld under all circumstances. In the meinoralile con- 
test in the Senate during- the first 3'ear of his service, he 
was one of the sixteen Democratic Senators that held at 
bay the sixteen Republicans. As Senator he was faithful 
in the discharge of all his duties to the public, and no man 
will ever have the effronter}^ to question his honest}', in- 
tegritj" or capacit}' as such." 


1. Clark. 

2. Frank, b. 1850 ; n\. — — , and had several chil- 

3. Dollie, b. Aug. 6, 1852, and d. April 30. 1880. 

Twins ^ ^- J^"^' ^- ^"^'- ■■^■^' ^^•'*^- 

'I 5. Minerva, b. Nov. 25, 18.54. 

6. George Washington. 

Hunting Beardsley'' (Thomas', Benjamin\ Josiah^ Joseph'-, 


William'), b. March 30, 1784. Huntinoton, Conn.; d. Nov. 13, 1823, 
Roxbur}', Conn.; m. Clarinda Hard Ot. 28, 180G, who d. Nov. 18, 
18()3. Fanner. Conoreo-ationaHst. 


-|- 1. Charles. 

2. Julia Antoinette, b. Dec. 10, 1808 ; ni. Clianncej- 
T.rwis Dec. 19, 1830. She d. Nov. 17, 188.3. Four children. 

3. Minerva, b. Feb. 19, 1811 ; m. Calvin H. Downs 
March 23, 1835. She d. Nov. 17, 1885. 

+ 4. Grand ison. 

ICHABOD BEARDSLEY'' (Anios^ SaniiieP, DanieP, Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1766; m. Sarah Hall. He .served three years in the Con- 
necticut Home Guards in the War of the Revolution. Kmigrated 
from Connecticut to Langsing, Tompkins co., N. Y., 1807. 


1. Lorania, b. — ; m. Charles Beardsle}". 

2. Noah ; m. P0II3- Azmon. 
-|- 3. Ransom. 

4. Readoslett, b. — ; m. Nathan Disbrow. 

5. Rhoda, b. — ; m. Dr. Ochron Owen. 

6. Jonathan Hall ; m. Hannah Van D3'ke. 

7. Philo. Was killed by lightning-. Aged 15. 

Ira S. Beardsley'' (Samuel', SainueP, John'^, Samuel-, William'), 
b. July 1,1788; d. ; m. (1) Electa Griswold. After her death he . 
m. (2) Lorina Porter. Farmer. if^lrcr^ 


1. Samuel ; m. Harriet Salesbur^-. 

2. Julia Ann; d. y, 

3. Malissa, b. — ; m. Samuel Doolittle. 


4. Moss ; m. Horton. 

5. The names of others not given. 

Ira Beardsley'' (Ephraim^ BenjaminS Josiair, Joseph-, Wil- 


Ham'), b. Dec. 25, 1802 ; d. Aug-. 2, 1875 ; m. Ann Lewis, Maj- 26, 1824. 
She d. Sept. 1, 1878. 


1. Lewis, b. 182G ; m. Mary Lacj\ 

+ 2. Hen 1-3- Nichols. 

+ 3. Alonzo Jiidson. 

rr. ■ ( + 4. Miles, b. Dec. 20, 1834. 
Iwins \ ' 

( 5. Mar3^ b. Dec. 20, 1834; ni. Orlando Bortrain Nov. 

2, 1854. 

6. Sarah Frances, b. Dec. 14, 1838; ni. Phineas E. 

Austin. One dau., Kninia F. 

Irad Beardsley^ (Eli^ Isaacs Abrahams John'', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1799; d. 1868; m. Mrs. Fanny Stuart Ogden 1842. Tailor. 



1. Eli ; d. in the Union Army ; member of the 50th 
New York. 

2. Mary ; m. Milo Hitchcock. 

3. Ann Eliza. 

Irad L. Beardsley** (Amnion^ Eli", Isaac'', Abraham^ John^ 
Joseph-, William'), born 1819 ; m. Eliza Smith Looniisl8t4. He was 
Librarian for the Cleveland, Ohio, Library for many 3'ears. After- 
^vards in New York Cit3' was etnplo3'ed by the Continental Oil Co. 
He rendered efficient help in searching- records for material in 
this history. 


1. Francis Roe, b. 1844. Killed in battle in front of 
Petersburg-h Aug. 12, 1864. 

2. Ellen C, b. Nov. 9, 1846 ; d. 1880. 

3. Samuel S, b. 1848; m. Marilla Garrison 1871. A 
dau., Frances, b. 1873. 

4. William H., b. 1852; m. Lillian Sterling 1874. A 
son. Sterling-, b. 187(5. Emplo3'ed b3' Continental Oil Co., New York 


5. Josephine M., b. 1854; d. 1860. 

6. Louise L. ; d. an infant, 1863. 

Irwin J. Beardsley' (Agur'', Philo'', Josiah', Josiah', Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1S44. Res. at New Preston, Litchfield co , Connecticut, 
in the house built by his grandfather Philo. Here he lived and 


reared a large faniil}', ami d. Ma}^ 1826. Agur, his younoest 
son, also lived in this house and raised nine children, and d. Sej)!. 
2, 18()1. Now the 3^ouno-est son of Ag'ur occupies the same old 
homestead, so dear to all their hearts. Who can measure the 
amount of human happiness and sorrow that clusters around 
tliat old hearth-stone? Married Eliza Sperr}-. 


1. Clarence, b. 1870. 

2. Agur. 

Isaac Beardsley^ (Al)i-aham|, John', Joseph-, Williaiii'), b. 
17.31, and d. April 10, 1820, aged 86; m. Mehitabel Mallett, graud- 
dau. of a Huguenot of that name, who fled from France on ac- 
count of the persecutions directed against them as Christians. 
He used to hide his Bible under the hearth of his fire-place, and 
at midnight he would get it and read to his famil)\ He d. March 
25, 1820, aged 83. 

His will reads as follows: "I give and recommend mj^ soulinto 
the hands of God who gave it, hoping- through the merits, death 
and passion of m^- Saviour, Jesus Christ, to have the full pardon 
of all n\Y sins and to inherit everlasting- life. I commit my body 
to the g^round in hope of the restirrection by the might}' power of 
God.'' He mentions his wife and all his children. To Abigail, the 
joungest, he gives "the loom with the harness, and brass kettle." 
By trade a blacksmith. 

During- the Revolutionar}' War he was a non-combatant — 
called a "Tory.'' but he returned the compliment b)^ calling- them 
"Rebels." Although an Kpiscopalian, the preaching- of the early 
Methodists led him to seek a deeper work of g-race, and having- 
received the full baptism of the Holy Ghost, became very zealous 
in the cause of Christ. 

He was fond of trapping-, and it is claiinedthat he caught one 
hundred and one foxes, two otters, two skunks, a great many 
musk-rats and crows almost without number. He often said "a 
pure unadulterated Beardsle}' would be immortal." He always 
claimed that one of the characteristics of the family "was an un- 
tlinching- integrity." 

The anvil which he beg-an to use in 1760 is now (1890) in pos- 
session of his grandson, Irad L. Beardsle}', of Brookhn, N. Y. 

+ 1 Kli. 




2. Hannah, b. 17(j5 ; m. Josiah Wakelee. Have five 

3. Esther, b. — ; ni. Abner French. Had seven chil- 

-[- 4. Isaac. 

5. Abigail, bapt. 1771 ; m. William Haines. 

Isaac Beardsley^ (Isaac^ Abraham*, John^ Joseph", William'), 
b. 1769 ; m. PoUj^ Ann Clark. Moved to Canton, Bradford co , Pa., 
in 1812 ; then to Catherine, N. Y., and then back to Canton, which 
was his home until death came. 


1. Fanny, b. Sept. 25, 1799. 

2. Mehitabel, b. 1802. 

3. Charles. 

4. Silas. 

5. Eliza, b. April 9, 1808 ; m. - 

6. Jared. 

7. Jacob. 

8. Nelson. 

9. Marj- Ann, b. April 24, 1816. 



Isaac Beardsley' (Charles'', Charles'', John^ John'\ Joseph-, 
William'), b. Sept. 15, 1801, near Franklin Furnace, Sussex co., 
N. J. ; m. Catherine Struble. 


1. Jacob. 

2. Lewis. 

3. Peter. 

4. John. 

5. Samuel. 

6. Catherine. 

Isaac L. Beardsley' (Elias S.^F:zekiel^ Daniel*, DanieP, Dan- 
iel-, Williami), 5 ^gjr 22, 1833, at Gouverneur, N. Y. In 1864 he en- 
listed in Co. D. First New York Light Artillery. Was in seven 

He writes : "I was present at Lee's surrender. The next da}- I 
procured a piece of the famous apple tree. As we were showing 
our guns to the 'Johnnies' one of them remarked : 'No wonder 


3011 wliipjjecl us, 3'ou hav^e i>uns that 3'ou can load all night and 
shoot all tlaj'.'" Farmer. Baptist. 


1. Ida Adt'll, ]). lS.-)7 ; m. Garret W. Rutherford. Two 



2. Arthur Alfred, b. April 7, 1860. 

3. William Eugene, b. 18(52 ; m. Lizzie Griffis 1885. 

4. Eva Millard, b. Aug. .3, 1864. A graduate and 

5. Mar}' Emeline. b. Aug. 28, 1866; ni. All)ert W. 
Do(Id.< 1883. One child. 

(Rev.) Isaac H. BearDvSLEy'* (Gideon B.', Gaylord*', Gideon^ 
ObadiahS John^, Samuel', William"), b. Oct. 1,1831, in North Har- 
persfield, Delaware co., N. Y. He was a ver}- frail child, so that it 
was not considered necessary to dress him until six weeks had 
passed. Yet he has lived to cross the line of three score and ten, 
and in the closing 3'ears of life to prepare this history. 

He was converted Aug. 22,1851; "sanctified wholly" (I. Thess. 
5, 23) Dec. 6 following, and used his first text as a preacher April 
18, 1852. Was educated at the New York Conference Seniinar}^ 
Charlotteville, Schoharie co., N. Y. Entered the itineracy of the 
M. K. Church Jul}', 1853, and was admitted into the North Ohio 
Conference Aug., 185i, where he labored 15 3'ears. Was ordaitied 
18.56-8. Entered the Union Arm}- in Dec, 1861, and was commis- 
sioned Chaplain of the 188th O. V". I. April, 1865. Was transferred 
to Colorado Ma}', 1869, where he labored for 22 years, then was 
placed on the retired list. 

In 1872 and '73 traveled in foreign countries, visiting Europe 
and Palestine. 

Has been prominent in Temperance work, filling the office of 
G. W. C. T. o( the Independent Order of Good Templars for two 
terms ; also was chaplain in the Colorado Legislature for one ses- 
sion -1883. In May, 1891, he visited the British Isles in the inter- 
est of this work. 

He is the author of "The True Sabbath," a vindication of the 
Sunday Sabbath. Also of "Echoes from Peak and Plain," a story 
of his life and associates. 

He married Elizabeth Phebe Atherton Nov. 27, 18,5(). 


1. Melville Cox, b. Jan. 23, 1858 ; d. March 12, 1875. ex- 


ulting- in a happ3' religious experience and triistiag alone in 
Jesus the Comforter. His bodj' rests in the cemetery at Long- 
mont, Colo. 

2. Noble Lovette, b. July 18. 1860 ; d. Oct. 5, 1865. 

3. Elizabeth Ann, b. Nov. 9, 1861 ; d. Sept. 21, 1863. 

4. Demsey Dempster, b. Sept. 5, 1866; d. Sept. 22, 

The last three sleep in the Maple Gr.ove CemeterN', near Ver- 
million, Erie co., Ohio. 

Isaac B. Beakdsley** (Joel', Morrison'^, Au.stin\ John^ John^ 
Joseph-', VVilliami), b. June 29, 1827 ; m. Martha Watson June 7, 18,")0, 
who was b. Dec. 12, 1827. Machinist. 


1. William Lawrence Cantield, b. 1852; m. Mary A. 
Lightner 1878. 

2. Joel, b. Nov. 30, 1853; m. Susan Tisdale. 

3. Emeline, b. Dec. 11, 1855. 

4. John Jacob, b. Oct. 10. 1857. 

5. Mary, b. Nov. 30, 1859; m. Edward E. Hays Nov. 
29, 1882. Five children. 

6. Jennett, b. Oct 10. 1861 ; m. John Owen 1887. 

7. Archibald, b. Dec. 14, 1863. 

8. Anna, b. Dec. 14, 1865; d. March 31, 1889. 

Israel Beardsley^ (Thomas^ Joseph-, William'), b. Dec. 3. 
1708 ; d. 1791, at Newtown, Conn., where he had been a resident for 
over thirtj- years ; m. Elizabeth Blazze May 30, 1730. Farmer. 


1. Samuel Blazze, b. 1731 ; d. 1746. 
-f 2. Israel. 

3. Elisha. 

4. Urania, 1). Sept. 1, 17.38 ; m. Samuel Hawley. 

5. Lemuel, bapt. June 29, 1740. He enlisted in the 
old French war in 1760, and was never heard from. 

+ 6. Abel. 
+ 7. Jared. 

8. Katharine, b. Feb. 23. 1753. 

9. Price. 


Israel BEARDSLEY* (Josiah-, Joscpir-, William'), b. 1721 ; in. 
Klizabeth . They moved to Vermont in 1773. 

]\.: I. . V^>f^fVA^^^ CHILDREN. 

1. Jerutlia, L 1753. 

2. Lazarus. 

3. A son. 
+ 4. Price. 

Israel M. Beardslee' (Edward S.S John^ Nathaniel*. John', 
Daniel-, WilliamM, b. Nov. 10, 1840; m. Flora A. Post, Ang-. 28, 1865. 
Res. Indianolo, Neb. Merchant. 


1. Mollie Ladd, b. Aug. 17, 1860; m. Kdward D. W. 
Poo-ue, Feb. 20, 1889. 

2. Ella Maud, b. Jnly 29, 1869; m. George C. Hill, 

June 12, 1894. 
Jnly 4, 1900. 

3. Edward Post, b. 1871 ; d. 1873. 

4. Milton Robbins. b. March 28, 1873; d. in Sept. 

5. Fred Post, b. March 23, 1876. 

6. Lulu Ware, b. Jan. 19, 1879 ; m. William A. Dolan 

7. Charles Pixie, b. June 13, 1882. 

8. Eugene Smith, b. June 24, 1884; d. four months 

9. Florence, b. Dec. 27, 1886 ; d. nine months later. 

Israel Beardsley"' (IsraeP, Thomas-^, Joseph-, William'), b. 

17.33; d. 1790; m. Ann , who d. Jan. 1,1791, Ripton, Conn. His 

estate inventoried tl5 10s. Id. 


-|- 1. Christopher. 

2. Poll}' Paulina, b. 1767; m. Semen Stoddard. 

3. Lucy, bapt. 1773; d. unmarried. Her will was 
dated Nov. 10, 1812. She only mentions her brother Christopher 
and sister Paulina, who shall "cut wood (except chestnut) for one 
tire during her natural life." (B. Rec. Vol. 6, 118.) 

-f 4. Daniel. 

5. Betse}', b. — ; m. Stephen Beardsley. 

6. Sall3^ 


Israel A. Beardsley'' (Jared^ Israel*, Thomas^, Joseph^, Wil- 
liami), b. 1780 ; d. 1846, Newtown, Conn. ; m. Esther (dau. of Philo) 
Toney, of Newtown, Conn. She d. April, 1869, aged 84. 


1. Philo Shelton, b. 1819 ; m. Harriet Beach. 

2. Flora Jane, b. Aug. 24, 1822; m. Aaron Sanford 
Jan. 5, 1848, Had two children— Mary Klizabeth, b. 18,iO, and Wil- 
liam Henr3^ b. 1802. William graduated in the class of 1883, Yale 

Israel Beardsley*"' (Daniel^, Daniel*, Daniel', Daniel-, William^), 
b. Oct. 20, 1817; in. Margetta . Farmer in South Britton, Conn. 


rp . \ 1. Julius. 
Twins ■' 

/ 2. Julian. 

3. George. 

JABEZ Beardsley* ( WilliamVSaniueP, William'), b. 1720, Zoar, 
Conn.; m. Prudence Hubbell April 20, 1742. The town record has 
this entrj': "Jabez Beardslej', of Stratford, was appointed guard- 
ian to Elizabetli and Temperance Beardsley,Ma3 3, 17.')7." Resided 
for a time in Weston, Fairfield co., Connecticut, wliere his cliil- 
dren were born. 


+ 1. Abel. 
+ 2. Abijah. 

3. Knos, b. — ; d. y. 

Jabez Beardsley^^ (William^ William', Samuel-, William'), b. 
1743; d. 1834, aged 81; m. (1) Martha Payne. After her death, (2) 
Abigail Prindle. He was a blacksmith and a farmer. Was a great 
Bible reader. His onlj^ trust was in Jesus the Saviour of sinners. 
Kind reader, Christ is waiting to save j'ou now. Will you accept 
Him? He is Aour best friend. One that sticketh closer than a 
brother. He will never forsake you, unless you first forsake Him. 
"Cast 3'onr care on Him for He careth for yon." 


+ 1. William. 


2. Chloe, b. 176.1 ; ni. Gillett. 

-f- '"!• Ezekiel. 

4. Betse\-, h. 1768; ni. Pajne. 

5. Jemima, b. 1771 ; m. Bishop. 

(i. Kutli, b. 1772 ; m. Hulin. 

7. Lorania, b. 1774 ; m. John Bolt. 

8. Alamedia, b. 1770; m. Henry Ward. 
+ 9. Levi. 

+ 10. Jal)ez. 
+ 11. Jesse. 


12. Eliza. 

13. Clara. 

Jabez Beardsley"' (Jesse*, William'. Daniel-, William'), b. 1760. 
His niece, >Irs, Lj'on, of Bethel, Conn., a dan. of his brother Wil- 
liam, informed me that her "Uncle Jabez was drafted in the Revo- 
tionary War, refused to i>o ; when the officers came for him, and 
attempted to bind him, he fought tliem so furiously that he 
biirsted a blood vessel and d. instantlJ^'' He was a "Loj-alist." 

Jabez Beardsley" (Abijah'-. Jabez*, WilUam^ Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Feb. 19, 1770 ; d. Oct. 11, 1851, aged 84 3-ears. An orphan 
at eleven ; m. Eunice Summers 1791. Moved to Unadilla, N. Y., 
eight j^ears later, then to Pittsfield, Otsego co., locating on a farm. 
He was one of the chieif organizers and owners of the "Arkwright 
Cotton Mills," established on his place. Supervisor for seven 
years. Prominent in all local affairs. A staunch Churchman. He 
contributed about one-half the cost of the church in New Berlin, 
1814, and one-half on the parsonage in 1848. He left a landed es- 
tate of nine hundred acres. 


1. Bethiah, b. 1792; d. 1794. 

+ 2. Abijah. 

3. Nathan. 

4. Sally, b. March 2, 1798; m. Edward C. Williams, 
o. Levi, 1). Jan., 1800 ; d. Oct., 1825. 

6. Jesse. 
+ 7. Aaron. 

8. One not named, b. 1807 ; d. when three davs old. 



9. Alanson, b. Sept., 1808 ; d. July, 1810. 
10. William. 
-j- 11. Cyrol. 
12. Alanson. 

Jabez Beardsley" (Jabez^ William*, William^, Samuel-, Wil- 
liam^), b. 1778, and d. of cancer 1832, aged 53, Kent, Conn. ; m. Abi- 
gail Knapp in 1812. 


1. Hiram, b. 1812; never married. Was a harness 
maker. Died Dec. 21, 1884. 
+ 2. Edwin. 

3. Marj', b. 1817; m. Frederick Beardsley in 1835. 
Three children. 

Jabez Beardsley^' (Williain^ Josiah^ Samuel', Samuel^ Wil- 
liam^), b. 1784 ; m. twice. Moved from Connecticut to Pittsfield, 
Otsego CO., N. Y. Tailor by trade. 


1. William. 

2. Demin. 


3. Charles. 
+ 4. John U. 
+ 5. Jabez H. 

lABEZ H. Beardsley' (Jabez^ William', JosiahS Samtxel^ Sam- 
uel-', William^), b. 18,34 ; m. . 


1. Nathan. 

2. Jabez. 

3. John. 

Jacob Beardsley' (Isaac", Isaac"", Abraham*, John'', Joseph-', 
Williami), b. April 13, 1812, at Alpine, Schuyler co., N. Y., while his 
parents were on their way from Connecticut to Pennsjlvania ; m. 
Polly Farr. Farmer. Died in great peace at Fast Canton, Brad- 
ford CO., Pa., October 3, 1882. A Methodist. 


1. F;sther, b. Dec. 28, 1838. 


2. Sallie, b. 1839; in. Alexander Hibbard. 

3. Martlia. b. 1840; m. Henry Watson. 

4. Mary, b. 1811 ; m. Thomas M. Watts. 

5. Caroline, b. 1813 ; ni. Robert W. Sawyer. 

6. Abrain, b. 1816; d. y. 

7. Lucy, b. Nov. 22, 1818. 

8. Isaac Norton, b. 1850; ni. Sarah A. Barnes 1871. 
One dano;hter, Blanch Elizabeth, b. 1874. Merchant and post- 
master, East Canton, Pa. 

+ 9. Seeley J. 

Jacob T. Brardsley* (Gideon B.', Gaylord^ Gideon^ Obadiah', 
John^, Samuel^, William^), b. Jan. 23, 1833, North Harpersfield, N. Y., 
and found d. near Greele}', Colo., March 19, 1901 ; m. Amelia Ade- 
laide Rockwood, April 9, 1861. Carpenter and joiner. For thir- 
teen jears he lived in or near Washington, Iowa. In the spring 
of 1874 he inoved to Denver, Colo., where he followed his trade for 
several years. Then engaged in different business enterprises. 


1. Jay, b. 1862 ; d. 1870. 

2. Clara Marion, b. Dec. 21, 1863 ; m. Prof. Robert H. 
Beggs June 11, 1890. Has two children. 

3. Anna Josephine, b. 1864; m. David W. Drj'den 
Dec. 8, 1886. Three children. 

4. William Lewis, b. — ; d. an infant. 

5. Jennie Elizabeth, b. Jan. 20, 1872; m. (1) Edgar T. 
Webber, who d. May 13, 1894. Two children. M. (2) Perry Murray 
Feb. 28, 1898. Three children 

6. Adelaide Roberts, b. March 11, 1875. 

Of the above, Clara, Jennie and Adelaide are graduates of the 
High School, and Anna of a course in inusic. 

7. Gertrude Idel, b. July 6, 1878. 

8. Percy Clyde, b. Dec. 21, 1882. 

James Beardsley* (John^ Samuel-, William'), b. Jan. 28, 1710-7 ; 
d. 17.56. His will provides for "making sale of lu}^ lands at Strat- 
field, in Fairfield co., that falls to me by right of my honored fath- 
er, John Beardsley's. last will and testainent at the decease of my 
honored mother, Deborah Beardsley." His brother John was exec- 
utor of the estate ; m. Rebecca . 



4" 1. josiah. 
4- 2. John. 
3. Nathan. 

James Beardsley" (Jo^iah^ James*, John^ Samuel-, William^), 
b. 1765 ; ni. (1) Harriet Warner ; (2) Harriet Duncan. 


-(- 1. James Harvej'. 
2. Horace Wayburn. 


4- 3. Orlando. 
+ 4. Mortimer. 
5. Amanda. 

Tames Beardsley" (MichaeP, Abraham*, John^ Joseph'^, Wil- 
liami), b. June 5, 1771 ; d. 1851, at Catherine, N. Y. ; m. Hannah Beach 
Sept. 13,1795. A cooper. A Methodist. Res. Catherine, Schulyer 
CO., N. Y. 

"In 1801 they made their wa}' thronj^h the almost path- 
less forests of New York, and settled in what is known as 
Beardsley Hollow. His was a cheerful home for the itiner- 
ant ministers of the Word, and a placeof worship for the few 
who would assemble to hear. About the year 1820, the primi- 
tive log- house which had sheltered them and their eleven 
children, not only from the elements, but also from prowl- 
ing^ bear and wolf, gave place to a frame structure covered 
with fragrant pine shingles from apex of roof to founda- 
tion w^alls. It stood until 1872, when it was destroyed by fire. 
The huge ichimne}', centrally located, extended from base- 
ment kitchen through two stories and an attic. This was 
pre-eniinenti J' a Christian home of prayer and faith, and 
the earnest, devoted lives of its saintl}' founders has left its 
impress upon the lives of those who have succeeded them, 
even to the third and fourth generation." 


-j- 1. Lewis 
+ 2. Stephen. 

3. Klias, b. 1803; m. Polly . A dau.. Ursula, m. 

George Canfield. 


+ 4. Levi. 

ii. Susan, b. — ; iii. Jonathan Howard. 
G. Sarah, b. — ; ni. Owen Ruogles. 

7. Nehemiah Beach, b. 1807 ; d. 1833. 

8. Eunice, b. 1808 ; d. 1812. 
-\- 9. James. 

+ 10. Abel Northriij). 

11. Hannah, b. 1814 ; m. Sliernian W. Evans. 

(Major) James Beardsley*' (David\ Benjamin*, Daniel*, Sam- 
uel-. William'), b. Feb. 18,1758, He was a Revolutionary soldier. D. 
Jan. 26, 1843, a<>ed 86 j^ears. Long- Hill, Conn.; m. Rtith Summers 
in \im. She died in 1860, aged 93 j-ears. 


1. Hepzibah, b. 1797 ; m. Abijah Wheeler. His son, 
James Beardsle3% b. 1827, has been much interested in this work. 

2. Kdwin. 

3. May Esther. 

4. James Madison ; d. }-. 

5. David Summers, b. 1820; m. Laura G. Case 1841. 

James Beardsley^ (Benjamin'', Benjamin*, Josiah^, Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. June 19, 1786, at Hartford, Conn., and d. at Malone, N. Y.. 
1867; m. Elizabeth Darb}' of Vermont. Blacksmith. Presbyterian, 


-|- 1. Charles Benjamin. 

2. William Henry, b. March 24, 1819 ; d. 1821. 

3. Elizabeth Jane. b. March 13, 1821 ; d. 1825. 
-j- 4. Oliver Augustus. 

4- 5. George Washington. 
-)- 6. James Stevens. 

7. Mary Amelist, b. June 11, 1829; m. Jacob Denel, 
Oct. 29, 1847. who d. in the Union Army 

8. Jane Ann, b. 1831 ; m. Worcester Pond. 

9. Sarah. E;iizabeth, b. 1833. 

10. William Wiley, b. 1835; d. 1859. 

11. John Eliphalet, b. 1840; m. Lucy Caroline Roby 
1868 ; dan.. Carrie L., m. A. M. Rockmond 1895. 


James A. Beardsley'' (Aaron\ Jesse*, William', Daniel-, Wil- 
liami), b. March 28, 1826, Williamstown, Mass. Came with his par- 
ents, when nine 3'ears old, to La Salle CO., Illinois. In 1849, he and 
his brother Kdwin crossed the plains and tnountains to California, 
remaining- two years, and returned via Central America and the 
Mississippi River. M. Hannah Austin No;^ 19, 1854, settling- in 
Serena, 111. In 1860 moved to Adams co. ; in 1861 to I-a Salle co. ; in 
1863 back to Serena ; in 1876 to the town of Karl. Farmer. Methodist. 

He has a hickory cane three feet four inches long-, and the lower 
end is a ferrule three inches long made of thick sheet iron, and is 
brazed together with brass. The head is ivor}^, one and a half 
inch long. Flat on top. Four inches below the top is a hole 
through the wood lined with ivor5^ A cord passes through the 
hole with tassels close up, which were probabl}^ once red, but 
faded now. On the top and side of the ivory is this date, "1691." 
This remarkable cane has come down through the generations, 
and falls to the j^oiing-est son of each generation. It was carried 
by Daniel, the son of William. At the date on the cane he was 47 
years old. He may have carried it for 39 years, as he d. 1730, aged 
86. The cane is now two hundred and one years old. 


1. Franklin Aai"on. 
+ 2. Alfred Orin. 
-f- 3. Arthur Chapman. 

4. Hattie Nancy, b. June 30, 1866; m. William H. 
Parks Sept. 22, 1886. Eight children. 

James S. Beardsley' (JamevS'"', Benjamin"', Benjamin*, Josiah^ 
Joseph^ William^), b. Sept. 24, 1826; d. Jan. 18, 1895, San Francisco, 
Cal. ; in. Josie Valentine, of California, Dec. 25, 186(5. 


ryy . K\. Effie Margaret, b. 1867 ; m. George A. Penimon. 
Twins - ?^ ' > & 

/ 2. F:iizabeth, b. 1867 ; d. 1868. 

James H. Beardsley' (James*^, Josiah^, James*, John'*, Samuel-^, 

William^), b. Sept. 29, 1798 ; m. Sarah Hanchet , who d. 1834. He 

was a noted hunter. Many a deer and wolf fell before his trusty 



-\- 1. Jerome Nelson. 
+ 2. Edwin Sylvester. 
+ 3. Fajette. 

-t. Lncy ; ni. James Fulton 1847. 

5. Jennetta ; m. Norton Johnson 1849. 

6. Robert Bruce, 1). July 4, 1832. 

JamEvS Beardsley" (Birdsey'^, Philo\ Josiah*, Josiah\ Joseph^, 
William'), b. 1811, New Preston, Conn. Went to Illinois in 1835 and 
bought a farm in the town of Farm Ridge ; m. (1) Laura M. Piatt. 
She d. shortlj' after settling- on his farm. M. (2) Prudence Bar- 
rass. In 1848 he bought a farm four miles east of Tonica, La Salle 
CO., Illinois. A deacon in the Baptist church. He d. in the tri- 
ujuph of a living- faith, Feb. 14, 1884. 


1. George P. 

2. A daughter; m. Deacon S. A. Hall. 

] AMES BEARDSLEY' (James^, MichaeP, Abraham*, John^ Joseph-, 

William^), b. 1815; m. Nancy . One son. Beach. Enlisted in 

the 107th New York Vol. Inf.; d. in Fairfax Seminary Hospital, 
Virginia, Aug. 11, 1863, and was buried in the Soldiers' Cemetery 
at Alexandria. 

James H. Beardsley' (William D.^ Daniel^ Jesse*, William*, 
Daniel-, WiIIiamM,b. Feb. 4,1819. Res. Brooklyn, N. Y. M.Elizabeth 
F:astman March 31, 1851. 


1. Rowland J., b. 1852 ; m. Hattie R. Wells. One son, 
Rowland, b. 1886. 

2. Emma, b. Jan. 30, 18.55 ; m. Frederick Butler July 
12, 1880. 

James A. Beardsley' (Josiah*^, Josiah', James^ John^, Samuel-, 
William'), b. Sept. 11, 1821; m. Sarah Fisher 1848. Taught school 
in early life. Merchant later. Baptist. 


1. Charles, b. 1850; m. Corlie Morford 1868. Oneson, 

2. William, b. Nov. 23, 1851. 


James W. Beakdsley' (Elisha H.',, Elisha', Israel^ Thomas', 
Joseph2, Williami), b. 18!^!, Monroe, Conn. ; d. Jan. 1, 1893. 

He resided on a farm at Bridgeport, Conn., and was not only 
a farmer but a stock i>rower of no mean proportions. 

He also owned a laroe farm of several hundred acres near 
Coldwater, Mich., on which he grew trotting horses of the very 
best bloods. This farm is in charge of a nephew. He gave to the 
city of Bridgeport, a few jears ago. a tract of land, in the north- 
east part of town, known as "Beardsley's Park," which is being- 
improved and beautified by the city. 

This is a romantic spot of earth and rock on the east side of 
the Pequonnock River, and from its most elevated point overlook- 
ing cit}', harbor and bay. The view is almost unsurpassed. 

On the north-east of the park was his residence, where some 
members of the family have lived since 1739. The house is a well 
preserved old mansion, and was a great favorite of its bachelor 
owner, who drove one of the finest stepi^ers it was the privilege 
of the writer ever to have ridden after. 

One evening, near Christmas time, his home was entered by 
two masked men who demanded his money; he resisted, and the 
injuries received resulted in the close of his earthly career on New 
Year's day 1893. 

He was a loyal citizen and a perfect gentleman. He left a large 
property' to his near relatives. 

James T. Beardsley' (Zechariah'', Jonathan'', Samuel*, William^, 
Samuel-, William^), b. — ; m.Mar^^ Jane Simlon. Res. Walla Walla, 



1. Eva. 

2. Daniel. 

3 Another son. 

James Beardsley' (Abel'', Benajah^, Obadiah*, John-^, Samuel'^ 
William'), b. about 1800 ; d. — ; m. Kmeline Barnes, 


1. Seigle Richmond. 

2. James. 

3. Carrie. 

James B. Beardslee' (Nehemiah^ Nehemiah^ Nehemiah*, 


Nathan'. Daniel-, William'), b. Dec. 2, 1843, and d. May (>. 1899, at 
Azusa, Los Angeles co., Calif. He left his famil)' in good circum- 
stances. A Cliri^^tian. M. Isabella Smith Feb. 2, 1868. 


1. Cora Daisy, b, Aug. 27, 1872. 

2. Annie Laura, b. Dec. 6, 1871 ; m. Charles R. Lane 

Sept. 28, 189;i 

3. James Louis, b. March 9, 1879. 
1. David Arthur, b. Feb. 12, 1881. 

5. Edna Bell, b. Sept. 2, 188.3. 

6. Alvis Rexford, b. Sept. 26, 188.5. 

7. Joseph Newton, b. July 18, 1889. 

8. Eibert Kphraim, I). Feb. 8, 1893, 

James Beardsley', (Joseph H.", William^ John*, John', Daniel-', 
William'), b. 18.37; m. Sarah Thornhill, of Bayonne, N. J. Car- 
penter. Methodist. 


1. Ldward. 

2. Phillip H. 

3. Frances A. ; b. Feb. 3, 1886. 

James M. Beardsley* (Elisha', Levi**, Obadiah^ John*, John'', 
Joseph-, William'), b. June 23, 1813; m. Mrs. Hannah M. (Holly) 
Beardsle}' June 27, 1865. He was in the Civil War on the Union 
side. Now engaged in the wholesale liquor business in Rock 
Island, HI. 



1. James Irvin, b. April 19, 1866. Drowned June 13, 

2. Lydia C, b. 1868; d. 1896. 
■\- 3. Henrj' Marvin. 

4. Laura H , b. Dec. 1, 1872 ; m. A. N. McNeill 1893. 

5. Calvin L., b. Dec. 27, 1880; m. Hanna Entler May 
3, KXX). Has a son, James Raymond, b. Jan. 15, 1901. 

James Beardsley* (AbeT, William^ Joseph^ John*, John^, 
Joseph-, William"), b. July 27 ; bapt. 30, 1758 ; m. Margaret Peck, of 
Kent, Conn., Nov. .30, 1792. 



1. Benoni. Once owned an ax factory in Elmyra,N.Y. 

2. Ladenia. — 

3. Loraine. 

4. Lucinda. 

5. Alameda. 

0. Fanny. 

James M. Beardsley'^ (Samuel C.', Morrison^ Austin^ John^ 
John^, Joseph-, William^), b. June 24, 1816, and d. in Charlestown, 
Portag-e co., Ohio, May 9, 1875 ; m. Lucy A. Pond Aug-. 26, 1840. 
Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Emory C, b. 1842 ; m. Amelia Potter 1864. A son, 
Charles James. 

2. Susan L., b. 1843 ; m. H. C. Tupper 1865. Has 
four children. 

3. George M. 

4. Addie Olive, b. 1853; d. 1858. 

James P. BearI'SLEY^ (Barna', Daniel*^, Benajali\ Obadiah*, 
John^ Samuel-, William^), b. 1821, near Newark, Licking co., Ohio ; 
m. Mar3' Ann Needles 1842. He d. in California 1850 from an injury 
received while crossing the plains. 


+ 1. William Talmon. 
+ 2. Henrj' Claj'. 

3. Mary Melissa, b. 1849 ; m. Adam Elsea. 

James R. Beardsley** (Havilah', Elijah'', Phineas^ Obadiah^ 
John^ Samuel-, William'), b. June 9, 1829, in Leesburgh, Ohio ; m. 
Susie R. Raj' Dec. 25, 1873. Res. on the old homestead near Elk- 
hart, Ind. Is President of the First National Bank, and is inter- 
ested in the manufacture of paper, starch and flour. Has been a 
member of the Council and Maj'or of Elkhart. Also a State Sena- 
tor for eight years. 


1. Rufus Ray, b. June 5, 1876. 

2. Florence, b. March 29, 1879; d. Sep. 4, 1879. 
.3. John Wallace, b. July 8, 1882. 


James E. BeardsleV (Lewis', James", Michael^ Abrahams 
John', Joseph-', Williami), b. Dec. 1820; in. Letitia Coe Sept., 1857. 
Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Menzo C, b. 1859; in. Florence Patterson 1884. 

2. Emil}', b. April, 1867. 

3. Grace C, b. Aug., 1869. 

James Beardsley* (Alfred', Josiah^ Josiah', James*, John^ 
Samuel", William'), b. — ; m. . Res. New York City. 


1. Frank. 
-1. Lillie. 

James L. Beardsley^ (William L.', William", Levi\ William*' 
William^ Samuel-', William'), b. Ma}- 8, 18.5.3; m. Louise M. Walker 
June 3. 1874. 


1. F:dna M., b. June 23, 187.5. 
Twin-^ \ 2. William Centennial, b. Aug. 9, 1876. 
i 3. Scoville Centennial, b. Aug. 9, 1876. 

4. M. Cimnie, 1). May 12, 1879. 

5. Sarah Louise, b. June 6, 1882. 

James N. Beardsley'' (Jerome X.^, James H.', James^ Josiah% 
James*, John^, Samuel-, William'), b. Nov. 6, 1847, Dover, Cua^'hoga 
CO., Ohio ; m. Grace Austin 1872. Farmer. Universalist. 


1. Jessie, b. 1874. 

2. Levi, b. 1876 ; d. ISaS. 

3. Lena, b. 1878. 

James W. Beardsley" (Joshua W.^ Charles', F:mmanuel'', Je- 
hieP, John*, John'^ Joseph-, William'), b. May 11,1859, at Negaunsee, 
Mich.; d. Dec. 30, 1892, in Chicago, 111. ; m. Amelia J. Gray Aug. 26, 
1878. Mechanic and farmer in Michigan. 


1. James Irving, b. May 31, 1879. 

2. Lillian I., b. Sept. 12, 1882; d. April 27, 1883. 

3. Hattie A., b. Oct. 10, 1883. 


JARED Beardsley^ (Israel^ Thomas^ Jcseph^, William'), b. — ; 
d. 1813; ni. Grace (dan. of Abner and Sarah Leavenworth) Perr3\ 
She d. aged 84. 

His will is dated Ang-. 2, 1798, and begins with : "I give and 
reconitnend 1115^ soxxl into the hands of Alniightj" God who gave 
it, and my body to the dnst, with the hope that I shall receive the 
same again at the general resurrection, b}' the mightj^ power of 
God." He names all his children, and appoints "mj^ dear and lov- 
ing wife, Grace," and "my brother, Elijah,'' executors of his es- 
tate. (Vol.4, B'g't Rec.) 


-f- 1. Samuel Thomas. 

2. Elijah Abel, b. 1774; d. 1850, unmarried. 

3. Sarjih Elizabeth, b. 177(3 ; d. 1863, unmarried. 

4. Martha Blazze, b. 1778 ; m. Lewis Dimming. She 
d. March 26, 1841. 

+ 5. Israel Abner. 
-f 6. Jared Perry. 
+ 7. Asa Blazze. 

8. Polly Ann, b. 1876; m Styles Beach. Three chil- 
dren. Both d. 1864. 

9. Grace Amelia, b. May 9, 1787; m. Henry Lewis 
Jan. 1, 1813. 

-f 10. James S , b. 1790; m. Phebe ; d. 18.^0. 

Jared Beardsley'^ (Eliakim'', SamueH, John^ Samuel^ Wil- 
liam'), b. Nov. 24, 17G8 ; m. Betsey Bennett. 

d. 1855. 


1. Polly, b. Sept. 19, 1799 ; m. Joseph Bishop 1819 ; d. 

2. Anna, b. Aug. 31, 1801; m. Elihu Robin.son 1827; 

3. Harriet, b. April 8, 1803; m. A. Palmer 1826; d. 

+ 4. Clark. 
-f- 5. Bennett. 

6. Walter, b. Dec. 29, 1808; d. 1809. 

7. Alma, b. Dec. 18, 1810 ; d. 1811. 

8. Mary Ann, b. April 8, 1812 ; m. John Robinson 
1836. Four children. 

9. Alma, b. Aug. 25, 1814 ; d. 1819. 


+ 10. Jared. 

11. Kdwin, b. April 4, 1818 ; d. 1820. 

12. Betsey, b. June 17. 1820 ; in. John G. Sheffield 1847. 
-|- 13. Lockwood Hinman. 

Jared P. Beardsley'^ (Jared-', Israels Thomas*, Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1782 ; d. Jan. 26, 1814, Monroe, Conn. ; m. Melissa Wheeler, 
\y1io d. April 13, 1867. 


-|- 1. Lynson. 

2. Anna, b. Nov. 27, 1828 ; m. Edwin Hard Jan. 6, 1850. 
Has three children. 

3. Walter, b. 1832; m. Sarah Shelton. 

jARED BEARDSLEY' (Samuel T.^ Jared^ Israel*, Thomas^ Jo- 
seph-, William'), bapt. 1802 ; m. (1) Hester Botsford, (2) Mrs. Brant. 
Res. New Milford, Conn. 


1. Henrj'- Franklin. 

2. Lucy Ellen, b. March 9, 1841. 

3. William Levi. 

Jared Beardsley' (Isaac'', Isaacs Abraham^ John', Joseph-, 
William'), b. Jan. 21, 1810; m. Betsey B. Andrns 1838. In 1864 set- 
tled near Muscatine, Iowa, and in 1885 moved to Toledo, Iowa. 

Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Anna, h. Feb. 28, 1844, at Canton, Pa. ; m. Harman 
A. Eveland Dec. 18, 1865. 

+ 2. Clark Adeibert. 

3. Chloe Maria, b. Auo-. 5, 1850. A teacher. 

4. John Powell, b. 1857; m. Ella J. Bushnell 1883. 
.5. Alice May, b Sept. 19, 1864. A music teacher. 

6. Marj' Jane Andrus, b. Dec. 9, 1862; adopted Jan. 
3, 1863 ; m. Michael T. Bair May 14, 1878. 

Jared Beardsley' (Jared", Eliakim^ Samuel% John^, Samuel-, 
William'), b. May 30, 1816. Scipio, N. Y. ; d. at Bay City, Mich., Aug. 
12, 1887, aged 71 ; m. Mary Jane Gray March 1, 1838. By trade a car- 
penter; then a foundrj'-man and farmer. 



1. Charles Aug-ustiis. Had a son, Jared, who ni. 
Delia H. Begole. 

+ 2. Edwin Haskins. 

3. Alton Farmer. 

4. David ; d. y. 

5. Martha. 

6. Wilson Gray, b. 1848 ; ni. Sarah E. Forbes 1877. A 
son, Warren Henry, b. 1879. 

7. Frank Hamilton. 

8. Mary Ellen. 

Jared Beardsley^ (Bennett", Jared", Eliakim^, Samuel*, John^, 
Samuel-, William'), b. May 20, 1834, Troy, Mich.; m. Mary Branch 
April 2, 1868. Farmer. Baptist. 


1. Alice C, b. July 9, 1870. 

2. Mary T., b. Dec. 15, 1871. 

3. Lotta S., b. July 5, 1874. 

4. Jared ^oy. 

Jasper H, BeardsleY' (Lewis", Whitmore'', Benjamin^ Josiah^, 
Joseph-, Williami), b. 1843, Bakersville, Vt. ; m. Eliza A. Kirbyl866. 
Resides three miles west of Tomah, Monroe co.. Wis. Farmer. 


1. Riley E., b. June 3,1868. 

2. Frank H. 

3. Ruth B., b. Feb. 28, 1880. 

JEHTEL BEARDSLEY* (Johu^ Joseph", William'), b. Nov. 18, 1695; 
m. Martha . 


1. Jehiel,b. 1742; d. y. 

2. Theophilus, b. 1746 ; d. 1795, Stratford, Conn. 

3. Abigail, bapt. Jan. 28, 1750. 

4. Martha, bapf Sept., 1751. 
-f- 5. Henr}^ 

6. Sarah, bapt. March, 1764 ; m. John Coe 1784. 


JEHIEL BeardsleY'^ (John', John', Joseplr. VVilliaiu'), b. Feb., 
17m, Stratford, Fairfield oo., Cotin. ; ni. Hannah Gifford in Middle- 
town, Conn. They moved to Hennini>ton, Vermont, l)efore the 
battle which occurred there. Afterward the}' lived in Charlotte, 
and about the 5'ear 1791 crossed I,ake Champlain, near where 
Plattsburg now stands, and settled in what is now known as Peru, 
Clinton CO., N. Y. A grandda tighter wrote : 

"The advent was one to be remembered. They had 
their household goods, provisions to last until others 
could be grown, horses, three cows, sheep and poultr}' and 
sixtj' slaves. They squatted on 200 acres of land (which, 
when surveyed, was purchased of the Government at $1.25 
per acre) near the Great Ansable River, but thirteen miles 
from the lake westward. There \vere no roads, no clear- 
ings, nor dwellings of an}' kind in that country. 

"They were among- the first, if not the first, to enter the 
unbroken forest. A narrow path was cleared and their 
effects carried on horseback to the river banks, where a 
rude cabin was erected, which sheltered their warm and 
hopeful hearts, ground cleared and a crop put in that 
spring. Here he freed all his slaves as they came of age, 
providing for the old ones Here he reared his large fam- 
ily to man and womanhood, and here he died in 1846, at 
the advanced age of 112 years, leaving- a handsome prop- 
erty to his heirs. 

■'He was a firm believer in an all-wise and over-ruling 
Providence all the daj's of his life, and sank forest in a 
golden old age." 

He was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. 


-}- 1. Cyrus. 

2. S}' 1 via, 1>. 1706 ; m. John Dortcher. 
-|- 3. F^mmanuel. 
+ 4. Beverly. 
-f- .5. Jehiel. 
+ 6. John. 

7. Eunice ; rn. Nehemiah White. 

8. Keziah ; m. (1) Seth Bull. Eight children. M. (2) 


Jehiel Beardsley« (JehieP, John*, John'*, Joseph-, Williami), b. 
Nov. 6, 1772, in Vermont. He came with his family to the Ansable 


country in 1791, and helped to build the first cabin, clear the first 
land, put in the first seed, and anxiously waited and watched for 
the golden harvest. Clinton ville, Clinton co., N. Y., now stands 
near the spot where these early but brave pioneers began to clear 
awa3' the forests and prepare the way for the coming- civilization. 
Married Jane White; d. 1851, aged 79 years. 


1. Rachel, b. Jan. 13, 1802 ; d. when 13 days old. 

2. Eliza, b. Jan. 10, 1805 ; m. Melancthon Travis 1822. 
Had eight children. One son, Rev. C. H. Travis, was a useful 
minister of the New York Conf. M. K Church ; and Maria, her 
youngest daug^hter, has done good work in gathering facts for 
this family record. 

.3. Gifford, b. Aug. 10, 1807 ; d. Oct. 19, 1810. 
+ 4. Asher. 
-|- 5 Edward. 

6. Sally, b. Aug. 6, 1814; m. Almond Leet. Three 

7. Sylvia, b. April 14, 1817 ; m. John B. Macomber. 

8. Isabella Maria, b. Sept. 22, 1819 ; m. George Flint. 
Rev. Alonzo Flint, her son, is a useful member of a Wisconsin 

+ 9. Joseph Lane. 

Jehiel Beardslf'.y" (Emmanuel, Jehiel'^ John*, John^, Joseph-, 

William'), b. 1788 ; m. (1) Mary White, (2) Sarah Day 1817, New York. 

Farmer. Episcopalian. 


-(- 1. Samuel Dewej-. 

2. Mary, b. 1821 ; m. Henry Day. 

3. Emmanuel, b. 1823; m. (1) Parthenia Andrews 
1846. A son, Emmanuel. M. (2) Mary Beardsley. A son by her, 
b. 1870. 

+ 4. Amos. 

5. Sarah Adda, b, 1826; m. Albert Macomber. One 
son and three daughters. 
+ 6. Ezra. 

7. Cyrus, b. 1829; m. Eliza Peck. Enlisted and d. at 
New Orleans 1863, leaving- a son, Milford. 

8. L3'dia, b. 1833; m. L. Bliss. Two sons and two 


9. George ; in. Nancy . 

10. Susan, b. 1837. 

11. Edmund, b, 1838; d. IS.W. 

Jeremiah Beardsley*' (Caleb*, John^ Joseph-, William'), b. 1740, 
and d. Dec. 25, 1794, at Stratford, Conn. (Congregational Church 
Record) ; ni. . 


1. Jeremiah William, b. 1770; m. Mary . 

2. Tobias, bapt. Oct. 11. 1786. 

Jerome J. Beardsley' (Kphraim^ Kphraim-', David*, Kphraini'*, 
Joseph-, William'), b. Feb. 1(3, 1810, at Grand Island, Vt., and d. at 
Chicago, 111., Dec. 28, 1878; m. (1) Louisa Waiuwright, (2) Mary 
Gregory-, (3) Mercy Otis Dec. 30,1857. He was admitted to the Bar 
at the age of 21 ; was a member of the Vermont Legislature ; also 
District Attorney. Came to Rock Island, 111., 1816. Moved to Chi- 
cago in 1859. He was a man of marked ability in his profession. 

children by first wife. 

1. Arthur. 

2. Maria ; m. Willis Andrews. 

children by second wife. 

3. p:ilen, b. 1842; ra. (1) Charles H. Reed Nov., 1861. 
Famous in the Guiteau case at Washington, D. C, for the murder 
of President Garfield. M. (2) Prof. F;dward S. Bastin July, 1884. 

4. Jerome, b. 1843 ; m. Carrie Forsythe 1867. 

5. Ruth, b. Oct. 19, 1854; m. William Griggs Dec, 

children by third wife. 

6. Mary, b. Dec. 20, 1858 ; m. Edward C. Hooker. 

7. Otis. 

8. Cornelia, b. Feb. 16. 1866. 

Jerome N. Beardsley'* (James H.', Jaine.s^ Josiah\ James*. 
John% Samuel-, William'), b. 1821; m. Acksah Lilly 1846. Res. 
Dover, Cuyahoga CO., Ohio. Farmer. Methodist. He was a very 
kind and generous man, well known to the writer in 1860-61, who 
was at that time his pastor. 




+ 1. James Nelson. 

2. Alice Matilda, b. 1819; m. James Stacy 1875. Four 

3. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1851 ; m. Andrew Rose 1874. 
Five children. 

4. Kate Morincie, b. and d. Jan., 1853. 

Jesse Bearl>sley* ( William^*, DanieF, William'), b. Jan., 1737, and 
d.l798; m, Ruth Lyon. Res. at Redding^, Conn. Tailor and far- 

He was four years in the Revolutionary War. Family tradi- 
tion saj's, after g^oing three days without food he made a meal of 
an uncooked canine, not darino- to make a fire for fear of the In- 
dians, having- been separated from his associates for that time. 

Four of his sons were tailors. His will is recorded in Danbury 
Probate Records (B. 7,372), and dated July 16, 1798. He names his 
children, and makes his widow and son Jesse the executors there- 
of. "I give my wife my ridino- mare and side saddle, one cow, 
which one she shall choose, and all the swine; also the use and 
improvement of all lands — as long- as she remains my widow and 
until she shall marry — after that one-third onl}-." 

He gave to his son '■William £35 more for his share because 
he had given him no trade." He kept an exact account of what 
each child had received. His estate inventoried £384 12s. ll^od. 


+ 1. Daniel. 

-(- 2. Jesse. 

+ ,3. Jabez. 

+ 4. Levi. 

-|- 5. Aaron. 

+ 6. William. 

7. Miriam ; m. Daniel Sandford. 

8. Lois ; d. y. 

(Dh;.) Jesse Beakdsley^^ (Jesse*, William-^ Daniel-, Williami),b, 
about 1767 ; m. Ruth , Redding", Conn., Oct. 1, 18(X1. 

He was b}' trade a goldsmith, but studied medicine, and d of 
pleurisy two weeks after his graduation. 

The administrators of his estate were appointed Dec. 31, 1801. 
His sickness and funeral expenses amotmted to $15.66. 

His son, -j- William, received $4.96. 


JKSSE BEARDSLEY" (Jabez\ William*, William', Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1790; d. — ; m. Sally Hadley, of Preston, ChenanafO co.> 
N. Y. 


1. Kinil}' ; in. Charles (ireen. 

2. John. 
?,. Miles. 

-(- 4. Lncir.s. 

5. Alameda ; ni. Hiram Fitts. 

6. Adeline ; m. John McMinn. 

7. Maria ; ni. Newton. 

8. Sarah ; m. Ed. Hatch. 

9. Orson P. 

Jesse Beardsley« (Willianr', Josiah*, SamueP, Samuel^, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1780; m. (1) Adeline Angell 1826, (2) . 


1. Mar}- Cornelia. 

2. Elizabeth A, 
4" 3. Auoustus J. 


4. Nathan Summers. 

Jesse L. Beardsley^ (Aaron\ Jesse*, William^ Daniel', Wil- 
liam'), b. Sept. 0, 1801 ; d. Monroe, Mich. ; m. (1) Paulina S. Young- 
Sepl. 25, 1825 ; (2) Synthia Earmolds Oct. 20, 1831. Tailor. 


1. Julius Henr}'. He ^vent to California in 1849, and 
from there to Australia. Has not been heard from since. 


T. . ^2. William. 
1 wins 

' .3. Paulina. 

4. Douglas. 

5. Another son and daughter. 

Jesse Beakdsley' (Levi", Obadiah"', John*, John", Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. May 30, 1793 ; m. Sophia Porter. 



1. Levi. 

2. Elisha. 

Job G. Beardsley' (William^ John^ John*, Nathan', SamueP, 
William'), b. Sept. IG, 1810, Rensellear, N. Y. Res. Richwood, Union 
CO., Ohio. Farmer. Methodist. M. (1) Patience Webster ; d. 1870 ; 
(2) Nancy Bell. 


1. Sarah Jane, b. 1835 ; m. John Lidle. 

2. Eunice Mary, b. 1839 ; m. Isaac Cowgill. 

3. William Webster, b. April 2,1841. Enlisted in the 
82nd O. V. I., Dec, 1861. Wonnded in the ri^ht leg- at the Second 
Bull Riin fight ; leg^ amputated ; d. April 4,1866. 

4. Catherine Louise, b. Aug. 12, 1843 ; m. Nathan 


5. Clarissa Louisa, b. Avig. 22, 1846 ; m. Luther Lan- 

6. James Wheeler. 

Joel Beardsley' (Morrison\ Austin^ John^, John\ Joseph^, 
William!), b. Sept. 9, 1800 ; d. Dec. 27, 1888 ; m. (1) Mrs. Jane (McCall) 
Piatt Sept. 14, 1822 ; (2) Cornelia Doremus No issue. Carpenter, 
and joiner. Methodist. Res. Patterson, N. J. 


+ 1. Morrison. 

2. William Lawrence Canfield. 
+ 3. Isaac Blain. 
-|- 4. Benajah Miller. 

5. Emeline Amelia, b. — ; m. Cornelius Dormus. 
The author enjoyed a visit with Joel in Ma}^ 1888, at one of his 
son's in Patterson, N. J. He told me many things of the older 

John Beardsley^ (Joseph-, William'), b. Nov. 4. 1668; d. Nov. 
29, 1735 ; m. Abigail Wakelyn, who d. 1753 aged 88. He was a black- 
smith. His will was dated Nov. 11, 1732. To this a codicil was 
added Nov. 17, 1735; was probated Feb. 9, 1736. 

In it he mentions his wife "Abigail" and five sons, butnodau. 
He gave land in Unity and Great Neck to his son Andrew. To 
Jehiel, "I give m^^ shop and all my working tools for the carr3Mng 


on of til} trade, and ni\' cart and wheels, and all ni}' lot and orch- 
ard at Walnut-tree Hill." 

To Abrahani, the eldest son, seventeen acres and one-quarter. 
It beino- the one-half of a piece of land at Ouitnby's Hill, thenorfh- 
westerl}' half; and i^ thirt3'-nine rods on the south-westerl3^ side, 
and fortj'-sjx rods and a quarter on the north-easterly part there- 
of. To Jehiel the ec[ual half of the Salt Meadow, at a place called 
the "White Rock" on the south side. And the equal half of the 
swamp lot at a place called "Success," on the north side. The 
whole lot contains six acres. To Andrew's heirs the other half of 
the piece of land at Ouimb3^'s Hill, and is about fort3'-two rods on 
the south-westerl3' side, as it is now bounded. And the one equal 
half of the piece of Salt Meadow, at a place called the "White 
Rock" on the north side. And the ecjual half of the said swamp 
lot at Success, on the south side thereof. Stratford, Nov. 7, 1756. 
His estate inventoried £1,500. Final distributions "April 5'e 11, 


-|- 1. Abraham. 
4- 2. Jehiel. 
+ 3. Caleb. :> o i.,... 
4. Deborah, b. 1699. 
+ 5. John. '\ "Vwv^ 
-|- 6. Andrew. ;"]o<i-^' 

' John Beardsley» (Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. 11. 1673; d. 1753, 
aged 80; m. (1) Mary Booth 1701, who d. Jan. 7, 1711 ; (li) Deborah 
Hull Nov. 27, 1711. Thej- joined the Cono-regational Church of 
Stratford in 1712. He had a share in his brother Benjamin's estate 
March 14, 1726 ; also a share of his mother's property- May 2, 1727. 
The following record refers to the above: "John Beardsley pur- 
chased of Timoth3' Wheeler, of Stratford, nine acres of land in 
Stratfield Nov. 10, 1702." His will is dated April 15, 17.52. He men- 
tions "wife Deborah, sons John and Obadiah, have already g-iven 
them land near Beardslej-'s Pond, Good Hill. Son Samuel, and 
his heirs all m3' land at Chesnxit Hill where Samuel was dwelling, 
excepting six acres. Son Andrew and his heirs. Son James and 
my five daughters (names follow). I appoint m3' wife Deborah, 
and brother, Samuel Hull executors." Proved Nov. 5, 1753. In- 
ventory Feb. 5, 17.54, £2,620 9s. 6d. Carpenter. 



1. Mary, b. 1703 ; d. y. 
-i- 2. John. 
+ 3, Obadiah. 

4. Andrew, b, 1709 ; d. y. 


+ 5. Samuel. 3 3f 

6. Andrew, b. 1713; d. 1711. 
4" 7. Andrew. 
-j- 8. Jatnes. 
T„r:»,o S 9- Deborah, b. Sept. 10, 1719: m. Tosiah Treadwell. 
\ 10. Sarah, b. Sept. 10, 1719. 

11. Abigail, b. April, 1721 ; ni. Andrew Patterson. 

12. Martha, b. 1723 ; d. 1726. 

13. Experience, b. 1726 ; ni. Richard Whitney Dec, 

14. Martha, b. 1728; m. Abel Hubbell. 

lo, Johannah, b. 1730; m. Hezekiah Seel e}^ Sept., 1750. 

John Beardsley* (Daniel-, William^), b. 1696, in Stratford, 
Conn. ; d. before June, 1735 ; m. Thankful . 

In Vol. 2, page 62, Fairfield Connty Records, is the following- : 
"John, Jr., son of Daniel Beardsle}', receives certain lands from 
his father;" biit no mention is made of where, or what the lands 


1. John ; d. in infancy'. 

2. John. 

3. Thankful, bapt. Jan., 1731. 

4. Daniel. 

5. William. 

6. Nathaniel, b. 1735 ; m. . One son, + John, 

b, 1767. He m. Mar3' Sickles and had a son, + Edward S. 

John Beardsley^ (John'*, Joseph^, William^), b. March 9, 1701 ; 
m. Keziah Wheeler Dec. 29, 1725. Res. at Ripton (now Hunting-- 
ton). Conn. In 1724 he received from his father thirt3'-six acres of 
land on the Lower White Hills, "for parental love." 



+ 1. Anoustiii, as it stands in the Church Baptismal 

Record ; but in the deed made out b}^ him and his wife, he signed 

his name "Austin." This deed maj' be seen at New Milford, 


+ 2. Obadiah. 

3. Patience, b. 1730 ; m. (1) Dayton, (2) -. — North- 


+ 4. John. 
-(- 5. Jehiel. 

6. Eunice. 
+ 7. Josepli. 
-f 8. Charles. 

9. Paul. Went with his brother, Chaplain John, to 
X. B., 1783, where he drew lot 374 ; and was buried at Mangerville, 
N. B., July .3, 1797. 

JOHX BEARDSLEY* (John^, Samuel-, William^), b. Sept. 6,1704; 
m. Martha Seele}'. His will begins with: 

"In the name of God, Amen. This 13th day of May, 1772, 
I.John B. Beardsle), of New Fairfield, Fairfield co., Conn., 
being at this time sound in mind and memor}', thanks to 
God therefor, and calling to mind the mortalit)- of mj^ 
body, and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die, 
do make and ordain this \\\y last will and testament. 

"In the first place, and above all, I recommend my soul 
to God who gave it, and my body to the ground, to be 
buried in a decent and Christian burial; nothing doubt- 
ing l^ut at the general resurrection I shall, b}^ the power 
of God, receive the same again; and as touching such 
worldly estate as it halh pleased God in this life to bless 
me with, after all my just debts and funeral charges are 
paid, which I do order to be done in convenient time after 
mj- decease out of my personal or movable estate, exclu- 
sive of what I shall hereafter give to ni}' beloved wife 
Martha, and if that is not sufficient to pa)' m}' debts, I im- 
power ni)' executors to sell lands sufficient when they see 
most proper and at their discretion,"' etc., etc. 
He gives to his "son, Nehemiah Beardsiey, nn* shop and black- 
smith tools, in consideration of his being my eldest son.'' 

He appoints "my loving wife Martha and ni}- son Nehemiah 
sole executors " 


I make a small selection from the long list of the inventorj^ as 
curiosities of those times. 

"A black vest, 12s.; great coat, 9s. ; leather breeches, 3s.; 
sword, 2s.; horse geers. 2s.; 2 great wheels, Dutch wheel 
and reel, 9s.; lietchel, 6s.; blacksmith shop and tools £6 
(birthright); about 20 acres of ground at Grud Hill, so- 
called, £13."' (B. 1, 15i, Danbury Records.) 


+ 1. Neheiniah. 
+ 2. Serajah. 
-j- 3. Gershom. 
-|- 4. Ebenezer. 
-j- 5. Hezekiah. 

6. Lj'dia ; m. Parruck Hubbel. 

7. Mary ; m. Comstock. 

8. Anna ; m. Bishop. 

John Beardsley* (Samuel^ DanieP, William'), b. Nov. 22, 1725; 
d. March 25, 1795, aged 70 ; m. Joanna Fairchild Sept. 18, 1752. 

His son John was appointed administrator Feb. 5, 1798, b3' the 
Court at New Milford. Conn. His estate inventoried £14 13s. lid. 


1. Ann, b. 1753; m. Asa Brownson. 

2. Lucena, b. 1756; m. Davis Piatt. 

3. Huldah, b. 1759; m. Reuben Brownson. 
+ 4. Silas. 

5. Joanna, b. 1764 ; m. Isaac Brownson. A grand- 
son and dau. of hers were members of the church where I was 
pastor in Denver, Colo., 1883 4 5. They were much esteemed and 
he spoke lovingly of his grandmother Joanna. He d. 1887. 

6. John. 

7. Elisha, b. 1774. Never married. 

John Beardsley* (Nathan^, Daniel-, William'), b. Aug. 23, 1732; 
m. Mary Francher, Jan. 21, 1752. 


1. Mary, b. 1752 ; m. Stephen Stone. 

2. Kate, b. Feb. 5. 1755. 


+ ;<. joiiti. 

+ 4. Daniel. 

(Rev.) Joh.n Hkakdsley'' (JohnS Jolm^ Joseph-, William^, b, 
April 23, 1732, at Ripton. Conn., and d. April 23, 1810, at Kingston. 
Canada, jnst 78 j-ears of age. Graduated from King's (now Colum- 
bia) College. N. Y., with the degree of B. A., in 1761. His first pub- 
lic services were as hay Reader, when he "read pra5-ers and ser- 
mons to ver3' good acceptance. " Rev. Dr. Punderson recommend- 
ed him to the "Societj^ for the Propagation of the Gospel in For- 
eiyn Parts," organized in 1711, and the successor of one organized 
in 1648 to extend the Gospel in New England, as a person suitable 
for missionary work. In the spring of 1761, he, with two others, 
sailed for England to secure ordination. 

Immediately after his return he was appointed missionary at 
Norwich and Groton, a position which lie filled satisfactoril}- for 
about five 3-ears. Oct. 26, 176(5, he was tranvSferred^ by his own re- 
quest, to Poughkee.psie, N. Y., which parish had been organized 
on the 23rd instant, previous, and was incorporated by Royal 
Charter, March 9, 1773. In addition to Christ Church, Pough- 
keepsie. he had charge of Trinity Church, Fishkill. He remained 
there over eleven j'ears. 

Upon the outbreak of the American Revohition, he deemed it 
his duty to remain loyal to the King of Kngland, as he had sworn 
allegiance at the time of his ordination. Shortly after the Com- 
mittee of Safely arrested him as a Tory and confiscated his prop- 
erty. He, with his family, took refuge in New York City Dec. 16, 
1777. The following year he resided on Long Island. 

Colonel Beverley Robinson, a prominent Loyalist, had been 
his parishioner at Fiskill, and upon his raising the "Loj^al Ameri- 
can Regiment for the King's service, ' the Rev. John Beardslej-, on 
April 2.-!, 1778, was appointed Chaplain of the regiment. He 
shared its fortunes dnring the war, and at the close accompanied 
it to New Brunswick. 

On the 19th of April, 17S3, the transport "Union"left New York 
Cit}- with 209 Lo3'alists on board, and landed Maj' 10 — 14 da 5^8 en 
route--on the rugged rocks where the city of St. John's, N. B., now 

He was the first clergyman of any denomination to minister, 
spiritually-, to the needs of those "exiles." He did not confine his 
lahors to this one localitj', but, on foot and in canoes, he went 
wherever settlers had gone, doin'4 the work of a godly pastor. 


He was Chaplain of the "King's New Brunswick Regiment" 
from 1793 to 1802, and during his natural life received a Chap- 
lain's half pay from the British Government. 

He was an enthusiastic Mason and organized the first Masonic 
Lodge in New Brunswick, of Avhich he was the Worthy Master. 

He wrote a long letter to his brothers Austin and Charles, 
Aug. 21, 1792, at "Hardwick Town, Sussex Co., State of New Jersey." 
This letter was copied for publication here, but lack of space pre- 

In Jul}^, 1805, he visited his old missions at Poughkeepsie and 
Fishkill, and probably his numerous relatives in New^ Jersey. 

Married (1) .Sjlvia, daughter of Rev. Dr. Punderson, about 
1766. She died about 1773. M. (2) Anna, daughter of Bartholomew 
Cunnell, about 1774. M. (3) Mrs. Mary Quain June 11, 1800, Gage- 
town, N. B. Had five children, two sons and three daughters, — 
three by S5dvia and two by Anna 

1. His eldest dan., in 1883, m. a German officer and 
went to New Brunswick, where the regiment was disbanded. After 
four jears' residence there, he, with his wife and two children, 
returned to Hesse Cassel, Germany. 
4- 2. John Davis. 

3. Catherine ; m. Samuel Nichols July 5, 1802. Res. 
Flushing, Long Island, where the}' lived and died. 

4. Bartholomew. 

JOHX BeardslEY^ (Abraham^ John-', Joseph-, William'), b. 1735 ; 
bapt. Jan. 18,1736; d. Dec 29, 1815; m. Rachel Smith July 14, 1762, 
and settled in Old Farm, now Nichols' Farms, Conn. His will is 
dated June 27,1798, and mentions all his children. His wife and 
son James were the execiitors. Will probated Jan. 2, 1816. The 
inventor}' amounted to $2,532.14. Churchman. 


1. Elisha. 

2. Sarah, b. March 5, 1705 ; m. Coe. 

3. Martha, b. March 15, 1767; m. Shelton. 

4. Joseph Smith. 

5. Rachael, b. Dec. 28, 1771 ; m. Elijah Booth. 
+ 6. Andrew. 

+ 7. John. 

8. James, b. Jan. 9, 1779. 

9. Bitta, b. Nov. 4, 1783 ; d. y. 
10. Mary, b. Apr. 19, 1780. 


John Beakdsley-' (Joli"', Nathan^ Samuel-, William'), b. Feb, 
6,17.17. Was a revolntionarj^ soldier. Married Polly Binns Apr. 
4, 1782 An old record saj's*: "Ye wife of John Beardsle}^ joined the 
Cotiijregational Church of Stratford 1790. 

"John Beardsley, Jr., bought bottom meadow lands of Richard 
Hubbell Sept. 16, 1776." Also certain described lands "off the har- 
bor'' of the same, March 8, 1781. 


+ 1. William. 

2. Polly, b. April6, 178o 

3. Rebecca, b. June, 1787; m. William Blackman. 
i. Nancj', b. April, 1790 ; m. Burr. 

-j- 5. John. 

6. Caty, b. Feb., 179.1 ; m. Peter Twist. 

7. Betse}', b. Jan., 1797 ; m. Edwin Potter. 

fCOL) John BeardsleY'' (James*, John'*, Samuel^. William'), b. 
1743 ;d. Feb. 23, 1812; m. (1) Mary Fairchild ; d. 1790. >I. (2) Mrs.Phebe 
F^l well, Jan. 8, 1792. He was a Colonel in a Colonial reg"iment. 

His will was dated June 1.5, 1811, and reads in part as follows: 
"My will is that after ni}' debts are paid, all mj' personal estate 
shall be divided into four ec|ual shares. One of which shares I 
give to the children of mj' son, Paul ; one share to the children of 
mj^ son, Asher ; one sbare to the children of mj"^ son, John ; and 
one share to the children of my daughter, Annis, wife of Phineas 
Beardsle}'. Mj' will further is that all mj' real estate be divided 
into five equal shares." In this he adds to the names above given 
that of "one share to the children of my daughter, Charlotte, wife 
of Ga5'lord Beardsle)'," who was the esteemed grandtnother of 
the writer. The estate was not large, amounting to, when the 
debts were paid, less than $1,000. 


+ 1. Paul Fairchild. 

2. Charlotte, b. Dec. 6, 1772 ; m. Ga5^1ord Beardslej", 
her half second cousin, Feb. 20, 1794. She d. Nov. 30, 1858, Hamil- 
ton's Corners, Medina co., Ohio. Three of her grandsons have 
been for many years in the ministry' of the Methodist Episcopal 

-}- 3. Asher. 

+ 4. John. 


5. Annis, b. 1776; iii. Phineas Beardsley. Had one 
son and five daughters. 

Phebe Elwell, the second wife, before her second marriage 
had children : (1) Daniel, bapt. 1770; (2) Neheniiah, b. 1785 ; (8) De- 
borah. The two last were bapt. Apr. 8, 1792, three months after 
her marriage to John Beardsley, hence conld not have been his 
children as given in a church record. 

JOHX S. Beardslky^^ (Joseph*, Nathan^ Samuel-, William^), b. 
April 13, 178.^, in Huntington, Conn.; d. at Plaistovv, N. H., Oct. 1, 
1875. When j'oung he followed the .sea. He enlisted June 22,1812, 
for five years in the 13th. U. S. Infantry-. For some years he lived 
in Conn., then moved to Nottingham, N. H., where he engaged in 
farming. Here he m. (1) Hannah Hays Jxtne 4 1820, who d. Sept. 
29, 1841, Kxeter, N. H. M. (2) Sarah Fellows Aug. 13, 1847 ; d. Nov. 
4, 1889. 


1. Smith Hays 

2, Sarah, b. Mar. 25, 1822; m. John S. York 1847. 
+ 3. David Dyer. 

4. Luther Mace, b. July, 1826 ; d. 1844. 

5. Lois Ha) es, b. May 1828 ; d. Aug. 1830. 

6. John Blanchard. 

7. Lois Jane, b. Ma3' 8, 1832 ; ni. Reuben Head. Five 
children. He was wounded andd in the Union Army. 

8. Daniel H ill, b. 1834; m. (1) Harriet Hurst Jan., 1856. 
She d. in Nov. M. (2) Ellen -^. Lawrence. Two dans., Hattie and 


9. Horace Moore, b. Sept., 1836 ; d. Sept., 1844. 

10. Abbie Sherwood, b. Nov. 12, 1838; m. John C. 
Huett, Dec.31, 1854. 

11. b. Dec, 1840; d. unnamed. 

12. Fannie A., b. Oct., 14, 1812 ; m. Richford Harris. 


13. Charles Fellows. 

^ . _\ 14. Olive Etta, b. Nov. 21, 1851 ; m. Moses Pierce. 
^^ '"" '' 15. Walter Scott, b. Nov. 21, 1851. 

John Beardsley'^ (Lemuel*, ObadiaW, Daniel- William'), b. 
180.3, Huntington, Conn. ; d.Nov. 20, 1833, Stratford, Conn.; \\\. Har- 


riet Pendleton ; d. March 19, 1892, aj^ed 86 years. Lemuel was ap- 
pointed admin ivStrator Dec. 11-lG, 1833. 


1. Sarah Jane. b. Aug. 26, 1830 ; m. Nov. 29, 1849, 
Wheeler Beers ; d. Jan. 27, 1852. 
-\- 2. Lemuel John. 

John BEARDSLEY«,(Andrew\AndrewSJohnMoseph^, William'), 
b. about 1760 ; ni. . 


1. Charles. 

2. John. 

3. James. 
1. Amos. 

5. Benjamin. 

6. Levi. 

7. Polly, b. June 28, 1794; m. Elijah Drur3^ 

John Beardsley® (Obadiah'\ John*, John^ Joseph-, William^), b. 
Mar. 11,1757; m. Margaret P. Comb Nov. 2, 1791. Res. for years in 
Herkimer co., N. Y. They had two daughters and one son, 
Augustus, who, after graduation in college, became the first judge 
of that count}'. 

JOHX BEARDSLEY*^ (Abraham^, A1)raham*, John\ Joseph^ Wil- 
liam'), b. April 9, 1760; d. 1806; m. Jerusha Beach 1779, who d. 1832, 
aged 70. He served six years in the War of the Revolution in the 
8th Conn. Regt. Was made quite deaf by the firing of cannon at 
Stony Point. 

He resided for 3'eai"s near Whitestown. N. Y., at what was 
known as "Heardsley's Corners.'' He owned here several hundred 
acres of land. He also was a wealthv cattle dealer, and while on 
his waj' east with a drove of cattle, sickened and died at Manlius, 
Onondaga co., N. Y. At onetime was judge of the county court. 
Once when company was with him and they were talking about 
silver he brought out a half bushel of silver dollars. He is said 
to have had one and one half bushels of silver at onetime. His 
estate was acted upon b}- the court in Stratford, Conn,, Ma3'G,1807. 


-j- 1. Neliemiah Beach. 


2. David. 

3. Everett. 

4. Charles. 
+ 5. John. 

6. James. 

7. Nanc3^ 

8. Betsy. 

9. Eunice. 

10. Sarah. 

11. Ann. 

John D. Beardsley" (John'', John\ John"', Joseph-, William') b. 
1769, Ponohkeepsie, N. Y., and d. in Woodstock, New Brunswick, 
Jan. 26, 1852; m. (1) June 20. 1793, Sally Mnndy Dibblee, b. 1772, and d. 
July 25, 1826. M. (2) June 21, 1828, Mary Ann Gill, b. 1784, who d. July 
2, 1873. Was educated for an Episcopal Clero-3?man, but when 
asked "if he felt Divinely called to preach the Gospel" he replied 
that he did not. Hence he gave up the ministry and became a 
useful farmer; thovigh he taught school for several terms. 


1. Polly Sylvia, b. Mar 17, 1794; d. July 29, 1855; m. 
Charles Ra3'iTiond, of Woodstock, N. B. One son and three daugh- 
ters. A grandson. Rev. W. O. Ra3'mond, Rector of an Episcopal 
Church, St. Johns, N. B., has furnished extensive notes concern- 
ing his great-grandfather,the "Chaplain." 

2. Peggy Clarissa, b 1796; d. May 20, 1861 ; m. Edwin 
Dibblee. Four sons and five daughters. 

+ 3. John Davis. 

4. Charles Jolin Alford ; m. Agnes Currie. Six 

+ 5. Ralph Dibblee. 

6. William Henry, b. April 3, 1804. 

7. Hannah Jarvis, b. April 24, 1808 ; m. Andrew Cur- 
rie. Seven sons and six daughters. 

8. Lavina Matilda, )>. June 4, 1810; m. Andrew Mc- 
Ra3-. Two sons and one daughter. 

9. Paul Fyler, b. 1812; m. Elizabeth McRay. 
-|- 10. Punderson Herbert. 

John Beardslev" (Jonathan', Josiah*, Josiah■^ Joseph-, Wil- 


Ham'), b. 1771, and d. at Newtown, Conn., Aug. 27,1821; ni. Sally 
Willoughby, who d. Sept. 19, 1832, aged 60 years. 


1. Beers. 

2. Milton. 

3. Zechariah. 

4. John. 

5. Anna, b. — ; ni. Elijah Hiogins. 

6. Elizabeth Catherine, b. — ; d. y. 

John Beardsley** (Jehiel% John*, John'', Joseph^, William'), b. 
1773, at Poultnej^ Vt., and d. at Chesterfield, Essex co., N. Y. ; m. 
Katherine White. Farmer. 


1. Joshua. 
+ 2." Emor3^ 

3. Ani3', b. 1804 ; ni. James Mace. 
-|- 4. Hiram. 
+ 5. John. 

6. Eunice, b. 1809 ; m. Seymour Ames. Sixchildren. 

7. Amanda; m. Toinlinson. 

8. Elizabeth. 

9. Keziah ; m. John Green. 

10. Jane Ann. 

11. Katherine ; ra. (1) Platte. After the death of 

her husband and sister Amy, m. (2) James Mace. 

John Beardsley'* (Charles'', John*, John*, Joseph^, William'), b. 
about 1773 ; ni. Susanna Bray. 


+ 1. John. 

2. Syble, b. 1801-2. 
-f 3. Nathaniel Kerr. 

4. Edward. 

5. Phebe. 

6. Catherine. 

JOH.X Beardsley" (John"', Abraham*, John'. Joseph-', William'), 
b. Sept. 3, 1776; d. 1831 ; m. Eunice Guernsey 1800. Moved to Ver- 
million, Erie CO., Ohio, 1811. Carpenter by trade. Deacon of the 
Presbyterian Church. Was a man of sterling qualities. 



1. Philo, b. 1801 ; in. Eunice Stimson 1827-8. One 

daxi., whom. Holard. 

+ 2. Joseph Smith, b. 1803; d. aged 19. 

;S. Ann, b. 1805 ; m. Capt. Klliott. Three children. 
4. Sophia, b. 1807 ; m. Allen Eddy. Five children. 
-|- 5. Clement. 

6. Harriet, b. 1811 ; m. Blardill. Two daus. 

+ 7. John. 

8. Irena, b. 1815; ni. D. L. Washburn 1834. Seven 

f 9. Joseph Smith, b.l817; m. Matilda Field 1840. One 
Twins \ son, + Howard Field. 

ilO. Maria ; d. ag^ed 21. 

John Beardsley'' (John-'. James*, John^, SamueP, William^), b. 
1776 ; m. Grand Bernard. 


1. Horace. 
+ 2. Asher. 
3. Bernard. 

John O. Beardsley** (Benajah^ Obadiah^, John'', Samuel-, Wil- 
liami), b. April, 1780, in New Fairfield, Conn., and d. April, 1842, at 
Carrollton, N. Y. ; m. Charity Bramblee, who d Aug. 6, 187G, aged 
92. They were Methodists. A lumberman. 


1. Rebecca, b. June 18, 1808; d. 1886. 

2. John Odell. 

3. William. 

4. James. 

5. Maria, b. Feb. 7, 1820. 

6. Jane, b. June 24, 1822 ; d. Feb. 7, 1846. 

7. Hiram, b. 1825; m. MaudannaL, Nell 1850. Ason, 
-|- John Solmon. 

8. Lavinia J., b. Nov. 27, 1827 ; d. Nov. 29, 1868. 

John BeARDSLEY" (Abijah'", Roberts DanieP, Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1781, and d. about 1810; m. Josie Everett, Res. Norwalk, 
Conn. A son, + William Everett. 


John Beardsleys (Zeplianiali\ SaimieH, William^ Samuel'" 
William'), b. 1783, Fairfield, Conn. A shoemaker. Knlisted, March 
3, 1814, at Middletown, Conn., as a private, U. S. Infantry, under 
Capt. Thomas Se3Mnour. Discharged at Sackett's Harbor, Maj^ 17, 
181f), hi.s term having- expired. 

John Beardsley« (Eliakim^ Samuel*. Jolin^, Samuel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1783. Southbur}, New Haven co.,C'onn. ; d. at Auburn, N. 
Y , 1857. He came to Scipio, Ca3'Uga co., N. Y , in 1808, and .soon 
became a prominent man in that town, and was elected Justice of 
the Peace, Supervisor, etc. In 1820 was Judge of the County- 
Court ; in 1832 and 1833 was a member of the Legislature, and in 
1835 of the State Senate, where he served four j'ears ; and was 
afterward Warden of the State Prison at Auburn, N. Y. Married 
Alice Booth. 


1. John, b. Nov. 9,1783 ; d. y. 

2. Alice, b. Dec. 22, 1786 ; d. y. 
+ 3. Nelson. 

-|- 4. Roswell. 
-(- 5. John. 

6. Cordelia A., b. Oct. 5, 1813 ; d. y. 
+ 7. William C. 

8. Caroline E., b. July 16, 1818. 
+ 9. Alonzo G. 

10. Alice J., b. July 18.1822. 

11. Cordelia A., b. Aug. 24. 1825. 

12. Margetta, b. Oct. 5, 1827. 

13. Adalisa, b. Feb. 10, 1830. 

14. Augusta H., b. April 20, 1833. 

lOHN Beardsley<* (Nehemialr', Nehemiah*, Nathan'*, Daniel^ 
William'), b. Feb. 10, 1800, in Harpersfield, and d. in Deposit, Dela- 
ware CO., N. v., Dec. 13, 1883 ; m. Sally Smead, who d. in Middletown, 
N. Y., Dec. 12, 1861. Baptist and a farmer. 


1. Miles. 

2. James Lewis. 

3. John Monroe. 

4. Madison. 


5. Nelson. 

6. David. 

7. Julia Ann, b. 1840; m. V. Sanford. Two sons and 
two dans. 

John Beardsley'' (John-', John\ Nathan-^ Samuel^, William'), b. 
Sept. 26, 1792 ; d. Feb. 24, 1887, in Milford Township, Knox co.. Ohio. 
A cabinet-maker in New Haven, Conn., where he worked for nine 
years. He made two trips to Ohio— the first on foot, in the fall of 
1818, leaving in October and reaching his brother William, in 
Grandville, Ohio, November 19, where he remained until April, 
when he returned east by the same independent conveyance. 
While there he bouglit 240 acres of land, but lacked $40 in paying 
for the same. As there was no way of sending- the money he started 
back on foot in the fall of 1819, taking the northern route, partly by 
water, via Alban5% Buffalo, and Cleveland to Chillicothe, Ohio, 
where he paid the $40. He returned to Conn, on foot. Married 
Mary Fitch Sept. 2, 1822, and started a week later with his own 
conveyance for their present home in Ohio. He was a Congrega- 
tional ist and a la}^ speaker of rare sweetness and power. 


-\- 1. George F. 
-f 2. Charles. 

3. Henry, Res. Clark, Neb. 

4. Elizabeth. 
~^. Mary. 

6. Melissa. 

John A.- Beardsley'' (Alexander^, Zephaniah*, Jonathan^ Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. aboutlSOO; m. . He was a shoemaker 

at Milford,New Haven co.. Conn. 


1. George E., b. 1832 ; m. Celia I. Kellogg 1868. 

2. Smith, b. 1834 ; m. Caroline Bush 1859. One son, 
+ John F. A ph3'sician at Tacoma, Washington. 

John BeardslEy'' (Silas", John^ Samuel-^ Daniel-, William'), b. 
June 12, 1812, Middletown, Susquehanna co.. Pa.; m. Adeline Darl- 
ing, July 7, 1833. Res. Warrenham, Bradford co.. Pa. A farmer. 

+ 1. Randolph. 

2. Sarah C. ; m. Sidney Pitcher 1860. Two clilldren. 


(Capt.) John B. Beardsley" (JohnS/', Joseph*, Nathan'^ Sam- 
uel-, William'), h. June 8, 1S30; m. Clara Clark, of Exeter, N. H. 
Captain in the army. Knoaged in shoe business in Haverhill, 


1. Warren. 

2. Winnie. 

3. Alvin. 

4. Mar}-. 

John O. Beakd.sley" (Gideon^, Nehemiah-', John*, JohnS Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. Jan. 4, 1787 ; d. Aug-, 2, 1863, aged 7G ; m. (1) Jemi- 
ma Bearss, b. Sept. 16, 1787 ; d, March 30, 1847 ; (2) Salome , 

His will, dated Feb. 18,1862, mentions "wife Salome." Gideon, 
his son, was the executor of the will. He is buried about two 
miles south of the center of New Fairfield, Conn. 


-|- 1. Nehemiah. 

2. F;ieazer. H., b. 1809; m. (1) Catherine Coville. 
One dau., Ida. M. (2) Betsey Wilkes. 

3. Selina, b. July 4, 1811; m. July 20. 18.31. Walter 
Beardsley. Four children. 

+ 4. Gideon. 

.0. F;iecta, b. Jan. 7, 1816; m. Asher Beardsley Nov. 
28, 1832. She d. Dec IS, 1834. 

6. Lydia, b. Oct. 2, 1819 ; m.her brother in-law, Asher 
Beardsley, May 28, 1837. After his death m. (2) Daniel Dollison. 
Res. Fremont, Ohio. 

7. Laura A., b. April 11, 1822 ; d. Oct. 5, 1876. 
+ 8. Peter. 

9. Flora Graves, b.Sept. 1.3,1828 ; m. E. D. Ritton Feb. 
26. 18r)0. Several children. 

John D. Beardsley" (John", JohnS John*, JohnS Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Dec. 1798 ; m. Jane Currie. Farmer. Episcopalian. 


1. John Davis. Disappeared m5'Steriousl}' at 22 
5'ears of age. 

2. George Johnson; d. aged 25. 

+ 3. Charles Alford. 
4. Ritcliie Ann. 


5. Matilda Lavina. 

6. Jennie. 

7. Mella; m. DePalmas. 

8. Sarah Francis; m. Capt. H. W. Bourne 1867. 

9. Mary ; ni. Charles Bourne. 
10. Clarissa Charlotte ; d. y. 

John Beardsley' (John*', Charles^ John*, John"', Joseph-, Wil- 
liami), b. 1799 ; d. June 27, 1828 ; ni. Electa . 


1. Phebe, b. 1825; d. Oct. 5, 1830. 

2. Steven H., b. 1827 ; d. 1830. 

3. Nancj', b. March 1829; d. Nov.. 1830. 

John Beardsley" (John^ Abraham-', Abraham*, John'*, Joseph-, 
William'), b. Lansing-. N. Y., Jan. 3, 1800 ; d. Sept. 28. 1883 ; m. Har- 
riet Ward, who d. Aug. 19, 1856. He was b. lived and d. on the 
same farm, and was never out of the state but once when he vis- 
ited the home of his ancestors. He first saw the light in Onon- 
dag-a CO , but by a division of the county iiis home fell in Cayuga 
CO. Then by another division the same place was called Tomp- 
kins co , so he lived in three counties without moving. One son, 
+ Beach. A Baptist. Farmer. 

John W. Beardsley' (William", Charles\ John^John^ Joseph-^, 
William'), b. 1799, Hardestown, Sussex co., N. J. ; m. Elizabeth Car- 
penter. Res. in Elmira, N. Y., until 1831, then moved to Independ- 
ence, Mich. Has never xised tobacco, liquors or glasses. 


1. Harriet. 

2. Townsend C, Capt. in 22d Mich. Vol., and d. in 
union army. 

3. Robert, b. 1830. Enlisted 1861 ; discharged 1863. 
Entered the U. S. Navy 1861 ; discharged 1866. 

4. Annie. 

5. Noah. 

6. Henr3\ 

7. Nettie. 


John N. Beardsley' (Ezekiel'', Jabez\WilliainS William*, Sam- 
viel2, William^) ; m.Lucy Bucklin. 


1. Martha. 

2. Mar3'. 

;i David William. 
4. Sarah A. 
o. Beaj^ton. 

6. Sophia. 

7. Homer B. 

JOHX O. Bearpsley" (Abel®, Benajah^ Obadiah*, John^, Sam- 
uel-, William^) ; m. Almira Whittier. 


1. Charles Odell. 

2. Clinton J. 

3. Wilbur. 

4. Melvina ; m. John Spencer. 

5. Lovazia ; m. Richard Hazzard. 

6. Lucy ; m. Joseph Leonard. 

7. Louisa; in. William Chafee. 

8. Milhe ; m. Guy Irvin. 

John Beardsley" (Lester«, Jo^eph^ JohnS John*, Joseph- Wil- 
liami), b. 1806 ; d. 1862 ; m. Mary M. Anthony. 


+ 1. Lester A. 

2. William F., b. 1845 ; m. Julia Smith 1878. 

3. Ella; m. J. W. Noyers. 

4. Frances ; d. y. 

5. Einil}' ; d. y. 

6. F;mma ; d. 3'. 

Twins.; "^^ R"f"^; d.y. 
' 8. John ; d. y. 

9. John B. ; d. y. 

John F. Heardsley' (Gaylord«, Gideon^ ObadialiS John^, Sam- 
uel-. William'), b. April 18, 1807. near Harpersfield Center, Dela- 


ware co., N. Y. ; m. Julia Baird. Was a merchant at Summit, 
Schoharie co., N. Y., where he d. Julj^ 17, 1841, aged 34. 


-\- 1. Daniel Baird. 
-j- 2. David Abijah. 

3. Polly Ann ; d. y. 

4. Sally Maria, b. 1835 ; m. Joseph Johnson. One 
son, John Beardsley. 

-f- 5. John Loucha. 

John Beardsley' (William'\ Jabez^, William*, William^ Sam- 
uel, Williami) . j„ Kmily C. Beckwith, Nov. 11. 1827. 


1. William Volorus. 

2. Cyrene E. 

3. Irene L. ; m. Fitch. 

4. Charles S. 

5. Catherine. 

John B. BearDvSLEY^ (Philonus'*, Ephraim\ David*, Kphraim^, 
Joseph-, William^), b. June 5, 1808, Kent, Litchfield co., Conn.; d, 
Jan. 2, 1900, Towanda, Pa. ; m. Luc^^ L. Kasson June 21, 1835. Kes. 
Aubvtrn Four Corners, Susquehanna co., Pa. Member of the M. 
E. Church. Total abstainer for over 40 j^ears. Farmer. 


1. Edward Wells, b. June 3, 1836 ; d. Feb. 11, 1860. 

2. Charles, b. March, 13, 1838 ; d. Feb. 22, 1858. 

3. Electa, b. Sept. 5, 1840 ; d. Feb. 2, 1843. 

4. Prudence, b. Oct. 27, 1842; m. William T. Horton. 

5. Mar3% b. June 15, 1845 ; m. Dr. Anderson Tewks- 

John Beardsley' (John^ Jehiel^ John*, John^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liami), b. 1808. 


1. Frederick. 

2. Ira. 

3. Hiram. 


John BEARDSLEY" (John", JoVin\ Abraliaiii*, John', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam"), b. ISl;^; m. Leah , Axtel, Krie co., Ohio. 


1. Cliarles; d. in union arni}-. 

2. Nettie ; d. y. 

3. Lewis. 

John C. Beardsley^ (Andrew". John^ Abraham^ John^ Joseph^^ 
William'), b. March 13,1814, Triimbnll, Conn.; m. (1) Jane Black- 
man, (2) Mrs. IvUcinda Jacobs. Res. Nichols, Conn. Carpenter. 



1. Cornelins ; d. 5. 

2. Helen ; ni. Leonard Hawley. 

3. Eveline, b. Jul}^ 3, 1856; m. Jacobs. Two 

John C. Beardsley' (SamuelS David^ Obadiah*, John^ Sani- 
neP, William'), b, Nov. 4, 1819, Kden, Erie co., N. Y. ; m. Harriet 
Mar\^ Reed, Jul}- 3, 1841. Res. Herrick-sville, Bradford co., Pa. Har- 
rison Melville, an adopted son, b. 1843, was killed in the union army 
at the second battle of Bull Run, Aug,29. 1861. Farmer. Methodist. 

John J. Beardsley' (Chauncy", Josiah-', James?*, John^ SamueP, 
William'), b. 1824 ; m. Maria Jessup 1852. Res LeMont, Cook co., 


1. Margaret Jessup, b. 1854; d. 1860. 

2. L5'man Berry. 

3. Mark Jessup. 

4. Esther Irene, b. 1863 ; d. 1872. 

5. Chaunc}- LeMont. 

John M. Beardsley' (Jabez", William^ Josiah^ SamueP, Sam- 
uel-', William'), b. Aug. 23, 1833 ; m. Susan . 


1. John. 

2. Edward 

3. Mary Ann ; m. Crow. 

4. One, name not furnished. 


(Rev.) John Beardsley^ (Beverly', Beverly'*, Jehiel'', John^ 
John^, Joseph-, \VilHatii'),b. about 1801 ; m. Caroline Nearing, Local 
preacher in the M. E. Church and a man of fine ability. Res. 
"Butternuts." A shoemaker. 


1. Abio-ail ; m. Millard. 

2. Henry. 

3. Edgar. 

4. Charles. 

5. Silence. 

6. Wesley. 

John C. Beardslee^, (Robinson', Morrison'', Austin^ John^ John^, 
Joseph-, William'), b. Aug. 3,1830, at Hamburg-, New Jersey;- m. 
Ann Mary Cool 1858. Res. Nelson, Saginaw co., Mich. A farmer 
and a Methodist. 


1. Charles Elmer, b. 1859 ; m. Florence Simmons 1886. 

2. Melvin Robinson, b. 1862 ; m. Mary Wall 1893. 

3. Walter Berdinell. 

1. Jerusha Elnora, b. Jan. 5, 1866 ; m. G. L. Eaton. 
5. Lonta Isabell, b. Jan. 9, 1868 ; m. Fred Btitler 


6. Grabella Alina, b. Feb. 27, 1872. 

7. George Clarence, b. June 12, 1875. 

8. Jesse Earnest, b. July 8, 1877. 

9. Leroy John, b. Nov. 4, 1880. 
10. Edna Ann, b. April 21, 1883. 

John P. Beardsley* (Abner W.', Benajah'*, Gideon^ Obadiah*, 
John'*, Samuel-, William'), b. Sept. 6, 1819; m. Bertha Raymond 
1812. Methodists. 


1. Frances, b. 1813; m. John Ennd. 

2. Marion, b. 1847 ; m. E. P. Slaiter. 

3. Earnest, b. 1849 ; m. Maggie Sides. 

4. Jennie, b. 1861. 

John L. Beardsley*" (Peter, Luke**, MichaeP, Abraham*, John^ 
Joseph^ William'), b. April 21,1831, Huntington. Conn. ; m. (1) Mary 


A. Squire May 20. LS.m. Slie d. Sept. 11, 18G8. M. (2) Mary J. Sher- 
man March 21, 1870. Res. Bridoeport, Conn. Carriage maker. 


1. Frank W., 1). 18.")6 ; m. Knima E. Reeves 1882. 

2. Fannie F.,b. March 1, 18G1 ; m. J. F. Ohnstead July 

7, 1881. 

3. Se3'mour B. 

4. John, b. Aug-. 8, 1868; d. May 12, 1870. 


5. One d. unnamed. 

0. Kthel M., d. Jan. 1.1, 1878. 

John L. Beardsley^ (Nathaniel K.% John^ Charles'', John*, John^ 
Jo:<eph-, William^), b. 183.3, in Sussex cc, N. J. ; m. Mary A. Sprowl. 
Res. Starke^', N. Y. Dealer in stock for city markets. 


1. Daniel. 

2. Albert T. 

John S. Beardsley** (Hiram", John O.'', Benajah'', Obadiah*, 
John\ Samuel-', William^), b. Sept. 14, 18.33, at Newtown, Conn. ; m. 
(1) Klizabeth Lathan 1856. After her death he m. (2) Mrs. Margaret 
Stevens (Foster) Haney. Dealer in meats. Episcopalian. 

children by first wife. 


1. Sarah Elizabeth ; m. Aaron Hamen. 

2. Emma Irene ; m. Augustus Rees. 

3. A son ; d. unnamed. 

4. Vista Evelyn ; m. Frederick Hanej'. 

5. Lottie, Victoria ; d. y. 

(Rev.) John W. Be ardslee** (Walter', Asher",John\ James*, John'^ 
Samuel-, William"), b. Nov. 23, 1837, at Port Clinton, Erie co., O. 
Graduated from Rutger's College in 1860, and received the Degree 
of D. D. from there in 1884. Was licensed bj^ the "Classis" of New 
Brun.swick, N. J., in June, 18(53, and ordained b}' the ''Classis" of 
Kingston, N. V., same year. 

Settled in Conslantine, Mich., in Jan., 1864, and was pastor there 
of tiie "Reformed Church of America' until 1884, when he accept- 
ed a pastorship in West Troj', N. Y. He resigned on account of 


ill health, Dec. 1, 1887, and soon after was elected Professor in the 
Theological School at Holland, Mich., of which he is now the 

He m. (1) Susan F. Nettleton July 23, 18G3. She d. Aug. 30, 1863. 
M. (2) Sarah E. Armitage Feb. 22, 186(3, of Constance, Mich. He is 
an able minister of the Gospel and an acconii:)lished gentleman. 
The author and he have exchanged visits in their different homes. 
He is the author of "The Bible Among the Nations," — a most in- 
teresting book. Has also published several pamphlets on im- 
portant themes. 


1. William Armitage, b. April 4, 1867. Graduated 
from college and from the Theological Seminary, and entered the 
ministr}' of the "Reformed Chnixli." Died in 1900, triumphant in 
the faith of the blessed Gospel. 

2. John Walker, b. July 11. 1879. He is now (1902) pre- 
paring for the ministry, at Holland, Mich. 

(Capt.) Johx D. Beardsley^ (Punderson H.', John D.S Jolur^, 
yohn^ Johns, Joseph'^. William'), b. Jan., 1837, Woodstock, N. B. Res. 
there vintil 1861, when he enlisted in the 10th Maine Vols, and was 
commissioned as 1st Lieut. Afterwards attached to headquarters 
of 12th Army Corps, Gen. Storms commanding battalion, on pro- 
vost duty ; then he was made Capt. of Co. D. 29th Maine, which 
was his original company transferred, and afterwards in the 
109th U. S. A. Troops. Res. Gibsland, La., where he was superin- 
tendent of a railroad, when last heard from. Married Susan C. 
Poole Sept. 12, 186.-i. 


L Alice, b. 1867. 

2. Anna, b. 1869. 

3. Charlie. 

4. Gertrude. 

5. Herbert, b. 1877; d. 1882. 

6. Jeannie, b. 1881 ; d. 1883. 

John N. BearDvSLEY^ (Alfred', Josiah*', Josiah\ JamesS John^ 
Samuel-, William'), b. 1838, Danbury, Conn. ; m. Melinda R. Os- 
borne 1860. Res. Mill Plain, near Danbury, Conn. A blacksmith. 



1. Henry Franklin, b. 181)1. 

2. John N., b. 1867. 

John L. Beardsley^ (Jolin F.', Ga3l()r(l', Gideon', ObadiahS 
John^ Samuel-. William'), b. Dec. 31, 1810, in Summit, Schoharie 
CO., N. Y. ; m. Mary O. Beard Sept. 16, 1866. 

For several 5'ears he conducted a large mercantile business 
near his native town. He then enoaged in the manufacture of ci- 
gars. Finall}' he bought a large farm at Fergusonville, Delaware 
CO., N. Y., where he now owns 600 acres, and has a dair}' of 05 cows. 
He writes: "We have plentj- to do." He is an enterprising busi- 
ness man, and succeeds in whatever he undertakes. 


1. Dora ; m. W. S. Porter Apr. 24, 1888. One son. 

2. Willis L. 

3. Annie ; m. Stephen Every 1888. Two boys. 

4. Mary; m. William Haynor 1901. 

5. John F. 

John Q. Beardsley^ (Abner, Luke^ Michael^ Abraham^ 
John^ Joseph-, William^), b. 1840; m. (1) Susan Zose, (2) Gertrude 
Brown. Res. Fairibault, Rice co., Minnesota. Farmer. 


1. Georgia ; m. W. Harrington. 


2. Grace. 

3. Grant. 

4. Horace. 
.1. John. 

John J. Beardsley'* (Julius S.', F:zekier', Jabez', William*, Wil- 
lianr\ SamueF, William'), b. 1844, in Theresa, Jefferson co., N. Y., 
where he graduated from the High School. Is also a graduate of 
the State Normal College, Albany, N. Y. 

He enlisted in the 35th N. Y. V. in 1861, served as a soldier un- 
til March 31, 1863, since which he has served the Government in a 
civil capacity, in the War Department at Washington. 


John G. Beardsley^ (Gideon B.', Ga3'lord^ Gideon^ Obadiah*, 
John^, Samuel-', William'), b. April, 1846, at North Harpersfield, 
Delaware co.. New York. Following Mr. Greeley's advice he start- 
ed westward to Ohio in 1866, and on to Iowa in 1870 ; then to Colo- 
rado in 1872, where he was engaged in freighting and mining for 
several j^ears. Is now on a farm near Longmont, Colo. Married 
Mrs. Rebecca Jane Bacon Nov. 21. 1878. Childless. 

John N. Beardsley* (David^, John*', Abraham^ Abraham*, 
John^ Joseph^. William^), b. in Hartford, Conn., July 22, 1811 ; d. at 
Lansing, N. Y., Sept. 28. 1865 ; m. Catherine Wagner March 23, 1834. 
Res. at Genoa, Cayuga CO., N. Y. (1890) Mas^on. Baptist. 

Vol. Inf. 


1. David George, b. 1834. Enlisted in 111th N. Y. 

2. Francisco, b. 1835; d. 1843. 

3. Melinda Melissa, b. Aug. 27, 1838 ; m. Joseph Le- 
roy Gillett May 27, 1867. 

+ 4. Charles Ogeda. 
5. Dana. 
f 6. Sarah Jane, b. Sept. 24, 1844 ; m. (1) Abraham Mier 
I April 8, 1865. He died 1882. M. (2) Josiah Pratt 

Twins <!' Feb. 19, 1884. 

j 7. Eliza Jane, b. Sept. 24, 1844; m. James Willis Mar. 
[ 28, 1864. 
8. Early, b. Jan. 15, 1847. 
-\- 9. Francis Marion. 

10. John Nelson, b. 1852 ; m. 1875. 

11. Warren. 

12. Doctor L., b. May 1, 1858 

(Dr.) John Beardsley'' (Horace M.*, Nehemiah B.', John'', 
Abraham"', Abraham*, John^, Joseph-, William*), b. 1835 ; m. (1) 
Ann Frisbee, (2) Malinda Johnson. Res. Dale, Spencer co., Indi- 
ana. Physician and farmer. 


1. James M. 

2. Marion F. 
+ 3. Samuel W. 

4. Edniond Joseph. 


5. John F. 

6. Cojiiniodore F. 

7. Harber C. 

8. Willie S. 

9. Bettia Elizabeth. 

10. Eliza Hammad ; d. y. 

John B. Beardsley^ (Benajah M.\ Joel', Morrison'', Austin-'- 
John^ Johns Joseph^, William'), b. July 11, 1860; ni. Clara K. Shel- 
lenger Sept. 8, 1887. Res. Pasadena, Calif. 


1. Emma Gertrude. 

2. James Arthur. 

John R. Beardsley" (George R.^ Stiles', Eli", Aaron^ Abra- 
ham*, John^, Joseph-, William^), b. June 16, 1865; m. Ida A. Barr}^ of 
Oakland, Cal., Sept. 12, 1890. A dau., Ida Jane, b. March 12, 1897. 
Has charge of Wells, Fargo & Co. FvXpress, San Diego, Cal., his 

JOHX A. BearDvSLEY'' (Frank D.^ Benajor M.', Morrison**, Aus- 
tin"', John*, John», Joseph^, WilliamM, b. Nov. 28, 1876, Charleston, 
Mich. ; m. Amanda Colwell Sept. .30, 1896. 


1. F:sther. 

2. El win Rossel. 

Jonas Beardsley' (Charles'', Charles^ John*, John', Joseph-, 
William'), b. Nov. 30, 1807; m. E;unice Wade. 


1. Wade. 

2. F;iias. 

3. Charles. 

T, . (4. David, b. 1832 ; m. Eliza Smith 1863. No issue. 
1 wins \ ' 

^5. Anna Mary, b. 1832. 

.1. Samuel. 

JoXATHAX Beardsley^ (Samuel*, William', Samuel-, William'), 
b. aboiit 1746 ; m. Abigail . Four sons reported : 


+ 1. Beers. 

+ 2. Zachariah, 

+ 3. Milton. 

+ 4. Zephaniah. 

Jonathan Beardsley^ (Josiah*, Josiah", Joseph^ William'), b. 
April, 1746 ; d. April 17, 1816 ; m. Huldah Ferris. Both received 
into the Congregational Church at Newtown, Conn., July, 1769. 
She d. March 6, 1832, aged 85. His will was dated March 13, J.815. 
His son, Abel, sole executor. (B. 13, p. 228, D. R.) 


+ 1. John. 

2. Sarah ; m. Daniel Perr5^ 

3. Zachariah, b. 1778; m. Electa . 

+ 4. Abel. 

+ 5. Moses. 
+ 6. Baily. 

7. Betsey; m. Agur Blackman. 

Jonathan Beardsley^ (Ephraim^ Benjamin^ Josiah', Joseph", 
Williami), b. July 27, 1793, in Conn. ; d. 1866 ; m. Anna Squire 1818. 
She joined (1) the Congregational Church, (2) the M. E. Church, 
after their removal to the State of New York. 


4. Harriet M., b. 1820; ni. Orrin Evans 1846. 

2. Henrietta D., b. 1821 ; d. 1839. 
+ 3. Levi. 
+ 4. Nathan. 
-|- 5. Ephraim. 

6. Martin, b. 1834 ; m. Susanna E. Brown 1877. 

7. Sarah A., b. 1839 ; m. Charles H. Fyfe, Franktown, 
Delaware co., N. Y. Two sons. 

8. Ira, b. 1844 ; d. 1847. 

Jonathan H. Beardsley'' (Amos\ SamueP, Daniel^ Samuel-, 
William'), b. Feb. 6, 1798 ; d. Feb. 19, 1834 ; m. Rhoda Boice Jan. 8, 
1814 at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. She d. Nov. 20, 1840, aged 55. 


1. Hall, b. Feb. 12, 1815 ; d. April 17. 1817. 

2. Jonathan. 


3. Abio-ail Ann, b. April 30,1819; in. William L^nn 
July 8, 1837. 

4. Truman, b. May 25 ; d. Sept 4, 1822. 

5. Catherine, b. Sept, 21,1823 ; m. Sylvester B. Abrest 
May 4, 1839. 

G. Charles. 

-f- 7. Tnitnan Hall. 

Jonathan Beardsley" (Jonathan H.*^', Amos/' SamneP, Daniel^ 
Samuel-, Williami), b. Jan 30, 1817; d. Aug. 27, 1854 in Pough- 
keepsie, N. J. ; ni. Laura Hull (dau. of Gabriel) Content, of Esopus, 
Ulster CO., N. Y., March 26, 1840. Machinist and carpenter. Epis- 


1. Emma, b. 1841 ; d. 1842. 
+ 2. Arthur. 

2. Francis, b. 1857; m. Alice Wilkinson 1869. 

Joseph Beardsley'' (Joseph-, William'), b. June 10,1660 ; d. 1745 ; 
m. (1) Deborah (daxi. of Robert) Stewart 1708. One son, Joseph, b. 
Nov., 1708 ; -d;:::5t. lVM^i)-£li#fee-I>w4gb-ton (now Dayton), of Brook- -%j} iyL 

ila^e«rfc"Tig Island, 1727. , ^^. 

In 1728 both joined the Congregational church of Stratford, jT^ltj^ 

Conn. The inventory of his estate is dated Sept. 2, 1745. ,.'i-^o vv^. T^I-^jlI-^ 'B-a^v,tv 

CH-n.DREN BY SECOND WIFE. (Xa^^^ ~vt t i J ' Cu 

+ 1. Joseph. 

2. Benjamin. 

3. Phebe, b. Jan. 24. 1730. 

4. Deborah, b. April —, 1732. 

Joseph Beardsley* (Joseph-^ Joseph-, William'), b. 1727-8, and d. 
April 5. 1796; m. (1) Jane Ellingham. One son, Edward; d. 1846. 

M. (2) Mary . 

children by second wife. 

1. Ann ; bapt. Oct. 17, 1747. 

2. Aaron ; bapt. Nov. 19, 1748 ; d. y. 

3. Mary ; bapt. May 19, 1754. 

4. Rhoda ; bapt. Sept. 14, 1755 ; m. Charles Beach, 
-)- 5. Zephaniah. 


Twins \ ^' Charity, b. Oct. 19, 1760. 
\ + 7. Aaron, b. Oct. 19, 1760. 

Joseph Beardsley^ (John*, John^,Joseph2, William^), b. 17.38 ; m. 
Sarah Downs Dec. 15, 1774, at Ripton (now Hunting-ton), Conn. 

+ 1. William. 

2. Sarah, b. 1777. 

3. David Washing-ton. 

4. Mary, b. 1781 ; m. Lefingwell. 

-f 5. Lester. 

6. Elizabeth Ann, b. 1784; ni. David Tomlinson. 

7. Selah Benton. 

8. Alpha Dinah, b. 1789; ni. Abijah Leavenworth. 
Two children. 

9. Lovy Harriet, b. 1791. Her property was distrib- 
uted to her brothers and sisters. 

+ 10. Saniviel Huntington. 

11. Catherine Tirza, b. 1796 ; m. Mark Kli Leaven- 
worth 1808. Had three children. 

12. Fanny Delia, b. 1798; m. Bennett Bra}^ 

13. Horatio. 

14. Thomas Jefiferson Lousiana. 

Joseph Beardsley'^ (Benjamin*, Daniel\Samuer-, William'jjbapt. 
May 16, 1736 ; d. 1761. His will is dated July 31. 1761, and is recorded 
in B. for 17G1-1763, p. 16, Fairfield Records. No wife or children 
are named, but his brothers and sisters are. He begins with : 

"Hoping for pardon and acceptance with Him in a better world, 
through Jesus Christ the only mediator of the new covenant." 

He gives to Sarah Peet, 'in consideration of her great kind- 
ness shown me in my last sickness and for the sincere love and 
respect I bear to her, a decent suit of mourning apparel and 
eight pounds of lawful money to be hers and her heirs forever." 

He furthergives "sister Ruth Beardsle3'20shillings ;" Bro. Ben- 
jamin, "my riding horse, saddle and bridle ; I give my gun solely 
to my brother Stephen ; all my real estate to \\\y six true and lov- 
ing brethren and sisters," naming them. Bro. Benjamin, sole 

Joseph H. Beardsley" (Salmon W.', ObadiahSJohn^, Samuel-', 


William'), b. 1784, New Fairfield, Conn. ; d. 1868, Kden, N. Y. ; m. 
(1) Jerusha Baker 1866, Jefferson, N. Y. Moved to Erie co., N. Y., 
1817; wife d. 1824 ; m. (2) Sarah Aiken 1826 ; d — ; m. (3) Polly Aiken 


1. Samuel, b. 1809; u). Ann Welch. A son David. 

2. Julia, b. 1811 ; ni. Hiram Nj^e. Five children. 

3. David ; m. Fvineline Newell. A son, + Henr3^ 

4. Josiah, b. 1815; m. Sarah M. fndersol. 

5. Sarah; ni. Georg^e Tiippert. 

6. Amelia, b. 1824; \\\. John Hascall. Seven chil- 


7. Flavilla ; d. y. 

Joseph BeardsleV^ (Zephaniah\ Samuel*, William', SamueF, 
William'), b. March 4, 1779; d. March 6, 1855 ; m. Hannah Bud 1800, 
who d. 1838. Res. Goshen, Conn. He was a violinist and often 
played for the amusement of his neighbors, and was sometimes 
called "the homely fiddler' on account of an enormous Roinan 
nose. Once he was playing for the amusement of the guests of a 
countr}- inn, ainong them was a Yankee notion peddler who had 
among his wares a large ugly knife, which he gave to the fiddler, 
remarking "that he was the homeliest man he had ever met." The 
next morning it was found that his harness was cut in pieces. 
None could solve the mystery. Moral: "Never give an ugl}' knife 
to a homely, sensitive fiddler." Shoemaker. Methodist. 


+ 1. Horatio. 

2. Lorenzo, b. 1803 ; d. 1825. 

3. Curtis, b. 1805; d. 1836. 

4. Silas. 

5. Eliza, b. 1811 ; d. 1814. 
-f- 6. Lj'inan Beecher. 

7. Eliza Ann, b. 1815 ; d. [an. 10. 1841 ; m. Albin Buel. 
She had twins. 

8. Cornelia, b. 1820; m. John Apply 1859. Goshen, 

+ 0. Elias Buel. 


Joseph Beardsley^ (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, DanicP, Samuel^ 
William^), b. 1778, Trumbull, Conn. Property distributed 1829 to 
his widow "Eunice" and three daus., "Elizabeth, Hannah and Car- 

JOvSEPH L. Beardsley' (JehieP, Jehiel'", John\ John^ Joseph^, 
William'), b. 182o, Anaable, N. Y. ; m. (1) Mary B. Strong 18i6 ; d. 
1865; m. (2) Mrs. Martha W. (Edwards) Hopkins Nov, 1865. Res. 
Clintouville, Clinton co., N. Y. Farmer. Methodist. 


Twins \ ^' Clarence, b. Feb. 18, 1847. Lived two days. 
^^ ( 2. Florence, b. Feb. 18, 1847. Lived two days. 

3. Amy Jane, b. Dec. 24, 1850. 

4. William Oscar. 

5. Meeker Kirk. 

6. Effie Maria, b, June 12. 1858 ; d. June 2, 1872. 

7. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 21, 1860. 

8. Asher Edward. 


9. Sarah Lillian Irene, b. Jan. 27, 1867. 
10. Edo-ar Lane, b. Dec. 17, 1868. 

Joseph H. Beardsley' (William'', Joseph^ John*, John^, Jos- 
eph-, William'), b. 1800, Dutches co., N. Y. ; m. Elizabeth Beardsley, 

He enlisted as private in U. S. Dragoons, under Capt. A. Cum- 
mings, Feb. 21 or 24, 1814, at Sherbourne, Chenango co., N. Y., for 
five years; changed to 4th U. S. Infantrj' 1815; promoted Serg't. 
1818; discharged from Co. "I" Feb. 3, 1819, Pensacola, Fla. A 


1. Margaret Ann, b. 1825 ; m. Wallace 

+ 2. Samviel Hoyt. 

+ 3, Edward. 

4. Andrew, b. 1829 ; d. 1838. 

5. Sarah, b. 1831. 

6. Henry, b. 1832 ; d. 1833. 

7. James, b. 1837. 


Joseph H. M. Beawdsley' (Peter's Salmon W.;, Obadiah\ John', 
Samuel-', William'), b Dec. 23, 1836, Napoli. N. Y. ; m. Charlotte K. 
Klepser, Weeping- Water, Neb., Alio-. 12,1867. Dealer in lumber, 
coal, and auricultnral implements. Res. Weeping Water. 


1. Abbie Isabel, b. Aug. 21. 1868. 

2. Charles Peter, b. Nov. 30, 1869. 

3. Nellie Elizabeth, b. May 9, 1871. 

4. Frank, b. Jan. 4, 1873 ; d. Aug. 17, 1873. 

5. Carrie, b. March 23, 1874 ; d. Sept. 27, 1874. 

6. Fred Philander, b. Oct. 9, 1877. 

7. Julia Eva. b. April 10, 1880. 

8. Joseph Karl. b. Oct. 19, 1887. 

Joseph A. BeardsleV* (Levi', Obadiah",Obadiah', John*, John'*, 
Joseph-, William'), b. 1817 in Cherry Valle}', Otsego co., N. Y. A 
place reinembered for the massacre of American citizens by the 
English and Indian allies during- the revolution. M. Charlotte 
P. Mac3% of Columbus, O., 1845. Relived some years in Oswego, 
N. Y., then in New Y'ork Cit3', where he was engaged for a time in 
a mercantile and milling- business. Then for 27 5'ears he was 
cashier of the "Bank of North America," Wall Street, N. Y. City. 
He was a man of literarj- tastes and had a remarkable memory. 
Science, history, astronomy, in fact all general knowledge ac- 
quired by reading-, was at his command. He d. in Brooklj'n, N. Y., 
March 29, 1882. 


1. Mar}' ; w\. James Bogle. 

2. Joseph Addison, b. 1848. 

Joshua Beardsley-' (Caleb*, John% Joseph^ William'), b. June 
16,1734; m. Sarah Downs. 


1. Phebe; bnpt. 177(). 

2. Elizabeth ; bapt. Feb., 1776. 

3. Philena ; bapt. 1780. 

4. Polly ; bapt. 1782. 

5. Griswold ; bapt. 1783. 

6. Hammond ; bapt. 1785. 


Joshua Bbardsley^ (Beverly', Beverl5'^ Jehiel\ Jolin^ John^, 
Joseph^, Williamij, b. 1809 ; m. Betsy . 


+ 1. Stephen. 

2. John. 
+ 3. William. 

4. Phebe Ann. 

5. Ebenezer. 

6. C5^nthia. 

7. Joshua. 

JOHxNt W. Beardslev* (Charles', Emanuel", Jehiel\ John^ Jolin'^, 
Joseph-, William^), b. May 27, 1834, at Lawrence, N. Y., and was 
drowned in the Sacramento River. Calif., March, 1874 ; ni. Helen M. 
Smith Dec. 31, 1854, Houghton, Mich. Mining- contractor. 


1. Melvina, b. Dec. 25, 1856, at Sheboygan, Mich ; ni. 
Henry J. Fiske, Aug. 21,1878, Two children. Nelson H. and Frank S. 
-}- 2. James Wellington. 

3. Harriet; d. in infanc}', 
4 Russell ; d in infanc3\ 
5. Henr}' ; d. in infancy. 

^>»4 JO.SIAH BEARDSLEYf (Joseph-, Wiiliami), b. 1681, in Stratford 

Conn. ; m. Mar}' Whitniore, of Middletown, Conn., Dec. 4, 1712. She 
joined the Congregational Church in Stratford Jan. 27, 1722. A 


1. Katherine, b. 1713 ; m. Caleb Dayton. 

2. Hannah, b. 1715 ; m. (1) David Bacon Oct. 12, 17.36. 
, He d. May 23, 1738. Two daus. M. (2) Faircliild. 

>'2'<»-^' "^ + 3. Josiah. 

• -|- 4. Samuel. 
-f- 5. Israel. 

6. Benjamin, 1). 1723 ; d. 1726. 

7. Isaac Judson. 
-4- 8. Benjamin. 

9. Jonathan. 


JosiAH BEARi>SLEV'(SamueP, Samuel-, William^), bapt. May 8, 
1713; 111. Ruth . 


+ 1. William. 
2. James. 
:s. Serajah. 
\. John ; d. y. 
ii. Josiah ; d. soon. 
(S. Josiah, Jr. ; d. y, 

7. Jesse ; d. soon. 

8. Jesse, Jr. 

9. Obadiah. 
+ 10. Josiah. 

11. Ruth. 

12. Nehemiah. 

13. Samuel. 
U. John. 

15. Phineas. 

Josiah Beardsley* (Josiah^ Joseph^, William'), b. Dec. 31, 1717 ; 
d. 1794, aged 77; m. Ann Stillson June 5, 1715. The}^ owned the 
connant in Newtown in 1746. In his will, dated Feb. 7, 1791, he 
gives to his "loving wife two good cows, a jack, a horse, six 
sheep.'' He mentions all of his sons and "commits his spirit to 
God and his body to the dust in hope of eternal life through the 
Redeemer." After the distribution of property he concludes with 
"I wish them the blessing of heaven in enjoying the same." 

He appoints Jonathan and Samuel executors of his will. The 
inventor}- amounted to£497 15s, in whichare included "3 barrels of 
cider, 18s." and "1 grindstone 33." ( B. C, p. 344, Danbury Records.) 



+ 1. Jonathan. 

+ '^- Josiah. 

<UAAt<» "^ + 3. Samuel. p. 34 \ 

-Vjjj A + ^- Moses. 

\ + 5. Philo. 

+ 6. Elias. 

Josiah Beardsley' (James*, John', SamueP, William'), b. about 
1741 ; d. May 17, 1807, at New Fairfield, Conn. ;. m. Margery Sackett 
1762. l^liey joined the Congregational Church Nov. 13, 1785. 



HivS will ia dated March 28, 1806, and gave to his wife Marger}' 
"one cow, one horse and five sheep ;" and to "my dau. Lois, a sin- 
g'le woman," certain amounts. His executors were "wife Margery 
and eldest son James." His coffin cost $1.50. The final settlement 
of the estate was Nov. 28, 1807. (B. G., p. 312 to 383, D. R.) He gave 
to each dau. a Bible. What a priceless treasure the Bible is ! 
Who can estimate its real value to our civilization? But for the 
Bible we would be in darkest heathenism. "Searcli the Scrip- 
tures." "TI13' word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." 


1. Ruth, b. 1763 ; m. Stephen Hoyt. 
-|- 2. James. 

3. Nathan ; d. y. 

4. Elizabeth, b. 1771 ; m. John Hendricks. 

5. Nellie, b. 1772 ; m. Eli Gregory. 

6. Rebecca, b. 1773 ; m, William Elliott. 

7. Matthew. 
4- 8. Josiah. 

9. Lois, b. 1783, 
10. Benjamin. 
+ 11. Chauncey. 

Josiah Beardsley-' (Josiah^ SamueP, Sanniel-', William'), b. 
1753 ; m. . 


1. John. 
+ 2. Eli. 

3. Hannah ; bapt. Oct. 18, 1778. 

4. Sarah ; bapt. Oct.18, 1778. 

5. Rebecca ; bapt. Oct. 18, 1778. 

T^ . (6. Eiiiah. 
Twins 1 -" 

\ 7. Elisha. 

JosiAH Beardsley^ (Josiah*, Josiah'', Joseph^, William^), b. 
Sept. 15, 1748, at Newton, Conn. ; m. Tryphena Starr, who d. 1812. 


1. Eleazer. 

2. Philo. 
-f- 3. Levi. 

+ 4. Munson. 


-(- •!. Amos. 

0. IvC Grand ; d. 3'. 

7. Almira ; iti. Jonas Crane. 

JOSIAH BeardsleV^ (Samuel*, William^ .'^amueF, William'), b. 
about 1740 ; m. Abigail Hard. Res. Newtown, Conn. His will is 
dated April 1, 1790, in which hs sa3's: "I commit mj' spirit into the 
hands of God who g-ave it, and my body to the dust in hope of the 
resurrection to eternal life throug-h the atonement." 

He gives to his eldest son £10, because of that fact. His wife 
receives one-third of all. After receiving her dower she m. Zech- 
ariah Clark. The following children are named in the will: 

+ 1. Agur. 

2. Abner, b. 1706. 

3. Ann ; m. Capt. Sherman Botsford. 

4. Phebe ; m. Abel Weed 

o. Selina ; m. Andrew Clark. Eight children. Her 
son, Alonzo, m. Sarah Beard8le5^ 

6. Lucretia ; m. Daniel Morris, Jr. 

7. Abigail ; m. Moss K. Botsford. 

8. Sarah ; m. Ezekiel Beers. 

JpsiAH BEARDSLEY^ (SamueP, Josiah'^ Joseph-, Williami), b. 
about 1750; m. Abigail Bulkley 1778. They moved from Fairfield, 
Conn., to "Butternuts," Otsego co., N. Y., in June, 1805. A tailor. 


1. Daniel ; d. y. 
-f 2. Kli. 

3. Sallj-, b. July 17, 1783. 

4. Robert. 
+ 5. Bulkley. 

6. Abby, b. Jan. 1, 1798. 

7. Fanny, b. Feb. 11, 1803. 

JOSiAH Beardsley« (Josiah^ James*, John"', Samuel-. William"), 
b. 1779 and d. April 22, 18a5 ; m. (1) Catherine Abbott. New Fair- 
field, Conn. ; m. (2) . Congregationalist. 

His will, dated Sept. 25, 1855, mentions (2) "wife Will meet H.'' 
(Foot) and the other heirs. 




4- 1. Alfred. 
+ 2. Arza. 

3. Poll3^ b. 1810 ; m. Rhinevanlt. 

4. Rozena, b. 1813; ni. William Osborn, Had two 
sons and two daus. 

5. Esther, b. 1816 ; m. Philander Turner. Foursons 

and one dan. 

+ 0. James Abbott. 

+ 7. William Elliott. 

(Rev.) JosiAH Beardsley' ( Almus'', Pliilo', Josiah*, Josiah^ Jos- 
eph'^, William^), b. 1833, atKllsworth,Ohio. Converted whenlo years 

of ao^e. All his studies, pre- 
paratory and collegiate, were 
condvacted with the idea of the 
gospel ministry, but a failure 
of health two j-ears after orad- 
uation at Amherst College, in 
1850, turned him to the work of 
teaching. He spent 14months 
among the Freedmen in Loni- 
siana in ISOt-.i For 3' ears he 
prenched nearlj' everj' Sab- 
bath, in connection with teach- 
ing. In 1874 he accepted the 
pastorate of the Congregation- 
al Church in Sun Prairie, Wis. 
After this was a pastorate of 
ten years in East Troy, one of 
eight 3'ears atRosendale, and 
one of five years at Wilmette, 
111. His preaching was a plain 
unfolding of the g-ospel, which 
he believed adapted to meet 
the needs of man's spiritual 
being. He now (1902) resides 
in Ripoti, Wis., preaching onl3" 
occasiotuilly. Married Emily Hingham March 3, 1804, who like 
himself was of Connecticut ancestr3'. 


1. Alice Mabel, b. in Lancaster, Wis., April 22, 1808. 

Rev. Josiah Beardsley. 


Is a oraduate of Fox Lake Female College; also of St. Luke's 
Training School for nurses, Chicago. 

+ 2. Wilfred Fitch, b. Oct. 16, 1870. 

JOSIAH BEARDSLEY' (Aour^, Josialv^ Samuels WilliamS Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. Sept 2, 1800, in Conn ; m. Eliza Eldridg-e, Jan. 21, 
1828, Buffalo, N. Y. When a boy 11 years old he saw the British 
Fleet lie off the harbor, at Bridaeport, Conn. Real estate agent for 
fort}- 3'ears in Buffalo, N, Y. Episcopalian. 


1. Edwin, b. 1829; d. 18.30. 

2. Jane Ann, b. 1831 ; d. 1848. 
+ 3. George Porter. 

4. Ellen E., b. Nov. 2L 1836 ; m. Henry S. White 1857. 
A son and daughter. 

5. Charles E., b. 1843. 

6. Frank L , b. 18.'il ; d. 1865. 

JUDSOX BEARDSLEY** (EphraimS, Benjamin*, Josiah^, Joseph-, 
William'), b. April 3, 1790 ; m. (1) Martha Hurd, of Roxburj^, Conn. 
May 7, 1809, who d. in 1843; m. (2) Nancy Ann Robinson, who d. 
1853; m. (3) Eveline Hodge. He moved to Otsego co., N. Y., 1827, 
where he lived several 3^ears ; then to Franklin, Delaware co., N. 
Y., where he d. 1870. He was a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church. 
Was drafted in the war of 1812; received orders to go ; ground his 
sword and sat up nearlj' all night running bullets, but in the 
morning word came that he was not wanted as the war was vir- 
tually over. Farmer. 


1. William Bennett, who d. aged 27. 
-\- 2. Pernett Preston. 

3. Nathan, drowned when 9 years old. 

4. Willis ; d. at 21 years of age. 


.5. Judson R. ; d. unmarried. 

6. Sarah M. ; m. J. P. McMorris 1870. Three chil- 


Julius S. Beardsley' (EzekieF, Jabez^ William*, William^ 
SamueP, William^), b. 1795; d. 1882 ; in. (1) Eleanor Wakeman, who 
d. at the age of 21 ; (2) Ainarilla Biicklin, who d. aoed 82 years. 
Res. Theresa, Jefferson co., N. Y. He was a dignified gentleman of 
the "old school", stood six feet three in his "stockings." weighed 
280 pounds and refused all offers of "high office," preferring a quiet 
life with the people where he lived. A fine scolar and school 


1. Philander ; d. at 21. 

2. Lauran Ann ; d. at 60. 

3. Eleanor ; d. when 21. 


4. Madora Amarilla ; d. at 10. 

5. George Mortimer. 

6. Maria Elnora ; m. (1) Milton Converse; (2) 

Baird. She d. at 51. 

+ 7. Jofm Jay. 

8. lyjinnie Angelia ; m. Hiram Mitchell. Three chil- 

9. David Wells ; m. Hattie Wesley. One son. Jay, 

John N. Beardsley'. (Ezekie^, Jabez^ William*, William^ Sam- 
ueV, Williami) ; m. Lucy Buck! in. Res. L. Fayeville, N. Y. 


1. Martha. 

2. Mary; d. unmarried. 

3. Sarah. 

4. David William. 

5. A. Brayton. 

6. Sophia. 

7. Homer M. 

(Rev.) Julius O. Beardsley' (Ezra H.", Timothy^ Daniel*, 
Daniel^ Daniel-, William'), b. 1814, near New Milford, Conn.; grad- 
uated at Oberlin College, Ohio. 

Went to the Island of Jamaica as a missionar}' of the Congre- 
gational Church, where he met Wilberforce. Thej' became inti- 
mate friends. He labored in the schools and churches on the 
island for 20 years. He returned home, his religious views hav- 


iiig- underiione a change, he having accepted the teachings of Alex- 
ander Campbell. He tlien returned to do missionary work un- 
der the auspices of that denoniin.ition, remaining 12 years, mak- 
ing thirty-two in all. Failing health conii)elled his return, and he 
died at Chico, Calif , in 1879, aged Gfi. He was a man of fine abiiit}', 
a close student and a devoutChristian. His end was peaceful and 


1. Emma ; d. with scarlet fever. 

2. Gordon ; d. with scarlet fever. 

3. Matthew; d. with scarlet fever. 

4. Thomas; joined Union army ; disappeared since. 

He m. (2) Eliza Forbes Madixxa (pronounced Madozza), dau. of 
Count Madixxa, of Old Castile, Spain, whose estates were valued at 
$2.o00.000. Because she m. a Protestant minister she was disin- 


5. L3'l3'on Donna, b. Feb. 8, 185i. She graduated 
from the Ohio Wesleyan Female College in 1867. Soon after mar- 
ried. For a short time she was on the stage, as an actress under 
the fanciful name of "Donna Madixxa." In Denver, the author 
IukI the pleasure of meeting and inviting her to his home. She 
is a charming woman and very attractive. Her former husband 
is dead and she has m. again. Res. in New York Cit}', a retired 

6. Julius Christopher. 

7. Frederick Wheeler, San Francisco. 

8. Christino ; m. Geo. . 

9. Constance. 

Julius BeakDvSLEY' (Levi'\ Levi^ William^ William*, Samuel-, 
William^) ; m. Maria Elsworth. Res. McDonough, Chenango co., 
X. Y. Later at Pitcher Springs. Carpenter. 


1. Augustus ; m. and has children. 

2. Fvvice Maria ; m. Hiram Conger. Res. Shelburn 

3. Lilly Aurilla ; m. Burdett Richardson. 

4. Hatty Bell. 

5. Albert. 

Falls, Conn. 


6. Orin ; d. y. 

7. Frank ; d. y. 

Justus Beakdsley**, (Squire^, Andrew*, John'*, Joseph-', Wil- 
liam'), b. May 8, 1794, in Washington, Conn ; m. Lucj' Manchester 
1815, at Dover, Dutchess co., N. Y. Moved to Monroe co., N. Y., in 
1820. His occupation was school teaching; in Monroe farming, 
until he inoved to the town of Fairport where he was in the insur- 
ance business and Justice of the Peace for manj^ j'ears. Baptist. 
He was a radical on Temperance views and in his opposition to 
American slavery ; d. Dec. 29, 1867. 


1. Catherine M., b. 1818 ; d. same j'ear. 

2. Sarah, b. Oct. 1, 1819; m. Spencer Philbrick, 1841. 
Has one son. 

-f- 3. Justus. 
-\- 4. Stephen. 
+ 5. Cyrus. 
-|- 6. Anson. 

7. Almira, b. 1829 ; m. L. G. Seeley 1853. Three chil- 


8. Betsey, b. 1831 ; m. Orson Lyon 1854 ; d. 1857. 

9. Harriet, b. 1833 ; m. John Van Buren 1853; d. 1856, 

10. Squire, b. 18.35 ; d. 18.37 

11. Lucy Ann, b. 1838 ; m. Thos. Stenson 1870. 

Justus W. Beakdsley' (Morrison'', Austin^ John*, John^ Jo- 
seph^ WilliamM, b. 1808 ; d. 1880 ; m. Cemantha Riggs. Baptist. 


+ 1. Theodore R. 
-\- 2. George A. 

3. Susan C, b. 1838 ; m Daniel P. Fitzgerrold 1859. 
Three children. 

4. William L., b. 1841 ; m. Phebe Fitzgerrold. 
-)- 5. Samuel R. 

6. Cornelia J., b. June 3, 1847 ; m. Ira W. Consel5^ea. 
Three children. 

(Dr.) Justus Beardsley' (Justus^ Squire^ Andrew*, John', 
Joseph-, William'), b. in Perinton, Monroe co., N. Y., 1821. Grad- 
uated at the Alban}' Medical College and practiced medicine in 


Apulia, Onondaga co , N. Y., successfull}' for 3ear3. Here lie in. 
Emilj- Wells Sept. 4, 1850. Moved to Fairport, Monroe co., N. Y., 
and on account of failing- healtli, engaged in the mercantile busi- 
ness. Hapti^At; d. Sept. ;W, 1879. Three children, one dan., survives. 

KiNNE L. BearDvSLEY-' (Reoloff T.^ William', Jabez^ Abijalv', 
Jabez*, William^ Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. 31, 1863. at the old 
homestead inherited iti succession from his great-grandfather. 
Here he resides with his mother, managing the atfairsof the farm 
and mills. Has held the office of supervisor of his town, and rep- 
resented it in the county board in 1889. He is now (1891) a Justice 
of the Peace. Res. New Berlin, Chenango co., N. Y. 

Lambert Beardsley" (Levi''. Timoth}-', Daniel*, Daniel*, Dan- 
iel-', William'), b. 1810. Kent, Litchfield co., Conn. Emigrated to 
Greenville, North Carolina, in 1832. M. (1) Jacky Ann Tisbn 1836, 
who d. 1856; m. (2) Nancy R. Wilkins 1860. She d. 1881. Farmer. 


1. Henrietta, b. 1837 ; d. y. 

2. Levi, b. 1839 ; d. y. 

3. Sarah R., b. 1841 ; d. y. 

4. Moses, b. 1844. Lived 21 daj's. 

5. Moses Benjamin, b. 184.5 ; d. )'. 
+ 6. Lambert R. 

7. James H., b. 1851 ; m. Jane Wilkins 1879. 

8. Mary E., b. 1853; d. y. 

9. Jacky Ann. b. 18.56 ; in. Stanly Parker 1878. 

Lambert R. Bearusley** (Lambert', Levi'\ Timothy-', Daniel^ 
Daniel', Daniel-. William'), b. 1847, Greenville, Pitt co., N. C. ; m. 
Martha W. Foiles 1866. Res. Farmville, N. C. Carpenter. Baptist. 


1. Daniel M., b. Jan. .5, 1867. 

2. Nancy Olive, b. 1869 ; d. y. 

3. Martha F., b. 1870 ; d. y. 

4. Levi W., b. 1873 ; d. y. 

5. Moses H., b Dec. 19, 1874. 

6. Edward, b. March 3, 1877. 

7. Henrietta, b. Aj^ril, 1879. 


LawtonD. BEARDSLEY^(Alinon L^Ephraim', Obadiah^Phineas^, 
Obadiah*, John^, SamueP, Williami), b. Dec. 14, 1856, Volne}^ N. Y. ; 
m. Emily Ware March, 1877. Farmer. 


1. Lee B. 

2. Belle. 

LeGrande Bardsley^ (Miinson'^^, Josiah^ Samuel*, Josiah'', Jos- 
eph-, William') ; m. Chase. 


1. Almira ; m. Lobdell. 

2. Mary Ann ; m. Philip Howes. 

3. George. 

Lemuel Beardsley' (Obadiah^ Daniel-, William'), b. 1743 ; d. 
Dec. 23, 1806 ; m. Deborah (dan. of Dr. John) Laboris. She d. March 
19, 1850, aged 93 years. 

He enlisted as a private in Col. Wakebury's Regiment, the 5th 
Conn., from Fairfield, Conn., and served his time out. Res. Hunt- 
ington, Conn. His propertj' was distributed June 26, 1816, by Sam- 
uel Judson and Eli Blackman. His wife Deborah and seven chil- 
dren are mentioned. 



1. Obadiah ; b. — ; m. ; d. Fairfield, child- 

2. Lemuel, b. 1792. A dau. ; m. Wooster Blackman. 
+ 3. John. 

4. Mary Ann ; m. Thomas Shelton. 

5. Ruth; m. Alfred Shelton. Six daus. and two sons. 

6. Sally, b. 1794 ; d. 1863 unmarried. 

7. Maria b. — ; d. — ; unmarried. 

Lemuel Beardslev-' (Ebenezer*, Obadiah^ Daniel-', William'), 
b. about 1766 ; d. 1814 ; m. Mercy Perry Oct. 25, 1795, who d. 1802. 


-f- 1. Lemuel. 

2. Eliza ; bapt. April 25, 1802. 


Lemuel Beardsley'' (DavicP, Benjamin', Daniel', Sanuiel- 
VVilliami), b. April 12, 1754. Re^,. Oxford, Conn., where he d. in 1842. 
(Vol. 51, 52, N. H. Records.) 


1. Betsey ; ni. (1) Capt. Miles ; m. (2) David Hnbbell, 
and had seven sons. One, Josiah Benjamin Hnbbell, b. Ma}- 14, 
1821, went to sea when yonno; and settled in the Sandwich Islands, 
where he was livino;- in 1870. Was twice m. to native women, sis- 
ters, b3' whom he had a lar^ie family of children. When last 
heard from his address was Hailen Mani, Sandwich Islands. 
(Hixl)bell g'enealogj'). 

2. Mar}-, b. 1776 ; m. Thomas Hawley, who was a 
Revohitionarv Soldier. He d. A tig. 6, 1850, aged 91 years. She d. 
April 17, 1866, aged 90 years. 

Lemuel Beardsley" (LemueP, EbenezerS Obadiah^ DanieP, 
WilliamM, b 1792. and d. 1870, aged 783'ears; m. Nancy Davis 1819, 
who d. 1826, aged 3.3 years. He was Town Clerk of Hnntington 26 


1. William J.; d. y. 

2. Hannah W. ; m. Nathan Blackman. 

Lemuel Beardsley'' (Timothj", DanieP, DanieP, Daniel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. Jan. 11, 1777; d. 1837, on his father's old homCvStead in 
Bridge water, Conn. ; m. Polly Ann Hawley Sept. 19, 1802, who d. in 
New Milford Oct. 17, 1863. aged 82. 


+ 1. Timothy H. 

+ -• Addison Lemnel. 

3. Elsie H., b. Jan. 12, 1807 ; m. Charles Titns, of Mon- 
roe CO., N. Y. 

4. Polly Jennette, b. Sept. 27, 1808 ; m. George Lyon. 
Res. Bridgewater, Conn. Have one son and two daughters. One, 
Augusta, m. Rev. J. F. Temple. 

Lemuel Beardsley'^ (Ephrainr, Benjamin*, Josiah', Joseph^, 
Williami), b. Nov. 10, 1809; d. 1861, Coventr3s N. Y. ; m. Sarah A. 
Richards. Farmer. Ba))tist. 



+ 1. Charles. 

2. There were also three daughters. 

Lemuel J. Beardsley^' (John\ Lenuiel^, Obadiah'-, Daniel-, 
Williami), b. in Stratford, Conn., Oct. 30, 1832 ; tn. Margaret A. Perry 
1802. A grocer and a magnetic physician in Stratford, Conn. 

house 1886. 
14 years. 


1. Sarah Jane, b. July 15, 1805; m. George N. More- 

2. Edgar Perry, b. 1872; m. Ida May Rogers 1901. 

3. Grace May, b. Nov. 23, 1876 ; d. April 1. 1891, aged 

(Rev.) Leonard K. Beardsley' (Everett", Whitniore\ Benja- 
min*, Josiah^ Joseph^ William'), b. Feb. 13, 1815, Clinton, N. Y. ; d. 
June 14, 1889, Richmond Center, Ohio. 

Converted at St. Clair, Mich., 1833, and soon after matriculated 
at Oberlin College as one of its first students ; remained there two 
5"ears, then spent four years at Western Reserve College at Hud- 
son. Joined the Erie Conference of the M. E. Church July, 1857, 
and became a very viseful minister therein for 24 years. ' As a 
thinker he was clear, logical, systematic and earnest, frequently 
eloquent and powerful." 

In a personal letter he said : "My health is feeble. I have very 
little reason to expect to sta}' here long. My departure will be 
sudden (he was then a paralytic), but man}' loved ones are on the 
other side, and to join them will be well, and what else there is in 
that undiscovered country, it has not entered into the heart of 
man to conceive." 

Married (1) Nancy Cannier 1839; d. 1800, Pierpont, O. Married 
(2) Mary Smith 1805. 


+ 1. Livingstone Everett. 
-\- 2. Greenville Sterling. 


3. Mark Linn, 1). June 17, 1860. 

4. Jay Wirt, b. March 20, 1875. 



Lester A. Beardslee'* (John", Lester''. Jose[)li\ JollIl^ Joliii', 
Joseph^, William'), b. Feb. 1. 18:^(5, at Little Falls, Herkimer oo., N. 
Y.; Ill F:velyn CanHeld Small Jan. 12, 18(33. Childless. 

Lester A, Beardslee. 

Rear-Admiral U. S. Navy, Commander-in-Chief of the 
U. S. Forces on the Pacific Station lS9.)-96-97. 

As a bo}- of fourteen he ljej>an lii.s career as a seaman. He re- 
ports of himself as follows : 

"Was appointed Midshipman, U. S. Nav}', March 5, 1850. 
In Naval Acadenn' till Ma}', 1S51. Then with sloojj of war. 


Plymouth, in the East Indies, May, 1851, to Jan., 18,o5, as 
Midshipman. Was with Perry at first landing in Japan, 
July 11, 1853, as Midshipman of the Plymouth. Participat- 
ed in battle with the Chinese at Shanghai, China, April 1, 
1854. At Naval Academy, Oct., 1885, till June, 1856. Gradu- 
ated then. On frigate, Merrimac, in Kurope and West In- 
dies, August, 1853, to May. 1857, as Past Midshipman. With 
sloop, Germantown, East Indies, July, 1857, to April, 1860, as 
Past Midshipman and Master. 1860, '61, '62, served on the 
west coast of Africa as Lieut, and Lieut.-Commander, in 
the Saratoga and San Jacinto. Served during 1863 and '64 
in North Atlantic squadron, — Executive Officer of monitor, 
Nantucket. In her participated in the attacks on Forts 
Sumter, Moultrie, etc., at Charleston, April 7, 1803. In 1864, 
Executive Officer of Wachnsett, on coast of Brazil, looking 
out for Confederate cruisers. Oct. 7, 1864, helped capture 
Confederate steamer Florida, at Bahia, Brazil, and as 
Bridge Master brought her to Hampton Roads, Va , No- 
vember 11, 1864. 1867-68 commanding giinboat, Aroostook, 
taking her around the Cape of Good Hope to China and 
and Japan. 1870, took gtinboat, Paios, to China, passing- 
through the Suez Canal, Atigust 11th to 14th, being the 
first vessel carrying the U. S. flag through the canal. 1872- 
73 served as Commandant at Washington Nav}' Yard, ex- 
perimenting on strength of sundr}' irons and chain cables. 
1875, appointed member of U. S. Board to test and report 
on American metals, which report was published as a Sen- 
ate Fvxecutive Document in 1876. 1879-80 served in com- 
mand of U. S. sloop of war, Jamestown, in charge of affairs 
in Alaska. In August discovered, surveyed and named 
"Glacier Bajs" on northern coast of Icj' Straits. Oct., 1880, 
ordered home for examination, and on Nov. 26 promoted 
to Captain. 1881 emplo3'ed editing new edition of report 
on iron and chain cables and in command of frigate, 
Franklin, recruiting ship, at Norfolk, Va. 1884-87 command- 
ing steam frigate, Powhattan, cruising in European wa- 
ters and West Indies. 1885 helped save from destruction 
by fire the city of Ke}- West, Florida. Aug. 24, 1894, as- 
sumed command of Pacific Squadron, at San Francisco, 
retaining the same until Aug. 14, 1897. Ordered before 
President of Examining Board, Washington. Feb. 1, 1898, 
placed on retired list, as Rear-Admiral ; cause, age 62 


years. 1899 European trip. 1(XX)-1901 self and wife took a 

tri]) to Japan, China and Manila.'' 

In a personal letter, Maj^ 10, 1901, he wrote from Japan : 

"I am having- a good time in Ja])an, where, as a survi- 
vor of the Perry Expedition, I receive most flattering at- 

"On the 14th of Jul}', a monument to Perr} , which is 
due to mj' efforts, and erected b}' the Japanese, will be un- 
veiled at Kurihama (which is a fishing village about six- 
teen miles south of Yokohama in Yeddo Bay), the place 
where Perry landed and delivered the President's letter to 
the Emperor, July 14th, ISrvi. 

"So I have contributed a new flash of lustre to our 
name — when spelled 'ee !' 

"I am, 5'ours truly, 

"Iv. A. Beardslee, 

"Rear-Admiral U. S. N." 

He also gave an interesting account of his introduction to the 
Emperor of Japan : 

"Myself and wife were presented to the Emperor and 
Empress at the Chrjsanthemum Garden part}', given on 
the Emperor's birthday, Nov. 3, 1900. The presentation, 
and other attentions from the Emperor paid me, on ac- 
count of my being a survivor of the Perrj' expedition, 
proved strong factors in aid of my efforts to have the mon- 
ument built. The monument was unveiled July 14, 1901, 
the fort3'-eighth anniversar}- of the landing." 

Le Roy BEARDSLEY*^ (Stephen', Justus'", Squire', Andrew^, 
John\ Joseph-, William'), b. Jan. 11,1S54, Fairport, Monroe co.,N. Y.; 

m. Jan. 12, 1881. Res. Chicago, 111., where he is a member 

of the Board of Trade. 

Lester Beardsley'' (Joseph^ John*, John^ Josei^h-, William'), 
b. 1776; d Sept. 8, 183.0 ; m. Betse}' (dau. of Ashable) Steele, of Der- 
by, Conn., 180,5. She was the granddaughter of Col. Thompson, 
who was killed at the evacuation of New York b}' the Americans 
in Nov., 1776. Soon after marriage the)' moved to Tro}', N. Y. ; 
then, in 1821, to Rochester, X. Y. ; where he d. with cholera. 

He was an architect and builder. He planned and built the 
government buildings at Georgetown, S. C. Also superintended 


construction of the U. S. bnilding^s opposite Troy, N. Y., on the 
Hudson. He was an officer during- the war of 1812-15, under or 
with Governor Marcy. 


+ 1. John. 

+ 2. Auo-itstus. 

3. Delia, b. 1810 ; d. 1847. 
-f- 4. George W. 

5. Mary, b. April 5, 1817 ; d. 1840. 
+ 6. Rufus G. 

Levi Beardsley^ (Williani\ William^ Samuel', William'), b. 
aVjout 1737 ; m. . Res. Shaftesbury, Vt. 


+ 1. Levi. 
+ 2. William. 

Levi Beardsley^ (Jesse*, William^ Daniel-', William'), b. al^out 
1770. Killed at the battle of Plattsburg Sept. 11, 1814. He had en- 
listed Ma}' 14, 1813, for one year, and served as Sergeant in the 30th 
LT. S. Infantry, under Capt. Wires. Present also, Dec. 31, 1813, at 
Black Rock. Married Susanna Pierce, b. June 15, 1781. She m. (2) 
William Pitt Body 1829. 


1. Levi, b. 1796; m. Paurela Horton 1819. One son, 
+ Kdgar Dail}'. 

+ 2. Orlando. 

3. Perhaps others. 

(Capt.) Levi Beardsley'' (Obadiah-', Jolin*, John', Joseph-, Wil- 
liam^), b. March 18, 1761 ; d. June 23, 1844 ; m. Sarah Smith Nov. 10, 
1784. He enlisted May 14, 1813, as Sergeant, 30th U. S. Inf. Pro- 
moted Cai^tain, and discharged Dec. 31, 1813. 


1. Sally, b. Aug. 27, 17S6 ; m. Hoard. 

+ 2. Obadiah. 

3. Eunice, b. Feb. 20, 1791 ; m. Adams. 

+ 4. Jesse. 
■\- n. Elisha. 

12, 1840. 


0. Sylvia, b. Feb. 19, 1798; m. Calvin Davi.s; d. Jan. 

+ 7. Levi Smith. 

8. William D.,b. 1802; d. 1875 ; m. Harriet . Twins, 

Levi Beardsley'^ (Josiah^ Josiah*, Josiah'^ Joseph'-*, William^), 
b. about 178G; m. Clarissa Baldwin Nov. 6, 1814. They settled on 
Old Mill Hill, West Stratford, Conn. 


1. Josiah ; d. at seven. 

2. Abigail ; m. Harvej^ Birdsell. 
:i Charles W. 

4. David S. 

5. Huldah A. 

6. Susan ; m. William H. Brothwell, 

Levi Beardsley'^ (Jabez'', William*, William^, Samuel-', Wil- 
liam'), b. Feb. 17, 1777, in Kent, Conn,, and d. in Carlton, Orleans 
CO , N. Y,, 1857. Was a tall, powerfull}^ built man, with dark hair 
and grey eyes and handsome in old age. Used no tobacco or 
liquors. >I. (1) Esther Crary, (2) Patty Beardsley, (3) Maria Cart- 
wright 1813. 


1. F;sther Delila, b. Aug. 7, 1799 ; m. Dr. Samuel Mc- 
Dowell. Nine children 

2. Samuel William. 

3. Artimissia Crar\ , b. 1802 ; m. Uri Ames. One 
son, Hugene. 

-\- 4. Harinon Carter. 

5. Martha Ann, b. 1806 ; m, Hazelton Spencer. Three 

+ 0. Levi Allen. 


7. John Paine, b. 1812 ; d. y. 

8. Pamita, b. 1813 ; d. y. 


9. Ephraim Paj'ne. 

10. Patty Maria, b. Aug. 8, 1815. 
+ 11. Orson Payne, 


12. Betsey T., b. Jan. 1, 1818. 

13. Charles Hickey, b. March 2, 1819. Wounded at the 

Battle of Gettysburg- and d. in hospital. 

14:. Elizabeth Ann, b. 1820; m. Joseph Perry. Eight 

15. Snsan Emilj^, b. 1822 ; ni. Hannibal Vickroy. Six 

+ 16. George Michael. 

Levi Beardsley" (Phineas^ Obadiah*, John^, SamueP, Wil- 
liami), bapt. April 3, 1771, in New Fairfield, Conn. ; m, Mrs. Ger- 
trude (Hicke5"), Brown. 


1. Rhesa. 

2. Almond. 

(Dr.) Levi Beard.sley*' (Timothy^ DanieH, Daniel^ Daniel-, Wil- 
liani'), b. May, 1785 ; ni. Sarah Peck. Was a practicing physician, 
at Monroe, Conn. He d. Oct. 25, 1827, and is buried at Upper Step- 
ne3^ The inventor^' of his estate was reported to probate Nov. 23, 



-f- 1. Lambert. 
+ 2. David M. 

3. Three daughters. One m. Darrow ; another 

m. Crane, and the third m. Guernsey. 

Levi BEARDSLEY'^(Levi^ William*, William'^Samixel-, William^), 
b. about 1796; d. at McDonough, N. Y. ; m. Naomi Root about 
1817. Res. Oxford, Chenango co., N. Y. Farmer. Baptist. 


+ 1. Levi Root. 

-f- 2. Russell Burlingame. 

3. Eliza ; d. aged 18. 

4. Lorenzo. 
-[- 5. Orlando. 
+ 6. Julius. 

Levi C. Beardsley-' (Aaron^, Jesse*, William^, Daniel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. May 9, 1821, Williamstown, Mass ; d. Nov. 4, 1864, Adams, 
111. ; m. (1) Nancy Fleming Aug. 25, 1845, who d. March 4, 1862, aged 
39 years ; m. (2) Flmeline Chamblin Sept. 25, 1862. Farmer. 



+ 1. Ralph Wesley. 

2. Asa F., b. 1846; in. Hlla L. States 1875. One dau„ 
Irene Maria. 

Levi S. Beardsley' (Levi^ Obadiah^ John^ John^ Joseph^, 
\Villiami),b. July 28, 1800, at Cherry Valley, N. Y. ; d. Aug., 1883, at 
Steuben, Pa. ; ni. Amanda Marvin July 0, 1818. Miller, merchant, 
farmer. Christian. 


+ 1. Ezra Seth. 

2. Jame.s Marvin ; m. Hannah Hawley. Several 

3. Lorena ; m. Ebenezer Sanford. 

4. Philara ; m. (1) Edwin Stevens ; (2) J. B. Nessel. 

5. Laurena ; m. Joseph Phillips. 

6. Sylvia ; m. Joseph Sa3'se. 

7. SalU' ; m. Philander Edson. 

8. Helen A. ; m. A. B. Edson. 

IvEVi Beardsley' (Obadiah^ Obadialr-, John*, John^ Joseph-, 
WillianiM, b. Nov. 13, 1785, in Hoosic, Dutchess co., N. Y. ; d. at Os- 
wego, N. Y , March 19, 1857 ; m. Elizabeth Raymond July 4, 1813. He 
was admittted to the "Bar" in 1812 and settled in Cherry Valley, 
Otsego CO , N. Y. 

''In 1825 he was elected to the state assembly that 

passed the first railroad charter in the United States. He 

was elected to the state senate in 1829; re-elected in 1834; 

and was president of the senate in 1838, and for man5' j'ears 

judge of the court of errors of New York.'' 

Also President of the 'Cherry Valley Bank." In his "Remin- 
iscences of the earij' settlers of Otsego co ," he gives a brief sketch 
of the Beardsley famil}' and, in the main, correct. From the ac- 
count which he gives of himself, he was fond of hunting, espec- 
iall3' deer and fox hunting-. The following- sketch is given of his 
earl3' life: "After corn planting and weeding, father and two 
l)rothers cleared a fourth of a lot in Richfield, cutting away the 
brush and small trees, leaving the large ones and built two log 
houses 20 or 25 rods apart, they were roofed with black ash and 
elm bark. The floor was of basswood logs, split and partialis' 
hewed on one side. Each had a mud and stick chimnc}'. Hole 
under the floor for a cellar." This was their home and where he 


and'his brother "Samuel" began the study of law, by the light of 
pine knots. 

He visited Niagara Falls in 1815, and purchased a part of 
Grand Island, which stands in the river, above the falls. Also 
visited Ohio in 1826 and in 1835, and the Upper Lakes in 1836, Chi- 
cago in 1847. He inoved to Oswego in 1839, and to near Col ambus, 
Ohio, in 1842, whei-e he resided only four 3'ears, when he returned 
to Oswego. 


1. Samuel Rajinond, b. 1814; d. y. 
+ 2. Joseph Addison. 

3. Hannah Moore, b. 1819 ; d. 1823. 

4. Levi, b. 1825 ; d. 1828. 

5. Elizabeth Raymond, b. 1827 ; m. William Vande- 
water in 1849. 

-|- 6. Levi. 

+ 7. Samuel Ra}"mond. 

Levi A. Beardsley' (Levi^, Jabez^ WilliamS Willianr, Sam- 
uel=, William^), b. June 28, 1808, and d. April 13, 1877, in Carlton, Or- 
leans CO., N. Y. He is described as a inan six feet tall and well 
proportioned, with keen blue gra}" eyes and black hair. Had a 
mild disposition ; was modest, thoughtful, studiotis and reliable. 
"His word was as good as any man's note." M. Sally Catherine 
Hickey in 1832. Farmer. 


1. Mary Jane, b. April 24, 1834; m. William Healy. 
Three children. 

2. William Spencer, b. 18.35 ; d. an infant. 

3. Emily Cordelia, b. Oct. 30, 18.37 ; d. May 5, 1857. 
+ 4. William Henry. 

5. Lucy Ann, b. Aug. 2, 1843; m. Arnold Clement. 
Two children. M. (2) George Thompson. Two children. 

6. Cynthia F:ivira, b. Oct. 22, 1845; m. Elijah Root 
1869. One son, Fred Beardsley, b. Oct. 10, 1870; graduated iri 1890. 
She writes "The Beardsley s of my acquaintance are reliable, 
rather slow, deliberate, thoughtful people, not much given to 
change or speculation, devoted to their home and family'. 

+ 7. S5-lvester Wells. 

8. Ellen Narcissa, b. Oct. 11,1850. 

9. Esther Artimecia, b. June, 185.3. 


Levi Beardsley' (James^ Michael-', Abraham*, John', Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1805 ; m. Lorain . 


L Nancy ; d. >lay 18, 1889. 
2. Lucinda ; m. Israel Gibbs. 

Levi Beardsley' (Jonathan", Ephraim'', Benjamin*, Josiah'', 
Joseph-, Williami), b. 1823 ; d. 1879, Sidney Centre, N. Y. ; m. Hnldah 
A. Davis 1851. 


1. Florence. 

2. Lennan D. 

3. George Willis. All d. of diptheria and were bur- 
ied in one grave. 


Levi R, Beardsley' (Levi'", Levi\ William*, William-^ SamueP, 
William'), b. July 21, 1818, Oxford, Chenango co., N. Y. ; d. Sept. 29, 
1893, in the same co. ; m. (1) Mrs. Sall3' Denton, who lived about one 
5'ear ; (2) Mrs. Phebe Tracy, with whom he lived 38 years. Farmer 
and florist. His moral flowers were kindl3" acts and generous 

Levi Beardsley"'* (Levi', Obadiah^ Obadiah^, John*, John'*, Jo- 
seph-', William'), b. May 26, 1829, in Cherry Valley, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 
2-2, 1892, Muskegon, Mich. ; m. Delia Ives Ford May 25, 1858. Con- 

In 1850 he and his brothers sent a ship load of flour to -'fam- 
ine sufferers" in Ireland. In 1861 he responded to the first call of 
President Lincoln for 75,000 volunteers, and organized Co. I. 2J:th 
N. Y. V. Inf., going as Captain. Was at both battles of Bull Run; 
was wounded at the second and honorably discharged. Was a 
staunch Democi-at all his life, yet was given place in the Commis- 
%AV\ Department by Mr. Lincoln and was later appointed by him 
Consul at Glasgow, Scotland, which post he did not accept. 

He was founder and editor of 'The Enterprise,'' a Deiuocratic 
jjaperof Muskegon, Mich., but later gave up newspaper work to 
resume the j^ractice of law. 


1. Alice Elizabeth, b. April 6, 18()(). 

2. Florence, b. June 20, 1865. 

3. Percy, b. Feb. 1, 1807. 


4. Paul R., b. 1869; m. Grace S. Reynolds 1895. 
.son, Raymond, b. 1897. 

5. Claude, b. July 26, 1872. 

6. Belle, b. Oct. 13, 1875. 

Levi C. BeardsleV' (Kphraim S/', Aaron^, Jesse*, William^, 
Daniel-, William^), b. in Barton, 111 , May 21, 1842 ; d. Feb. 23, 1889, 
at Sheridan, 111., of disease of the stomach, brought on by expos- 
ure and starvation in prison, durina; the rebellion. M. Celia A. 
Carr Dec. 8, 1869. Five children, three sons and two daughters. 

Levi C. Beardsley* (Edg-ar D.', Levi", Levi\ JesseS William^, 
Daniel-, Williami), b. April 26, 1814, Manitowoc, Wis. ; m. Olive 
Adeline Hedges Dec. 29, 1868. Res. Garden. Delta co., Mich. Farmer. 


1. Olive Augusta, b. Oct. 31, 1869. 

2. Eva Maria, b. Oct. 9, 1871. 

3. Mary Jane, b. Sept. 11, 1873. 

4. Oscar Dayton, b. Feb. 14, 1876. 

5. Albert Franklin, b. March 16, 1878. 

6. Erwin Levi, b. April 21, 1882. 

Lewis Beariksley'' (Whitmore^ Benjamin^ Josiah^, Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1802 ; m. Delia Smith, Fairfield, Vermont. Emigrated 
to Dorset Corners, Monroe co., Wisconsin, where he was Deacon 
in the Congregational Church for manj^ years; d. there 1879. Car- 
penter and farmer. 


-|- 1. F)lias Whitmore. 

2. Hiram Smith. 

3. Charles Rollin,b, 1829. Several children. 

4. Harriet N. b. 1832 ; m. Luther Hill. 

5. Everett W., b. 1834, d. at Soldiers' Home, Chicago, 

111., 1865. 

6. Sanford D. 
+ 7. George L. 
-f 8. Theron Curtis. 
+ 9. Jasper H. 
10. Henrv B. 


Lewis BEAKDSLn;Y'(David«, Michael', Abraliani\John^ Josepli-, 
Williami), b. March 4, 1796, in Fairfield co., Conn.; d. March 25, 
188:1, in Catherine, N. Y. Moved to Schuyler co., N. Y., in 1800, and 
settled in what has since been known as "Beardsley Hollow." 
The}' were farmers and religions people. 


1. Sherman. 

2. Francis Schuyler. 

3. Maria Louisa, b. 1827. 

4. Lucy Ann, b. 1S29. 

5. David Curtis. 

6. Jonathan Lawrence. 

Lewis Beakdslev' (James^ Michael^,Abraham^John^ Joseph-, 
William'), b. July, 1790; d. Feb., 1882 ; ni. Harriet Agard, March 1818, 
Methodist. Was an eccentric man and fond of Roman Historj-. 


-f- 1. Satnuel A. 

2. Cicero, b. 1821; m. Helen Kelbores 1846. One dan., 

Marj' Louise. 

\^. Seneca L. 

+ 4. Scipio C. 

+ 5. James E. 

6. John Wesley; m. Experience Patterson. One son, 

Lewis Beardsley' (Gideon'% Nehemiah^, John^ John', Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. Jan. 8,1798, New Fairfield, Conn. ; d. at Sherman, 
Conn., April, 21, 1843 ; m. Paulina Barnuni Nov. 16,1817, who d. 1832, 
Was a merchant and drover. 


1. Eliza, b. March 30,1821 ; m. William H. Wrig-ht. 
Eight children. 

2. Julia Ann, b. May 6, 1823; m. Albert Corbin, 
Three children. 

-\- 3. Daniel Harrison. 

4. Huldah, b. Nov. 1, 1827 ; d. June 24, 1846. 

5. Harriet Paulina, 1). June lo, 1831 ; d. Feb. 28, 1885. 
B}' his second wife, Harriet Barnum ; m. Feb. 27, 1883 one 


6. Hannah. 


Lewis Beardsley" (Charles'^, Charles^, John*, John% Joseph-, 
William'), b. Nov. 8, 1803, near Franklin Furnace, Sussex co.. New 
Jersey; ni. Mary Phillips 1828. Farmer. Presbj^terians. 


1. Elanse J., b. 1829; m. (1) G. Maner. Four children. 
M. (2) B. C. Moore. 

2. Lynch, b. 1831 ; m. Sarah S. Owen. A son. 

3. Rebecca, b. 1833; m. Brown. 

4. Clarissa, b. 1835 ; m. Orsamus Beardsley, Sept. 
30,1856. Six children. 

5. William. 

6. Lucetta, b. 1839. 
-|- 7. Lewis. 

Lewis J. Beardsley' (Charles'', Benajah-', Obadiah*, John'^ Sam- 
uel, Williami), b. 1830, Connecticut Ohio; d. Bufifalo, N. Y., 1868; 
ni. Helen D. Smith. A Captain on Lake Erie. 


1. Nettie M., b. 1847 ; d. 1858. 

2. Frank H., b. 1866; d. 3867. 

Lewis W. Beardsley' (FIv*^. Josiah\ Samuel^ Josiah', Joseph-, 

Williami), b. 1813; d. Feb. 11, 1877; m. (1) Nelly Eunice Judson, 

who d. 1852 ; m. (2) Mrs. Betsj' Cornelius (Jxidson) Tuple, a sister 
of Nelly. 

children by first wife. 

+ 1. George Lewis. 
+ 2. Henr}' Buckle)'. 

3. Laura Ann, b. Sept. 6, 1843; ni.Scoville Nettleton. 

4. Sarah Jane. b. May 31, 1845. 

5. Caroline Eliza, b. March 31, 1847. 

6. Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 13, 1849. 

7. Emily Sophia, b. June 7, 1851 ; d. Oct. 13, 1851. 
+ 8. OliverWilliam. 

children by second wife. 

-|- 9. Lewis Bertie. 

Lewis B. Beardsley' (Silas C', SamueF', Samuel\ Josiah'', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. 1815 ; m. (1) Martha Lester; m. (2) Elizabeth 
Rudd. Res. Monroe, Conn. 



1. IvCSter. 


2. Lewis. 

3. Samuel. 

Lewis Beardsley*^ (Lewis', Charles'', Charles^, John*, John'^, Jo- 
seph-, VVilliani'j, b. ISiL Res. Oakland CO., Mich. Presbyterian. 


1. Jessie. 

2. Leo. 

3. Gny. 

Lewis S. Beardsley"^ (Klias W.", Lewis*', Whitniore"', Benja- 
min*, Josiah^ Joseph-, William'), b. 1848, Dundee, Wis. ; m. Annetta 
Currie. Res. St. Albans, Vt. Blacksmith. Five children. Names 
not furnished. 

Lewis B. Beardslk'v'^ (Lewis W.', Ely^ Josiah', Samuel*. Josiah\ 
Joseph-, William'), b. July 23, 1857, and d. Oct. 8, 1886, aged 29 years ; 

m. (1) Mary Agnes Gillespie, 1876, Roxbur3^ Conn. She m. (2) 

Robertson and d. 1902. 


1. Oracle Agnes, b. Nov. 12, 1877 ; d. Aug. 8, 1893. 

2. Edward John, b. May 31, 1879. 

LivixCxSTOX E. BEARDSLEY** (Leonard E.', Everett^ Whitnlore^ 
Benjami-n*, Josiah^ Joseph-, William'), b. Jan. 30, 1840, Summit co., 
Ohio. Knlisted April, 1861, for 3 months in the 21st O. V. I. After- 
ward re-enlisted for 3 j'ears in the 14th O. V. I. and was Sergeant 
Major of his regiment. After becomitig a "veteran'' he was hon- 
orabl3' discharged, having been in the service four years and 
three months. Was in over thirty battles and skirmishes, and 
"was with Sherman in his march to the sea." Res. Defiance, Ohio. 
A Royal Arch Masou and a Methodist. M. Martha A. Cass Sept. 
28. 186?). 


1. Myrtle Mary, b. Oct. 29, 1866. 

2. Harriet May, b. May 29. 1873. 


3. Leroy Everett, b, Oct. 31, 1875. 

4. Wilbur Dale, b. Oct. 27, 1877. 

5. Carrie Olive, b. Sept. 1, 1882. 

LOCKWOOD D. Beakdsley', (DanieP, Daniel'', Jesse*, William^ 
Daniel-, William^), b. March 9. 1794, at Litchfield, Conn,; d. Sept. 11, 
1888, in Randolph, N. Y„ aged 92 ; ni. Sail}' Ann Catlin in Conn. 


+ 1. William Anson. 
+ 2. Daniel Delos, 

LoCKWOOD H. Beardsley' (Jared^ Eliakim\ Samuel*, John^ 
SamueP, Williami), ^ March 20, 1822, at Scipio, N. Y. ; ni. Cather- 
ine Ruth Myer 1818, who d. 1892. Res. Springfield, Mich. 


1. Hamilton R. 

2. Cornelia Myer, b. 1850. 
+ 3. Carlton Abby. 

4. Clark Jared. 

5. Lockwood Eugene. 

6. Catherine Endora, b. 18(52. 

Lorenzo BeardsleY' (Levi'', Levi"', William*, William-', vSam- 
ueP, Williami),b. 1826 and d. 1890, Willet, Chenango co., N. Y. ; ni. 
Alameda Rathburn. 


-|- 1. Clareiace Lorenzo. 

2. Ella ; m. Frank Miner. 

(Dr.) Lucius N. Beardsley'' (Agur^SamueP, Samuel*, Josiah'*, 
Joseph^ Williami), b. Oct. 13, 1814 ; d. Nov. 22, 1880, at Orange, 
Conn.; m (1) Betsy Ann Coley, May 10, 1836, who d. at Milford, 
Conn , Nov. 24, 1869 ; m. (2) Susan Prudence Smith Oct. G, 1874. No 
issue. The "Medical and Surgical Reporter" for Dec, 1880, has the 
following : 

"Dr. Beardsley practiced medicine in Milford, Conn., 
for fort3'-one 3'ears. His keen faculty of discriminating- 
diseases, united to a remarkable tact and a fascinating ad- 
dress, made him a favorite no less in the communit}' 


wlu'iv he labored than throughout the Count}' and State, 
where special deference was alwaj's paid to his judginent. 
On several occasions Dr. Beardslej'^ received the honors 
in the i^ift of the New Haven Count}' Medical .Society, and 
frequentl}' was elected Delegate from the State to the Na- 
tional Medical Association. His services in the latter po- 
sition were received with marked favor. His contributions 
to medical literature were very valuable as his range of 
observation was wide. To a singularly successful profes- 
sional career he added the grace and the influence of a 
Christian gentleman." 


1. Maria Elizabeth, b. 1812 ; d. Feb., 1843. 
+ 2. George Lucius. 
3. William Edgar. 

Lucius Beardsley' (Jesse^. Jabez^ William*, William^ Samuel-, 
William'), b. about 1820; m. Elizabeth Hall. 


1. Samuel Francis. 

2. William W. P. 

3. Charles Henr}-. 

4. Ida E. ; m. Gale Erickson. 

Lucius Beardsley" (Nehemiah B.'.John^ Abraham^, Abraham*, 
John\ Joseph-, Williami), b. Jan. 21, 1809 ; d. March 21, 1857, at Bur- 
lington, Iowa ; m. Eliza Mathews. 


-)- 1. Horace Morgan. 

2. Laurinda, b. Nov. 1, 1852. 

3. Edwin Dwight, b. Jan. 5, 1855 ; d. soon. 

4. Lucia, b. Jan. 21, 1857 ; d. y. 

Luke Beardsley'' (Michael', Abraham*, John^, Joseph-', Wil- 
liam'), b. Dec. 1763 ; d. Feb., 1854, Huntington, Conn. ; m. Mrs. Sarah 
Lane. Cooper by trade. 


+ 1. Peter. 


Twins ^ ^' ^^^' ^" ^^^"^ ' *"■ ^^'^^ Bassett. One son. 
\ + 3. Abner. 

4. Sally, b. 1795 ; ni. Birdsey Lewis. 

5. Anthony. 

6. Cj-rus. 

7. Eunice. 

Lyman Beardsley'* (IMoses^ Josiah*, Josiah^ Joseph^, William'), 
bapt. 1789; m. Hannah Clinton, of Cleveland, Ohio. 


-|- 1. Anson Clinton. 

2. Charles Colt. One son, Harvey. 

Lyman Beardsley*' (Price^, Israel*, Josiah^, Joseph^ William'), 
b. about 1790; m. (1) Mary Derbj^ ; m. (2) Fanny Presley. Moved 
from Vt. to Ohio in 1838. Farmer. Universalist. 


+ 1. Price W. 

2. Lyman J. 

3. Betsey J. ; m. Culberson. 

4. Edwin. 

Lyman B. Beardsley' (Joseph^ Zephaniah^ Joseph*, Nathan^, 
Samuel-, William'), b. Oct. 5, 1813, at Goshen, Conn. ; d. at Nauga- 
tuck, Conn, 1877. Was superintendent of a cutler}'^ manufactorj'. 
Episcopalian. M. (1) Amelia Atwood 1834 ; b. 1815 ; d. 1835 ; m. (2) 
Margaret Lockwood, 1838. 


L Sarah Ann, b. 1835; m. Stiles W. Gnnn 1854. 

Three children. 

2. Sodviska, b. 1838 ; m. (1) Frank Gibbon April 13, 

1859; m. (2) Edward Gibbon Nov. 7, 1863. 

+ 3. Charles A. 

4. Eva A., b. 1852; m. Lauren S. Beardsley Oct. 20, 

Lymax B. BearDvSLEY^ (Guy C, Zechariah C", Elias'', Jona- 
than*. Josiah^, Joseph-, William'), b. July 1, 1843. Res. Marion, Iowa. 
M. Emma Kiims. 

In the railroad service three 3'ears as brakeman, three years as 
freight conductor, 14 years as passenger conductor, one year as 


sleeping- car stiperintendent, four j-ears assistant superintendent 
of the Chicag^o and Council Bluff.s Division (in Iowa) of the Chi- 
cago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, which office he now (188G) 


1. An thus. 

2. Daisie Lee. 

3. Maud. 

Lynsox Beardsley' (Jared P', Jared"-, Israel^ Thomas', Jo- 
seph-, Williami),b. Aug-. 16, 1827; m. (1) Alsada Drew. One son, 
Frank 1,3-nson M. (2) Alniira Nichols. One son, Myron. 

Marcus W. Beardsley' (Wells'', Ephrainr\ David^ Ephraim^ 
Joseph-, William^), b. Nov. 29, 1813; m. Mary M. Burton, of Vt. A 
banker. Was for years cashier of a bank in St. Alban's and was 
locked up in the bank vault by raiders from Canada, during- the 
"unpleasantness of 1861-5." One son, Charles. 

Martin Beardsley« (Price^, Israel, Josiah^. Joseph-, William'), 
b. April 27, 1789, at Dorset, Vt. ; m. Hannah Wightman. 


1. Nancy P., b. Dec. 26, 1814 ; m. P. A. Vanderlip. 

2. Sylvia, b. Sept. 28, 1818 ; m. Deacon Cole. 

3. George F., b. 1822; m. (1) Abbie Winnie; m. (2) 
Sarah Summers. Several children. 

4. Harriet, b. Nov. 24,1824; m. Fox. Five chil- 

5. Franklin, b. 1827; m. Mary Ann Tuttle. 

0. Jane. 

Matthew H. Beardsley^ (Emmanuel', Emmanuel", JehieP, 
John*, John'\ Joseph^, William^), b. Feb. 10, 1836, at Chazy, N. Y. ; d. 
at Columbus, Pa., Ma^^ 19, 1879. Stone-mason and farmer. M. 
Laura A. White March 5, 1865. Res. Greenleaf, Kans. Methodist. 


1. Dorr. 

2. Earl M. 

Michael Beardslky'' (Abraham*, John\ Joseph-', William'), b. 
1740; and m. Eunice Mallett, of Catherine, Schuyler co., N. Y., 
April 7, 176.3. 



+ 1. Luke. 

2. Lewis, b. 1764 ; m. Patty Hyde. 
+ 3. David. 
-|- 4. James. 
+ 5. Elias. 

6. Paulina, b. Nov. 21. 1786; ni. Amos Bonny. Six 

Michael Beardsley^ (David**, Michael\ Abraham^ John^ Jo- 
seph-, Williami),b. 1802 ; d. Chandlerville, Cass co., 111. ; m. Sabrina 
Rice. Farmer. Christian. 


1. Cynthia ; d. aoed 22. 
+ 2. Noel M. 

3. Several others d. in infancy. 

Miles Beardsley' (Ira'', Ephraini'', Benjamin^, Josiah^ Joseph-, 
Williami), b. Dec, 20, 1834; m. (1) Sarah A. Allis; m. (2) Sarah J. 
Morgan. Res. Bridgeport, Conn. 

children by first wife. 

1. Charles. 

2. Willis H. 

Miles Beardsley' (Stephen*^. Davids Benjamin', DanieP, Sam- 
uel-, William!), b. Jan. 18, 1810; d. May 22, 1890, at Long Hill, Conn. 
Merchant 57 years. Post-inaster 32 years. Member of the Legis- 
lature in 1848. 


1. Marietta, b. 1834; m, J. C. Johnson 1855. Four 

2. Elliott Marion, b. 1838; m. Mary Jane Beardsley. 

3. Susan F)., b. 1841; m. Marcus O. Wheeler 1861. 
Four children. 

Milton Beardsley" (Jonathan^ Samuel*, William', Samuel-, 
Williami),m. Susan Churchill, of Litchfield co., Conn. Methodist. 


1. George. 

2. Lovina. 

3. Electa ; m. George A. Snell. 


(Judge) Morris B, Beardsley'' (Samuel G.^SaImle^,Stcphen^ 
DavicP, Benjamin*, DanieP, SamueP, William'), b. Aug". 13, 1848, in 
Trumbull, Conn. ; m. Lucy J. Fayerweather. 

"He is a ]a\v3^er,le<^islator and jurist. A graduate from 
Yale Universit3^ and Columbia Law School ; has been 
judge of the Bridgeport Probate Court for sixteen years, 
and member of the General Assembly of Connecticut 
since 1893." 

It ia a pleasure to meet him and enjoy his society. Congre- 


1. Samuel F., b. April 4, 1874. 

2. Lucy May, b. April 17, 1879. 

3. Amelia Loise, Aug. 28, 188-3. 

Morrison Beardslet' (Samuel^ Austin^ John^ John^ Joseph-, 
William'), b. May 21, 1812, Hardestown, Sussex co., N. J. ; d. Feb. 6, 
180."); m. Minerva Culver Oct. 10, 1837. Settled on a farm near Bir- 
mingham, Oakland co., Mich, 1832. She m. (2) Charles J. Beardsley, 
March 12. 1866. 


1. Marcus D. 
-f- 2. Edward L. 

3. Mary A. 

4. Laura M. 

5. Amelia ; m. Henrj' A. Beardsle3\ 

Morrison Beardslee'* (Robinson', Morrison", Austin'', John*, 
John', Joseph-, William'), b. Sept. 14, 1835, Edinburgh, Ohio; m, 
Mai-garet Jane Boice, of Adrian, Mich, Aug. 3, 1865. Res. High- 
land, Oakland co., Mich. Farmer. Methodist. 

He writes of his father's family: "Nearly all are members of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church. Not a drinking man in the 
family. Neither do I know one of the name that is a drunkard or 
a gambler. I never heard of but one that was arrested for a crime, 
and that was trifling." 


1. Frona May, b. May 12, 18GU. 

2. William Howard. 

3. Clara Beatrice, b. Apr. 2,1875. 

4. Mablc Irene, b. Oct. 8, 1S80. 



MiNOTT L. Beardsley' (Nathan**, ThomasS Benjamin*, Josiah^ 
Joseph'', Wni.'), b. June 18, 1830, at Roxbury, Conn. ; ni. Delia Maria 
Welton, of same town, Oct. 27. 1868, who was b. Mar. 19, 18-50. Was 
educated in the cominon schools and taught for a time. Became 
a civil engineer and also a farmer, and cultivated the land pur- 
chased by his grandfather in 1800, residing- in the quaint old house 
with three halls and fourteen rooms, in which he was born. Was 

Minott L. Bcardsley. 

for several 5'ears a member of the school board; held town and 
countj^ offices for 3'ears, and Avas a peacemaker among- neighbors 
all his life ; also settled the estates of the deceased and was guar- 
dian for the orphan, without compensation. Owing to failing 
health he sold, in 1898, the ancestral home, and moved to Los An- 
geles, Calif., where he has an elegant residence on "Crrand View 
Heights." (See page 11.) 



From tlie earliest incipiencj' of this work his willing- pen has 
ever been read)' for anj' service required, either to transcribe rec- 
ords or compile material, and his words of cheer have ever been 
an inspiration. 

The author and family have often enjo3'ed the g^enerous hos- 
pitalit}' of his home. 

After 17 years of married life, a son was born Feb. 2, 188(5, 

Robert Lee Roy Beardsley. 

Taken on his Fifteenth Birthday. 

Robett Lee Roy. This scion has descended from a Kevolutionar)- 
ancestr}', having had on his father's side one great-great-grand- 
father and two great-grandfathers, who were Revolutionar\- sol- 
diers ; and on his mother's side, a great-great-grandfather, Jvient. 
Pieers, whose sword is now in his possession, and who served un- 
derCrencral Israel Putnam. (Two of the above were commissioned 


officers.) He also has the Revolutionary Pension Certificate of 
his great-grandfather, Thomas Beardsle}^ signed by Lewis Cass, 
Secretary of War, and dated May 28, 1834, which entitled him to 
receive $54.16 annually during his natural life. 

Morrison Beardsley'* (Austin^, John^ John^ Joseph^, Wil- 
lianii), b. July 31. 1765 ; d. Nov. 3, 1828, aged 63 at Hardestown, Sus- 
sex CO., N. J. ; m. (1) Esther Millard Sept. 28, 1788, who d. May 25, 
1811. He m. (2) Catherine Woodhouse March 7, 1812. Fanner. Jus- 
tice of the Peace for several terms. 


1. Anna, b. 1789; d. 1799. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 1791 ; d. 1793. 
-(- 3. Samuel Canfield. 

+ 4. Benajah Miller. 

5. Susan, b. 1798 ; d. 1802. 
+ 6. Joel. 

7. Melinda, b. 1802 ; m. John Mabee. 

8. Robinson, b. 1805 ; d. seven da^'S old. 

9. Emeline, b. 1806. 
-)- 10. Robinson. 

11. Morrison, b. May 25, 1811 ; d. the 27tli. 


-f 12. Justus W. 

+ 13. William T. 

-|- 14. George Morrison. 

Morrison Beardsley"* (Joel', Morrison'', Austin-% John*, John^ 
Joseph-', William^), b. March 4,1823; m. (1) Elena Allen Sept. 14, 
1845; m. (2) Elizabeth Booth. Res. Bronxdale, Essex co., N. J. 

Millwright. Methodist. 


1. William Allen. 

2. Jennie ; m. Alonzo Miller. 


3. Emma. 

Moses Beardsley'' (Josiah*, Josiah^, Joseph^, William'), b. Nov. 

THE SONS OF 1 1 11. L 1, 1 M BI':. I RDSIJ-l Y. 


+ 1. I.yniai). 

2. Molly; bapt. ITS'). 

3. Naticy ; bapt. ITi)'); m. William Sharp. 

This group represents four generations. 

Upper right-hand corner, John O. Beardsley. 

Upper left-hand corner, Lydia Beardsley, his daughter. 

The center is Moss White Beardsley, son of Lydia. 

Below are his two children. 

Moss W. Beardslev'* (Asher". John'', John\ James\ John', Sam- 
uel', William'), b. May 19, 18.'^8,at Port Clinton, Ohio. Knliated in the 


Eno;ineer Corps of the Union Arnij^ Aug. 8, 1862. Six weeks later 
he was ai^pointed assistant superintendent of bridges and build- 
ings from Nashville to Chattanooga, Tenn., which position he 
held until the surrender in April, 1835. By trade a machinist. 

He at present is superintendent of mines, in Arizona, for a 
California Co. Presb3'terian. Res. Memphis, Tenn. He havS 
taken a deep interest in gathering items relating to his branch of 
the family. The compiler formed his acquaintance in the earl^' 
Spring of 1901 in Los Angeles, Calif., whither each had gone in 
search of health. He m. (1) Mary Elizabeth Smith Oct. 24, 1869. 
She d. June 27, 1874. M. (2) Marcia E. Treadwell, Aug. 8, 1878, at 
Plum Point, Miss. 


1. Magie Maud, b. Jan, 15, 1871 ; d. June 4, 1876. 

2. Lydia Mable, b. Sept. 12, 1872 ; d. April 22, 1873. 

3. Walter White, b. Jan. 20, 1874 ; d. Sept 19, 1875. 


4. Walter Holmes, b. April 12, 1879. 

5. Lydia Maud, b. Oct. 21, 1880. 

Moses BeardslEy** (Jonathan'', Josiah*, Josiah\ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam^), b. 1778 ; d. 18.53, aged 75. Res, near Newtown, Conn. Beach 
Beardsley administered on his estate. His coffin plate was given 
to his youngest grand-nephew, Edwin Beardsley, who was after- 
ward a useful minister of the gospel in the Baptist church; not 
because of the gift, however, but because he was called thereto by 
the Holy Spirit, who said : 

"Go, Christian heralds, go proclaim 

Salvation in Immanuel's name, 

To distant climes the tidings bear, 

And plant the Rose of Sharon there.'' 

Moses T. Beardslee^ (Christopher L.S Beverly', Beverly'', Je- 
hieP, Johns John^, Joseph-, William'), b. July 21, 1823 ; d. March 10, 
1890, in Oakland co., Mich. 


1. Elmer C, b. 1862; m. Emma Frahm. One son, 
Frederick, b. 1886. 

+ 2. George E. 


MuNSON Beardsley'' (Josiah^ Josiali*, Josiali*, Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1775 ; d. Dec. 5. 1822, Res. Trunibull, Conn. 


1. Aliiiira; lu. Walter Booth. 

2. LeGrand, b. 1798 ; d. Oct. 14^ 1821. 

Nathan Beardsley^ (Samuel-, William^), b. Oct. 7,1686; d. 1750 ; 
m. (1) Mary , June 13, 1709 ; m. (2) Elizabeth Hubbell, Jan. 7. 171.3. 


1. Mar3^ bapt. March 30, 1713. 


2. Ruth, b. Nov. 3, 1713. 

3. Rebecca, b. Feb. 6. 1715. 

4. Nathan, b. May 20, 1718 ; d. Oct. 8, 1720. 

5. Marjory, b. Sept. 20, 1720. 

6. Eunice, b. Feb. 8, 1722 ; d. Dec. 9,1726. 

7. Abijah. 

8. Elnathan. 

9. Reuben, b. 1731 ; d. 1751. 

10. Jovseph, b. 1715; m. Tabitha Sherwood. One son, 
-|- John Sher^vood. 

Nathan Beardsley'* (Daniel-, William'), b. aboitt 1(590 ; d. 1760 ; 
m. Dinah Curtis June 26,1718. His father gave him land in "3-e 
ox pasture, March 28, 1720." He bought land, March 11. 1734 (B. 6, 60). 
His %vill is dated Aug. 2, 1746, and was probated Feb. 2, 1760. 

He declares his belief in the cardinal doctrines of the Church. 
After commending his soul to God and committing his body to 
the grave, he saj's: "I shall receive j^e same again at the general 
resurrection." He speaks of his "beloved wife Dinah" and of two 
sons and one dau. He makes Nathan his sole executor. 


Twins ^ + ^- -^'L^liemiah, b. 1709. 

I 2. Ephraim, b. 1709 ; m. Frances . 

3. Margaret, 1). Sept. 20, 1720; ni. David Pickett 
Sept. (), 1741. 

4. Hester, b. April 23, 1723. 

5. Kale, b. 1725. 


+ 6. Nathan. 

+ 7. John. 

.Nathan Beardsley* (Nathan-^ Daniel-, WilliamM, b. 1726. He 
joined the Congregational Church at Stratford 1746. Married 
Ann 1755. 


1. Ann, b. 1756 ; m. Neheniiah Cnrtis 1789. 

2. Sarah, b. 1758 ; m. John Coe 1784. 

3. Hezekiah. 

Nathan Beardsley" (Thonias\ Benjamin', Josiah^ Joseph^, 
Williami), b. Nov. 17, 1790; d. April 29,1868; ui. Hannah Lucretia 
Thompson Feb. 10, 1819. She d. Jan. 7, 1893, aged 94. Was a farmer. 

A Congregationalist. 


-|- 1. Nathan Thompson, 
+ 2. Minot Le Roy. 

Nathan T. Beardsley' (Nathan*^, Thomas^ Benjamin*, Josi- 
ah3, Joseph-, William^), b. March 1, 1821, and d. Nov. 30, 1894. aged 73 
years; m. Margaret Hurd Nov. 27, 1861, who was b. July 6,1832. 
Res. Roxbnry, Conn. Farmer. Congregationalist. 


+ 1. Charles E. 

2. Catherine A., b. Feb. 6, 1865. 
+ 3. Nathan P. 

4. Jehiel H., b. 1871 ; m. Laura Terril 1896. 

.5. Frederick D., b. 1874; m. Lena Bell Terry 1901. 

Nathan Beardsley" (Jonathan^ Ephraini^, Benjamin^ Jo- 
8iah3, Joseph^ William^), b. 1828; m. Serepta Morley 1860. She d. 
1879. Res. Sidney Centre, Delaware co., N. Y. Methodist. Farmer. 


1. Emma Loverna, b. 1865 ; d. 1881. 

2. Velena Diantha, b. 1872. 

Nathan P. Beardsley^ (Nathan T.', Nathan'', Thomas\ Ben- 
jamin*, Josiah'', Joseph-, William'), b. April 12,1868; m. Charlotte 
E. Peek Oct. 8, 1890. Farmer. Congregationalist. 



1. Percj^ p., b. Au^-. 6,1891. 

2. Lois C, b. Au.<>-. 10, 1896. 

3. Paul Nathan, b. March 24, 1901. 

Nathaniel Beardsley"* (Benjamins Josiah^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. 1760 ; m. Abiah Beach. Moved to Fairfield, Franklin co., 
Vt., 1792, where he d. Oct. 30, 1839. 


1. Beach ; bapt. 1782 ; d. y. 

2. Nathaniel Beach ; bapt. 1783. 

3. Eli; d. unmarried. 

4. Anna ; d. unmarried. 

5. Phebe ; d. unmarried, 

6. Polly ; d. unmarried. 
+ 8, Freeman. 

Nathaniel K. Beakdsley^ (John'', Charles-', JohnS John', Jo- 
seph-, William^), b. Jan., 1804, in Sussex co., N. J. ; m. Huldah S. 
Bray Nov., 1828. Farmer and drover. Usually held a town office. 
His reputation was that of a modest, honorable man. When d}-- 
ing" lie said, "I have tried to do my best, and am willing to face 
my fate, whatever that tnay be." 

How much better to trust alone in Him "who came to seek and 
to save the lost," for "him that cometh to ine I will in no wise cast 
out" (John 6: 37). 


1. Maria, b. 1831 ; single. 

2. John L. 

3. Susan, b. 1835 ; m. Dr. B. Spence. Seven children. 
+ 4. Robert. 

5. F:dward, b. 1839. Sergeant in 102nd N. Y. V. I. 
Wounded three times in battle. 

6. Catherine, b. 1841. 

7. Cornelia, b. 1845; m. Dr. A. R. Otis. Three chil- 

8. Bra}', b. 1847 ; m. Jennie Whitlock. 

9. George, b. 1852 ; m. F^'lorence Fox. 

Nathaniel A. Beardsley' fSamueF', David^ Obadiah*, John^ 


SamueP, WiliiamS), b. 1838; m. Susan L. Carl 1865. Res. Owego, 
Tioga CO., N. Y. Harness maker. Methodist. 


1. Francis Janie^*, b. 1866. 

2. Ella A., b. 1870 ; d. 1872. 

3. Lois G., b. 1874. 

Nathaniel K. Beardslee' (Edward S.'', John^ Nathaniels 
John'^, Daniel-, William'), b. Jan. 23, 1813; m. Georg-ianna Bonnel 
Nov. 24, 1868. Res. Oklahoma. 


1. Allen, b. Feb. 8, 1872; d. Jan. 21, 1873. 

2. Cora, b. Jan. 7, 1874. 

3. George Karr, b. Dec. 2, 1879; d. April 14, 1882. 

Nehemiah Beardsley* (Nathan^, Daniel-, William'), b. Aj^ril 5, 
1719; cl. before 1764 ; m. Al>igail Lewis. 

His will was dated Jan. 11, 1764, and in it he inentions his wife 

Abigail and two children. 


1. Hannah ; bapt. Jan., 1741 ; m. Beers. 

+ 2. Nehemiah. 
3. Lewis. 
An old record reads : "Ye wife of Nehemiah Beardslee joined 
the Congregational Church at Stratford in 1772." 

(Col.) Nehemiah Beardsley^' (John^ John^ Samuel'^ William'), 
b. Dec, 1731 ; d. March 31, 1811; m. Sarah Beardsley, who d. Feb. 1, 
1805. Res. at New Fairfield, Conn., where he was prominent in 
Congregational Church and public affairs. 

He enlisted June 15, 1777, for the war, and was subsequent!}" 
promoted to Colonel. He was a representative from New Faii*- 
field in the Legislature for 23 years, ending with 1803. In 1779 was 
appointed bj- the Legislature one of a committee of three to esti- 
mate the losses to the citizens of Norwalk and Danbury, caused 
by the burning- of their proi^ert}^ by the British army, at the time 
of the invasion from Long Island. 

His will is dated Feb. 19, 1810. He requests that his "body be 
decent]}' buried, as near as may be to ni}" beloved wife Sarah.'' 


He orders "black silk of an equal qnalit}' to make four gowns" — 
one for each of his dauohters, which cost $3i. His exectitors were 
Gideon Beardslc}', his son ; David Northrup, his son-in-law; and 
Rev. Belah Rogers. 

He ftirther wills to his grandson, "John O. Beardsley," a silver 
watch, and to his granddaughter, "Mollie," daughter of Sarah, "a 
two-j'ear-old heifer." 

The inventor}' of his estate amounted to $8,ii68.37. (Book 11, 
pp. -187, DanburN' Records.) 


4- 1. Gideon. 

2. Esther, b. 17G0; m. Joseph Mitchel. 

3. Rebecca, b. 1702 ; ni. David Northrop. She died 
leaving- three davighters. 

4. Selina ; m. her brother-in-law, David Northrop. 
Six sons. 

5. Sallj^; bapt. 1771; m.Paul F. Beardslej' 1791. One 

daughter and two sons. 

T. . \ 6. Anne ; bapt. March 8, 1773. 

Twins . ' »" ' 

' 7. Ami ; bapt. March 8, 1773. 

Nehemiah Beardsley'^ (Nehennah^ Nathan^, Daniel-, Wil- 
liam'), bapt. Aug. 18, 1745; m. Abigail ■. In 1785 their res. was 

Cornwall, Litchfield co., Conn. About 1800 they moved to New 
York, thence to Galloway, Franklin co., Ohio ; finall}' to "Fort Re- 
covery"' (erected in 1798 on the Wabash River), Mercer co., Ohio. 


1. Daniel. 
+ 2. John. 
+ 3. David. 
+ 4. Bennett. 
+ 5. Obed H. 
-|- 6. Nehemiah. 

8. Abigail, b. 1811 ; d. a ^oung lady. 

9. Phebe, b. 1813; d. in infancy. 

Nehemiah Beardslee'"' (Nehemiah'', NehemiahS Nathan\ Dan- 
iel-, William'), b. Aug. 1, 1809, in the state of New York and raised 
in Ohio. Wiien a 3'oung man he went to Bates co., Mo., where he 
m. twice ; later moved to Bell co., Texas. In 1850 sailed around 


Cape Horn for Calif. His mining adventures there were unsuc- 
cessful. He secured however U50 acres of raw land in the south- 
ern part of Los Angeles co., where he erected a house and began 
other improvements, when he returned to Texas for his familj-. 
Moved to Calif, in the fail of I8.16, going overland, with six span of 
mules and other stock. 

His first land venture had to be given up, owing to its being a 
part of a Mexican land grant. He sold his improvenaents for $200, 
and proceeded north-eastward a few miles, bu} ing 225 acres of 
land, xiear Monrovia and Duarto. Here he built a large frame 
house and made other necessary improvements. It was an un- 
speakable pleasure for the author to visit this localit}' in March, 
1900, and April, 1902, and form the acquaintance of several members 
of this faniilj'. Farmer, stock grower. Baptist. He m. (1) Kliz- 

abeth , 1832 ; m. (2) Elvira Anderson, Nov. 18. 1841. She d. May 

17, 1874. M. (3) Mrs. Lizzie M. Patterson April 3, 1877, of Downey, 


L Susanna, b. May 13, 1834 ; d. y. 

2. John C , ^. Aug. 26, 1835 ; d. 1863 

3. David G., b Jan. 8. 1837. 


4. Louisa, b. April 11, 1842 ; d. y. 
-|- 5. James Barnet. 

+ 0. Obed Hendrix. 

7. Ephraim Polk, b. 1818; m. Rebecca Stiles 1885. 

+ 8. William Roby. 

9. }!)liza Jane, b. Jan. 24, 1852; m. James Rogers. She 
d. Dec. 25, 1873. 

10. Br3-an, b. May 3, 1857 ; d. 3-. 

11. California Elizabeth, b May 25, 181)0; m. William 
Chappelow, May 26, 1878. Six children, 

12. Mar3^ b. Oct. 3, 1861 ; d. on the 7th day after. 

13. Laiira Adelia, b. Dec, 12,1862; m. Richard Poor. 

14. Yirina Davis, b. Nov. 26, 1865. 

(Rev.) NehemfahB. Beakdsley' (John'', Abraham', Abraham*, 
John''*, Joseph-', William'), b. June 20, 17S0 ; d. at Somers, Tolland, 
CO. Conn., Feb. 24,1868 ; m. Mrs. Acksah (Morgan) Chapin Sept. 18, 
180.5. She d. Feb. 15, 1868, aged 94. 


He graduated from "Yale Collet^e' in 1803, was licensed to 
preach in Oct. 180G For a number of 5'ears secular affairs de- 
manded his attention, j-et he preached here and there as ojipor- 
tunit}' offered. Ordained Pastor of the Conoregational Church in 
"Christie," in 1815, where he remained six j^ears. Then he was 
seven 3'ears in "Union," when feeble health compelled him to re- 
sign. In a letter written to Rev. Dr. Beardsley, of New Haven, 
Conn, he said : "On the 20th of June I was 87 3^ears old. I regard 
all persons in our great country, \iy the name of Beardsley, as my 
beloved brethren according- to the flesh, and with the Apostle 
Paul, am read}' to saj' : "It is ray heart's desire and prayer to God 
that thej' ma}- be saved." "He lived and d. a devout Christian;" so 
wrote his dau. 


1. Laurinda, b. Sept. 19, 180(3. 
-f- 2. Ivucius. 

3. Horace Morgan, b. 1813 ; m. Eliza C. Baird. One 

son, -\- John. 

4. Acksah, b. Sept. 16,1815. 

Nehemiah Beakdrley^ (John 0^ Gideon^ Nehemiah^ John*, 
John'-, Samuel-, Williami), b. Feb. 10. 1807; d. Dec. 27, 1851; m. (1) 
Augusta Everitt Oct. 18, 1835. She d. April 5,1842. M. (2) Mrs. Mary 
Ann Ferguson. Emigrated to Port Clinton, Huron co.,Ohio, about 
1836, where he cleared land and improved a farm. He became an 
active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 


+ 1. Horner. 

2. Flora Ann ; m. (1) S. P. Short. Two children. 
After his death she m. (2) Albert Avermyer. 

3. Bets3' ; m. (1) Samuel Sherman, Jr. One child. 
He d. She m. (2) James S. Ellis. Three children. 


4. Mar}' Etta ; m. George Latimore. One child. 
+ 5. Charles Frederick. 

Nelson Beardsley" (John^ Nehemiah^, Nehemiah^ Nathan\ 
Daniel^ William'-), b. Aug. 12, 1832, in Middletown, Orange co., N. 
Y. Married Melissa Vermilva. Farmer. 




1. Olivia Adalch, b. June 16, 1862. 

2. Sarah Catherine, b. July 8, 1864. 

3. Janetta, b. March 2, 1868. 

4. Karl C, b. Nov. 7, 1874. 

Nelson Beardsley. 

Nelson Beakdsley' (John^Eliakinr\ SamueP, John', Samuel-, 
William^), b. May 30, 1807; d. J;iii. 1.1,1891; oraduated from Yale 
College in 1827. Entered the law ofhce of VVm. H. Seward, at Au- 
burn, N. Y. ; admitted to the "Bar" in 183(1. and to partnersliip with 
his instructor, lasting- until he became oovernor of the state. 

For .n4 jears he was President of the Cayuga Co. Bank, and 


also of the Oswego Starch Co. since June, 1840, and of the Auburn 
Savings Bank since 1849, when it was established. In the mean- 
time he has been president or director of different railroads and 
other corporations. As a business man he was untisuallj^ sncces- 


"Opportunit}' is co}% 

The careless, the slow, 

The vin observant, the laz}'. 

Fail to see it. 

Or clutch at it, when it has gone. 

The sharp fellows detect it instantly 

And catch it when on the wing." 
He m. Frances Powers, of Catskill, N. Y., May 16, 1836. In a 
personal letter once he said : "They sa}' I am worth $6,000,000, but 
I am not." He without doubt was the wealthiest man of the name. 


1. Emily Powers, b. March 3, 1837 ; m. Rev. Fred W. 
Flint, of the Presbyterian Church. 

2. Gertrude Frances, b. Aug. 9, 1838 ; m. W. W.An- 

3. Caroline Powers, b. Aug. 6, 1841; m. Paul C. 
Woodruff, Auburn, N. Y. 

4. Alice Booth, b. Jan. 31, 1845; m. C. N. Ross, Au- 
burn, N. Y. 

.1. Frances Powers, b. Nov. 16, 1847 ; m. C. P. Bure, 
Auburn, N. Y. 

6. Mary Cooke, b. Feb. 8, 1851 ; d. y. 

7. Mary Day, b. July 4, 1854. Res. Auburn, N. Y. 

Nelson Beardsley' fAgur*', Josiah', Samuel*, William", Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. 1802; m. Mary Ann Barker. 


1. Amanda. 

2. Catherine ; m. Ariel Lathrop. 
.3. Mark. 

4. John. 

Nelson S. Beardsley* (William H.', Curtis'-, Philo^ Josiah*. 
Josiah^, Joseph-', William'), b. 1847 ; n\. Esther O. Hulin 1871. 


1. Millie Sophia, b. Oct. 7 ; d. 18, 1872. 


2. Willis Reid, b. Nov. 10, 1873. 

3. Emmet Hulin, b. Oct. 15, 1876. 

4. Mary Liiln, b. Nov 30, 1882. 

Nelson Beardsley^ (David', Abel*^, Abraham"', AbrahamSJohn^, 
Joseph^, William'). 


1. Edward. 

2. George. 

Nichols Beardsley' (David*^, David^, Benjamin*, DanieF, 
Samuel-, William^), b. 1785 ; d. 1872; m. Polly Barton. 


1. Benjamin Burton. 

2. Amanda ; m. Treelock. 

+ 3. Bronson B. 

4. Marcia. 

Nicholas N. Beardslev' (Ebenezer L.^ Ezekiel\ DanieP, 
DanieP, DanieP, William'), b. March 21, 1819; m. Mary Ann Ells 
Oct. 10, 1844. A stone mason. Methodist. 


1. Emily Jane, b. Dec. 15, 184fi ; d. 1847. 

2. Harriet Ann, b. Jan. 24, 1851 ; d. 1S58. 

3. Rosalia Matilda, b. Jan. 28, 1853 ; d. 1858. 
+ 4. Ebenezer Leavenworth. 

5. Lewis Ells. 

6. Mary Treloye, b. March 20, 1861. 

7. Nettie Maria, b. March 30. 1864. 

Noah C. Beardsley' (Salmon*^, David^ Obadiah^ John^, Sam- 
uel2, William'), b. Aug. 25, 1814, Genoa, Cayuga co., N. Y. ; m. (1) 
Sarah Moore June 6, 1839, Edin, Erie co., N. Y. One son, Franklin 
W., b. Dec. 25, 1849. She d. Nov. 1, 1865. M. (2) Mrs. Esther M. (Ran- 
dall) Peacock. One son, Ernest N., b. March 23, 1867. Res. South 
Dayton, Cattaraugus CO., N. Y. 

Noah O. Beardsley" (William C.^ Charles W.', Ezekiel'', Ja- 
bezS Williams WilliamS Samuel-, William'), b. Sept. 6, 1852; m. 


Effie L. Grassfielcl Maj^ 10, 1876. Carpenter and joiner. Methodist. 
Res. Fairview, Jones co., Iowa. 


1. Kninia, b. Feb. 10, 1877 ; m. Charles Beardsley. 

2. William C, b. Oct. 15, 1878. 

3. Nina, b. Jul}- .31,1881. 

4. Guy, b. Nov. 9, 1884. 

Noel M. Beardsley** (Michael', David*^, Michael^ Abraham*, 
John^ Joseph^, William'), b. 1831 ; m. (1) Julia Winsted ; (2) Martha 
White. Res. near Winterset, Madison co., Iowa. Farmer and 
money loaner. 


1. David Monroe, b. 18.o8 ; m. Alice Germain. One 
daughter, Pearl May. 

2. James Michael. 

3. Lewis William. 

4. Cynthia B., b. 1860. 

o. Minnie Wilhninia, b. 1807 ; m. Smith Hand 1884. 

6. Alha, b. 1871. 

7. Edward N., b. 1875. 

8. Thycedrick. b. 1876. 

9. Five died in infancv. 

Obadiah Beardsley^ (Daniel% William'), b. about 1094, at 
Stratford, Conn. ; d. 1754 ; m. Mary Porter Aug., 1729, who d. in Rip- 
ton (now Huntington) in 1776, aged 85. 

His will was dated April 13, 1754, and probated June 3, 1754. It 
mentions wife Mary and all his children, except David. The in- 
ventory was taken June 10, 1754, and amounted to £5,315 153. 9d. 


1. Ruth, b. 1730 ; m. Silas Curtis 1765, 

2. Henr3\ 

3. David, b. 1734 ; d. March, 17.35. 

4. Mary, b. 1737. 

5. F)benezer. 

-|- 6. Stephen, b. 17.38. A son, -\- Lemuel. 
4- 7. Lemuel. 


Obadiah Beardsley* (John^ Samuel^ William^), b. June 14, 
1706, in Stratford (now Brido:eport), Conn.; d. in New Fairfield, 
Conn ,1806. His bod}' was found in the woods, where he had gone 
to trap game. M. (1) Mercy Jackson Nov. 30, 1730. Thej- united with 
the First Congregational Church of Stratfield April 16, 1732. She 
d. Nov. 17, 1751. He moved to New Fairfield, where he came into 
possession of certain lands "May ye 16, 1716." 

The Colonial Record says : 

"May, 1718, Obadiah Beardslee, of the South Society of 

New Fairfield, agent for said societj^ presented a memorial 

to the Assembl}', pra jang for a tax to be laid on the divided 

unimproved lands in said Parish. A tax of sixpence old 

tenor, granted." (Vol. 9, 301.) 

M. (2) Sarah Wheeler Dec. 28, 175.5. Was very prominent in 
church affairs,— a Deacon for thirteen years, 1769 to 1782. He, in 
connection with sixteen others, presented a remonstrance to the 
Assembly against the unorthodox preaching of their Pastor, the 
Rev. James Taylor. Seven of the-?e remonstrants were Beards- 
leys, viz: Obadiah, Nehemiah, Gideon, Josiah, Phineas and two 
Johns. Nehemiah Beardsley was appointed, Dec. 13, 1806. admin- 
istrator of his estate. (Danbui"}' Probate Records.) 


1. Phineas, b. Dec. 4, 1731 ; d. March 7, 1732. 
+ 2. Phineas. 

3. David, b. March 6, 1735 ; d. on the 7th. 

4. Sarah, b. March 26, 1736; m. Peleg Sunderland 
March 4, 1759. 

+ 5. Gideon. 

6. Eunice, b. March 15, 1740. 

7. Anna, b. Nov. 5, 1741. 

8. Mary, b. March 30, 1743. 

9. Rhoda, b. Nov., 1745 ; d. Dec, 1747. 
10. Lucy, b. June, 1747. 

-j- 11. Benajah. 


12. Elizabeth Mary, b. Oct. 19, 1756. 
-t- 13. Salmon Wheeler. 
14. Selina, b. 1763. 

Obadiah Beardsley'^ (John*, John^, Joseph-, William'), b. Oct. 


2, 1728, Stratford, Conn. For some years he resided in Fredericks- 
burg-, DutcheSvS CO., N. Y. In 1790 he moved to Monticello, Otsego 
CO. Finallj- to Richfield, where he d. 1807, aged 79. Married Am^^ 
Calkins 1751, who d. 1814. 


1. Ennice, b. 1752 ; m. S. Lathan. Eight children. 

2. Jemima, b. 1754. 
+ 3. John. 

4. Sarah, b. 1759 ; m. Whitmore. 

+ 5. Levi. 

+ 6. Obadiah. 

7. Partridge Thatcher, b. Dec. 14, 170.5. 
+ 8. David. 

Obadiah BeardsleY" (Obadiah\ John^ John'', Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. June 18, 1763, at Fredericksburg, Dutchess co., N. Y. ; d. 
Nov. 15, 1841, at Richfield Springs, Otsego co., N. Y. "An honest 
man and upright citizen." M. (1) Eunice Moore Nov. 10, 1784, at 
Monticello, Otsego co., N. Y. She d. Dec. 11, 1811. M. (2) Hannah 
Bennett June 19, 1813, who d. 1839. M. (3) Maria Jackson April 28, 
1841. He was at one time Judge for the county of Otsego, N. Y. 


-f 1. Levi. 

2. Polly Moore, b. 1788 ; m. Norton ; d. 1837. 

-|- 3. Samuel. 

4. Joseph, b. 1792; m. Phebe , 

5. Fanny, b. 1794 ; m. Hyde. 

6. Seth Warren. 

T\an ^ ^- I-"'^'"<^f ■ '^- March 7, d. 22, 1800. 
^^'^"^ ' 8. Celinda, b. March 7, d. 29, 1800. 

9. Olive, b. March 7, 1802 ; m. Hughs ; d. 1831. 

10. Moroan Lewis. 

Obadiah Beardsley*^ (Phineas', ObadiahS John', Samuel-, 
William'), b. May 27, 1700, New Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Chloe Gregory 
1789, who d. 1846. 

He was ajjpointed chorister of the Congregational Church of 
New Fairfield Dec, 1785 ; was also Society Clerk from 1789 to 1797. 
Moved to West Moreland, Oneida co., N. Y., in May, 1808 ; thence to 
Volney, Oswego co., 1828, where he d. Sept. 24, 1848. 



1. Rachael, b. 1791 ; d. 1795. 
+ 2. Ephraim. 
-\- 3. Almon. 
+ 4. William (Billy). 
+ 5. Henry Gregory. 

6. Rhoda ; bapt. July 20, 1800. 

7. Rachael, b. Sept., 1802; bapt. Oct. 17 ; ra. Wiiliam 
Lace Oct. 11, 1840. 

8. Hannah, b. 1804 ; m. Ellis Cooper, of Fulton, N. Y. 
She d. 1842. 

(Rev.) Obadiah C. Beardsley"^ (Salmon W.-', ObadiahS John^ 
Samuel-', William'), b. June 3, 1798, near Harpersfield Centre, Dela- 
ware CO., N. Y. ; d. Aug. 23, 1879 ; m. Clarissa R. Rust Oct. 24, 1830, 
who d. July 29,1^80. He graduated from Union College in 182G, 
and from Auburn Theological Seminary 1829. Was licensed to 
preach in October following, and ordained May, 1830. His first 
preaching was in destitute fields ; was a pastor at Silver Creek, 
Chautauqua co., N. Y., for over 13 3 ears, where 274 members were 
added to the Church. In Oct, 1846, he became pastor of the West 
Mcndon Presbyterian Church, Monroe co., N. Y., where he re- 
mained eleven years ; next came Middleport, Niagara co., for 
three j'ears. During his active ministr3-he was fav-ored with sev- 
eral revivals. His health having failed he retired to Albion, Or- 
leans CO., N. Y. 

His presence in the family circle shed a flood of light and sun- 
shine. "Mark the perfect man, and beheld the tipright ; for the 
end of that man is peace.'' (Psalm 37, 37). 


1. Lyman Rhoades, b. Aug. 7, 1831 ; d. July 30, 1840. 

2. Henry Martjm, b. Sept. 21, 1833 ; d. Jan. 20, 1845. 

3. Julius Obadiah, b. May 9, 1836 ; d. July 2, 1840. 

4. Sarah Clarissa, b. Feb. 26, 1839; m. Watson E. 
June Dec. 1, 1863. 

5. Evelyn, b. Sept. 16, 1841 ; d. May 4, 1846. 

6. Charles Lyman, b. April 8, 1843 ; d. May 2, 1872. 
8. Louisa Anna, b. March 22, 1848 ; d. Dec. 19, 18.52. 

Obadiah Beakdsley" (Levi«, Obadiah^ John^ John^ Joseph^, 


William'), b. 1786 ; d. 1831, at Fairfield, Conn. His estate amounted 
to $240.44. (Fairfield Probate Records). 


1. Amen/o. 

2. DeWitt. 

Obed H. Heakdsley" (Nehemiah^ Neliemiah*, Nathan^ Dan- 
iel-, William'), b. 1808 ; m. Lucina Bail.v. Seven children. One son, 
+ Harrison G. 

ObedH. Beardsley' (David'', Nehemialv', Neliemiah*, Nathan^, 
Daniel-, William') ; m. Mary Elizabeth Grnnden. 


1. Harrison Gilruth. 

2. Florence, b. 1862 ; d. 3'. 

Obed H. Beari'SLEE' (Nehemiah", Nehemiah\ Nehemiah*, 
Nathan^, Daniel'-, William'), b. Oct. 24, 1845; m. Susan Thurman, 
Res. Santa Cruz, Calif. 


1. Klvina Ellen ; d. y. 

2. Viola, b. 1880 ; d. 1898. 

3. Ada, b. 1882. 

4. Ruby, b. 1884. 

Oliver L. Beardseey^' (Amos^ Josiah\ Josiah*, Josiah^ Jo- 
seph-, William'j, b. June, 1821 ; m. Mercy Osborne 1841. He was a 
seaman ; d. on shipboard and was buried in the Indian Ocean, 


1. Josephine, b. 1846; m. John W. Mead. One dait., 

2. Helen, b. 1849 ; m. Philip Howes. One son, Paul. 

Oliver A. Beardsley" (James'', Benjamin^, Benjamin*, Josiah^ 
Joseph^ William'), b. June 19, 1823; d. Feb. 18, 1876, Burke, N. Y. ; 
m. Marj' Eliza Miller, of Canada. Blacksmith and fanner. Meth- 


1. Melvin Augustus, b. Sept. 29, I80O ; d. 1851. 


2. Charlotte Lovica, b. 1852 ; m. Herman Morton. 

3. James Samuel, b. 1853 ; m. Mar}' Jane Thompson, 
1875. One dan,, Laura Maro;aret, b. 1876. Represented his county 
in the Nebraska Legislature 1888-9. 

4. Rebecca Eliza, b. 1856 ; d.l877. 

5. William Mj'ron. 

6. Ida Frances, b. 1860 ; d. March, 1878. 

7. Truman Cliarles. 

8. Ella May, b. 1864 ; d. 1882. 

9. Frederick George. 

pxfcU aiSt. ^<^ ^^-S" 351 iCi. 

Oliver W. Beardsley^ (Lewis W.^ Eiy^ JosiahS Samuel*, Jo- 
siah^ Jo^eplv, Willilmi), b. June 14, 1853; m. Theresa Leydon. 
Res. Roxbury, Conn. 


L Ella Rose, b. April 9, 1879. 
2. Nellie Jane, b. Nov. 1, 1880. 
^3. William Henry, b. Oct. 11, 1882. 

4. Carrie Theresa, b. Dec. 4, 1886. 

5. Lewis George, b. Dec. 27, 1888. 

6. Robert Oliver, b. Dec. 17, 1890. 

Grin Beardsley** (Denning^ Benjamin\ Josiah-^, Joseph^, Wil- 
liami), b. 1803, Keyesville, N. Y. ; d. Fairfield, Vt., Feb., 1837; m. 
Sophia Colburn, who d. Feb., 1843. 


1. Nathan ; killed by cars in his native town. 

2. Jane. 

3. Roswell. 

+ 4. Carlos Burr. 

Orlando Beardslky'' (Levi^ lesse^ William^ Daniel-, William'), 
b. Sept. 22, 1829 ; m. (1) Emeline Westover, May 8, 1854 ; d. April 25, 
1865. M. (2) Lucinda Smith, Feb. 7, 1866. Res. Belle Font, Ford co., 
Kansas. Baptist. Carpenter. 

children by emeline. 

L Orin, b. at Oxford, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1855 ; d. Nov. 5, 

2. Clarissa Naomi, b. Oct. 2, 1858 ; m. M. Westover. 


3. Horace Adelbert, b. Nov. 19. 1862 ; d. Aug. 10, 1872. 


4. George Orlando, b. Jan. li), 1867. 

Orlando Beardsley' (Daniel'^, Benajah\ Obadiah*, John^ Sam- 
neF, Willianii), b. 1801 ; m. (1) Sweetland ; m. (2) Graves. 


1. Lanra A., b. 1829; ni. Renney. 

+ 2. Charles E. 

Orsamus Beardsley'^ (Abner W.', Benajah''', Gideon^, Obadiah*, 
John^, Samuel'-, William^), b. Jan. 15, 1825, in Alexander, Genesee co., 
N. Y. ; m. Lucinda Jackson of 111., 1848. Res. Moscow, Idaho. 


1. A dan. ; m. Lenry L. Coates. 

2. A dan. ; m. Albert Dygart. 
.3. Orton. 

Orsamus Beardslee^ (Aaron**, Beverly', Beverly^ Jehiel', John*, 
John^ Joseph-. William^), b. Oct. 21. 1825, in Sussex co., N. J. ; m. (1) 
Jane Hiller Dec. 26, 1848; m. (2) Clarissa Beardslee Sept. 30, 1856. 
Res. Clarkston, Mich. Fanner. Was Justice of the Peace and a 


1. John, b. Oct. 10. 18.50 ; ni. Elizabeth Case. 


2. Florence Estella. b. June 20, 1858 ; m. Isaac Voor- 
hees. Two sons. 

+ .3. Aaron. 

4. Elener E. 

5. Susan Elena, b. May 4, 1866 ; m. S. Lake. 

6. William Edward, b. July 12, 1868 ; m. Delia Sher- 

Oksox Beardsley" (Elijah^, Willianr\ Abraham*, John', Jo- 
seph-, Williami),b. 1785. in Washington, Litchfield co„ Conn., and d. 
at Fremont, Ohio. 

He enlisted as private in the 25th U. S. Infantry, Capt. E. 
White's Compan3% March 10, 1813, at Litchfield, Conn., and was 


honorably discharged at Sackett's Harbor, Maj^ 17, 1815, at expira- 
tion of term. By trade a clothier. Married Hannah Buell, in 
Conn , and she d. at Rochester, N. Y., 1870, aged 77. 


1. Judson, b. 1826 ; d. 1839. 

2. Esther, b. 1828. 

3. Charlotte, b, 1830. 
-|- 4. George E. 

5. Lucinda. 

6. Sarah. 

7. Loany. 

Orsox P. Beardsley' (Levi^ Jabez^ William*, WilliamS Sam- 
ueP, Williami), b. Oct., 1823 ; m. Orphelia Smith. Farmer. 


1. Adda. 

2. Reno. 

3. Rosco. 

Orson BEARDSLEY'(Reuben6,DanieP, Jesse*, William^.DanieP, 
Williami), b. Sept. 29, 1824. Res. Herme. N. Y. ; m. Sarah E. Smith. 


1. Hiram J., b. May 12, 1848; d. Jvxne 13. 1849. 

2. Ottelia, b. Feb. 6, 1851. 

3. Delia, b. Feb. 6,1858. 

4. George W. 

Orville H. Beardsley* (Samuel', Stephen'', David\ Benja- 
min*, DanieF, Samuel-, William^); d. 1851. Elected a Deacon in 
the Congregational Church of Trumbull 1848. Married Nancy 


1. Martha A. ; m. James R. Brinsmade. Two chil- 
dren, Alice and James. 

2. Mary Eliza ; d. 3'. 

3. Caroline Hall ; m. George H. Bunnell. 

(Rev.) Oscar R. Beardsley^ (Seba', Paul F.% John^, James*, 
John^, Samuel-', William'), b. Aug. 30, 1811, Coventry, Chenango 
CO., N. Y. Res. Sherman, Chatauqua co., N. Y. Universalis! min- 



ister with marked ability; decided in liis convictions, but liberal 
in spirit. Heis o-enial and attractive as a companion. One whom 
all love and confide in when thej' meet him. Married Alice Hack- 
ett March IG, 18(U. She d. April 2(), 1898. State Missionary' of his 
church in Pa. 

Rev, Oscar R. Beardsley. 


1. Harriet K ,1). July 8, 1865 ; ni. John \V. Kenvon, Jr., 
1884. She d. Feb. 13, 1890. One daughter, Ma me A., 5 years old. 

2. Rhoda S., b. Sept. 6, 1808 ; m. Llewellyn Shields in 
1888. One dau.. Rhea, b. in 1889. 

3. Paul IX, b. 1879; m. Margaret Jauanshek 1899. 
One dau., Anna K., b. 1900. 


Oscar L. Beardsley* (Eli", Eli^ SamueP, Samuel*, John^ Sam- 
neV, William!), b. Jan. 13,1843, New Milford, Conn.; m. Fannie 
Clark Peck Aug. 25, 1870. Res. Shelton, Fairfield co., Conn. Car- 
penter. Methodist. 


1. Ivernia Norman, b. Feb. 18, 1878. 

2. Lewis Peck, b. July 19, 1879. 

3. Eli Milton, b. April, 12, 1882 ; d. Aug. 2, 1882. 
. 4. William Henrj- Harrison, b. Dec. 28, 1883. 

5. Robert Milton, b. Oct. 23, 1887. 

Oscar S. BearDvSLEY« (Celestus^ Belah", Williame, Jabez^, Wil- 
liam^ William^ SamueP, William^), b. 1848, Willett, Cortland ro., 
N. Y. ; m. Alice Ellen Palmer 1875. Farmer at Cayuga, Livingston 
CO., 111. 


1. Loisa. 

2. Mabel. 

3. Frank. 

4. Ralph. 

5. An infant, b. Oct. 4, 1883. 

Oscar E. Beardsley'' (Bostwick^, Parruck', Elijah", Pllineas^ 

Obadiah*, John*, SamueP, WilliamV), b. June 28, 1845 ; m. Lena Un- 

dell, Dec. 9, 1876. 


1. Ora E., b. April 1, 1878. 

2. Clara C, b. July 4, 1880. 

Othni Beardsley^ (Ezra', Elijah^ Phineas\ Obadiah*, John*, 
SamueP, William^), b. — ; m. McMillin. 


1. Lewis ; d.y. 

2. Calvin. 

3. Samuel ; d. j. 

4. Orsej^ ; d. in the Union Army, 

Othniel Beardsley^ (Elam^ Eli^ Isaac\ Abraham^ John^ 
Joseph-, Williami), b. July 14, 1828, Catherine, Schuyler co., N. Y. ; 


m. (1) Phebe A. Hoffman 1853. Slie d. 1866. M. (2) Rachel R. Beard 
1879. He be<i:an railroading- at 18 j^ears of age and followed this 
for 28 years, filling- various positions of responsibilit3^ He writes ; 
"I never was discharged, never reprimanded hy a su- 
perior, never short one cent in my accounts. After rub- 
bing- against all kinds of people during these 3'ears, I 
think the Beardsleys are the most peculiar people I ever 
met. 1 have never seen people like them. I do not think 
it is in theblood of a genuine Heardslej' to do a wilful wrong. 
I believe that ever3^ case of wrongdoing, or meanness, can 
be traced to an improper cross with some unworthy fam- 
il3'. When a bo3' I used to hear conversations between my 
grandfather and others like this: 'Father, if you could find 
a real simonpure Beardsley, he would be immortal, 
wouldn't he ?' The old man would answer : 'As near as 
ma3' be, sire ; as near as ma3^ be.'" 
Methodist and farmer at Odessa, Mo. 



1. Mary Ada, b. Aug. 13, 1856 ; m. Lee Halstead. 

2. Emma Greenfield, b. Oct. 5, 1860; m. Sylvanus 

3. John Klam, b. Dec. 28, 1863 ; unmarried. 


4. Jesse Jordin, b. Feb. 7, 1883; d. Aug. 1, 1884. 

Parruck Beardsley' (Elijah^, PhineasS Obadiah*. John^, 
Samuel-', William^), b. Sept. 17, 1783, in New Fairfield. Conn.; d. 
1864; m. Huldah Frisbee Sept. 18, 1806, at Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y., 
who was the first white child born in that county. She d. 1845. A 
farmer. F)piscopalian. 


1. Samantha Mellissa, b. 1807. 

2. Almira Cornelia, b. 1809; m. Gideon Thiest 1845; 
d. the same year. 

3. Sally Frisbee, b. Aug. 7, 1811 ; m. Jesse Betts 1834. 
Three children. She d. 1850. 

+ 4. Bostwick. 
+ 5. Frisbee. 

6. Clara Huldah, b. Oct. 17, 1818 ; m. Jesse Betts, her 
brother-in-law 1851. Two children. 


7. Elijah, b, 1822; d. 18iO. 

8. Rvith Adeline, b. Dec. 20, 1824 ; m, Daniel Frisbee. 
Eleven children. 

9. Parrnck Hubbel, b. 1836; m. Mary A. Smith 1856. 
A daughter, Anna Ada, b. 1866. 

Paul F. BEARDSLEYf' (John^ James*, John^ SamueP William'), 
b. 1769, New Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Sally Beardsley 1791. Moved to 
Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y., 1810, and to Coventry, Chenang-o co., in 
182U, where they lived until death. About 1850, as he was walking 
home from town he became suddenl}^ wholly blind. He bore this 
great affliction without a murmur until his death in 1861. Wagon 
maker and farmer. 



1. Polly, b. 1794; m. David S. Hunt 1817. Four chil- 

+ 2. Seba. 

+ 3. Horace S. 

Pernet p. Beardsley' (Judson®, Ephraim"% Benjamin*, Jo- 
siah^ Joseph^. WilliamJ), b. 1820; m. Elizabeth M. Badger 1842. 
Res. near Whitney's Point, Broome co., N. Y, Farmer. Presb}^- 


1. Darwin M., b. 1848 ; m. Clarissa A. Loomisl874. A 
son, Floyd L., b. 1881 ; d. 1883. 

2. Alma E., b. 1868. 

3. One child d. in infanc3\ 

Peter Beardsley*^ (Salmon W.\ Obadiah*, John^ Samuel-, 

William'), b. Sept. 2, 1795, one mile east of Harpersfield Center, 

Delaware co., N. Y. He d. Feb. 2, 1873, Napoli, Cataraugus co., N. Y. 

Married Mrs. Maria (Boardman) Miller, Feb. 20, 1829, who d. May 21, 



4" 1. Salmon Wheeler. 

+ 2. Philander Elijah. 

3. Abbie Penfield, b. Oct. 23, 1834; m. Manly D. Tif- 
fany May 3, 1859, Fredonia, N. Y. Moved to Lincoln, Neb., 1870, 
where they reside. She has given her life to teaching, and is now 


the Principal of the Capitol School in tliat cit3'. Childless. Epis- 

+ 4. Joseph H. Miller. 

Peter Bearl»sley' (LukeS MichaeP, Abraham*, John^ Joseph^, 
William'), b. April 26, 1791, and d. June 27, 1870, Huntino-ton, Conn.; 
m. Delia Bennett Oct. 12, 1825, who d. March 7,1875. Farmer. 

His will bears date of May 3, 1870. Mentions his wife Delia 
and son John L., and four grandchildren. His property was to go 
to his grandchildren after the death of his son. Charles B. Clark 
was the executor. The inventory of his estate amounted to .f3,269. 
(B'pt. Rec.) 


1. John B., b. July 6, 1827 ; d. Dec. 26, 1828. 
+ 2. John L. 

(Dr.) Peter Beardslee* (John O.", Gideon^ Nehemiah\ John*, 
John3, Samuel-, Williami), b. Oct. 21, 1821; d. June 3, 1849, aged 25 
5-ears; m. Mindwell M. Scoville, Sept. 12,1848. When he had his 
sign painted after his graduation, it is said he thought "lee'' 
looked better than "ley," and so from that he and his relatives 
adopted that mode of spelling-. 

Philander K. Beardsley' (Peter^, Salmon W.-', Obadiah*, 
John^, Samuel-, Williami), b. Feb. 16, 1831 ; m. (1) Emma M. Wells, 
Feb. 16, 1858, who d. April 27, 1867 ; m. (2) Ellen M. Reed (sister of 
Judge Clinton B. Reed of Denver, Colo.), June 10, 1868. Res. Lin- 
coln, Nebraska. 

He is the official stenographer of the First Judicial District of 
Nebraska. He is genial and hospitable, as the writer can testify 
from ]>ersonal experience. 


1. Emma Penfield, b. May 29, 1859 ; d. Nov. 1, 1873. 

2, Joe Penfield, b. Aug, 1, 1863. 


.3. Kdwin Irwin, b. Aug. 2, 1888 ; d. next day. 

On April 4, 1885, Mr. Beardsley saw an old bible advertised, by 
a firm in Bristol, England, and printed by John Field, 1666, bound 


in heavy calf, 634 x 9 x 214 inches in size, nonpareil type, known as 
the Preacher's Bible. This book he purchased. On pa^e lo, by 
count, (the book is not paged) there is written, in a clear and 
legible hand, the name of "Samuel Beardsley," probably the orig- 
inal owner of the book, over the words: "The order of morning- 
prayer daily through the year," The name of "John Beardsley" 
is on the first page. 

In Rev. John Wesley's works are copies of letters written to 
the Rev. Samuel Beardsley. Is he the same person whose name is 
written in the above described bible? 

The following are verbatim copies of the letters : 
To the Rev. Samuel Beardsley 1772: 

"Dear Sammy, — It is a great blessing that your fellow- 
laborers and you are all of one mind. When that is so 
the work of the Lord prospers in your hands. It will go 
on widening, as well as deepening, while you draw in 
one yoke. If you desire it should deepen in believers, con- 
tinually exhort them to go on unto perfection ; steadily to 
use all the grace they have received, and every moment to 
expect full salvation. The "Plain Account of Christian 
Perfection" you should read j^ourself, more than once,and 
recommend it to all thataregroaning for lull redemption." 
Again in 1779 : 

"The more pains yo\x take the more blessing jou will 
find ; especially in preaching full salvation, receivable 
now, b}' faith. 

"Kxhort all believers, strongly and explicitly, to go on 
to perfection, and to expect everj^ blessing God has prom- 
ised, not to morrow, but to-day. 

"Everywhere exhort the believers to expect full salva- 
tion now by simple faith" (p. 131). 

Phillip Beardsley'^ (George^ Abrahams John", Joseph-, Wil- 
liam^) ; d. aged 32 ; m. Sarah Sly. 



1. Ruth ; m. (1) Samuel Evitts ; m. (2) Tread. 

-1- 2. George Frederick. 
3. Daniel. 

(Capt.) Philo Beardsley-' (JosiahSJosiah', Joseph-, William'), 


1). Nov. 21, 1755 ; d. 1826 ; in. Kstlier Curtis Dec 2,1784. Settled in 
Kent Hollow, Litchfield co., Conn. He was a Captain in the Army 
of the Revolution. The immediate cause of his death \vart an in- 
jurj' received from being- thrown from a wagon. He onlj' lived a 
few da3's after the injur}'. Farmer. 


-f- 1. Birdsej'. 

2. Anna, b. 1787; iii. John Taylor 1805. Foitr sons 

and one dau. 

3. Josiah, b. 1789 ; m. Mary Merwin 1813. 

1. Sarah, b. 1791 ; m. Milo Stone 1810. Three sons 

and one dau. 

+ 5. Philo. 

+ 6. Curtis. 

+ 7. Almus. 

+ 8. Ag-ur. 

(Dk.) Philo Beardsle^''' (WilliamS Abraham*, Jolin'^ Joseph^, 
William'), b. 1758 ; m. (1) Johnson, m. (2) 


1. Several d. in infanc}'. 

2. Charles; m. Hannali Hopson, 

3. Maria. 

Philo Beard.sley« (Klias\ Samuel*, William^ SamueP, Wil- 
iami), b. 1788; m. Mehitabel (dau. of Eli) Beardsley. Res. Cather- 
ine, Schuyler co., New York. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Roswell; in. Judith Mallard. 

2. Rhoda ; m. Cortland Smith. 

3. Eli; d. aged 18, 1815. 

4. Elizabeth ; m. Davis Buckle}^. 
+ 5. Daniel. 

6. Agur ; d. y. 

Philo Beardslky« (Philo"', Josiah*, Josiah*, Joseph-, William^), 
b, Aug. 14, 1794 ; m. Lois S. Gun 1816, of Kent Hollow, Conn. 

In the autumn of 1814 he journeyed to Ohio on horseback and 
bargained for a farm, near Coitsville and then returned to Con- 
necticut b}' the same convej'ance. In the spring of 1815 he went 


again to Ohio and bought a farm in the north-west part of Can- 
field township, now Summit co., on which he worked during the 
summer and then returned to Connecticut in the fall. During the 
winter following he worked at v^^hoemaking. In the spring of 
1810 he mirried, and, with his j^oung wife and brother Curtis, 
drove through with a yoke of oxen and a span of horses to Ohio, 
being twenty-four daj'^s enroute. 


1. Chauncj^ G. 

2. Daniel. 

-I- 3. Frederick W. 

-|- 4. Aim us. , 

5. Mary. 

6. Lois Kezela. 

7. Keturah. 

Philo Beakdsley' (Daniel''', Benajah'\ Obadiah*, John'*, Samuel-, 
William'), b. Aug. 13, 1803 ; m. Mrs. Lovina VVadsworth May 23, 1830. 
Methodist. Farmer near Akron, Ohio, where he d. Feb. 25, 1846. 


1. Elizabeth H., b. Aug. 19, 1836; m. Nelson Beards- 
ley Stone Aug. 23. 1854. 

2. Clarissa L., b. Jan. 18, 1840; m. Frank N. Barnes 
March 26, 1862. 

3. Emeline A., b. June 14, 1844 ; m. Rev. J. A. Rum- 
mer, of the Erie Conference, M. E. Church, April 13, 1869. 

Philo Beardsley' (Agur'', Fhilo\ Josiah^ Josiah^. Joseph", Wil- 
liam'), b. July 16, 1827; d. 1891. Res. Burlington, Bradford co.. Pa. 
Farmer. Episcopalian. Married Cornelia Glover March 15, 1854. 
An only daughter, Martha Augusta, b. Aug. 24, 1856. She was a 
fine scholar, a good musician, and charming in her manners. 
She died July 8, 1882, from injuries received in a fall six weeks after 
her marriage to Gustavus G. Lane. "Her sun went down while it 
was yet day," trusting in Him "who ever liveth to make interces- 
sion for us."' Soon the eyes that scan these lines will join that 
unnumbered throng. Will it be weal or woe ? 

Philo Beardsley' (Zechariah C", Elias-^ SamueP, William"' 


Samuel-, Williatn'), b. 1S.'W ; in. (1) Trjpliena Sanderson 184U, whod. 
1851 ; (2) Maro-aret Campbell 1852. Res. Odessa, Schuyk-r co., N. Y. 


1. William. 


2. Delphine, b. 1854; m. Albert Burke Crawford. 
:i Frederick Spencer, b. 1857 ; d. 1882. 

4. Jesse, b. 18fi2; m. James Donahue 1882. 

5. Carrie L.. b. 18G7. 

6. Lottie May, b. 1869. 

7. Bertie M., b. 1878. 

PhiTvOXUS Beardsley'"' (Ephrainv, David*, Ephraim^ Joseph^ 
William^), b. 1768, Kent, Litchfield co., Conn.; d. 1833; m. Patty 
Mary Beach. Moved to Pennsylvania in 1817, and settled in Sns- 
qtiehanna co., whex"e their family was reared. 


+ 1. Albert. 

2. Susan ; m. Andrew Bolles. 
+ 3. Charles. 
+ 4. John Beach. 

(Capt.) Phineas Beardsley\ (Obadiah*, John^, Samtiel-, Wil- 
liam'), b. March 5. 1733, Stratfield, Conn., and d. Jan. 20, 1812, in New 
Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Ruth Fairchild 1755. Was for many years 
Deacon in the Congreg^ational Church, and town clerk of New 
Fairfield, Conn. October 1765, the court ordered Phineas Beard- 
sley of New Fairfield to collect taxes on non-resident lands, and 
pay over to Nehemiah Beardsley and two others on the first day 
of April, 1766-1767 and 1768. (Colonial Records, Vol. 12, p. 44L) 

l^hineas Beardsley enlisted Januar}' 1, 1777, in the 7th Connec- 
ticut Re»>iment, for three years in the Revolutionarj- War ; coin- 
missioned Captain on that date; resigned on account of ill 
health Nov. 15, 1778. 

His will w^as dated Sept. 12, 1806. His son, Obadiah, and Ruth 
his wife, were the executors. (Danburj- Records, book 10, p. 61.) 

On his toinbstone is the following^ passage of Holy Scripture: 
"He that endureth to the end the same shall be saved." 



1. Rhoda; bapt. April 20,1758 ; m. Billy Trowbridge. 
Fovir sons and three daus. 
+ 2. Elijah. 

3. Mollj% b. April 18, 1764 ; m. John Bearse 1784. 

Thej^ moved to Westmoreland, N. Y., in 1805. Shed. Atig-. 11, 
1828. Their dan. Mollj^ b. 1795; m. Obadiah Newcom, who settled 
in Frabries. Onondaga co., N. Y., where was b. John Bears New- 
com, 182i. He became the author of several Genealogical works. 
To him the author is somewhat indebted, in the early researches 
for this work. Through him he ascertained who was his great- 

+ 4. Obadiah. 

5. Hannah ; bapt. July 16, 3769. 

6. Ephraim, b. July, 1771 ; d. soon. 
+ 7. Levi. 

-f 8. Phineas. 

Phineas Beardsley^ (Phineas^ Obadiah\ John^, Samuel'-, 
William'), b. 1778, New Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Annis (^youngest dau. 
of John) Beardsley. Moved to near Marietta, Ohio, in 1800. The 
will of Phineas, June 15, 1811, mentions all of his famil}'. (B. 11, 
between jjages 48 and 61, D. R.) 


1. Phebe. 

2. Lucy. 

3. Cloe. 

4. Charlotte, 

5. Alva R. 

6. Ruth. 

Price Beardsley^ (IsraeP, Josiah^, Joseph-, William'), b. May 
19, 1761, at Newtown, Conn ; m. Freelove Frinch. He was a com- 
poser and singer. Universalist. Died at Dorset, Bennington co., 
Vt., 1838. 

-f- 1. Davis. 

2. Martin. 

3. Joel ; m. Keziah Dayton. 
-|- 4. L3'man. 


-f 0. Jiennett. 

6. Far well ; m. Mini Allen. 

7. Lucy ; d. iitinuirried. 

8. Betsj- ; in. Asa Chapman. Seven sons and one 

Price VV. Beardsley' (Lyman'', Priced Israel^ Josiah^ Joseph', 
William^), b. April 18,1839, Bainbridge, Geaiio-a co. ; m. Mary A. 
Stanley June 16,1860. Res. Alliance, Stark cc, Ohio. Salesman. 


1. Thomas G. 

2. Alvah P. 

3. Carrie S., b. Oct. 12, 1868. 

Price Beardsley" (Davis", PriceS I^rael^ Josiah"', Joseph- Wil- 
liami), b. May 19, 18U ; m. Hannah Griffith 1811. Res. Warren- 
ville, Du Pag^e cc, 111. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. Nanc3' ; m. Rogers. 

2. Emily Augusta ; m. Gloss. 

3. Jerome G. 

4. Hannah. 

5. Herbert Price. 

6. Charles Franklin. 

7. Pliny William ; i\.y. 

8. Mar3' Klizabeth ; d. 3'. 

Punderson H. Beardsley' (John D.'', John"', John^, John'*, Joseph-, 
William'), b. Dec. 24, 1814, at Woodstock, New Brunswick ; m. Flor- 
inda Hamilton, 18.36. Res. Grand Falls, N. B. 


-j- 1. John Davis. 

2. Gustavus Herbert, b. 1839. Perished on Lake Su- 
perior, when the steamer St. Clair was burned on the 9th of Jul3% 
1870. A lawyer of marked abilit3'. Aged 37. 

3. Paul Tyler. 

4. Horace, b. 1845 ; d. 1850. 
-|- 5. William Henr3'. 

1 l^ i 


B., 1859. 


6. Harold W., b. 1853. Drowned at Grand Falls, N. 

7. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 12, 1858 ; d. y. 

Ralph D. Beardsley' (John D.", John^ John^ John^, Joseph^, 
William'), b. April 8, 1802, at Woodstock, N. B. ; d. Nov., 1877; m. 
Ellen Cnrrie, of Richmond, N. B. Farmer. Episcopalian. 

Ralph D. Beardsley. 


1. Jane Maria ; m. Geor<>e White. Six children. 
+ 2. William Dibblee. 
-j- 3. Charles Frederick. 

4. Mar}- Ann ; m. Patrick Starkey. One child. 

5. Isabella |ane ; m. Edwin Th-adstreet. 



G. Lee; ni. Benjamin Sniitli. Two childnMi. 
+ 7. Robert C. 

8. Matilda Levina ; m. George Kills. One dan. 

9. Helen Ang-usta ; ni. S. W. Hurst. 

10. Charles Alford. 

11. Betiiia Elizabeth ; tn. O. P. Stevenson, of Holton, 

Ralph W. BEARDSLEY' (Levi r.e, Aaron"'. Jesse', William^ Dan- 
iel-, Wiiliami). b. Ana". 22, 1847, at Adams, 111.; d. Jan. 11, 1893; m. 
Mag-oie Campbell Feb. 2,'i, 1874. Res. Bucking-ham, 111. Farmer. 


1. Charles Wesley, b. Dec. 29, 1874. 

2. Mabel Edna, b. Nov. 21, 1876. 

3. Arthur Fairman, b, Dec. 29, 1878. 

4. Asa Fairman. b. Dec. 6, 1880. 

Randolph Beardslev" (John^ Sila.s\ John*, SamneP, Daniel-, 
WilliamM.b. April, 1835; m. Stella Grace Jul5^ 1861. 


1. Adda E., b. July, 1863. 

2. Lizzie M.. b, Jan. 1, 1808. 

3. Ralph, b.julj'. 1873. 

Ransom Beardsley' (Ichabod^ Amos^ Samuel*, Daniel-', Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. Jnne3, 1793, in Conn ; d. at Constantine, Mich., 
Jan. 7, 1851; m. Sally Sujily April 23, 1812, who d. Nov. 27, 1866, 
aged 63. Moved to' west .side of Seneca Lake, N. Y. in 1820, and 
built the Topee Saw Mill on Watkins Creek. Then moved from 
that to St. Joseph Valle^', Mich., in 1835. Farmer. Universalist. 


-|- 1. Abner Murra3\ 

2. Hall, b. 1817. Had a family. 
+ 3. Smilie Ransom. 

4. Philo. 

0. Rlioda ; m. George Hebron. 

6. Sally Ann ; m. Charles Parker. 

7. Minerva ; ru. David Kelly. 

8. Mar}- ; m. John Rickart. 


Reoloff T. BEARDSLEYMWilliam^ Jabez", Abijah^, Jabez*,\Vil- 
liam^ Samuel-, William'), b. March 2,1838. Pittsfield, Chenango co., 
N. Y. Was educated at the New Berlin Academj^ and d. March 
19, 1877, aged 39 ; m. Mary H. Hoxie Jan. 4, 1861. Was Justice of 
Peace for several years. Supervisor in 1873. One child, a son, 
-j- Kinne L. 

Reuben Beardsley" (Daniel^ Jesse^ William'^ DanieP, Wil- 
liam'), b. Nov. 1, 1798; d. April 3, 1879 ; m. Lydia Robinson Oct. 3, 
1819, who d. Jan. 3, 1849. 


1. Willis, b. July 7, 1820; d. Jan. 1, 1876. 

2. Mary, b. Nov. 10, 1821 ; d. Oct. 22, 1850. 

3. Maria, b. June 7, 1823 ; d. Oct. 7, 1856. 
-|- 4. Orson. 

5. Nancy, b. Jan. 29, 1826 ; d. Dec. 28, 1854. 
0. Keziah, b. Feb. 13, 1827; m. Alex. Vallena. 

7. Marcus. 

8. Annette, b. Dec. 8, 1832 ; m. Isaac C. Bonsor. 

9. Ortellus, b. Jan. 12, 1836. 

Reuben BearDvSley' (Davis'% Price'', Israel, Josiah^ Joseph-, 
Williami), y^ i808 ; m. Harriet Nurse. 


1. Sarah Ann. 

2. Charles W. 

3. Mary A. 

4. Ellen. 

5. Levi. 

Reuben BEAKDSLEe-' (William^ W^illiam', William'', Charles', 
John*, John^, Josei^h-, William'), b. Jan. 29, 186.0, in New Jersej" ; m. 
Emma C. Cannon Nov. 8, 1889. Res. St. Louis, Mo. Salesman. 


1. William Malcomb, b. Aug. 13, 1891. 

2. James Franklin, b. Nov. 29, 1893. 

3. Floj-d Harry, b. Nov. 23, 1898. 

4. Henry Cannon, b. Aug. 31, 1900. 


RlCliAki) BEARDSLEY" (Havilah'. Klijtili", IMiiiieas', Obadiah*, 
John , SaimieP, William'), b. Oct. 9, 1838. Graduated at Ann Arbor, 
Micliii>an, and entered the service of the U. S. as Paymaster in 
the nav\-. His health failing-, after two years of continued service, 
lie resioned and traveled abroad. While in Kurope he was cor- 
respondent for the ".\e\v York World." In 1867. at Naples Italy, he 
ni. Isabella O. Gowan, a dau<>,"hter of a clera;5'man of the Church 
of Knoiand ; returned with his wife to F;ni>land, and tiiere deliv- 
ered several interesting- lectures on Herculaneum and Pompeii. 

He was appointed Consul at Jerusalem, and served in that 
position till promoted to be Consul-General of E<^)'pt at Cairo in 
1870. The writer, when travelino- in the East in the early spring 
of 1873, had the pleasure of forming his acquaintance at Cairo, 
Eg5"pt. Neither of vis knew anything- of our ancestry back of our 
grandfathers. We parted with expressed regrets on each side, 
as to our inability- to trace our relationship. I now know that his 
great-grandfather and mine were brothers. He d. at Cairo, 
Kgj'pt, Jan. 23, 1876. He was a member of tlie Church of England. 


1. A child was b. ; d. unnamed. 

2. Isabella S. R. (called "Looloo"), b. Oct. 9, 1869. 

3. Charles Cla3'ton. 

4. Frederick, b. 1874. 

Richard S. Beardslee" (Edward S.«, John\ Nathaniel*, John^, 
DanieP, Williami), b. Feb. 2, 1847 ; m. Nancy Sanford May 25, 1870. 
Res. St. Louis, Mo. Traveling Salesman. 


1. Estella May, b. May 1, 1872; m. Rev. L. H. Schoik 
June 6, 19fX). 

2. Susan Munson, b. Feb. 16, 1874. 

3. Elroy Sanford, b. April 24, 1877: d. July 7, 1878. 

Robert Beardsley* (Daniel', Samuel-,, William') ; bapt. May, 
1723. His will dated Oct. 30, 1765, gives to his son, Abijah, his 
blacksmith tools and gun, and mentions wife Hannah. 


+ 1. Abijah. 
+ 2. Robert C. 


Robert C. Beardsley'' (Robert*, Daniel^ SamueF, William'), b. 
1753, and d. 1813, aged 60 ; ni. Huldah Hawley, Sept., 1776 ; d. 1856. 
aged 101. He belonged to 2nd Co. 5th Regt, Conn. Militia, under 
Col. Waterburj\ 


1. Elijah ; bapt. 1788. 

2. Huldah; bapt. 1788. 

3. Gideon Hawley ; bapt. 1788. 

4. Hannah ; bapt. 1788. 

Robert Beardsley'' (Nathaniel K.", John", Charles-^ John*» 
John^, Joseph-, William'), b. 1837 ; m. Emeline Clark. Farmer and 


1. James I. 

2. John L. 

3. Frederick. 

4. Frank. 

Robert C. BeakDvSLEY^ (Ralph D.\ John D.^ John^ John^ 
John'^ Joseph", William'), b. M a re h 27, 1840, Woodstock, New Bruns- 
wick. He \vent in 1863, via the Isthmus to California and mined 
in Calvaras co ; in 1864 to Idaho ; in 1865 to British Columbia ; iti 
1866 to Montana; in 1867 to Idaho; in 187(5 to Utah. In 1884 he 
and his brother, Charles A., called on the author in Denver, Colo- 
rado, and furnished much valuable information coticerning their 
famil5\ At that time their home was in Challis, Custer co., 

Robert C. was afterwards drowned while attempting tf) cross 
the Challis River. His brother, Charles A., returned to the old 
home in Woodstock, N. B., and is caring for his aged mother (1902). 

RoBixsoN Beardsley' (Beverlj' R.", Austin'', John*, John', Jo- 
seph-, William'), b. 1794 ; m. Easier Miller. Res. Cedar Spring, Kent 
CO., Mich. Carpenter and farmer. A member of this famil\' wrote : 
"I am proud to saj' that not one of the name has ever been ar- 
rested as a criminal." This is true, so far as my knowledge goes, 
with two exceptions. 


1. James Morrison. 

2. Jeremiah. 



3. JEniory. 

4. Susan ; m. Chapman. 

5. Malinda ; m. Chapman. 

0. Morrison. 

7. Garmy. 

ROSWELL BeardslEY' (John'', Eliakun'', SamneH, John^ Sani- 

Roswell Beardsley. 

uel-, William'), b. 1809, at Scipio, Cayu.o-a co.. N. Y. Went to North 
Lansin*;-, Tomi^kins co., X. Y., in 1828, where he has been merchant 
and postmaster ever since. 

Nelson Beardslej^ his brother, was law partner with William 
H. Seward, and in the course of a conversation concerning Ros- 
well, it was suggested that it might be of use to him to be post- 
master of the place where he was living. Mr. Seward iinmediatel}' 


interested himself in the matter. A few days later Mr. Beardslej^ 
received his commission, sii^ned by the then Postmaster General, 
John McLean ; and this was the first knowled^'e he liad that an3'- 
thing- of the sort was on foot. The cotnmission still hano;s in his 
office, and is the only one he has ever had. This commission 
from President John Quinc}' Adams bears date of June 28, 1828. 
He was in his nineteenth jear when he received his appointment, 
and is therefore 93 years of age. Eleven jears ago he stated that 
"he had been able to make his own quarterly returns with only 
two or three interruptions during all of thia long- period. He has 
mailed letters of some of the families of his neighborhood for five 
generations. The revenue from the office for many years did not 
exceed $15 or $20, but after the coming of the railroad it had risen 
to $170. 

All of his life Mr. Beardsley has kept a small country store at 
North Lansing, more popularly known as Beardsley's Corners, 
and he has amassed an independent competence. His unbroken 
service is the longest in the history of American office holding. 
He and his wife (still living) celebrated their golden wedding an- 
niversary 24 3'ears ago. The NeAV York Geographical Society' of- 
ferred him a large price for his commi.ssion when it was 60 3'ears 
old, but he refused. 

In his beautiful home, with its luxuriant furnishings and 
pleasant surroundings, he passes much of his time, where his 
friends, whose name is legion, are tlirice welcomed and hospitabl}' 

So firm he strode across the room, 

So statel3^ was his air. 
You scarce had guessed that ninety years 
Had whitened throiigh his hair. 

A perfect gentleman of the old school; a lover of books; a 
friend to science and education, and a firm believer in the broad 
principles of humanit}' — schools, colleges, universities, churches 
and benevolent societies alike receive liberal benefits from bis 
bountiful hands. The cut is reproduced from a recent photo- 

On the 28th of June, 1902, a large number of friends and neigh- 
bors gathered at his home to celebrate the 74tli anniversary of 
his appointment as postmaster. Should he live one year more 
there will be a grander celebration of that remarkable event. He 
m. Isabella Conrad Oct. 29, 1829. 




1. Henry A., b. Dec. 17, 1830 ; d. May 4, 1854. 

2. Helen A., b. April 9, 1832 ; ni. Jacob Osnian. 

3. Antonette, b. Jnly 6, 1835 ; ni. Jacob Linderman. 

4. Cordelia A., b. Oct. 2, 1840 ; ni. Thomas Benton 

Twins \ '^' F'"^"l^'li" !•• ^- 1*^^'-^; "^- -^1'^" Wycofif. 

( 6. Frances J., b. June 2, 1842 ; ra. Andrew Brink. 

7. Alice t)., b. May 25, 1843; m. Charles Barger. 

8. Clara J., b. June 17, 1853 ; d. y. 

RoBlxsox Beardslee" (Morrison'', Austin'', John*, John^ Jo- 
seph-', William'), b. June 24, 1809, Hambnrtrh, Sussex co., N. J. ; m. 
Barber3' Hubbard 1829. Carpenter. Methodist. 


+ 1. John Canfield. 

2. Thompson, b. 1832; d. 184.3. 

3. Benazy M., b. 1S33 ; d. 18.39. 
-\-' 4. Morrison. 

.5. Mary A., b. Aug. 25, 1837 ; m. C. A. Godfrey 1859. 

6. Job, b. 1840 ; d. 1842. 

7. Jarama Boj'ington, b. 1844; m. Ainelia Barran- 

RUFUS G. BEARDSLEY' (Lester''', Josephs John*, John^ Joseph^, 
William'), b. Nov. 26, 1822, at Rochester, N. Y., and d. in New York 
Cit3' June, 1902, where he had been a lawyer, school commissioner 
and one of the Masters of the New York College. He left a wife, 

Russell B. Beakdsley' (Levi'',Levi% William*, William", Sam- 
uel^ William'), b. May 12, 1822, Oxford, Chenango co., N. X. ; d. Jan. 
5.1901; ra. Roxanna Burrows. His body awaits the resurrection 
morn in the Evergreen Cemeterj^, Los Angeles, Calif., amid flow- 
ers and palms on ever3' side. Left the State of New York in 1889; 
stopped one j^ear in Illinois, and then took up land in the north- 
west corner of Kansas, on which the}^ lived six years. In 1896, 
with his familj', he emigrated to and settled in Los Angeles, Calif., 
where the author foutid them Feb., 1900, and enjo3'ed several visits 
with them. 



1. Arsiilia Amelia ; d. ag^ed eight years. 

2. Eliza, Lncretia ; d. aged two years. 

3. Leigh Samuel, b. 1864. 

4. Mary Eliza, b. 1871. 

5. Nelly May; m. E. McGorj. Res. Trowbridge, Pa. 

Salmon W. Beardsley'' (Obadiah^ John^ Samuel-, William'), 
b. Nov. 15, 1759, New Fairfield, Conn. Enlisted in the 2nd Conn. 
Regiment Jan. 13, 1780; mustered out 1784 at expiration of term. 
Married Abigail Penfield Feb. 19, 1784. Moved from Connecticut 
in 1795 to Harpersfield, Delaware co., N. Y., and settled on lot 14, 
one mile northeast of the center. Was a charter member of the 
Presbyterian Church there. Was Town Clerk in 1802 and 3, and 
Justice of the Peace in 1800. Moved to F;den, Erie co.. N. Y., 1817, 
where he d. May 16, 1825. Wife d. 1850. 


1. Joseph Hazzard. 

2. Elizabeth, 1). 1786; ni. Sherman Da3'ton and 
moved to Dayton, Ohio. Twelve children. 

+ 3. Salmon Wheeler. 

4. Hannah, b. 1790; m. John J. Dayton. Ten chil- 


one son. 

5. Sarah, b. 1792; m. B. McKa)'. Two daus and one 

+ 6. Peter. 

7. Mercy B., 1797; m. S. Gladden. Two. daus. and 

+ 8. Obadiah Colgreeve. 

9. Nancy, b. 1800 ; m. Myron Newell. Five children. 
10. Lucj^ b. 1802; m. Calvin Wadsworth, M. D. Nine 

11. Sophronia, b. 1805; m. (1) Otis Janes, (2) Alonzo 
Strong. Three children. 

+ 12. Hiram Hoyt. 

13. Demma, b. 1809 ; m. Harvey Janes. Two sons and 
four daughters. 

Salmon Beardsley'' (David^ Obadiah^ John^, Samuel-, Wil- 
liami), b. Jan. 19, 1784, in Conn. ; d. Dec. 29, 18.3.5, Eden, Erie co., N. 
Y. ; m. Jane Rippeth 1810; she d. July 18, 1866. 





+ 1. Franklin. 
+ 2. Noah C. 

3. Betsy Elizabeth, b. Aug. 10, 1818; m. Jonathan 
Kniiilit. Two sons and two dan<>hters. 

4. Selinda, b. Oct. 8, 1820 ; ni. (1) Marshal Bund'5s(2) 
R. B. Barr. 

5. Emily, b. Oct. 3, 1824; in. Whitman Clark 1845. 
Four childri'u. 

6. Lucy, b. Oct 2, 1828 ; d. March 4, 1852. 

Salmox W. Beardsley'' (Salmon W.\ Obadiah^ John^ Sam- 
uel-, Williami), b. Feb. 26,1788, New Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Melinda 
Martin April 17, 1821, Aurora, Erie co., N. Y. 


1. Mary J., b. 1825; ni. Sidney L. Marsh. 

2. Sidney S., b. Feb. 27, 1827; d. 1859. 

Salmon W. Beardsley' (Peter", Salmon W.\ Obadiah*, John'^ 
Samuel-, William'), b. Sept. 23, 1829, Napoli, N. Y. ; m. Ann F:iiza 
Casten Jan. 1, 1852. 

He served in the Union Arm}- during the Civil War; promoted 
twice for bravery. Confined in Libb}^ Prison for several months. 
When mustered out was 2nd Lieut, in Co. K., 154th N. Y. Vol. Inf. 
Came to Nebraska in 1874 and located near Lincoln, ^vhere he owns 
a large stock and fruit farm. 


1. Flora Amanda, b. Nov. 30, 1852; m. George A, 
Ashman Oct. 19, 1876. One son and a dau. 

2. Alice Maria, b. Oct. 20, 1855. 

3. Ab))ie Emma, b. Sept. 20, 1865. 

4. William Joseph, b. Nov. 20,1867. 

5. James Manl}', b. March 29, 1869. 

6. Jessie, b. May 11, 1873. 

Samuel Beardsley^ (Samuel-, William'j, b. Sept. 1, 1666, at d. c^-^tt. ijo 
Stratfield (now Bridgeport), Conn. ; m. Sarah Sherwood July 2, 1691. C/. b. xy ^ 


+ 1. Josiah. 


2. Sarah; bapt. July 12, 17K^; iii. Thomas Barnuni, 
Jr., of Danbury, Conn. 

3. Hannah, b. 1715. 

Samuel BEARDSLEY^(Daniel2, William^), b. abotitl692; d. 1764; 
m. Eunice Pulford April 25, 1723. On March 28, 1720, his father 
gave him "land in the ox pasture." 

Peter Pixie)' and Joseph Nichols were appointed administra- 
tors of the estate of Samuel Beardsle}', April 4, 1764. (Fairfield 


+ 1. John. 

2. Randolph. 

3. Julia. 

4. Silas. 
+ 5. Asher. 

+ 6. William ; m. Nehemiah Curtis April 21. 1787. 

Samuel Beardsley* (Daniel^ vSamuel-, Williami) ; bapt. Jan., 
1702 ; d. Aug-. 9, 1760 ; m. Eunice Brown, of Waterbnry, May 17, 1737. 

In 1742 he took the Freeman's oath. His will was dated March 
25, 1760; probated Jan., 1761. It began with : "I, Samuel Beardsley, 
of Stratford, Fairfield co., Colonj^ of Connecticut, in New King- 
land."' The will mentions "wife Eunice" and his children. Also a 
gi"and-child, William. The widow is made sole executor, The in- 
ventory was reported Jan. 28, 1761, and amounted to £794 r2s. 3d. ; 
was distributed March 28, 1764. 

His wife's death is thus recorded, in the first Congregational 
Church of Stratfield (now Bridgeport), Conn., "wife of Squire 
Beardsley died June 19, 1794." 


1. Asa, b. Aug. 16, 1738 ; d. before 1760. 
4- 2. Samuel. 
+ 3. Amos. 

4. Eunice, b. Nov. 3, 1745 ; m. Aaron Jackson Aug. 
23, 1763. 

5. Thankful, b. March 2. 1748. 

6. Silas, b. March 15, 1754 ; d. before the distribution 
of his father's property. 

Samuf.l Beardsley^ (William^ Samuel-', William'), b. Maj'. 9, 


1707; 111. Charit3' Stilson, who as a babe, was found on a horse 
block near the sea-shore and brought up b}^ a family of the above 











Moses, b. 














17.10; d. 1824. 

M Samuel Beardsley* (John^ Samuel-, William'), b. 1712 ; d. June 
20, 1790, at New Stratford (now Monroe), Conn. ; m. Thankful Doo- 
little. He renewed covenant March 31, 1734. 

His will, dated June 11, 1787, beg^ins with : "I commend m}^ im- 
mortal soul into the hando of God, to be saved by the rich free 
grace of Christ." He mentions "my beloved wife. Thankful" and 
"in}' eldest son, Eliakim." The other children are also tnentioned. 
He appointed "wife Thankful and Hall executors." (Bridgeport 
P. R. Vol.2). 

Thankful Beardslej' willed, Feb. 25, 1793, "one cow and one 
feather bed" to her son "Uri," and "my string of gold beads" to 
her dau. "Millie." She appointed her sons, Hall and Samuel, ex- 
ecutors. The administration was reported Dec. 7, 1795. (B. Rec. 
Vol. 3). 



1. Catherine, b. 1742 ; d. y. 
+ 2. Eliakim. 
+ .3. Samuel. ' "^• 

4. Hall. 

5. Anna. 

G. Sarah ; m. Beers. 

7. Aner; m. Eli Smith. 

8. Catherine, b. 1770; m. Stephen Beardsley, 

9. Uriah. 
10. Millie. 

SAMUEL__^EABJiSiiEY* (Josiah^ Joseph^, William'), b, June 20, 
1718, and d. 1792, aged 72; m. (1) Ann French, Aug. 9, 1741, who d. 


1765, aged 43; m. (2) Sarah . Res. Ripton (now Hunting-ton), 

Conn. The inventory amounted to $6,698.57. 


1. Josiah, b. 1748 ; m. Elizabeth Gilbert. A son, 
David Washington, b. 1780. 

2. Sarah ; bapt. Aug. 13, 1758 ; d. y. 

3. Daniel. 

Twins i, 4. Elliott ; bapt. Aug. 29, 1762. 
+ \ 5. Sarah ; bapt. Aug. 29, 1762. 
-|- 6. Joseph. 
+ 7. Samuel. 
8. Catherine. 


Samuel Beardsley'^ (Caleb*, John^, Joseph^, Willianii), b. 1738, 


1. Samuel, b. 1767 ; in. Mabel Hotchkiss. One son. 

2. E;unice ; bapt. 1768. 

3. Huldah Ann ; bapt. 1775. 

4. Jaines 

5. Tryphena ; bapt. 1786. 

6. Antoinette; bapt. 1797. 

(Dr.) Samuel Bearpsley"' (Samuel^ Daniel-^ Samnel-, William'), 
b. Dec. 13, 1740 ; ra. Abigail Leavenworth. Res. New Stratford (now 
Monroe), Conn. 


1. Samuel, b. 1766; m. Mrs. Hays. 

2. James, b. 1767; m. Ruth Ann Holbrook 1793. 

3. Webb ; d. nnmarried. 

4. Charlotte, b, 1769; m. Benjamin Hawle}'. Shed. 

5. Anna, b. Oct. 9, 1773; m. John Perry. Four chil- 
dren. Died 1834. 

I 6. Sarah, b. Sept. 5, 1779; m. Isaac Smith. Eight 
! children. 

Twins. -I 7. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 5, 1779. M. (1) David Smith. 
j Several children. M. (2) Moses Hawkins. One 

( dan. M. (3) Adam Lumy. Died 1857, aged 88. 

8. Aurelia, b. April 29, 1785; m. Downs Dec, 

180,3. Several children. Died Sept. 3, 1869. 



\ Samuel Beardsley^ (Samuel*, John', Samuel-', Williaiu'), IR- 

ITIS ; lu. Millicent Doolittle 1774, who d. Au^-. 20. 1807, aged 52, at 
Newtown, Conn. 

3. »^^ 




1. Abel Moss. 

2. Josiah, b. 1777 ; m. Anodine Glover. One dau. 
+ 3. Eli. 

4. Mar}' (Polly), b. July 9, 1781 ; m. Peter F. Peck. 

5. Sarah (Sally), b. Nov. 16, 1783 ; m. Thos. Botsford. 

6. ZeralL^fl'/-. 


7. Ira Stilson, b. 1788. ^Jv^JU t- i^UnUMrtcm (U"- 'M. iWi 'j>r-o.w»4^. ( 
Twins -] 8. Lemuel, b. 1788 ; m. (1) Mary Bishop, (2) Elizabeth it^.ie. i 
' Judd. One child, Mary, who m. Samuel Wicks. 

9. Millicent, b. Sept. 11, 1792 ; m. Samuel Doolittle. 

Samuel Beardsley^ (Josiah*, Josiah^, Joseph-, William^), b. Jan., 

1751 ; d. probabl}' 1812 ; m. Rebecca . Res. Newtown, Conn. 

Moses, son of Josiah, Jr., was appointed sole administrator Jan. 16, 
1812. His wdfe and children are mentioned in his will. (B. 11, p. 

48, D. R.) 


1. David Wheeler. 

2. Lydia. 

3. Eunice. 

4. Ezra. 

Samuel Beakdsley'^ (Samuel*, Josiah', Joseph-, William'), b. 
1760; d. 1836; m. Phebe Curtis Jan. 28, 1783, who d. Jan. 27, 18.^7. 
ao-ed 90. 

He was a soldier in the Revolutionar}- War ; magistrate and 
selectman of his town manj^ 5'ears, and several times a represent- 
ative in the State Legislature. Congregationalist. 

His will was dated Dec. 22, 1834. at Monroe, Conn., and men- 
tions his "wife Phebe. son Samuel B., and daughters Nancj' (Dar- 
ling), Phebe (Chichester), and grandsons Silas Lewis, Agur 
Beardslev, and granddaughter Anna Maria Darling." 


+ 1. Silas Curtis. 

2. Elisha. 
+ 3. Agur. 



r (wM-vt. J "7^r * T 


-\- 4. Samuel Birdse}'. 

5. NanC3^ b. Jan. 30, 1797 ; m. Darling. 

6. Phebe, b. Oct. 22. 1799; ni. Chichester. 

Samuel T. Beakdsley'* (JarecF, Israel, Thomas'^ Joseph-', Wil- 
liam'), b. 1772 ; ni. (1) Elizabeth St. John. 

An old record speaks of the "ear-mark" of Samxtel Thomas 
Beardsle}". It was the custom then to "ear-mark" stock, same as 
is done now in the West. 


-(- 1. Anson. 

2. Sarah C, I). 1801 ; m. Georoe Re3'nolds. 

3. Mary Ann, b. 1803 d. 1820. 

4. Christopher, b. 1804 ; d. unmarried. 

5. Antoinette, b. 1806 ; m. Georg-e Hyde ; d. 1839. 

6. Rebecca. 

7. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 30, 1810; m. Charles Beach. 
Nine children. 

Married (2) Anna Camp 1812, and moved to Pennsylvania, 
where she d. in 1815. 


8. Luc}' ; m. Stephen Breed. 
+ 9. Jared. 

Samuel Beardsley^^ (Austin-', John*, John'^ Joseph^, William^), 
b. July 19, 1771, at Newburg-, N. Y. ; d. 1837, Sparta, Sussex co., N. J. ; 
m. Hannah Blaine (a relative of James G. Blaine) Oct. 15, 1796, who 
d. Sept. 10, 1873. When young he worked at saddle and harness 
making with his father ; later in li^e, farming. 


1. A son, b. July 26, 1797 ; d. unmarried. 

2. A dau., b. Aug. 15, 1798 ; d. unmarried. 

3. Elizabeth, b. July 17, 1799; m. George Adams. 
She d. Nov. 24, 1822. 

-j- 4. Henry. 

5. Thomas. 

6. Sarah, b. Sept., 1805 ; \\\. Oxford Shafer. She died 


7. Abb}', b. June, 1808 ; \\\. Thomas L. Wilson. 


+ 8. Morrison. 

9. Madison, b. 1814 ; d. 1817. 

10. Beverly. 

11. Ann, b. April, 1817 ; m. Jacob B. La Porte, March, 
1838 ; d. Nov., 1883, leaving- ten sons. 

+ 12. Amzi. 

13. Mary E.,b. June, 1823 ; m. John F. Durkee ; d. 1884, 
leaving an only daughter, Mrs. Blakeslee. 

Samuel Beardsley" (David\ Obadiah*. John^ SatnueP, Wil- 
liam'), b. Oct. 8, 1791 ; d. 1853 ; m. Nancy Young 1814. Presbyterian. 


1. David Martin. 

2. Lucy Ann, b. 1817 ; d. 1848. 
+ 3. John C. 

4. Rachael, b. 1820; d. 1846. 

5. F:sther, b. 1821. 

6. Sally, b. 1823; d. 1829. 

7. Andrew, b. 1824 ; d. 1846. 

8. Melissa, b. 1827. 

9. James Moore, b. 1833 ; m. Mary Fargo 1858. One 
son, Perry. 

10. Salmon Truman, b, 1836. 

-I- 11. Nathaniel Adams. 

Samuel H. BeardsleV' (Joseph^. John\ John', Joseph-, Wil- 
liami), b. 1793 ; d. 1822 ; m. Polly Green, Jan. 23, 1817. Joseph Beards- 
le3', of Milford, sold lands to him. 


1. George H. 

2. Cyrns William. 

3. Oscar Kugene. 

4. Eugene Oscar. 

Samuel B. Beardsley^ (Samuel'', Samuels Josiah^ Joseph-, 
Williami), b. Jan. 12,1795 ; d. 1873, Monroe, Conn. ; m. Abigail Mc- 
Ewen Feb. 20, 1819. He graduated from Yale College in 1815; 
taught school at Snow Hill, Maryland, from 1815 to 1819 ; at Bridge- 
port and at Dan bury each for several years. In 1861 retired to 


his native town and taught a select school for some time, making- 
near!}' iift}' years in all. 


+ 1. Edward McE wen. 

2. Abigail Elma, b. Aug. 22, 1842; m. John G. Ste- 
vens, M. D., Ma3^ 16, 1868. Res. Monroe, Conn. One dan., Elma 
Beardsley, b. July 19, 1871. 

Samuel Beardsley^ (Whittnore\ BenjamLn\ Josiah^ Joseph^, 
Williami), b. about 1800; m. Mary Ann Hurlbut, Fairfield, Vt. 


1. Homer. 

2. Betsey ; ni. Josiah Stnrdifont. 

3. Mary Ann ; m Harm an Sowles. 

Samuel C. Beardsley' (Beverl3' R.*^, Austin'', John*, John'^ Jo- 
seph2, William'), b. Jan. 12, 1790; m. Lavina Margeson March 9, 1814, 
Tanner b}' trade. 


-(- 1. Gideon. 

2. Sarah, b. Dec. 16, 1817. 
.3. Jane, b. Feb. 18, 1820. 

4. Lovina, b. June 5, 1822. 

5. Samuel. 
+ 6. Thomas. 

(Judge) Samuel Bearl-sley' (Obadiah''. Obadiah\ JohnS John^, 
Joseph-, William^), b. Feb. 6, 1790, at Hoosic, Rensselaer co., N. Y. ; 
d. May 6,1860. He studied law with Judge Hathawa3', of Rome, 
N. Y., and was admitted to the bar in 1815. In 1821 was chosen Dis- 
trict Attorney of Oneida co., and in 1822 State Senator. In 1823 he 
was appointed by President Adams, U. S. Attorney for the north- 
ern District of N. Y. and held the position until 1836, when he was 
elected a Representative in Congress, continuing for six j'ears ; 
was re-elected in 1812. In Congress he was a lo3'al supporter of 
President Jackson and a recognized leader of the House, In a 
speech on the currenC3- in 1834, he said, "sooner than extend the 
existence of the Bank of the U. S.let it perish, and in its fall carr3'^ 
down every bank in the Union. I sa3' for one, perish credit, per- 
ish commerce, perish the state institutions, give us a broken, de- 


caj'ed, worthless currency, rather than the ignoble and corrupt 
tN'ranny of an irresponsible corporation." Shortly after entering 
upon his third term, Ciov. Marcj' nominated him as Circuit Judge 
and the senate at once confirmed the appointment. President 
Jackson, in the presence of his cabinet and some of the most emi- 
nent mem1>ers of both houses, urged him to remain in Congress. 
He consented, but subsequently accepted the position of Attorney- 
General of the State. In 1844 heresigned his position in Congress 
to become a Justice of the Supreine Court of the state, and in 1847 
he was made Chief Justice. 

He married a daugliter of Judge Hathawa}' and had two sons, 
James, deceased, and + Arthur M., a prominent law3^er of Utica, 
N. Y. 

Samuel Beardsley*^ (VVilliam\ John*, John'*, Daniel-, William'), 
b. 1794 ; m. Nancy Davis. 


1. William J., b. 1824; d. 1826. 

2. Hannah W. ; m Nathan Blackman. She d. Dec. 
17, 1877. He d. 1886. 

Samuel Beardsley^ (Stephen", David^, Benjamin*, Daniel^ Sam- 
uel-, William!), b. March 13, 1792; d. 1860; m. Assenath Gregory. 
Farmer. Justice of the Peace. High Sheriff. Representative and 
Senator for several 3'ears. 

His will was dated Dec. 26, 18.i9. Probated May 24, 1860. 


+ 1. Orville Hall. 

-)- 2. Samuel Gregorj-. 

Samuel C. Beardsley' (Morrison'', Austin"', John*, John', Joseph-, 
WilliamM.b.July 20, 1793 in Newtown, Sussex co.,N. J. ; m. (1) Sarah 
G. Mattison 1815. Moved first to Susquehanna co.. Pa , and then 
in 1830 to Edinburgh, Portage co., Ohio, where she d. 1864. M. (2) 
Mrs. Margaret Nash Sept. 15, 1867. He d. Sept 18, 1867. 

By common consent he was elected Justice of the Peace for 
life, or duringgood behavior. He held the position while he lived. 
Tanner. A Methodist. 


-j- 1. James Morrison. 


2. Esther Ann, b. Dec. 30, 1817 ; m. Edwin A. Chap- 
man, who d. Feb. 21, 1843. 

3. Susan Maria, b. Nov. 1. 1819 ; m. Rev. C. R. Chap- 
man. Res. Tarr3'town, N. Y. Four children. A son, Rev. Mel- 
ville Beardsle}^ Chapman, b. 1843, is a pastor in the N. Y. F^ast 
Conference, M. E. Church. 

4. Melinda, b. 1821; m. her brother-in-law, K. A. 
Chapman, 1843. She d. 1872. 

5. Elizabeth, b. 1823 ; d. 1836. 

6. F:meline, b. Oct. 13,1825 ; d. 1854. 
+ 7. William Egbert. 

8. Matilda, b. 1836; d. in infancy. 

Samuel G. Beardsley' (Eli^ Samuel^ SamueP, John^ Samuel-, 
Williami),b. 1802; m. Caroline Stuart June 19,1826. 


1. Abel Moss. 

2. Mary Nancy, b. 1834 ; \\\. Edward Platte. 

Samuel Beardslkv' (Charles®, Charles^, JohnS John', Joseph-, 
Williami), b. March 23, 1814; d. Dec. 2, 1863; m. Sarah 0:^himhal, who 
d. Sept. 12, 1877. 


1. Jacob. 

2. Catherine. 

3. F^dwin ; d. y. 

4. Edward ; d. y. 

5. Samuel. 

Samuel Beardsley' (Bennett", Timothy^, DanieH, Daniel'^, Dan- 
iel'-', William^), b. Sept. 1818 ; d. March 6, 1885, Catnpbellsport, Port- 
age CO., Ohio, where he had been a merchant and post-master for 
years. M. (1) Mary Jane Lang-worthy 1840, who d. 1848 ; m. (2) Mar- 
garet Yonts Aug., 1850. 


+ 1. George A. 


2. Chloe F., b. 1852; m. Miles Lowrie. 

3. Alfred Otis. 



Samuel A. Beardsley' (Zerah^jSamuel^, SamneH, John\ vSam- 
uel-, William^), b. Jan. 30, 1826, Coventr3s Chenano-o co., N. Y. ; m. 
(1) Lois Diana Smith Juno 2, 1847, and she d. Dec. 4, ISf^i ; m. (2) Em- 
ma Liicretia Hojt Dec. 21, 1856. Farmer. Presb3'terian. J[. ^-oum. \?^ I %^A^ 


1. Alice Louisa, b. Aug. 18, 1848 
+ 2. Clark Smith. 

3, Alvin Augustus, b. Dec. 1, 1852. 

Samuel H. Beardsley^ (Joseph H.', William", Joseph^, John*, 
John^, Joseph-, William'), b. Oct. 8, 1826, in N. J. ; m. Margaret Mc- 
Conl 1850. He followed the sea for a time and since carpentering. 
Res, Warren, Bristol co., Rhode Island. 


1. Anna Jane, b. 1852 ; d. 1875. 

2. William Henry, b. 1854 ; d. 1857. 

3. Li Hie Taylor, b. 1863. 

4. Clara Cole, b. 1868. 

Samuel G. BEARnSLEY"* (Samuel', Stephen'' David"', Benjamin*, 
Daniel'^ Samuel-, William^) ; m. Mary Beach, of Trumbull, Conn. 


1. Morris Beach. 

2. Mary Louise. 

3. Alice Minerva. 

Samuel D. Beardsley"* (Jehiel', Emmanuel'', Jehiel"', John', John-\ 
Joseph-, William'), b. Feb. 14, 1818 ; d. Aug. 16, 1862, Keeseville, N. Y. ; 
m. Louisa Fleke} er Oct. 12, 1847. In the mercantile and lumber 


1. Helen M., b. 1850; m. P. M. Widner. 

2. Mira Jane, b. 1852 ; m. John A. Rankin 1875. She 
d. 1880, A dan., Clara. 

3. Gilbert D., b. May 25, 18.54 ; d. June 1. 1862. 

4. Samuel Jehiel, b. 1856. 

Samuel A. Beardsley"* (Lewis^ James", MichaeP, Abraham*, 


John^, Joseph^, William^), b. June, 1819; in. Phebe Kendall Sept., 
1843. Res. near Catherine, N. Y. Farmer. Methodist. 


+ 1. Grant. 

2. Hattie ; ni. George Linn. 

3. Cornelia ; ni. Satnuel Winton. 

(Col.) Samuel R. Beardsley^ (Levi\ Obadiah", ObadiahS 
John*, John^ Joseph-, Williami), b. Dec, 1831, Cherrj^ Valley, Otse- 
go CO , N. Y. ;''nl. Charlotte,Burckle ; was engaged in a milling and 
shipping- business until the war broke out, when he organized 
the 24th N. Y. Vol Inf., and was commissioned colonel. He d. Dec. 
28, 186.3. T3'phoid Pneumonia, induced by exposure and the hard- 
ships of an active service, closed the work of a brave and true sol- 


1. Frederica Ra3Mnond, b. March 2, 1815 ; ni. Robert 
Gilchrist, an Ex-Attorney-General of New Jersey and a distin- 
guished lavv3^er. Res. Jersey Cit}'. Four children. 

2. Mary Catherine, b. 1846 ; m. L. Bradford Prince, 
at one time judge, and member of the New York senate, Ex-Chief 
Justice of New Mexico. Res. Santa Fe, N. M. One son. 

3. Samuel Addison, b. April, 1852. 

4. Clarence Burkle. 

(Major) Samuel R. Beardsley** (Justus W.', Morrison", Aus- 
tin\ John', John^ Joseph-, William'), b. 1844; m. Eizzie Marshall. 
Childless. Entered the Union Army, March 2, 1863, and com- 
manded a company at the battle of Chancellorsville ; was commis- 
sioned 2d Lieut. July 17, 1862, and Major Dec, 1863. He was 7 days, 
on the Peninsula, also at Antietam, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain, 
Ressaca and in other engagements. He was compelled to leave 
the service in June, 1805, on account of ill health. Baptist. Res. 
Newark N. J. 

Seba Beakdslky' (Pau^F.^ John^JamesS John^ Samuel-, Wil- 
liami), b. 1795, New Fairfield, Conn. ; m. Rhorla Valneer 1817, Delhi 
Delaware co., N. Y. In 1830 he purchased a farm in Coventry, 
Chenango co., N. Y , where he resided until his death in 1859. In 
politics a democrat and served in the war of 1812. Universalist. 



1. Sally Ann, b. Jan. 10, 1823. 

2. Juliett, b. 1825 ; ni. R. F. Reed 1855. One son, T. 
W. Reed, Afton, N. Y. 

3. Sophronia R., b. 1827; ni. Hiram A. Blakeslee, 
1851. She d. 1881, leaving- five children. 

+ 4. David H. 

+ 5. George N. 

6. Hattie L., b. 1838 ; m. F. C. Kason 1863. Four chil- 

+ 7. Oscar R. 

SciPiO C. BEARDSLEY^ (Lewis', James", Michael^ Abraham*, 
John\ Joseph- William'), b. Oct., 1826 ; m. Catherine Coates Dec. 
1852. Res. Havanna, Schviyler co., N. Y. Grocer. Presbyterian. 


1. Charles, b. 1856; m. Kmma Beardsley 1877. 

2. Joseph Karl, b. 1861 ; m. Josie Morning 1883. 

3. Lewis. 

4. Hazilett. 

Seely J. Beardsley^ (Jacob', Isaac^ Isaac^ Abrahams John^,. 
Joseph-, William'), b. June 8, 1852, Canton, Bradford co., Pa.; m. 
Manetta Miller May 8, 1877. Farmer. Res. Odessa, Schnj'ler co., 
N. Y. 


1. Leon M., b. Ang. 26, 1880 ; d. May 3, 1881. 

2. Bertha M., b. Dec. 16, 188.3. 

Selah B, BEARDSLEY«(Joseph5,JohnSJohn^ Joseph-, William'), 
b. 1771, near Huntington, Conn. He moved from Newtown, Conn., 
to Carlton, Orleans co., N. Y. 1811, then a wilderness, filled with 
wild beasts and wilder savag'es. He was a carpenter and joiner 
by trade and was nicknamed "Deacon." He improved a farm and 
built a house, which is standing now (1886). He m. Ann E. Phelps 
1823. She d. March 21, 1866, and he Nov. 23 of same year. Metho- 


1. George W. 

2. Harriet Delia ; m. George Culver. 


3. Helen Augusta ; m. John Q. Adams. 

4. Anna E., b. March 18, 1844. 

Serajah BeardsIvEY^ (John*, John'', SamueP, William') ; bapt. 
Sept. 2,1733; m. Jemima Beardsley. In Danbury i8 this record: 
"Sept. 4, 1758, Widow Jemima Beardsley was appointed guardian 
to Theodorus and Martha, minor children of Serajah Beardsle}'^, 
deceased." (B. 2, p. 65, D. R.) 

The court appointed Nehemiah and Jeremiah Beardslee ad- 
ministrators of his estate. "The debts surmount the movable es- 
tate of said deceased £30 63. 5d." They "were ordered to sell real 
estate to meet it Oct., 1758." (Colonial Records, Vol XI.) 

Seth M. Beardsley" (Ezra M.^ Elisha', Levi^, Obadiah-', John*, 
John^ Joseph^, William^), b, April 30, 1850, at Rock Island, 111. ; m. 

Fanny . He \vas a superior jockey and hoi'seman and rode 

for the Queen of England several times. One dau., Josie Maud. 

Shermax Beardsley*' (Eliakim\ Samiu-H, John-^ Samuel-, 
William'), b. 1785 ; m. Hannah (dau. of Capt. Elisha) Durkee, an 
officer in Gen. Washington's Army, Avhose wife -was one of the sur- 
vivors of the W3'oming Massacre and was a granddau. of Judge 
Obadiah Gove,of Penn. Concerningher famil}' thehistorian, Col. 
Stone, saj'S : "The most remarkable in the history of man}^ that a 
father and six sons should beengag'ed in the same battle is rarel}^ 
known. Five corpses of a single family sleeping upon the cold 
bed of death together the same night. What a price did that 
family pay for libertj' !" 

Of such sturdy stock did Sherman Beardsley's family come. 


+ 1. Charles S. 

2. Howard. 
+ 3. Henry C. 

4. Sherman. 

Sherman Beardsley** (David', Abel'', Abraham'', Abrahaiu*, 
John3, Joseph^, William'), b. 1813 and d. Jan. 1883; m. (1) Emily Con- 
verse, June 4, 1835, who d. at Solon, O.; m. (2) Delia Northrop March 
25, 1849 ; d. April 18,1900, Cleveland, Ohio. 

After his 35th year he resided in Cu3'ahoga co., O. Farmer. 
While acting as school director at Salem he emplo3"ed James A. 


Garfield as teacher of the first school he ever taught, and was a 
life-long friend of that fatiiily. He later moved to Cleveland and 
engaged in bixsiness for a few j^ears, but the last twelve years of 
his life was spent in Solon, where he breathed his last. 


1. Celia C, b. April 9, 1836. 

2. Emily A., b. March 12, IS-SS ; m. W. J. McConghney 

Aug-. 18, 1859. 


3. Harriet A., b. Aug. 17, 1840; m. Albert Goodwin, 

4. Kdwin, b. Sept. 15, 1842; d. April 15, 1843. 

5. Mary M., b. Aug. 19, 1844 ; d. May 2, 1874. 

6. Emery S., b. 1848 ; m. Ida C. Smith 1872. Two 


7. Ella A., b. Feb. 26, 1850; ni. John M. Hannsford 
Dec. 30, 1873. Three children. 

8. Carrie A., b. Dec. 28, 1852 ; d. Feb. 13, 1854. 

9. Blanche M., b. April 22, 18.55; d. Sept. 1.5, 1861. 
10. Baley, b. Oct. 16, 1864 ; d. June 16, 1866. 

-f- 11. Charles French. 

Sidney J. BeardsleV* (Francis', Ephraim^ Abraham^ Abra- 
ham*, John^, Joseph-, William'); m. Mar}^ Ann Thomson, The}^ 
acknowledged covenant with the Congregational Church of 
Stratford, Conn., in 18.32. 


1. Frances ; m. Beardsley. 

2. Ellen ; m. Batterson. 

3. Mary ; m. Batterson. 

Sidney B. Beardsley' (Freeman'*, NathanipP, Benjamin*, Jo- 
8iah•^ Joseph-, Williami). b. May 28, 1836, China, Delaware co., N, Y. ; 
m. Feb. 11, 1858. Childless. In 1878 he was elected to the Vermont 
legislature. Res. Fletcher, Franklin co., Vt. A farmer. 

(Judge) Sidney B. Beardsley' (Cyrus H.«, HalF, Samuel*, John^ 
SamueF, VVilliami),b. Aug. 20, 1822, at Monroe, Cpnn. Was educated 
at Yale College; studied law with Reuben Booth of Danbury, and 
was admitted to the bar in 1843. Commenced practice in Norwalk, 



where he remained for three j^ears; was also Judge of Probate 
here. Moved to Bridgeport in 18i6. In 1858 was elected to the 
state Senate. In 1874 was elected by the Legislature Judge of the 
Superior Court of Conn., which position he held with dignity and 
honor, until his sudden death, April 24, 1890 ; m. Eliza Dakanl846. 

Sidney B. Beardsley, 



1. Cyrus Hall. 

2. Maria Btxrr. 

3. Kdwin Burr. 

4 Sarah Taj^lor ; tn. Friederick H. H. Fritz Hoen- 

5. Susan Maria ; m. Charles F. Wood. 

Dviring the author's tirst visit to Conn., he was permitted to 
spend a pleasant hour with the Judge. The impressions left can 
be briefly stated. He was one who was approachable, j'et re- 


served in manner ; careful and choice in nse of words, j'et a good 
conversationalist; a close reader of hiinian natnre and a o-entle- 
inan in the truest sense. One could but feel that in him the un- 
fortunate had a friend. 

Silas BEARDSLEY-MJohn*, SamueP, Daniel-, Williami), b. Maj' 
7, 1761, at New Milford, Conn.; m. Catlierine Treadwell Maj' 14, 
1789. Moved to Stevensville, Bradford co., Pa , 1791. His neck was 
broken in a fall from a load of ha}' in 1820. Clothier and farmer. 
His eldest dau. taui>"ht the first school ever taught on Apolacon 
Creek, Susciuehanua co.. Pa , and was the first person married in 
the town 


1. Eunice, 1). Sept. 25, 1790. 
4- 2. William. 

3. Mehitabel, b. 1795. 
1. Joanna, b. 1797. 

5. Sarah, b. 1800. 

6. Catherine, b. 1804. 
+ 7. Silas. 

+ 8. John. 

Silas Beardsley"^ (Silas\ John^Samuel^ Daniel-, William'), b. 
1816; m. Julia Barton 183;i Res. fJttle Meadows, Susquehanna co., 



+ 1. Edwin Barton. 

2. Rufus Irvin, b. 1848 ; m. Mary Fox 1871. 

Silas C. Beardslev'' (Samuel^ SamueP, Josiah^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liam'), b. Feb. 18,1784; d. 1860 at Monroe, Conn. His will was dated 
Dec. 18,1860. Probated Jan. 10, 1861. In it he names his sons, Sam- 
uel C, Lewis B. and EHsha, who v.-as appointed sole executor; 
also daus. Sail}- M. (Clark), Melissa (Hurd) and Harriet (Sherman). 


1. Sherwood. 

2. Lemon Clark. 

3. Roswell Hurd. 

4. Elisha; m. Bett3judson 18.39. One son, F:ii Seel}-. 

5. Samuel C, b. 1813 ; m. Luc}' A. Judson 1855. 


+ 6. Lewis B. 

7. Matilda ; m. Monroe. 

8. Sally M.; m. Charles S. Clark. 

9. Melissa; m. Hurd. 

10. Harriet ; in. Sherman. 

11. Rosella ; m. Charles Clarke. 

Silas BEARDvSLEY'(Joseph^Zephaniah^ Joseph*, Nathan^ Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. March 5, 1807, in Goshen ; d. in Cornwall, Conn. ; 
m. Abigail Morris, who d. May 29, 1882. Carpenter. 


1. Lorenzo ; d. y. 
+ 2. Elbert J. 

3. Hannah E. ; m. Edwin Pratt 1878. 

4. Mary V.; m. James H. Johnson 1860. 

5. Alvin S. ; m. Valeria Cook. 

6. Abbie J. ; m. Lewis Curtis. 

7. Silas D. ; m. Sarah Cotton. 

8. Charles. 

9. Lester E. 

10. Hattie; m. Fred Wadlams 1883.' 

11. One d. unnained. 

Silas R. Beardsley' (Ely^ Josiah\ Samuel*, Josiah', Joseph-, 
William'), b. 1820; d. Sept. 15, 1894 ; m. Phebe Lewis, who d. 1882. 
Res. Roxbury, Conn. 


1. Julius, b. 1847 ; m. Emily Cole ; d. 1891. 

2. Edna, b Jan. 15, 1853 ; m. Wesley Rowe. 

3. Armenia, b. Nov. 13, 1857 ; d. Nov. 27, 1883. 

Smilie R. Beardsley^ (Ransom", Ichabod'', Amos-', Samuel*, 
DanieP, Samuel-, William'), b. Nov. 24, 1824, East Tyrone, Steuben 
CO., N. Y. ; d. Jan. 31, 1900, Clifton, 111. When he was nine years old 
his parents moved to Michioan. He m. Ruth Hebron Dec. 25, 
1849 at Mottville, Mich., where he remained two 3'ears, then moved 
to Sycamore, DeKalb co., lil. Here he resided 16 years, and then in 
the Spring of 1867 changed to Clifton, where he lived for .33 years. 
For over 40 years he was an active member of the M E. Church. 
Dixring- much of that time he was an official member, as a class- 


leader and Sundu}' School sii |)ei"ititeiident. He was also prom- 
inent in Masonr}'. Farmer and contractor. She d. April '^, 1900. 
Thes' celebrated tluMr <>-olden weddini>,- Dec. 2o, 1899. 


1. i.aura Kstella, b Dec. 22, 1850; m. Sylva Beebe 
Dec. 9, 1868. Six children. 

2. Sarah Ann ; 1). May 30, 185.S ; m. Ernest F. Pierce 
April 27, 1882. Two daughters. 

3. Emma Jane, b. May 28,1855; m. Edmond A.Gar- 
diner Sept. 21, 1882. Five children. 

4. Alice Gertrude, b. Jnly 22, 1857 ; m. Byron Osborn 
Dec. 28, 1881. Five children. 

5. William Ransom, b. Feb. 9,1860; m. Rosa Morel 
Nov. 12, 1890. Two children, Marie and Henr3'. 

6. Franklin Smilie, b. Dec. 28, 1861 ; m. Charlotte I. 
Harland April 8, 1891. One son, Harland Franklin. 

7. Arthur Stevenson, b. Aug-. 15, 1865; m. Rachel 
Ann Hall May 16, 1887. Two children, Emma J. and Clarence A. 

8. George Murra}^ b. June 20, 1868 ; m. Marie Louise 
Castle. No issue. 

9. Edwin, b. Aug. 24, 1870 ; d. Jan. 1, 1871. 

Smith H. Bearhsley' (John S.", Joseph^ William*, William^, 
Samuel-, William^), b. Jan. 18, 1821 ; m. Augusta Davis, of Notting- 
ham, N. H. 


1. Hannah. 

2. Augusta. 

3. Mary. 

Smith Beardsley* (Enoch', Truman**, Gideon^ Obadiah*, John^^ 
Samuel-, William'), b. 1830, Huntsburg, Geauga co., Ohio ; m. Car- 
rie F:. Patchin 1854. Enlisted in the 6th Ohio Cavalry Nov.5, 1861 ; 
transferred to the second ; discharged for disabilitj^ at Ft. Scott, 
Kansas, Sept. 27, 1862. A manufacturer at Mill Village, Erie co., 
Pa. Congregationalist. 


1. Linson Clifton. 

2. Fyrnest Eugene. 


Solomon C. BEARDSLEY^(Zephaliliah^Joseph^Joseph^ Joseph-, 
William^), b. Dec. 9, 1781 ; d. in Roxbur5% Conn., 1828. 


1. Eli Beach. 

2. William. 

Stephen Beardsley* (Obadiah^ DanieP, William'), b. April 5, 
1740 ; d. in Ripton (now Huntinoton), Conn , Feb. 16, 1804, ao^ed 64; 
m. Mehitabel . His property was distributed April 10, 1804. 


1. Elam. 

2. Philo. 

3. Stephen. 

Stephen Beardsley** (David', Benjamin*, Daniel^ Samuel^, 
Williamij, b. March 20, 1763 ; d. Feb. 8, 1849 ; m. Catherine (dau. of 
Samuel and Thankful) Beardslej' 1791. She d. 18.iO. Both admitted 
to communion in the Church of Christ, North Stratford, March 5, 
1788. Appointed Deacon of the Cong-res^ational Church of Trum- 
bull in 1809. Resig-ned 1821. His will mentions all his children 
and "wife Catherine." 


+ 1. Samuel. 

2. Hall, b. July 27, 1790 ; d. March 3, 1811. 
-f- 3. Stephen Munson. 

4. Sheldon, b. 1802-3 ; ra. Caroline Clark 182.^. A son, 


+ 5. Miles. 

Stephen Beardsley'^ (Henr}^5_ Jehiel*. John^ Joseph-, Wil- 
liam'), b. about 1777; m. Betsey (dau. of Israel) Beardsley ; b. 1777. 
Res. Roxbury, Conn. 


1. Griffin. 

2. Mary Ann. 

3. Cliarlotte ; m. Kber Patterson. 

Stephen Beardsley'^ (Justus^, Squier', Andrew^ John^ Jo- 
seph-', William'), b. 1823; m. Caroline Goetschins 1850. Moved to 
Macomb. 111., 1858. Merchant. 



+ 1. Le Ro3^ 

'2. Frank, b. 18.i7 ; d. 1802. 

3. Alicia, b. A no-. 20, 1802. 

4. Louisa, b. Sept. 2, 1869. 

Stephen M. BearpsleY' (Stephen", David\ Benjamin^ Dan- 
ieP, Sainuel-, William^), b. Aug. 21, 1799 ; in. - — - Nichols. Fanner. 


+ 1. Stephen. 

2. Catherine. 

3. John. 

Stephen Beakdsley' (James'*, Michael\ Abrahanl^ John^ Jo- 
seph-, William!), 5 jgOl ; m. Sally . Res. Odessa, Schu}-ler co., 

N. Y. 


1. Eunice ; m. Levi Babcock. She d. March, 1878. 

2. Ruana ;■ nj. Levi Higgins. She d. Jan 14, 1892. 

Stephen BEARDSLEY''(Joshua^ Beverly^ Beverlj^^. JehieF, John*, 
John'\ Joseph-, William'), b. 1831 ; m. Caroline Seele}^ of niinois. 


1. John. 

2. Two danohters. 

Stephen BeakdsleV (Stephen M.', Stephen'', David-', Benja- 
min*, DanieP, Samuel-, William'). A Farmer. 


1. Clark. 

2. Susan. 

3. Jane; m. RichardC. Ambler, of Bridgeport, Conn. 

Stiles Beakdsley' (Eli'', Isaac\ Abraham*, John', Joseph-, 
William'), b. April 7, 1807. Res. Bridgeport. Conn., 1881 ; m. (1) 
Francis Lucj^ Howard Jan. 29, 1829, who d. at Havana, N. Y., Jan. 
30,1851 ; m. (2) Mrs. Sarah (Wayland) Lewis, of Bridgeport. Conn., 
Sept. 18, 1855. Carpenter, Methodi.-At. 



1. Mary Morilla, b. March 2G, 1830; d. Jan. 20, 1851. 
+ 2. George Robert. 

3. Amzi Irving-, b. 1834; d. 1838. 

4. Marinda, b. Oct. 22, 1838 ; d. May 29, 1853. 

5. Frances Diana, b. July 26, 1841. 

6. William Irving. 

7. Edwin Stiles, b. March 23, 1347 ; was killed on the 
railroad at Wadsworth, Nevada, Oct., 1872. 

SuEL C. Beardsley' (Zechariah C.^ Elias'', Jonathan*, Josiah^ 
Joseph-. Willianii), b. Aug 21,181."5; d May 13, 1881, Catherine, N. Y. ; 
m. Phebe Smith 1842. Farmer. Methodist. 


1. A son, b. and d. June 7, 1843. 

2. Henry C, b. 1844 ; d. 18^8. 

3. Arista, b. 1846; m. Maggie M. Andrews, dau. of 
Ichabod, Beardsley. 

4. Helen, b. 1849; d. 1851. 

5. Kate, b. 1853; m. Oscar Cooper. 

Squier Beardsley^ (Andrew*, John'. Joseph-, William^), b. Oct., 
1750, near Washington, Conn ; d. Dec. 17, 1829, Monroe co., N. Y. ; m. 
(1) Hannah Hamlin March 30, 1788. She d. June 5. 1790. M. (2) 
Sarah Silliman March 3. 1792, at Weston, Conn. Moved to Wash- 
ington, Conn., Dec. 4, 1793, thence to Dutchess co , N. Y., April 3, 
1795, and to Monroe co., N. Y., 1823. A Baptist. 


1. David Hamlin. 

2. Hannah, b. and d. June 5, 1790. 


-{- 3. Justus. 

4. Cyrus, b. 1795 ; d. at Mobile, Ala., 1822. 

5. Sally, b. 1797; d. 1800. 

6. Peter, b. 1799. 

7. Sally, b. 1801 ; d. 1818. 
-(- 8. Anson. 

9. Hannah ; d. 1813. 


Sylvester W. Beardsley'* (Levi A.', Levi", Jabez-', William*, Wil- 
liam^, Samuel'-, William'), b. June 9, 1848; m. Asitla Wri^-lit of 
Steuben co., N. Y., Postmaster at Kast Carlton, Orleans co., N. Y., 


1. Esther. 

2. Nelson Allen. 

3. Harman. 

4. Clara. 

5. Three d. 3'. 

Talmox Beardsley' (Daniel'', Benajah^ Obadiah^ John^, Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. 1799, Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y. When he was a 
small b03^ his father moved to Lickino co., Ohio, and for five years 
he worked on the Oliio Canal ; m. Temperance Spicer and pur- 
chased for a home 75 acres of unimproved land, near Akron, Ohio. 
Farmer. I'niversalist. 


1. Mills H. ; d.l835. 

2. Aver3- Spicer; b. 1838 ; m. Amanda A. Hart 1861. 
One son, Chaunce}^ Hart. 

3. Ann ; m. G. W. Hart. 

4. Hattie ; m. G. A. Babcock. 

5. Louise ; m. Geori>e Stover. 

Thaddeus Beakdsley'^ (David\ Benjamin*, DanieP, SamueP, 

William'), b. Jul}' 25, 1752; d. JVIarch 19, 1819; m. Sarah Cook Dec. 

21, 1780, who d. 1833. Was a Revolutionar}' soldier in the 8th Conn. 



1. Jerusha, b. Dec. 21, 1782 ; m. Booth. 

2. ^arah, b. Dec. 7, 1783 ; m. Shelton. 

3. Ruth, b. Dec. 15, 1785 ; m. Elisha Beardsley. 

4. Amarylla, b. March 5, 1788. Under date of Aug-. 
29, 1849, she willed her "estate to Wm. Bennett, in triist, for the sole 
benefit of ni}' beloved nephew, Thaddeus C. Beardslc}-, during his 
minorit3% son of \\\\ beloved Bro. Thaddeus Beardsle3\" The in- 
ventory was made Jan. 1,1861. She also mentions her four sisters. 

5. Cook. 

(). Thaddeus, b. 179.3. A son, Thaddetis Cook, who 
m. Sarah J. Whitlock 1867. 


7. Sylvia, b. March 23, 1796 ; m. David Slielton. Re- 
sided for over 40 j^ears near Vermillion, Erie co., Ohio. 

Theodore H. Beardsley' (Elliott% Klliott\ SamuelS Josiah^ 
Joseph^, William'), b. at Winsted, Conn., April 13, 1851. Res. Nor- 
folk, Conn. M. Alura Frances Harrison June 15, 1870. A manu- 

facturer. Congregationalist. 


1. Sarah Harrison, b. May 11, 1871 ; d. Sept. 14, 1878. 

2. Mabel Rockwell, b. March 18, 1874. 

3. Alura Miner, b. Feb. 25, 1879. 

4. Alice Theodore Lawrence, b. May 23, 1884. 

Theodore F. Beardsley' (Edward S.",John^, Nathaniel^ John^, 
Daniel', William'), b. Oct. 26, 1864 ; m. Hannah M. Dixon March 25, 
1858, Patterson, N. J. Res. St. Louis, Mo. Traveling- salesman. 


1. Linn Moore, b. Sept. 13, 1860 ; d. Aug-. 10, 1862. 

2. William Dixon, b. Aug. 8, 1862 ; d. May 28, 1863. 

3. Liila, b. Sept. 22, 1865 ; m. Herman D. Bull, June 30, 


4. Harry Hardy, b. Sept. 26,1867. 

.5. Frank Dixon, b. April 3, 1873. 

Theodore R. Beardsley"^ (Justus W.', Morrison'', Austin^ 
John^ John■^ Joseph^, William'), b. 1833; d. 1895; m. Henrietta E. 
Baldwin. Res. at Newark, N. J. Merchant. Baptist. Hewasaman 
like Stephen of old, "full of faith and the Holy Ghost" (Acts 6:5). 
A devout Christian, as the writer happens to know, having been 
entertained hy him in 1888. 


1. Walter E. 

2. Arthur L. 

3. Mabel. 

4. Theodore S. 

5. Grace. 

6. William P. 

Theron C. Beardsley'' (Lewis'', Whitmore^ Benjamin*, Jo- 


siah*, Joseph-, William'), b. 1838, Fairfield. Conn. ; in. Irene Hewitt 
1867. Res. Loveland, Colo. By trade a carpenter. Genial and 
oonipani()nal)le as a man. 


1. Gertrnde Irene, b. 1879. 

2. Grade Panline, b. 188:5. 

Thomas Beardsley^ (Joseph-, William^), b. 1(575 ; m. Sarah Dun- 
ning June 26, 1707. .She was distnissed to Ripton (now Hunting- 
ton) Chnrch in 1724. whither they had moved a short time before. 
He was a farmer and surve3or. Joined the Kpiscojial Church in 
Ripton, 1741. His will, dated March 29, 1769, was probated Oct. 16, 
1773. In this he mentions his wife, Sarah and son, Israel, the exe- 
cutors : also grandcliildren, Jared,Elisha and Thomas Beardslej', 
Rachel Wooster, Elisha and Sarah Baldwin, Sarah Seeley, and 
Elisha and Samuel Malber^- and dau. Hannah Lane. Inventor}^ 
£200 0s. Od. 


+ 1. Israel. 

2. Sarah, b. March 24, 1709-10; m. Ichabod Lewis 

M. Hannali, b. Ma}' 28, 1715 ; m. Jacob Lane Aug. 2, 

4. Kliza1>eth. b. Oct. 20. 1716; ni. George iMcKense 

5. Esther, b. 1718 ; m. Benjamin DeForest. 

T, . \ 6. Thomas ; d. v. 
1 wins 

' 7. Henry ; d. y. 
8. Tliankfnl, b. July 8, 1729; m. Benjamin Beardsle}-. 

Thomas Beardsley"' (Benjamin*, Josiah', Joseph-, William'), b. 
Nov. 28. 1754, at Ripton (now Huntington), Conn ; m. Mabel Thomp- 
son, who d. April 8, 1812. Was a meml)er of the Cavalry in the war 
of the Revolution and was stationed in New York Cit}- on the 4th 
of July. 1776; was in battle on Long Island Aug. 27, 1776, and at 
Danburj-, Conn., April, 1777. Received after his discharge a pen- 
sion for life of fift3--four dollars and sixteen cents annuall}-. In 
1800 he purchased, and in 1801 moved his famil}' from Hunting- 
ton to the old homestead on the west side of Good Hill, in Rox- 
bur}-, Conn., which up to 1897 was owned and occupied by his 
grandson, Minott L. Beardsley. He held varioiis town offices and 



Dec. 25, 1739. 


was frequently appointed to administer on estates. He passed 
peacefully away as a ripened shoclv for the garner, March 28,1842, 
aged 87 5"ears and 4 months. 


1. Hannah, b. 1777; d. June 7, 1855; unmarried. 

2. Abigail, b. Jan. 28, 1779; m. Nathaniel Beach Jan. 
2, 1799. She d. Oct. 29, 1861. Two children. 

.3. Aner, b. Sept. 22, 1780; m. Philo Peet Feb. 1804. 
She d. Oct. 26, 1862. Five children. 
+ 4. Hunting. 
-|- 5. Ezekiel. 
-J- 6. Heman. 
-f 7. Nathan. 

October 13, 1816, Thomas Beardsley gave a note to Asabel Ba- 
con for five hundred dollars, payable at the New Haven Bank, 
which was "written on paper bearing a water mark in letters half 
an inch in length, "U. S. Stamp.'' On the face is an impression of 
the Eagle and Shield, one inch in diameter, with the words around 
the border, "rwent3'-five cents.'' It is an interesting- relic and 
shows that, though our forefathers opposed the Stamp Act of 
Great Britain, they actuall}' made and used stamped paper in or- 
der to raise a revenue to defray the expenses of the war of 1812. 
This old relic is now in possession of MinottL. Beardsley, of Grand 
View Heights, Los Angeles. California. 

Thomas Beardsley'^ (Charles\ John*, John^ Joseph-, William') 
b. about 177- ; m. Hannah Noble. 


1. Charles. 

2. Benjamin Noble. 
+ 3. Thomas. 

Thomas Beardsley' (Thomas", Charles^ JohnS John-', Joseph-, 
Williami), b. about 1800 ; m. Jantha Burr 1820. 



1. Ebenezer T. 

2. Charles. 

3. Samuel T. 

4. Moses. Enlisted in the Union Army ; d. inLibby 


5. Anna EHzabetli, 1). Auo". 14, 1859; m. Wni. Hart 
Dec. 24, 1879. Two children. 
(). Cornelia. 
7. Cliarlotti'. 

Thomas Beardsley' (Samuel^ Austin", John*. John'', Joseph-, 
Williami), b. Feb., 180;S, Hardestown, Sussex co., N. J. ; m. (1) Sarah 
Periy Ja\'ne, a sister of the widel3' known patent medicine man, 
Dr. David Jayne, on May 16, 1829; m.(2)Sarah Krider March 3,18.^9. 


-f- 1. Thomas. 

2. Amzi. 

3. William. 

4. David Ja3ne. 

5. Mary ; m. Lemuel Tv. Evans, Ma}' 16, 1855. Threc^ 

6. Julia Ann, b. Jan. 30, 1839 ; m. Alex Walker. Two 
sons and two dauohters. 

7. Cornelia ; m. \Vm. Davis. 

Thomas BeakdslkV* (Samuel C", Beverly R.'', Austin', John*, 

John*, Joseph-, William'), b. March 21, 1830; m. Lavina , b. 1831 ; 

d. 18()1. On her tombstone are these words : 

"She sleeps the sleep of the just. 
How sweet her slumbers are." 
On an adjoining- stone the followino-; "Charles; d. Sept. 25, 
1857,aged 1 3'ear," "Suffer little children to come unto me, and for- 
bid them not." (Mark 10 : 14). 

Thomas Beakdsley'' (Thomas', Saniuer', Austin^ John*, John-^ 
Joseph-. William'), b. about 1830 ; m. Maria . 


1. Francis C, b. 1858 ; d. 1859. 

2. William, b. 1861 ; d. 1866. 

.3. Clara Bell, b. March, 1875 ; d. May 2, 1875. 

Timothy Beardslev' (Daniel*, Daniel', Daniel-, William'), b. 
Jan. 28,1746; d. Dec, 1829; m. Mary Hubbel Sept. 19, 1771, who d. 
April, 1820. An old record sajs: "Timothy Beardsle}', of Wood- 
hurj-, and Abijah and 'David Beardsley, of Stratford, bought of 


Jonathan Benedict a tract of land at the southeast part of 
NewMilford, with a d wellino-honse and barn standing thereon," 
it being- a little way east of the present school-house in the "Treat 
District" in Bridgewater. In seating the members of the Presby- 
terian Church in 1802, he was placed in the second rank, accord- 
ing to taxable property, which was $952.00. 


1. John Draper. 

2. Aniarilla, b. 1774 ; m. Platte. 

4- 3. Lemuel. 

4. Sarah, b. 1779; d. 1824. 

.^. Mary, b. 1781 ; d. 1845. 
+ 6. Bennett. 
-f 7. Levi. 

8. Elizabeth, b. 1789; m. Wildman. 

9. Polly ; m. Barlow. . 

-f 10. Ezra Hubbel. 

Timothy H. Beardsley" (LemueF', Timothy'', DanieH, Danier% 
Daniel-, William^), b. Dec. 8, 1803, at Bridgewater, Conn., and d. 
March 3, 1837, Plymouth, Conn. ; m. Polly Howe Jan 11, 18.30. She 
d. at Thomaston, Sept. 18, 1871. He was a cabinet-maker. Congre- 


1. Horace, b. 1830; d. 18.32. 
+ 2. Henry. 

3. Ellen Maria ; b. Oct. 20, 1836; m. Oct. 20, 1858, Ab- 
ram Eaton Blakeslee. Three children. 

Truman Beardsley" (Gideon\ ObadiahS John^ Samuel-, Wil- 
lianV), b.l779 ; m. Esther Fairchild June 24, 1798, at New Fairfield, 
Conn. Moved to Harpersfield, Delaware co., M. Y., in 1806. Then 
back to Conn, and then again to Harpersfield; thence to Hunts- 
burg, Geauga co., Ohio, in 1829, where he d. March 12, 1865. Farmer. 


1. Lucene, b. 1799 ; m. Alvin Kile. S.everal children. 
+ 2. Enoch. 

3. Lydia, b. 1803 ; m. Aaron Coo m per 1824. 

4. Hannah, b. 1805 ; m. Jeptha Byram 1822. 


5. Kliza, 1). 1807 ; in. Byron Lovell 1822. 

(). Polly, b. 1810; ni. Abrain Bryant 1827. 
+ 7. Harrison Taylor. 
+ 8. Truman. 

Truman Beakdsley' (Trllman^ Gideon\ OliadiahS John^, Sani- 
ueP. WillianiM, b. 1820, Harpersfield, N. Y. ; m. (1) Catherine Brovver. 

One son, John, a inute. M. (2) . Two daughters, Catherine 

and Sarah. 

Trumax H. BeardsleY' (Jonathan H.'', Anios\ SamueP, Dan- 
ieP, Samuel-, William'), b. Nov. 18, 1830; m. Harriet Frances Nic- 
hols Dec. 20, 1851. 


1. Sylvester A. 

2. Georo-e Lawson. b. 1857; d. 1859. 

3. Ida Frances, b. July 7, 1861. 
1. Ella Maria, b. Sept. 28. 1863. 

5. Charles Henry, b. Sept. 4, 1866. 

Wallace A. Beardsley** (David N.', Andrew", John^ Abra- 
ham^ John^, Joseph^ Wihiami), b. Nov. 18, 1841; d. March 15, 1877 ; 
ni. Ellen S. Fyles May 3. 1865. A Methodist. Res. Winchester, 



1. Mar3^ 

2. Carrie. 

3. Alvin. 

4. Nelson. 

5. Wallace. 

6. Frank. 

Walter S. Beardsley'' (John S.^ Joseph*, Nathan^ Samuel-, 
William'), b. Nov. 22, 1851 ; m Hattie V.. Staples June 22. 1876. Child- 
less. Res. Exeter, N. H. He was a locomotive engineer on the 
Boston and Maine Railroad, but is now eng^aged in the clock 
business. Is an Agnostic. 

Walter Beardsley' (Asher^ John'. James^ Johir\ Samuel-', 
Williami), b. Jan. 4, 1804 ; d. Nov. 10, 1870; m. (1) Julia Payne, (2) Se- 
lina Beardsley, July 20, 1831, who d. Feb. 1, 1878. Res. then New 
Fairfield, Conn. In 1836 he sold his farm and moved to Port Clin- 


ton, Ohio, where he resided about three years, then returned to 
New Fairfield. In 1S65 he moved to Preston, 111., and bought a 
farm, where he breathed his last in 1870. Cono-regationalist. ^ 


1. Hannah Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1835; d. Aug. 22, 1839. 
+ 2. John Walter. 

3. Rhena Cornelia, b. 1839; m. Theodore M.Wheeler 
Feb. 18, 1858. Six children. 

4. Ann Augusta, b. Feb. 6, 1843 ; m. Rev. Joseph F). 
Wildman Aug. 27, 1862. Four children. 

Walter Beakdsley' (Bulkley'', Josiah^, Samuel', Josiah^ Jo- 
seph-, Williami), b. 1818 ; m. Jane B. Hoadley, of Indian Orchard, 
Wayne co., Pa., 1843, where they resided until 1880. He moved 
thence to Dennison, Texas, where he d. in Jan., 1882 ; she d. in Dec, 
1881. Farmer. 


1. Nancy Tv., b. July 22. 1844. 

2. Lydia L., h. Jan. 8, 184(). 

3. Silas W. 

4. Willis W. 
.5. Bjron N. 

6. Abby J., b. March 21, 1853. 

7. Nettie F)., b. Feb. 6. 1860. 

Walter C. S. Beakdsley' (Clement', John'', John', Abraham*, 
John\ Joseph^, William^), b. May 14, 1844; m. Bird Redman 1870. 
Res. St. Joseph, Mo. Manufacturer of carriages. 


1. Herbert Crane, b. 1871. 

2. F;stelia, b. Aug. 5, 1873. 

Warren F. Beardsley'" (Freeman'', Nathaniel^ Benjamin*, Jo- 
siah3, Joseph^, William^), b. Aug. 22, 1831, China, Delaware co , N. Y. 
Farmer. Res. Fairfax, Vt. 


1. Dellno. 

2. Nellie. 


Warrex F. BearosleV' (David'', William-', Andrew*, John*, 
Samuel-, William'), b. Sept. 4, 1839, in Genesee co , N. Y. ; m. Celia 
Kmbnrj^ Jan. lit, 1870. Farmer. Methodist. Res. Penfield, Mon- 
roe CO., N. Y. 


1. Homer D., b. Feb. 9. 1875. 

2. Mabel E., b. Feb. 14, 1882. 

Washington I. Beardsley" (Harry\ WilliamS Samuel'', Dan- 
iel-, William'), b. June 24, 1832, in Rochester, N. Y. ; m. (1) Aurila J. 
Fife Sept. 9, 1860, who d. Sept. 25, 1882 ; (2) Anna Engelhart Jan. 27, 
1885, who d. Nov. 18, 1893. Residence, when visited by the author 
in 1888, was Flint, Mich,, where he was running a printing- estab- 
lishment and a cigar box factor}'. Since then has moved to 
Cleveland, Ohio, 403 Wade Park Ave. 


1. Harry, b. Jan. 31 and d. March 27, 18(V2. 

2. Ada Belle, b. April .30, 1863 ; d. Aug. 17, 1870. 

3. Grace Aurilla, b. Jan. 30, 1865; m. G. V. Agnew 
April 14, 1893. He d. Oct. 29, 1894. One dau. b. Feb. 12, 1894, named 

Watson Beardsley* (George', Charles'^, Charles^ John*, John^ 
Joseph-, William'), b. Nov. 25, 1849 ; m. Mar3-Case, of Independence, 
Mich. He keeps a meat market. 


1. Bertha. 

2. Ina. 

3. Oda. 

4. George. 

5. Harrj^ 

Webster B. Beardsley"" (Elisha E.', Elisha H.'', Elisha\ Is- 
rael*, Thomas^, Joseph-, William^), b. Aug. 21, 1824 ; m. Eliza McNeil 
June 22, 1870. 


1. James E., b. July 2. 1872 ; d. June 27, 1875. 

2. William Watson, b. July 18, 1874. 

3. La lira Eliza. 


Welles Beardsley^ (UavidS Ephraim^ Joseph-, Williami), 
bapt. 1748; m. Andrea Fowler 1778, at Washing^ton, Conn. 


+ 1. Ang^ustine. 

2. Ruggles, b. 1781 ; killed bj- a fall from a horse in 
New Preston, Conn. 

3. Lucj', b. Feb. 2, 1783 ; m. Hartnon Merwin. 

4. Harry, b. 1784; m. Dolly Smith. One son,+ Wil- 

(Dr.) Welles Beardsley** (Ephraim^, David*, Ephraim-^ Jo- 
seph-', William^), b. 1781; d. April 5, 1860; m. Chloe Swift. Was a 
practicing physician in Kent, Conn., for nearl}^ sixty j'ears, and 
highl}^ esteemed. 

+ 1. Marcus. 

2. Prudence; m. Albert Burton. 

Whitmore Beardsley^ (Benjamin^ Josiah^ Joseph-, William'), 
b. 1758 ; d. 1833 ; m. Dolly Beard 1780. Was a soldier in the Revolu- 
tionary War. He, with his brothers, Nathaniel and Dunning, 
moved to Fairfield, Fi-anklin co.. Vt., in 1791. Was a farmer, and a 
Deacon in the Congregational Church. 


1. Sally ; m. Stephen Gorham. She d. 1830 
+ 2. Everett. 
+ 3. Aaron. 
+ 4. Samuel. 

5. Grace Nancy, b. 1708 ; m. Stanley Sherman. She 
d. 1891. 

-f- 6. Lewis. 

7. Benjamin ; d. 3*. 

Whitmore Beardsley' (Aram'-, Whitmore^ Benjamin^, Jo- 
siah3, Joseph^, William'), b. 1818; d. 1883 in >lich. ; m. Dina Veeder 
in 1840. Presbj'terian. Farmer. 


+ 1. Charles W. 

2. George B. ; d. I806. 


Wilfred F. ReardsleV^ (JosialV, Alums'', Philo-', Josiah', Jo- 
siah^, Joseph-. WilliHin'), b. Oct. 16,1870, at Albion. Wis. Prepared 
for college at the Academy in connection with Northwestern Uni- 
versit}' at Evanston, III., and graduated from the same Universitj' 
in 1893, with the highest honors of his class. Dvtring- his Senior 
year he took charge of the classes in Greek in the Hig-h School at 
Evanston, and continued in the same school as Associate Princi- 
pal ever since, except one 5'ear spent at John Hopkins Universit3' 
in post-g;raduate work. 

WiLLARD BeardsleV' (William', Andrew*, John^, Samuel-', Wil- 
liam'), b. 1832. Res. Warsaw, Wj-oming- co., N. Y. 


1. William. 

2. Georoe. 

WiLLARD R. BEARDSLEY^ (Kbenezer', Benjamin'', Ephraim\ 
Benjamin*, Josiah', Joseph-, William'), b. 1862 ; m. Jennie Moses 
Jan. 1,1878. Res. Deposit, Delaware co., N. Y. 


1. Lula Bell, b. Nov. 1. 1880. 

2. Harold Willard, b. Nov. 5, 18S7. 

William Beardsley* (Samuel-, William'j. b. March 16,1668-9, 
Stratfield (now Bridgeport, Conn ) ; m. Elizabeth Brown July 5, 
1699. He resided in Newtown. Conn., and renewed covenant with 
the Congregational Church in Stratford. Feb. 8, 1697. She joined 
the church there April 22, 170.5. He had a share in his Bro. Benja- 
min's estate, March 14, 1726-7. His children were all bapt. as 
named below. His will was dated Oct. 23. 1747, and mentions all 
his liv^ing^ sons and dans and a g'rand-dau , Thankful Whipell. 


+ 1. William. 

2. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 1, 1701 ; d. 3-. 

3. Samuel, b. Aug-. 1703 ; d. y. 

4. Elizabeth, b. July 2.5, 1705 ; m. McCune. 

Twins ^ •''• ^^"""^y^ ^- ^ov. 24, 170(). 

> + 6. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 24, 1706. 
-)- 7. Samuel. '- ^ . c 

8. Hannah, b. Feb. 9, 1708-9. Her will was dated Sept. 


9, 1762. Abel Hall and Levi Beardslej^ were the executors. She 
gave to her niece, Thankful Beard8le3% "nij' camblet j^own,'' and 
to her niece, "Hatinih, dau of inv Bro. Knos Beardsley, deceased, 
my best chest and all the things that is in it, be it more or less, 
except my poorest blue gown ; I also give her my porridge pot, 
my least hia-^s kettle, least trarael, my tongs, a bunch of fine linen 
yarn, all to le hers and her heirs forever.'' 

To her nieces. Temperance and Elizabeth, she gave certain 
cloths and householdgoods laid up in her Bro. "Jabez Beardsle}''s 
house;'' but to Elizabeth she gave "my great kettle, my great 
tramel, and my dish kettle." She gave to ''Elizabeth Risden, dau. 
of \\\y cousin. Thankful Risden, m}^ great wheel.'' She further or- 
ders her nephew, Levi Beardsie3'. son of my Bro. William, "to 
pay' all her funeral and other expense--5"oiit of my lands." (Fair- 
field Records.) 

9. Thankful, b. April, 1711. 

10. Esther; bapt. May 4, 1713 ; m. Asa Fowler. 

11. Lydia ; bapt. Feb. 9, 1718-9. 
-f 12. Jabez. ■ ^ ■ 

+ 13. Enos. 

William Beardsley^ (Daniel-, William^), b. about 1700 and d. 

before Nov. 15, 1755; ui. Susanna . "Wm. Beardsley and John 

Beardsley of Stratlield sell to our Brother Daniel Beardsle}'^ at 
Broad Plain, which was formerly distributed to our Brother Ben- 
jamin Beardsle3', now deceased, Nov. 16, 1727.' (B. 1, 91). 

"John Beardsle}', Sen , on one part, and Jonathan \Vakole\', 
Sen., and Mar^' his wife, on the other, divide land, adjoining our 
Brother William Beardsleys, July 'iO, 1732." (B 4, 2S9). 

Nathan Beardsley, April 2, 1728, speaks of "my brother William 
Beardsley." (B. 4, 125). 

"Nov. 15, 1755, Susanna, dau. of William Beardsley, late of 
Goshen, in ye province of N. Y., deceased." (B. 2, 54, D. R.) 


1. Miriam, b. May 10 and d. Dec. 7, 1726. 

2. Miriam, b. Sept. 15, 1727. 

3. William. One son, -(- William. 

4. Jabez. 

5. Lois ; bapt. 1733 ; m. Thomas Porter March 24, 

6. Jesse, bapt, 1735 ; d. soon. 


+ ~. Jesse. 

T, • i 8. Stjsaiitia ; bapt. Ma3',1739. 
Twins -; ^ f J 

> 9. Levi. 
10. Isaiah. 

William Beardsley* (William^, SamueP, William^), b. Ajjril 19, 

1700, at Stratfield, Conn. ; m.'Blizabeth . Res. Newtown, Conn. 

His will, made Oct. 2S, 1747, was witnessed bj' Ichabod Hubbard, 
Jabez, Enos, and William Beardslej'. His wife sole executor. The 
inventory was recorded in probate, Jan. 20, 1748, and mentions 
among- many other thing's the following: "2 sheets, £3 10s ; warm- 
ing pan, 15s. Id.; mortoi", 3d.; 8 sheep, £16; 1 mare, £20; 1 brass 
kettle, £6 13s, ; 1 small Bible, £1 ; a Dutch wheel, £4 ; 3 swine, £6 ; 1 
pair of leather breeches, £1 ; 300 of 8 penn}" nails £1 5.^." (B. 2, p. 
22, and B. 3, p. 23-24. D. R). 

He mentions the names of his 


1. William. 

2. Kbenezer. 
.3. Samuel. 
4. Knos. 

-|- 5. Levi. 

(5. Klizabeth, b. 1740 ; m. Robert Daj'ton. 

7. Hannah. 
+ 8. Jabez. 

William Beardsley' (Josiah^ SamueP, Samuel-, William'), b. 
about 1730. 


1. Lois M., b. 1749. 

2. Sarah, b. 1759; d. y. 

3. Dinah, b. 1700. 

4. Eunice, b. 1702. 

5. Sarah, b. 1774; d. y. 

6. William. 

7. Jerusha, b, 1779. 
+ 8. Jesse. 

9. Daniel. 
Twins ! 10- Sarah, b. 1784, 
I IL Jabez, b, 1784. 
12. Ann, b. 1787. 


William Beardsley^ (Abraham*, John^, Joseph^, William^), b. 
Feb. 16, 1732 ; d. Feb. 1% 1822 ; m. Priscilla Peet Feb. 28, 1759. She d. 
Feb. 22, 1820, in Ripton (now Hunting-ton), Conn. His property 
distributed Sept. 7, 1832. (V. 8, B. R.) 


+ 1. Philo. 

2. Elijah. 

3. Abi-aham. 

4. David Sniitli, b, 1761; ni. Sarah Lovel. A son, 
+ David. 

William Beardsley' fSanmel'^ Daniel-, William^), b. about 1750 ; 
m. Mrs. Lj-dia (Powers) Fisher May 8. 1791, at Middletown, Conn. 
Was the mother of five sons by her first husband. A reliable fam- 
ily tradition says he left for England soon after he married and 
was never heard from. The vessel in which he sailed was prob- 
ablj^ lost, yet there was a "William Beardsley buried from the 
Episcopal Church of Middletown, Conn., May 13, 1794." 


+ 1. Harry. 

2. P0II3' ; m. Lucas. She had a son, Benjamin, 

who resided at Middletown. 

3. Prudence ; m. Spencer. 

William Bi';ardsley^ (Andrew*, John^ Joseph-, William'), 1). 
1744, and d. — ; m. . 


1. Levi ; d. y. 

2. Levi. 

3. Russell, b. 1781 ; m. Abbie Rostwick. 

4. Jabez. 

-|- 5. William. 
6. Belah. 

William Beardsley^ (Andrew*, John^, Samuel-, William'), b. 
1773, in Wells, Rutland co., Vt. ; d. 1837; m. (D Joanna Utter. 
Moved in 1810 to the then wilderness of Genesee co., N. Y„ where 
she d. 1830. In 1831 he m. (2) Maria Miller. Farmer. Methodist. 

children by JOANNA. 

1. Amanda ; m. James Butler. 


2. Hiram. Had a son, Perrj' Hiram. 

3. Eunice. 

4. David, b. 1813; m. Meribali Thayer 1838. One 
child, + Warren F. 

5. Abraham. 
0. Liicinda. 

7. Maliiida. 

8. Laura Ann. 


Twins S+ 9-Willard. 
( 10. William. 

William Beardsley-^ (William*, William^, Daniel-, William'), b. 
about 1760. in Rhode Island. At the ag-e of 18 he ran awa}' from 
home and enlisted in the Colonial army, against his parents' 
wish, and served as a drummer-bo3^ until the close of the Revolu- 
tionar}^ War. 

Soon after he went to Connecticut and married Elizabeth 
Lothrup, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister in Connecticut, 
and started to what was then known as the "Far West,'' settling 
tirst in the town of Galwa)% where the village cemetery now 
stands ; afterwards to the town of Providence, Saratoga co.. N. Y., 
\vhicli was onl}^ a short distance from the first location. 

There were no re ads ; the trails followed the water-courses or 
the "blazed trees"' through the dense forests, where the wild beasts 
roamed at will and the war whoop of the Indian had not yet died 
awaj^ and no schools, no churches, no society. 

Here they erected a log cabin, cleared a patcli of ground, and 
began life in real earnest. Soon they tinited with the First Bap- 
tist Church, an org-anization of 14 members. Thej' vvorshiped in 
a log barn on Avhat is now known as Baptist Hill, three-fourths of 
a mile below where East Galway now stands. In 1813 this church 
was moved itito the village, remodeled, and is now lOo years old. 
Its threshhold has been worn away 1)\' the constant tread of the 
hundreds who have been borne awa3^ to the land beyond. 

He never saw, or heard from his father's family after that 
eventful night wlien he left to join the army. 


1. Sally. 

2. Phillip. 

3. Hetsev. 


+ 4, William H. 

5. Asenath. 

6. Abel. 

7. Samuel. 

8. Annie. 

9. Fann3^ 
10. John. 

William Beardsley^ (Jesse*, William■^ Daniel-, William"), b, 
April 29, 1777 ; m. (1) Polly Sanford Aug. 20, 1798. She d. and he m. 
(2) Ksther M. Taylor Feb., 1826. Farmer, near Redding, Conn. 


1. Lois, b. April 4, 1799; ni. Eliel Crof iitt. Her father 
gave her a quaint old table, which belonged to 'DanieP," and had 
been given by him to his son William, and then to his grandson, 
Jesse, and later to his great-grandson William, and in succession 
to his great-great granddaughter Lois, and at her deatii to John 
M. Beardsle3^of Bethel, Fairfield co., Conn. It is believed that the 
first William brought it over froin Kngland in the ship "Planter." 
The author saw the table in 1888. The wood is cherry ; the height 
2 feet 4 inches ; the width, when the leaves are closed, is 13 inches, 
when opened, 4 feet 7 inches by 3 feet 8 inches. The top is oval. 
It has eight legs ; two are attached to the framework and turn 
out for a support to the leaves when raised. 

2. L3'dia, b. Nov. 21, 1800 ; m. Jeremiah Turner. She 
d. March, 1888. 

3. Jesse, b. July 9, 1802 ; d. July 22, 1825. 

4. Polly Ann, 1>. Ma3' 19, 1804; m. Benjamin Beers, 
and d. Nov., 1884. 

5. Ruth, b. Feb. 16, 1806; m. Ziba Morse. She was 
accidentally burned to death. 

+ 6. William Sanford. 
-(- 7. Aaron Thomas. 

8. Caroline, b. Aug. 24, 1811 ; m. Albert Booth. 

9. Anna, b. June 19, 1813; m. (1) Hawley B. Nichols, 
(2) Grandison Pa3'ne. 

10. Sally Maria, b. July 7, 1819; m. (1) Harry M. Lewis, 
(2) Abraham M. Lyon. 


11. Eliza ; m. Taylor. 

12. Kmily ; d. aged 19. 


WiLLiA.M Beardsley" (Jabez'', William*, William'', SamueP, Wil- 
lianiM b. 1760; d. in the summer of 1846; m. Rachael Benton. Res. 
]>IcDononi>h, Chenango co., N. Y. 


+ 1. Belah. 

+ 2. John. 

William Beardsley^ (CharlesS John*, John^, Joseph", William'), 
b. about 1763 ; m. Mar}' -. Res. Sussex co,, N. J. 


+ 1. John Wheeler. 
+ 2. Charles. 
+ 3. William. 

i. No doubt there were others. 

William Beardsley*^ (Elihu-', David*, Ephraim•^ Joseph^, Wil- 
liami), bapt. Ma}' 25, 1766 ; d. 1820-1, at Huntington, Conn. ; m. . 

His will was dated June 15, 1812, and was probated soon after. 
The will mentions no widow, but three sons and one daughter. 
Philo executor. The distribution was made Sept. 7, 1832. David 
Nichols and David Beardsley distributors. 


1. Abraham ; bapt. 1792. 

2. Philo. 

3. Elijah. 

1. Phebe ; m. Nathan Lyons. 

William Beardsley'^' (Joseph', John*, John', Joseph-, William'), 
b. 1775, in Ripton (Huntington), Conn.; m. Mrs. Phebe (Jenks) 
Lloyd. They settled in Dixtchess co., N. Y., and later moved to 
Chesterville, Alljany co., N. Y. 


1. Sally, or Sarah ; m. H. Emery. 
+ 2. William. 
+ 3. Joseph Hoyt. 
-|-. 4. Henry. 

5. Elias. 

6. Joel. 
+ 7. Abel. 


William Beardsley** (Levi% William*, William^ SamueF, Wil- 
liam"), b. May 13, 1793, Shaftesbury, Vt., and d. in Oxford, Chenango 
CO.. N. Y., Jan. 20, 1878. 

He went as a soldier, from Vermont, in the war of 1812, first by 
draft ; afterwards by enlistment on Oct. 5, 1813, in the U. S. Infan- 
try for one year; re-enlisted Feb. 22 or 28, 1814. for the war; made 
a sergeant April 24, 1814 ; discharged June 15, 1815. Was in a naval 
engagement on Lake Chnrnplain. Married Anna M. Catiin 1816, 
and moved to Oxford. Chenango co., N. Y., then a wilderness. He 
became quite a mathematician. Was a devout Christian, trusting 
alone in Christ as Redeemer and Saviour. 


1. Polly, b. 1817; m. Silas Rogers. Three children. 
+ 2. William Loyal. 
+ 3. Asa. 

4. John, b. 1822; m. Sarah Moore. 

5. Maria ; m. Henry Beardsley March 28, 1841. 

Twins \ ^' Jefferson. 

( 7. Addison ; d. y. from kick of a horse. 

8. Charlotte; m. George Allen. 

9. Amj' ; d. y. 
10. George. 

(Rev.) William Beardsley'' (John-', John^ Nathan^. Samuel-, 
William'), b. March 20, 1783, Stratford, Conn., and d. June 27, 1863; 
m. Eunice Gardner Feb. 2, 1805. 

He was among the first settlers at Miller's Corners, Knox co., 
Ohio. He occupied a high position in church and count}' affairs. 
Was a Local Preacher of marked abilitj' in the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church. 


1. Piatt G., b. 1806; m. Mary Miller. An only son 
was killed at the battle of Atlanta. 

2. Mary G., b. March 30, 1808; ni. Arnold Hildreth. 
-f 3. Job G. 

+ 4. William B. 

5. Elizabeth, b. July 20, 1818 ; m. George Benedict. 

6. Catherine, b. July 24. 1820 ; m. Erastus Bonse. 

7. Adeline, b. Jan. 11, 1823 ; m. Nathan Bostwick. 

8. John, b. 1825 ; m. Eliza Plympton. 


William Beardsley" (Silas', John^ SaimieP, Daniel-, William^), 
b. Nov. 22, 1792; d. 1852, Warren, Bradford co., Pa. ; m. Abbie Whit- 


+ 1. William L. 

2. Asher, b. 1830. 

3. Mar3' Ann. 

1. Maria. 

William Beardsley'' (Jesse'', Jesse*, William^ DanieP, Wil- 
lianii), b. 1801, in Reddinj>-, Conn. ; m. Sarah (Sail}') Crofut March 
20,1821. His will was probated Sept.29, 18il, in whicli he mentions 
all his children and his wife. His son Henry was appointed ex- 
ecutor July 7, 1811. 


1. Henr3'. 

2. Sarah. 

3. Cliarles, b. 1831 ; m. Mary Allendorph 1868. 

William D. Beardsley" (Aaron^ Jesse*, William^, Daniel", Wil- 
liam'), b. Nov. 15,1804; m. Julia Fuller July 4, 1815. He d. in Se- 
rena, La Salle co., 111. 


1. Ljniiaii ; never married. 

2. Harriet ; m. Dyson Miller. Six children. 

William S. Beardsley" (William^ Jesse*, William'^, Daniel-, 
William'), b. Feb. 12. 1808, in Reddino-, Conn.; d. Jan. 20,1899, in 
Brid<4ei)ort, Conn.; m. Nancy Jennetta Nichols Jan. 9,1837. Res. 
Bridgeport, Conn. Contractor and builder for man}' 3'ears. 


1. Amelia Jennette ; d. j . 

2. William Nichols; m. Amanda Smith. One son, 
Leon William. 

William H. Beardsley" (William\ William*, William^, Dan- 
ieF, William^), b. Sept. 8, 1817; d. Dec. 31, 1861 ; m. Eliza LaDow, 
Jan. 20, 1840. Her great-j^randfather and mother, on her mother's 
side, left France during' the persecution shut up in a hogshead 
and rolled on shipboard as freight. Superintendent of S. S. for 
years at Fast Galway, Saratoga co., N. Y. Baptist. Farmer. 



1. Rnhamah, b. June 0, 18il ; in. Joseph A. McMil- 
lan June 7, 1863. 

2. Cornelia, b. Sept. 27, 1842 ; d. Oct. 22, 1844. 

3. Laura Ann, b. Aug". 4, 1845; m. Moroan Park 
Welsh April 22, 1874. 

4. James Spencer. 

5. Jacob -t. John, b. 1849 ; d. 1850. 

6. Mary Eliza, b. 1851 ; d. 1853. 
-{- 7. Klenore Warren. 

8. Infant son, b. and d. Aug. 15, 1855. JNot named. 

9. Henry Perry, b. 1857 ; m. KUa Rich 1884. 

10. Albert Reuben. Lives with his mother on the 
old homestead near East Galwa}', Saratoga, co., N. Y. 

William Beardsley' (William'', Joseph^, John\ John^, Joseph-, 
Williami), b. March 1, 1794. and d. July 14, 1878; m. (1) Betsey 
Perry 1816. She d. Sept. 14, 1825. a^ed ,32 year^. He m. (2) Polly 
Spooner July 26, 1827. She d. May 25. 1883, aired 83 years. Farmer. 
Deacon in the Baptist Church of Gnlway for over 50 years. He 
preached on several occasions. A neig^hbor, Jeremiah Clark, said 
to him when a lad (if 16, after a faithful da v's work, 'If you workas 
hard until j^ou are 60 you will be worth $2000." That amount ap- 
peared so large, he never dreamed of, nor desired so much. Alas, 
what a change since ! 


1. William Henry. 

2. Ann Eliza, b. Nov. 27, 1819. 

3. Mary Etta, b. Feb. 7, 1821. 

4. Laura, b. June 3, 1825. 


5. Keziah, b. March 28, 1828. 

6. Elizabeth, b. March 24. 1830. 

7. Fanny E., b. April 23, 1832. 

8. Patience W., b. Jan. 14. 1841. 

William Beardsley' (William'\ Charles-', John*, John^ Joseph-, 
William^) ; m. Frances Freeman; d. July 16,1862. Res. Milestone, 
Sussex CO., N. Y. 



1. Charles. 

2. Rachael.b. March 26,1820. 
W. Sarah, b. Nov. 30, 1821. 

+ -t. William. 
."). Reuben. 
(). Paul. 

7. Phineas. 

8. John. 

9. Catherine, b. April 10, 18.S2. 

10. Margaret, b. Oct. .30, 1834. 

11. George. 

12. Henr3'. 

13. Harriet, b. Dec. 30, 1840. 

(Rev.) William Bearusley' (Obadiah", Phineas^ Obadiah*, 
John^ Samuel-, William^), b. Dec. 11, 1798, in New Fairfield, Conn., 
and d. at Wheaton, 111., Dec. 13, 1886 ; m. Bethiah Van Valkenburgh. 
One child, a dau., Jane ; ni. Rev. G. B. Hubbard Aug-. 6, 1849. Res. 
(1886) Mazo Manie, Dane co , Wi.s. She wrote: "My father came 
west in 1839, to teach in Dr. Nelson's Mission Institute, near Quin- 
cy, Illinois. Here he taught eight years. Then he preached sev- 
eral j^ears at Rrif^tol, Victoria and Farm Ridge, Illinois. From 
there he went to Wheaton College and taught the remainder of 
his life. " 

William Beardsley' (Abel*^, Benajah', Obadiah*, John^ Sani- 
uel^ William') ; m. Cynthia Fisher. 


1. John Hamlin. 

2. William R. 

3. Charles M. 

4. James. 

~i. Marj' Jane; m. Kdwin >I. Bell. 
6. Anna. 

William Beardsley' (AbeF, Jonathan^ Josiah^, Josiah^ Joseph-, 
William'), b. June 13, 1809, Zoar, Fairfield co., Conn. ; m. Marj' A. 
Judd 1831, He was engaged in the sash and blind business in 
Poughkeepsie, X. Y.. where she d. in 1876 and he in 1882. Congre- 



1. Miranda. 

2. Ophelia A. 

3. Frances A. 

+ 4. William Judd. 

5. Martha J. ; m. Stephen Wilkiuvson. 

6. Mary S. 

+ 7. Abbot Fairchild. 

8. Hannah A. ; m. Eli Ransom 1876. 

William E Beardslke' (John^. Abijali^ Roberts Daniel^ Sam- 
uel-, William^), b. 1808, Bridoewater, Conn. ; m. Eiicretia Miner. 


1. Mary A. ; d. a^^ed 28. 

2. Rebecca ; ni. A. B. I^ockwood. 

3. Frances J. ; m. Geo. W. Fitch. 
+ 4. Edgar Aug^ustiis. 

5. Georgianna ; d. aged 3. 

William Beardsley' (FTarry*', Wells*, David*, Ephrainr\ Joseph-, 
William^), b. July 11. 1810 He d. suddenly while out hnntino-, Jan. 
29, 18 j3 ; m. Eliza N. DeVVitt, Greene co., N. Y., Alio-. 10, 1830. 

He held several offices, among them was sheriff of Albanj^ co., 
N. Y. "The last six years of his life he was agent and warden of 
Sing-Sing State Prison. "His home was a refuge for the sick and 
weary ones of earth." His daughter thus wrote. 


1. Kate, b. April 22, 1832; m. Ariel Lathrop Oct. G, 


2. Amanda Jane, b. Aug. 7, 1883 ; d. April 4. 1863. 

3. DeV\ itt, b. April 16, 1836, and d. in N. Y. Citv May 

1, 1883. 

(Col.) William Beardsley' (Jabez*, Abijah\ Jabez*, William^, 
SamueP, Williami), b. Feb. 13. 1811 ; d. Sept., 1870. 

The following account is given by his son : 

"He m. the beautiful and accomplished daughter of William 
G. Hall, M. D. His father gave him a farm of about four hundi"ed 
acres in the town of Pittsfield, near the old historic "Red Mills," 
the first built in that vallev. He led the life of a farmer and mil- 


lev. Was honored bj' his townsmen with the oftice of Supervisor 
three times, hy the Governor with colonelcy in the militia, and by 
the President with the office of U. S. Internal Revenue Asses.sor." 


1. Cliarles. 

2. William H. 
+ ;i ReoloffT. 
+ 4. Georiic W. 

5. Ellen K. ; d. y. 

(Dr.) Willia.m B. Beardsley' (William'', John\ John*, Nathan', 
Samuel-, William'), b. Sept. 3, 1814; m. Dorcas S. Olnej- Feb. 22, 
1837. She d. Oct. 15, 1865, at Brandon, Knox co., Ohio. He was the 
sirrgeon of the 4th (\ V. I. Res. Topeka, Kansas, where he follows 
his pro'ession. 


1. Araminta, b. June 10, 1838 ; d. Sept. 12,18.50. 

2. Minnie, b. Oct. 13, 1840 ; m. D. E. !-cott. 

3. Maud, b. Julj^ 18, 1843; m. A. E. Magoffin. 

4. Armintha, b. Jan. 7, 1846; m. E. Lockwood. 

5. Dora, b. Nov. 11. 1849; m. A. Pricer; d. June 6, 1873 
+ 6. William Piatt. 

William C. Beardsley' (John'', Eliakim\ Samuel*, John^ Sam- 
uel-, William'), b. 181<3 ; m. Catherine Richardson. Has held the 
office of postmaster in the cit}' of Auburn, N. Y., and president of 

the Auburn Exchange Bank. 


1. William J.; d. y. 

2. Kate R. 

3. Josephine R. 

4. Cora Louise; m. C. W. Hughes. 

(Di^.) William H. Beakdsley' (Daniel'', Josiah', Samuel*, Jo- 
siah•^ Joseph^, Williana'), b. Nov. 30, 1818 ; m. Catherine Trunper 
Phillips Nov. 25,1847. Res. Coventry, Chenango co., N. Y., where 
he has been a practicing physician and surgeon nearly all his 



1. KUa Maria, b. June 21, 1850 ; m. — Burrows 1876. 

2. Francis Elum, b. Oct. 7, 1852, and d. May 21, 1853. 

3. Coryelle Gee, b. 1854; m. Ann K. Smith 1875. 

4. William K., b. 1857 ; m. Emma J. Tracy 1881. 

5. Jaines Wallace, b. Sept, 11,1850. By profCvSsion a 
teacher. A Methodist. 

William H. Beardsley' (Curtis^ Philo^ Josiah*, Josiah^ Jo- 
seph2, William^), b. 1819 ; m. Mary Edsali 1846. 


+ 1. Nelson S. 
+ 2. Edwin H. 

3. Charles R. 

4. Henry E. ; d. 1883. 

5. Hattie M. 

(Col.) William E. BEARDSLEY'(Josiah^ Josiah^ James*, John^, 
SamueF, William^), b. March 11, 1825, Akron, Ohio, where he d. Dec. 
25,1884; m. Rebecca O! instead. He enlisted in 71st N. Y. Volun- 
teers. For bravery at the first battleof Bull Run, President Lincoln 
handed him a Captain's commission in the 6th N. Y. Cavalry. 
Was promoted to the colonelship of his regiment, in recog'nition 
of an act of heroism at Spotts3Mvania, April 30, 1853. He was in 
fifty eno^agements, yet came out alive, but with impaired health. 
He moved his famil^^ to Akron in 1875, where he lived the balance 
of his life. A tailor by trade. 


1. Mary Etta. 

2. Charles. 

3. Another daug^hter. 

WiLLiAiM B. Beardsley' (Henr}' G.'', Aaron\ Jesse*, William^ 
Daniel^ William^), b. Jan. 25. 1839, in La Salle co., 111. Res. Ida 
Grove, Ida co., Iowa. Married Julia Anna Bates April 4, 1864. He 
is an "Orthodox Farmer." 


1. George William, b. July 13, 1866. 

2. Clara Bell, b. 22,1870. 

3. Warren Rates, b. Jan. 26, 1878. 


William L. Beardslev' (VVilliani'', Silas', John', Samuel', Dan- 
iel-. William!), b.l828 ; m. Roxanna Cotiant 1800. Res. in So. Ovveg-o, 
N. Y. 


1. Kdg-ar. 

2. Two daughters. 

William J. Beardsley' (Davis", Priced Israel*, Josiah^, Joseph^, 
WilliamV), b. 1837 ; m. (1) Sarah Alexander ; m. (2) Virginia Stuart. 
Res. Alliance. Stark co., Ohio. 

children bv first wife. 

1. Mar}' Jane. 

2. Willis Price, b. 1859 ; m. Mary J. Powers 1883. 

3. Perry ; d. when eleven years old. 


4. Cynthia Kttie. b. May 15, 1870. 

William R. Beardslee' (Nehemiah^ NehemiahS Nehemiah^, 
Nathan^. DanieP, William'), b. Dec. 2, 1849. in Bell co., Texas ; m. (1) 
Sarali M. Shrode July 1, 1873. She d. 1883. M, (2) Amelia H. Dun- 
can. Res. Dnarte, Los Angeles co., California. Orange grower. 
Methodist. To him the author is indebted for man}' courtesies. 


1. Elvira Ellen, b. May 7, 1874 ; d. June 10, 1875. 

2. Ephraim Ray, b. July 9, 1876 ; d. June 10, 1891. 

3. Francis Claud, b. Nov. 30, 1877. 

4. Helen Edna, b. July 7, 1879 ; d. Oct. 10, 1880. 

5. William Ray, b. Feb. 16. 1881. 


6. Maria Amelia, b. Feb. 14,1885 ; d. Dec. 11. 1880. 

William Bkakdsley' (John O.", Benajah^ Obadiah*. John^ 
Samuel-, William'), b. 1815. 


+ 1. Jefferson. 
+ 2. George. 
3. Asa. 


William L. Beakdsley', (William'', LevP, William^ William-^ 
SamueP. William^, b. June 27,1818 ; d. March, 1883 ; in. Sarah Walk- 
er, Ma re li 25, 1850. She d. April 13,1885. He was a stone-quarry 
man in Oxford, Chenango co., N. Y., and a member of the Baptist 



1. William Howard, b. Feb. 3,1851 ; d. Oct. 2L' foilow- 

+ 2. James Lloyd. 

3. Merritt F., b. Feb. 22, 1857 ; d. 1865. 

William A. Beardsley^ (Lockwood D.', Daniel", DanieP, Jesse*, 
William^, Daniel-. William^), b. March 29, 1825, at Hartwick, Otsego 
CO., N. Y. ; m. Vilitta Cook July 5, 1852, at East Randolph, N. Y. A 



Oct. 7, 1877. 

1. Lucy, b. Sept. 18, 1853; m. Dr. F. C. Reals May 12, 

2. Lorse}' Flliza, b. Oct. 2, 1850; m. Mervin Gardner 

3. Alice F., 1). May 9, 1860. 

4. Jessie A., b. 1861 ; d. 1863. 

5. Claude William, b. 1867 ; d. 1869. 

William Beardsley^ (Ezra', Elijah^ Phineas•^Obadiah^ John^, 
Samuel-', William^), b. about 1822. Res. Appleton, Wis. Carpenter. 


1. Dudley. 

2. Havilah. 

3. Esther. 

4. William. 

5. Rosa ; m. a Dentist in Fondulac, Wis. 

6. Grant. 

(Rev.) William C. Bkardsley** (Charles W.', Ezekiel", Jabez^ 
William^ William^, Samuel-, William^), b. Jan. 26, 1826 ; m. Hannah 
L. Hutchins Nov. 18, 1850. Was a Methodist muiister for over fif tj^ 
years, seventeen of these in the Itinerant ranks, the retnainder as 
a local preacher. Was a faithful and conscientious Christian, re- 


spected and beloved. He d. Aug-. ;^1, 1898, at Anamosa, Iowa, in 
great peace and trinnipli. \\y trade a carpenter. 


1. Noah O. 

2. Amy J., b. Feb. 28, 1856. 

3. Julia K., b. May 30, 1858 ; in. Isaac Lawrence 1878. 
He was drowned at sea 1881. 

4. Nelly, b. June 23, 1860. 

5. Merta. b. Dec. 30, 1865. 

William K. BeakosleV* (Samuel C', Morrison'', Austin^ John*, 
John3, Joseph'-, William'), b. Sept., 1827 ; m. (1) Abigail N. White 
March, 1819, who d. at the familj' residence, Wadsworth, Medina 
CO., Ohio, Jul\', 1877. He ni. (2) Mrs. Maggie Loomis. Merchant. 


1. Albert W. ; d. Sept., 187i. 

2. Carrie Alice ; m. F. Coleman. 

3. Edwin M. 

4. Charles R. ; entered the U. S. Navy at 16 and 
served five 3^ears. Ranching near Hanford, Tiilare co., California. 

William BEAKDSLEiS''{William\ William^Charles^ John*, John'^ 

Joseph-, William'), b. Sept. 23, 1823 ; m. Black well. Res. Sussex 

CO.. N. J. 


-\- 1. Reuben. 

2. Charles. 

3. George. 

4. Phineas. 

5. Mal)el. 
(). May. 

7. Hattic. 

8. Kate ; m. H. M. Watson. 

9. Fann}'; m. John C. Payne. 
10. Sallie. 

William H. BeardsleV* (Ralph D.', John D.'', John^ John*, 
John^ Joseph^, William'), b. 1830. Has lived in California for years ; 
but now (1902) resides with his eldest dau. in Maine. Married 
Mary Harkshaw in California, where she died. 



1. Mary ; m. Fred Porter. 

2. Eleanor. 

3. There were others, who d. in infanc}^ 

William H. Beardsley* (Ahnon', Obadiah^ Phineas^ Oba- 
diah*, John^ Samuel^, William^), b. Sept. 15, 1832; m. Maria S O. 
Sheibler 1855 ; d. from the effects of dissipation. VVhj' will men 
dissipate? Why take the broad road that leads to eternal death ? 
Why not take the narrow way, leading to life eternal and a blessed 
immortalitj"? Oh! live "to glorify God and enjoy him forever." 
Res. Newark, New Jersey. A book-keexjer. 


1. James Shining. 

2. Emma Estelle. 

3. Laura Christina. 

Jr. Mary Shipley ; d. 3*. 

5. William Henr}', Jr, 

6. George Siieibler. 

7. James ; d. y. 

8. Mary ; d. y. 

William B. Beardsley^ (Alfred', Josiah*^^, Josiali^ James^, 
John3, SamueP, VVilliamM. b. Jan 18, 1831, Ridgefieid, Conn. ; m. (1) 
Sarah Ann Burt, who d. 1868. M. (2) Mary L. Menum July 18, 1871. 
Res. Bridgeport, Conn. By trade a harness-maker. Later a dealer 
in fire-wood. A Methodist. 


1. George F., b. 1854. 
+ 2. Henry C. 

3. William Edward; d. aged 5. 


4. Mary L., b. Nov. 21, 1873 ; d. aged 1. 

5. William Clifford, b. June 7, 1880 ; d. aged 4, 

6. Howard Chester, b. Oct. 12, 1884. 

William Beardsley** (Lewis', Charles^ Charles-', John*, John'*, 
Joseph-^ William^), b. 1837. 


CHir. DKKN. 

1. Netty. 

2. Cliestt-r. 
:^. Mary. 

Wilj^iamH. Beardsley." (Levi A.", Lfevi**, Jabez^, William*, Wil- 
liaIn^Satll^el-, William"), b. Oct.31,1840; m. (1) Mary Crandall 1870; 
a sou b. 1871, named Frank Crandall. M. (2) Sarah Casson. One 
son, John Casson, b. 1886. 

William A. Beardsley'* (David N.', Andrew", John^ Abraham*, 
John^ Joseph-, WilliamM, b. Nov. 18, 1841 ; m. Julia Nichols. Res. 
West Winsted, Conn. Mechanic. 


1. May. 

2. Bessie 

William J. Beakdsley^ (William K.', Abel®, Jonathan'-, Josiah*, 
Josiah^. Joseph-, VV'illiam') ; m. Louisa McLain. 


1. Charles. 

2. William. 
:i Ralph. 

William H. Beardsley^ (Punderson H.', John'', John^ John*, 
John3, Joseph-, Will iami), b. Grand Falls, N. B., March 19, 1850. Res. 
Port Ang^eles, Washington. Married Mary Jane Van Schoick 
July 9, 1874. Methodist. Lumberman. 


1. Gustavus Herbert, b. Oct. 11, 1875. 

2. Nettie May, b. April 23, 1881. 

William P. Beardsley* (Alonzo G.', John''. F^liakim^, Samuel*, 
John■^ Samuel^ William'), b. Auo-. 4, 1852; m. Mary Wild Porter 
1875. Attended Yale College in 1874. Res. Auburn, N. Y. Assist- 
ant Treasurer of the Oswego Starch Factorj^ and member ot the 
Episcopal Church. 


1. Alice T., b. May 5, 187(). 

2. Glover, b. Aug. 20. 1881. 



William P. Beardsley' (William B.', Willia^l^ John^ John*, 
Nathan'', Samuel-, William'), b. June 30, 1854 ; m. Jessie Higj^ins 
Dec. 12, 1878. Res. Bainbridge, Ross co., Ohio. Of himself he 
says: "I left home when I was fifteen, with onl}' one dollar in mj^ 
pocket, and commenced as a clerk in a drug store. I have suc- 
ceeded in getting a good business of m3rovvn and a few thousand 
ahead." Druggist. Presb3'terian. 


1. Ned C, b. Jan. 16, 1876. 

2. Roj^ O., b. Oct. 15, 1880. 

Rev. William A, Beardsley. 

(Rev.) W]LLiA>r A. Bkakdsley** (Agur', Eiihu'^^, Klisha-', IsraeP, 
Thomas^, Joseph-, William'), b. 18- , Monroe, Conn.; m. xAlietta H 
Warwick. A clergyman of the Episcopal Church ; graduated 


from the Academy in Chev-^hire in 1883, from Trinitj' College in 
1887, and frotn Berkelj' Divinity School in 1890; was ordained to 
the deaconate June, 1890, and to the i^riesthood in May, 1891 ; was 
assistant in St. Thomas Church, New Haven, from June, 1890, to 
Kaster, 1892, when he was called to the rectorship. This position 
he still holds, and is a most worth}" successor of his venerable 
uncle, who founded that church and was its pastor for nearly 
half a centur}-. Ma}' kind heaven smile upon him and upon his 
labors, is the praj^er of the compiler! 

William Beardsley" (Josh^xa^ Beverly', Beverly^ JehieP, John*, 
John", Joseph-, William'), b. 18.3.5; d. June, 1894; m. Mar}- Ann 
Leach. Res. Redfield, Arkansas. 


1. Mar}' Jane ; d. y. 

2. Oran Jesse, b. 1852 ; m. Bell CoojDer. 

3. Minnie Porter, b. Nov. 25, 185G. 

William T. Beardsley', (James R.% Barna', Daniel'', Benajah', 
Obadiah*, John^ Samuel-, William'), b. April 1, 1813, Findley, Ohio ; 
m. Kliza Fletcher July 2, 1891, at South Whitty, Whitty co., Indiana, 
whet e he now resides. She d. July 9, 1901. Baptists. 

Served four years and six months in the 3.3d Indiana Volun- 
teer Infantry. 

William E. M. Beardslee" (Edgar A."^, William E.', John", Abi- 
jah\ Robert^ Danier% Samuel-, William'), b. 1865, Fall River, Mass. ; 
m. Kmma Loodel, of Los Angeles, Calif., 1887. Res. Sacramento, 


1. Buddy. 

2. Beatrice. 

(Rev.) Willard W. Beardslee^ (Augustus', Lester'', Joseph'', 
John*, John''. Joseph-', William'), b. March 17, 1833. in Cancadia, Alle- 
ghany CO., N. Y. He joined the Baptist Church at Hume, N. Y., 
when seventeen years of age, and soon after felt strongly im- 
pressed that he ought to enter the ministry. Was educatetl at 
Rushford Academy and Rochester Collegiate Institute ; ordained 
Oct. 30, 1856, and at once entered the ministry in the church of his 
choice, and has been quite successful, filling- several important 


pastorates. Is now (1902) preaching- the blessed gospel in Oak- 
land CO., Mich. Has taken a deep interest in this work. M. (1) 
Martha E. Bingham June 6, 1860. She d. Oct., 1880. M. (2) Agnes 
Anna Parkhurst Sept. 15, 1881. 


1. Rezelle Alfred, b. March 23, 1861. 

2. George Rnfus, b. Oct. 13, 1863. 

3. May, b. March 24, 1867 ; m. H. Cooledge. 

WiLLARD R. Beardsley^ (Ebenezer', Benjamin", Ephraim^ Ben- 
jamin*, Josiah^, Joseph-, William^), b. ISOii ; m. Jennie V. Moses. 


1. Lulu B. 

2. Harold W. 

Willis E. Beardsley' (Curtis E.\ Ephraim^ Benjamin*, }o- 
siah3, Joseph^. Williani^.h Dec. 25. 1851 ; m (1) Julia S. Smith, Nov. 
8, 1871. who d. Jan 17, 1886. M. (2) a doughter of Charles Flowers. 
Has by her one child. 


1. Mary M., b. Sept. 2. 1872 ; d. aged 17. 

2. Frank E., b. Oct. 23, 1879. 

3. Charles E. ; b. Aug. 4, 1881. 

Willis L. Beardsley" (John L.*, John F.', Gaylord*', Gideon^, 
Obadiah*, John^, SamueP, Williami), b. 1868 ; m. Mrs. , 1890. 


1. Fred. 

2. Carl. 

Zechariah Beardsley''' (Daniel-, William' j, b. 1686 and d.Sept. 
7,1748, Huntington, Conn.; m. Elizabeth Curtis, June 4, 1713, who 
d. in Ripton (now Huntington), 1776. In the distribution of the 
estate, Jan. 30, 1749, the widow, Elizabeth, received in the build- 
ings and farm at Irapfalls, £2 3S7 6s3d., and each one of the daus. 
received the same amount. Estate valued at £7,258 9s. lOd., Dec. 
o, 1748. 


1. Ebenezer, b. 1714 ; d. Jan. 7, 1734. 


2. Ruth, b. 1717 ; m. Nathaniel Lewis. 
:i. Sarah, h. 1720. 

Zkchariah Beardsley''' (Jonathan\ Samuel*, William^', Sam- 
nel- William'), b. about 1800 ; m. Sally Hull Sept. 4, 1828. Res. Un- 
ci ilia, Otsego CO., N. Y. Carpenter and farmer. Baptist. 


1. Mary. 

2. John Sylvester. 

3. Susan Jane : m. Benjamin Carr. 
+ 4. James Theodore. 

Zechariah C. Beardsley'', Elias^ Samuel*, William'^ Samuel-, 
WilliamM, b.' March 8, 1786; d. Sept. 13, 1869; m. (1) Polly Hunt, 
Sept. 13, 18u7,who died April 26,1844 ; m. (2) Clarissa Gray 1845. She 
d. Feb. 11, 1857 ; m. (3) Betsej' Andrus Stone Nov., 1857. He came 
to Schujler co., N. Y., from Newtown, Conn., in 1806, with his 


1. Lucy, b. Feb. 6, 1809. 

2. Daniel, b. 1811 ; d. 1834. 

3. Gu3'^ Clark. 
+ 4. Suel Corbett. 

5. Kde, b. 1817 ; d. 1836. 

6. Polly, b. Feb. 2, 1820 ; d. next day. 
+ 7. Burr. 

8. Ruby, b. 1826 ; m. Lewis Shelton. 
+ 9. Philo 
+ 10. Elias Jasper. 

Zephaxiah Beardsley* (Jonathan-^ Joseph^, William'), b. 17,38. 
Res. Huntino-ton, Conn. Episcopalian. 


1. Nancy ; bapt. 1767; d. y. 

2. Henry, b. 1770. 

3. Joseph, b. 1772 ; d. y. 

4. Alexander, b. 1775. Had a son, + John A. 
.5. Nancy Charlotte; bapt. 1777. 

<). Joseph ; bapt. 1778. 


Zephantah Beardsley'' (Samuel*, William^ Samuel-, William'), 
b. Nov. 3, 1756 ; d. Maivh 16, 1803; m. (1) Phebe, Curtis. She died 
Aug. 31. 1787. M. (2) Eunice Mann. She died Aug. 22, 1805. 

His executors were Jabez H. Thomlinson, Isaac Bennett and 
Samuel Beard. (Vol. 4, B'p't. Probate Rec's.) 


+ 1. Joseph. 

2. Solomon Curtis. 
+ 3. John. 

4. Sally Betsey, b. April 27, 1785. 


5. Hannah, b. May 8, 1789. 

6. Lavinia,b. 1794 ; m. Samuel Houston. Threesons, 

7. Phebe Charlotte, b. Dec. 29, 1797. 

8. Mary Morgar, b. Dec. 26, 1799. 

Zerah Beardsley** (Samuel^. Samuel*, John^, Samuel- Wil- 
liami), b. July 26, 1786 ; d. Jan. 30, 1853 ; m. (1) Sally Bronson Mar- 
tin, Nov. 25,1813. Shed. Aug. 30, 1838. M. (2) Hannah Loveland. 
Res. Coventry, N. Y. Farmer. ^a.^ f\oayv/<^^AJtjL« 

CHILDREN. hj^/Oj\AKjX ^(KiujJ^ O/t^**^ 

+ 1. Bronson. 184.5: 

2. Sarah, b. June|9, 1821 ; m Augustus B. Smith, of 
Athens, Pa. Their dau., SalU" Martin, m. Rev. W. H. Santelle. 

3. Phebe Millicent, b. 1823 ; m. Alvin Converse 1844. 
\j + 4. Samuel Augustus. ^An 

ZiBA S. Beardsley" (Benajah'', Gideon^ Obadiah*, John'^, Sam- 
ueP, William'), b. 1800 in New Fairfield. Conn ; m. Flncy Winter El- 
lis. Resided for a short time in Alexander, Genesee co., N. York. 
In 1834-5 he moved to near Crystal Lake, McHenry co.. 111. The 
following from a local paper gives appreciation of his co-tempo- 
raries : 

"Mr. Ziba S. Beardsley, a native of Harpersfield, New 
York, moved with his parents to Western New York when 
he was ten yean^ old. He was a man of more than ordin- 
ary talent, and has honorably filled positions of trust in 
the coixnt}'. A quiet, unobtrusive man, a good citizen and 


neighbor, a good husband and kind parent; but he has 
passed away like some tall ancestral oak that has stood 
the storms of centuries, and j-et stands, and when not a leaf 
moved, stiddenly it fell — so fell this good man. Monday 
evening- he retired to his couch at an earlj' hour, -udien in 
a fe^v moments, his spirit passed awajs without a change 
of feature or a sliaded smile. — J. W. T." 


+ 1. Henry William 
-f- -. Alexander Karl. 



Thus far in this work we have traced the history of the de- 
scendants of William Beardslej^ from 1635 to the pi'esent. In the 
progress of this stiid}' facts have been discovered and questions 
suggested which call for separate treatment. Some of these we 
will briefly consider here. The one most prominent — "Who were 
the English ancestors of William Beardsley?" "Who was his 
father?" "Where did he live?" etc. — will be first considered. 

In the Spring of 1891, the author visited England and ear- 
nestly sought for the information to answer authoritatively all 
these, but without satisfactor}' results. He searched the records 
of the Heraldrj' Office, of the British Museum Librar}^, of Strat- 
ford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's old home, hoping to find in some 
one of these places a record of birth, baptism, marriage or death 
that would settle the question of William Beardsley's ancestors; 
but not a single trace was found an5'where here. 

He then went to 3t. Alban's, Hertfordshire, where William 
probably lived jxist before starting for America, and found the 
following- record : 

"Thomas Berdslej* and Jane Upton, married JUI3' 16, 1581.' 


1. Agnes; baptized December 17, 1581. 

2. Hugh ; baptized October 31, 1582. 

3. Elizabeth ; baptized August 16, 1584. 

4. Margaret ; baptized April 1, 1587. 

5. Jane ; baptized Janixary 1, 1588-9. 
(). John ; baptized June 20, 1591. 

7. Alice ; baptized June 10, 1594. 

"Thomas Berdsley and Jane Marit married April 24, 1598." 
One child by this Jane. 

8. Agnes ; baptized July 22, 1599. 


"Bni-ials. — Maro-aret Berdsle3', daughter of Tliomas, 1587, 
October 2. John Berdsle}', son of Thomas, 1597-8, January 15. 
Thomas Beardslej% March 19, 1600." 

The "Abbe^" where the above records are found is a very old 
cathedral whose historj' reaches back to near the 12th century. 
Here possiblj' are a portion of the records necessary in solving^ 
these questions. The complete record is yet to be discovered. 
Just out of St. Alban's are several parishes which we visited, hop- 
ino- to find some definite trace of this William's ancestrj^ With 
a guide we tramped most of one day, and examined all the old 
church records made previous to the time that William left Eng- 
land ; but found nothing. Xo doubt the record is somewhere; 
but where? That found, we would know who his "Mar}'' was and 
the date of their marriage Some one of the name may 3^et find it. 

After careful consideration, using all the information in his 
possession, the author has reached the conclusion that "William," 
born 1605, and "Thomas," born 1603, where the sons of this "Hugh," 
whose baptismal record was made at "St. Alban's" in 1582. In 
this family of the St. Alban's "Thomas" is to be found, in all 
probabilit}^ the ancestrj' of the Beardsle)'^ famil}', settling in 
America in 1635. 


The family histories do not clearU* define the relation of this 
member of the family. In fact, much difference of o])inion has 
existed regarding his relationship. 

This Thomas was born March 0, 1603, in England, and was a 
planter in Milford in 1647. 

He was married, and afterwards died in Fairfield, 1656, and 
was probabl}' an older brother of William. 

His will contained the first Beardsle3' name recorded in Fair- 
field Count}^, and is nearly destro5^ed by the action of the ink cor- 
roding the paper on which it was written. His estate was small, 
consisting of a house-lot, two houses, and a few other things. 
The name of "Johannah Beardsley" is mentioned in such a way 
as to leave the impression that she was his widow, of which there 
is scarcely any doubt. 

His estate was appraised 1)}' Aiithon)' Wilson, HanViey Hide, 


and Alexander Knowls, Jnl.v 5, 1650. He probably li;id several 
sons and daujihters. whose relationsliips also have not always 
been correftl}' ^iven in the liistor}- of the limes. 

The "Thomas,"' wlio resided in Stratford, was probably a son 
of his, for on Febrnary 7, 1661, he had lands recorded in his name, 
in Stratford, as follows : 

"House and honse lott and lands to it, ten acres more 
or less, with Widow Benit north, Mr. Sherman sonth. the 
highwa}- east, the swamp west.' Also on "Nov. 2,i, 1661, 
Richard Cowls bought property of Thomas Beardsley " 

The record describes the following- pieces of land as owned by 

him : 

"Three acres in the New-field, being on Carman's Neck, 
bounded with the highway east, the creek ^vest, Caleb 
Nichols north, and John Peacock south." Al^^o, "Five 
acres of meadow in Great Meadow." "Two acres at wood 
end of meadow." "Four acres in New-field on Stony 

On the same date as above this entrj' was made: 

"Thomas Beardsle}', of Stratford, exchanged with 
Hugh Griffin four acres of land in the New-field with all 
ye appurtenances, which said upland is a part of twent}^ 
acres b3' the fence upon Ston^- Brook." 

Februar}^ 13, 1668, it is stated that : 

"Thomas Beardslej', deceased, hath five ^^ «cres l5'ing- 
in the New field on je near side of Nessingpaws Creek, 
south with highwa5^ west Mrs. David Mitchell." (B. 1, 87, 
Fairfield Probate Rec.) 

This "Thomas" died February 13, 1668. 

The inventorjr of his estate, amounting- to £78 5s., was reported 
March 29, 1668, by the selectmen, John Curtis, Henr^' Wakele3-, 
John Pichett, Thomas Ufford, and John Wells. No heirs are men- 
tioned, jet he certainly left a widow, "Fllizabeth." 

Entries in the old Brand Book of Stratford, 1640-1720. page 23, 
read as follows : 

"Goodman Daiton, of Long Island," has the care and 
use of some horses for "widow Fllizabeth Beardsle}', or 
good wife Daiton, for her children. Ye 26th Februarj', 1669, 
hath a sorrel mare colt, year old this spring, with a 
streaked hoof, sorrel mane and tayle. For ye children 


afoix'said a kinde of a dimnisli black liorse colt a jear 
old thit? spring." (Histoo' of Stratford, 132.) 

The widow, it appears, had married "the goodnian Daiton, of 
Long- Island." As Samuel Daiton appears in Brookhaven, with 
Elizabeth his wife, there is reason to believe that he cliang-ed his 
residence between Connecticut and Long Island. He was in 1641 
in Long Island, in 1656 at New^ Haven ; .soon again at Brookhaven, 
Long- Island. 

The following record is on an old tombstone in a g^raveyard 
in Old Stratford: "John Beardslej', died November 7, 1702, aged 
52," which would make his birth 1650, and hence he must have 
been a son of Thomas Beardslej', Sen. Of this "John" I have 
found no other record. 

There was also a "William Beardsley" of Fairfield, whose will 
bears date of July 6, 1660. He was probably another son of the 
first Thomas. The record is dim and the volume has been much 
damaged b}' the ink corroding the paper. The following is about 
all that can be made out. He gives to each of his daughters "ten 
pounds," and to his "onlj^ son, Samuel, the cow I lent him." Also 
to his "wife' sundry amounts. Her name is not given, neither are 
those of his daughters, and this is the only record found anj'- 
where of that "Samuel" or of his family. (P. Rec. Fairfield, 

"Deborah," who was brought up b}' Captain John Beardslej', 
and married Alexander Fairchild, is believed to have been a 
daughter of this Thomas Beardsley. Capt. John left to her, and 
to her son, John Fairchild, quite a fortune. (History of Stratford, 

Joseph Beardsle}', of Brookhaven, Long Island, must also 
have been another son of the first Thomas. He, July -4, 1681, con- 
veyed divers tracts of land in Stratford, Conn., which no doubt 
had fallen to him hy heirship, to Andrew Gibbs, a merchant of 
the same place, who, on the above date, convej^ed to Joseph 
Beardslej', "3'eoman," lands and meadows in Brookhaven. 

In December, 1681, Joseph Beardsley died, and his estate was 
divided between Abraham Dayton and Mar}', his wife, and Rich- 
ard Huke and Hannah, his wife. From which it seems that these 
two women were his only heirs, probabl}' his sisters, for on Oct. 
16, 1686, they submitted to the court a document, showing that 
thei' were "co-heirs" to the estate of Joseph Beardsley, and they 
were admitted as joint administrators of the same. 




The Author has thus far found but two families of the name, 
who were not descendants of William Beardsley, namely: One, of 
which, the father, came froui Shottleji:ate, Derbyshire, England, 
in 1842. and his family" in 1848. His sons were Joseph, Williain, 
Isaac, Charles, Henry, Samuel. The father of this family died in 
Iowa in 1854. 

William, of this family, born December 1, 1831, was twice mar- 
ried and had eight children. Res. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

In 1885 the Author heard of a Beardslej' connected with the 
railroad at Pocatello, Idaho. LTpon communicating with him he 
replied: "I am not of your family. Not long- since I came from 

There may be other families who have come to America in 
recent years, but I have not discovered them. 

The study of these ancestral histories has been attended with 
deep interest to the Author, and has, as well, been one of love : 
Love for the name and for that One, through whose assistance 
and gracious favor these honorable histories have been made, 
has been greatlj' increased. The name we are sure merits the 
mead of praise given, in quotation, in the first of this book. God, 
we are sure, has made this a possibility to each and all. 

In concluding, the author greatly regrets that the histories 
of a few^ families came to late for classification and insertion, as 
the work was nearly through the press when these came. Also 
that it was found necessary to abbreviate very much in man}' of 
the biographical sketches furnished b^' the friends of departed 
ones whose history is embodied in this work. He has done the 
best he could, and asks only charitable judgment upon his 


There comes a time in the life of every man and woman when 
he, or she, stands between two Avorlds, looking back upon the one 
and forward to the other. Many of us are now standing on that 
border land : 

"Only waiting till the shadows 
Are a little longer grown. 

APPENDIX. • 399 

Only waitino- till the gliniiner 

Of the daj^'s last beam is flown ; 
Till the stars of heaven are breaking 

Throui>h the twilight soft and gray. 

(^nlN waiting till the angels 

Open wide the mystic gate, 
Even now I hear the footsteps, 

And sweet voices far away ; 
If the}' call me I am waiting, 

Onl}" waiting to obe}." 

Happ3' are they who can, from the heart, join in tlie assur- 
ance : 

"M3' father is rich in houses and lands. 
He holdeth the wealth of the world in his hands. 
Of rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold, 
His coffers are full, he has riches untold. 

>I}' Father's own Son, the Saviour of men. 

Once wandered o'er Earth as the poorest of men. 

But now he's exalted in glor}' on high 

And he'll give us a liome in heaven bj' and by. 

I once was an outcast stranger on Earth, 
A sinner b}' choice and an alien by birth. 
But I've been adopted, my name's written down, 
I'm an heir to a mansion, a robe and a crown. 

A tent or a cottage — why should I care — 
He's building a palace for me over there, 
And though I'm an exile yet still I can sing, 
All glory to God ! I'm a child of a King." 

Let the acclaim go forth from ever}' saved soul : 

"I'll praise n\y Maker while I've breath. 
And when mj- voice is lost in death 

Praise shall eniplo}' my nobler powers ; 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past, 
While life, and thought, and being last, 

And iinniortalit}- endures." 


Marriages Between Members oe" the Beardsley 



Beardslej' 351 

Asher 245 

Aiinis 326 

Betsej' A 145 

Betsey 35(5 

Benjamin 361 

Charlotte 170 

Charles 203 

Charles J 293 

Charles 309 

Clarissa 315 

Catherine 356 

Electa 70 

Eunice 116 

Eva A 144 

Elliott M 152 

Elizabeth 260 

Emma 349 

Elisha 359 

Frederick 180 

Frederick 212 

Gaylord 237 

Henry D 167 

Hannah M 219 

Henry A 293 

Henr}- 376 


John E 37 

Jemima 350 

Lydia 70 

Loriana 94 

Lauren S 290 

Maria N 166 

Mary 168 

Mary 226 

Mary J 292 

Mehitabel .T23 

Orsamus 286 

Philo 149 

Paul F 180 

Fhineas 238 

Patty 279 

Paul F 303 

Rutli 151 

Selinna E 196 

Stephen 209 

Sarah 265 

Sarah 302 

Sally 320 

Stephen 339 

Selina 365 

Tliankful 83 

Walter 245 


Names of others who have Makried Members 
OF Beardsley Families. 


Abbott, P 100 

Catherine 205 

Abre!*t, Sylvester B 257 

Ackernian, Mary J 61 

Adams, 83-278 

A. L 103 

George 342 

" John Q 350 

Addison, George 175 

Agard, Harriet 285 

A gnie w, G V 367 

Aiken, Polly ..259 

Ainsworth, Joseph 118 

Akens, Sarah 105 

Alcott,Jane 43 

Alexander, Sarah 383 

Allen, Elena 290 


" George 376 

Lloyd 56 

Mira 327 

Sarah 85 

Allendorph, Mary 377 

Allis, Sarah A 292 

Allsins, Minnie 

AUiny, Louisa M 178 

Allswell. John 118 

Alvord, Emma G 105 

Anil)ler, Richard C .357 

Ames, Se3'nioiir 241 

Uri 279 

Anderson, Elvira 304 . 

Andrew, Maggie M .358 

Andrew, Sarah J 144 

402 INDEX. 


Andrews, Parthenia 226 

WillivS 227 

Betsey B 223 


W. W 307 

Ang-ell, Adeline 229 

Anthony, Mary M 247 

Apply, John 259 

Arniitage, Sarah E - 252 

Arnold, James 139 

Ashley, Clara 200 

Ashnnin, George A 337 

At herton, Klizabeth Phebe 207 

Atkins, Minnie 123 

Atwood, Amelia 290 

Henrietta K 195 

Austin , Grace 221 

Hannah 216 

PhineasE 204 

Averme3'er, Albert 305 

Aj^res, Rachael 98 

Aylesworth, Emma 178 

Averill. Sally J 115 

Azmon, Poll}- 203 

Babcock, Levi '. 357 

G. A 359 

Yilena 129 

Bacon, David 262 

Howard 88 

Mary 142 

Simeon W 188 

" Rebecca J 254 

Badger, Elizabetli M 320 

Baily, H. M 126 

" Lncina 312 

Baird, Eliza C 305 

Julia 248 


Bair, M. F 223 

Baker, Jerusha 259 

Nathan 230 

Thomas B 199 

Baley, E, 117 

INDEX. 403 


Baldwin, Charles ... 94 

Clarissa 279 

Deborah 124 

Henrietta K 360 

" Nelson 75 

Sally 93 

Charles 94 

(Rev.) William 94 

Klizabeth F 52 

Sally 93 

Ballard, William 197 

David L 182 

Banks, Fann}- 182 

Bankman, Mrs. John 182 

Bannister, Marlon 104 

Barber, \V 

Bard, George 109 


Barker, Charles 335 

Barkis, Almira 

Barlow, 364 

Barnin, T 

Barker, Almira . 64 

Mary A 307 

" Sabrina 65 

Barnes, Frank N 324 

Sarah A 213 

Kmeline 218 

Barnuni. Harriet 285 

Paulina 285 

Thomas 338 

Barnsb}', Amelia 193 

Bartlet, Rebecca S 166 

Barton, Georoe T 153 

Julia .353 

Smith 40 

Bartholomew, Anna 237 

Bartram, Eunice M 91 

Barr, R. B -. 337 

Barrass, Prudence 217 

Barren ndrus, Aiuelia 335 

Barrows, Laura A 152 

Barrv. Ida A 255 

404 INDEX. 


Bashford, Mira M. 

Bastin, Edward S 227 

Bassett, Kliza 290 

May 59 

Batchelder, Cynthia 185 

Sara h A 153 

Bates. Julia A, 382 

Batterson, 351 

Beach, A ' 301 

" Benjamin 48 

Charles 257-342 

Hannah 152-214 

H. H 195 

Harriett 210 

Jerusha 230 

Maria 120 

Mary 347 

Nathaniel 83-362 

Patty M 325 

Sarah F 9G 

Styles 222 

Beachtnen, Williain 46 

Beard, Rachael R 319 

Mary 2.i3 

Polly 71 

Dolly 368 

Beal, Mary A 189 

Beals, ( Dr.) F. C 384 

Bearss, Jemima 245 

Mary 179 

Bearse, John 326 

Beckwith, Kmily C 248 

Beebe, S3'lva 355 

Beeman, Abbie E 134 

Charles E 168 

Beers, Ben j a m i n 374 

Ezekiel 265 

" Lorenzo B. 152 

Wheeler 239 


Begon, William 

Begole, Delia H 224 

Beg-gs, Robert H 213 

/x/)/:x. -to.-) 


Bell, Edwiu M M\) 

Nancy 2:^0 

Benedict, 48 

George 370 

Benheimer, J 54 

Benjamin, Sarah A 192 

Bennett, Betsey 222 

Delia 321 

" Eliza oO 

Kbenezer 143 

Henrietta C 17(5 

Hubbel 188 

Mary 109 

Sarah J 61 

Benson, Andrew ... 64 

Benton, Lonisa R 88 

Rachael 375 

Thomas 335 

Berdan, Rachel 79 

Bernard, Grand 242 

Berner, Thomas 119 

Berry, Abijah 158 

Hannah 159 

Joanna 102 

Betse\-, Elizabeth 44 

Betts, J. H 61 

Jesse 319 

Bevans, J. T 121 

Billheimer, Joseph 54 

Bineham, David 146 

Emily 2()(; 

Martha E 390 

William 119 

Binnel, Georgianna 

Binns, Polly 237 

Bird. S. R 187 

Birdsall, Agnes 84 

" Harvey 279 

Bishop, 211-234 

Joseph 222 

Hattie 114 

" Mary 341 

Blackburn, E 150 

406 INDEX. 


Blackwell, 385 

Bladzg-e, Elizabeth 208 

Blaine, Hannah 342 

Blakeslee, Hiram A 349 

Abram E 364 

Blackman, Agur 256 

Clarintha 57 

Caroline 142 

Eli 50 

Franklin 117 

Jane 249 

Nathan 273-345 

William 237 

•; Wooster 272 

Blake, Lovina 189 

Emma F 101 

Blardill, 242 

Bliss, L 226 

Boardman, Mar)^ W 88 

Bod man, S3dvester 126 

Bogle, James 261 

Boice, Marg-aret J 293 

Rhoda 256 

Boland, E. K 50 

Bolles, Andrew 325 

Bolt, John 211 

Bonnel, Georgianna 302 

Bonne}', Amos 292 

Bonse, Erastns 376 

Bonsor, Isaac C 330 

Booth, Abel 105 

Albert 374 

Ann E 142 

Alice 243 

Charles 41 

" Emeline 51 

Elijah 236 

Elizabeth 90-296 

Fanny 180 

James 114-120 

" Jerusha A 96 

Mary 231 

W 299 

/XD/'W. 107 


Bootli. HJH 

Borthram, Orlando 204 

Bostwick, Abby H72 

" Nathan Ti(\ 

Bots^ford, Hester 223 

Jared 41 

Mira M 97 

Moss K 26o 

" Sherman 265 

Thomas 142-341 

Bourne, Charles 24(5 

H. W 240 

Bowman, Williain Ill 

Bowers, Vira K 98 

'• Jennetta 19,1 

Boj'lan, Mar3' 74 

Bradley, J. 1 72 

Maria W 

Bradstreet, Edwin 328 

Bra one, Caroline A 175 

Bra i nerd, Davis 171 

Sarah G 101 

Brambler, Charity 252 

Branch, Mary 224 

Brant, Mrs 223 

Bra3', Bennet 258 

Huldah S 301 

" Susanna 241 

Breed, Stephen 342 

Bridwell, Corlid^-e 1,55 

Brings, Fanny M 59 

Brink, Andrevv 335 

Brinsmade, J. R 310 

Bronson, Sally 392 

Brothwell, W. A 279 

William H 120 

Brower, Catherine 365 

Brow^n. Kliza 77 

" Kunice 338 

" Elizabeth 31)9 

Gertrude 253-280 

(Rev.) Jacob 37 

Minerva VX', 

408 INDEX. 


Brown, Nancy 37 

Nettie 122 

" Susanna E 256 

Thomas B 335 


Brownson, Asa 234 

Isaac 234 

Reuben 234 

Brush, Nancy 164 

Hannah 112 

Bryant, Sallie 106 

Abrani 365 

Bryon, William 173 

Bucklin, Amarilla 268 

Lucy 247-268 

Buckle}', Davis 323 

Bud, Hannah 259 

Buell, Albin 259 

Hannah 316 

Bulkley, Abigail 265 

Bull, Herman D 360 

Seth 222 

Bundy, Marshal 337 

Bunnel, Charles 136 

G. H 316 

Bvirber, William 65 

Burchard, Kmeline 55 

Burckle, Charlotte 348 

Burdick, Delia 123 

Burgess, Sarah Jane 201 

Burton, Albert 368 

Mary M 291 

Polly 308 

Burt, Sarah A 386 

Burr, Anna 103 

C. P 307 

John 49 

Jantha 362 

L. B 152 

Maria 107 


Burroughs, Lucius B 145 

" Laura A 152 

INDEX. 40'.) 


Burrows, (Rev.) Thomas ITk) 

" Roxan n a 3,% 


Husli, Caroline 244 

" Lovic3' 97 

Bussej', Davis 114 

Hushnell, Klla J 22H 

Hutler, Fred 2.o() 

" Frederick 217 

Elijah 140 

Cynis , 197 

James .S72 

Bj-ram, Jeptha 3(i4 

Cable, Laura i:S() 

Cad well, Levi 126 

Calhoun, Rachael E 187 

Calkins, Amy 311 

Elizabeth S 136 


Calvin, D 

Camp, Anna 342 

Camper, A 

Campbell, Margaret 32r)-.329 

Hattie D 183 

Canady, S3dvanus 3i;» 

Canfield, Abel 116 

" Ann 72 

" George 214 

Hattie D 

'• Maggie 

Cannier, Nanc}- 274 

Cannon, Emma C 3,30 

Capewel), Emil}- 

Corfin, Rebecca F 

Carl, Susan Iv 302 

Carej', 73 

Carpenter, Ann X 140 

" Theresa >1 

Charles 136 


Elizabeth 216 

Carr, Celia A 284 

Carter, Amelia .")2 

410 INDEX. 


Cartwrig-ht, Maria 279 

Case, Elizabeth 315 

John 172 

" Laura G 215 

Martha A 287 

Case, Marj- 367 

Casser, William 70 

Casson, Sarah 387 

Casten, Ann E 337 

Castil, Comstock 71 

Castle, Marie L , 355 

Casto, Dr 85 

Catherins, Elizabeth 

Catlin, Sally A .....288 

Anna M 376 

Chaddell, Mary A 57 

Chadwick, 93 

Chafee, William 247 

Chamberlain, E. T 132 

Emeline 280 

Jennie E 101 

Chapin, Adella A 175 

Acksah 304 

Jennette 199 

Rebecca F 132 

Chapelon, William 304 

Chapman, Asa 327 

Hyram 163 

" Frances 158 

(Rev.) C. R 346 

( Rev.) M. B 346 

" Ed win A 346 

Lestiny 89 

Nancy 36 


Chase, 272 

Phebe 68 

Naomi 104 

Chaunc3^, C 

Chedell, Mary A 

Cheney, Luke 151 

Cherry, Martha 98 

INDEX. 411 


Chichester, ;^42 

Child, Theodore 173 

Chittenden, S llC 

Church, J. R 47 

C • 88 

Christie, James S 147 

Churchill, Susan 292 

Clark, Alice 197 

Aaron 119 

" Alonzo 142 

Addie P 1(58 

" Andrew 2G5 

Charles S 197-354 

Charlotte N 202 

Clara 245 

Caroline 350 

David S 152 

" Ephraiin 157 

" Emeline 332 

F 185 

Grace 39 

" Hannah 143 

John H 102 

May K 184 

Ma}- F 150 

Parmelia 118 

Polly 139 

Polly A 20G 

Ursula 89 

" Whitman 337 

Clarke, Charles 354 

Clay, 1H2 

Cleinent, Arnold 282 

Cline, NanC3' 98 

Clinton, Hannah 290 

Clows, Georoe 54 

Coal, Anna M 250 

Coats, Catherine 349 

Coates, L 315 

Cobb, Statia 65 

Coe, 230 

Letitia 221 

John 224 

4:12 INDEX. 


Cogswell, Amanda 56 

Cole, Allen D 123 

Davis 108 

Deacon 291 

Emily 354 

Harriet 50 

" Lyman 55 

Lois 117 


Colbiirn, Sophia 314 

W 72 

Coleman, F 385 

Coly, Betsey A 288 

Colv^rell, Amanda 255 

Comb, Margaret 239 

Comstock, 234 

Conant, Roxanna 383 

Cone, Dolly 115 

Conet, Joseph 151 

Condstin, Blanch 169 

Conger, Hiram 269 

Conner, Susan 119 

Conrad, Vincent 120 

Isabella 334 

Conselyea, Ira W 270 

Contant, Laura H 257 

Converse, Alvin 392 

Emily 350 

Milton 268 

Cook, Alice 193 

Sarah 359 

Sophia 47 

Valeria 354 

Vilitta 384 

Cool, Ann M 250 

Coomper, Aaron ,, 364 

Cooper, Abel 46 

Bell 389 

Ellis 312 

Oscar 358 

Cooledge H 390 

Cope, Leola J 54 

INDEX. 413 


Copewell, Kniih' 177 

Cornwall, Ella 101 

Corbin, Albert 285 

Cotton, Sarah 354 

Couch, Sarah C 

Coult, Susan 56 

Covich, Catlierine 245 

Cowtrill, iHiaac 230 

Craj-er, J 118 

Crane, 280 

Jonas 265 

A. E 119 

Crandall, Mary 287 

Crary, Esther 279 

Crawford, Jndson 198 

" Georg-e 164 

Albert B 325 

Craven, Barbara 54 

Cregar, John 118 

Crofutt, Eliel 374 

Crof ut, Phebe 109 

Sarah 377 

Cross.JohnC 92 

Crother, >Iar3- J 161 

Crow, 249 

Crowell, Ella 

Culberson, 290 

Culver, Eliza 166 

Georg-e 349 

Minerva 104 

Currie, Andrew 240 

Annette 287 

Agnes 240 

Ellen 328 

Jane 245 

" Nancy 54 

Currier, Clementine M 190 

Curtis, Ada 86 

Bethia 48 

B 166 

Chlotilda 155 

Dinah 299 

414 INDEX. 


Cnrtis, Elizabeth 390 

Elias 82 

Eliza 16:^ 

Esther 323 

Henry P 107 

Joel 49 

Judson 91 

*' Lewis 354 

Mary 37-63 

" Nehemiah 300-338 

Phebe 341-392 

Rebecca G 132 

Sarah A 180 

Silas 309 

" Stephen ](i9 

" Sylvia 51 


Dahl, Martha A 52 

Dailey, Carrie E. W 139 

Daken, A. Eliza 352 

Dandeville, 134 

Daniel, Annis M 123 

Daniels, May E 120 

" John E 202 

Darley, Elizabeth 215 

Darling, Ada line 244 


Darrow, — - 121-280 

Darwin, Nancy Ill 

Davenport, B. S 1S7 

Davis, Abner 171 

" Augusta 355 

Charlotte A 173 

" Calvin 279 

Deborah 124 

" Elmer 172 

Elizabeth 197 

Hiildah H 283 

Marietta 173 

Nancy 273-345 

William 363 

Day, D. E 186 

INDEX. . 415 


Day, Sarah 226 

Henry 226 

Parthenia 226 

Dayton, 62-233 

Abigail 23 

Caleb 262 

David 106 

John J 336 

Keziah 326 


Robert 471 

" Sherman 336 

Deafenbaug-h, We^^ley 122 

Dean. James 147 

Dearn, W 92 

Dee, Manda 100 

Decamp, Julia A 99 

De Forest, Benjamin 361 

De Lace}', William 54 

De La Mater, Cornelius 191 

De Palmas, 246 

De Witt, Kliza N 380 

Delaney. Adaline 113 

Demorest, Samantha M 184 

Denel, Jacob 215 

Dennes, George 172 

Denton, Sally 283 

Derby, Mary 290 

Deon, May P 56 

Devon, W. H 97 

Dewey. Mrs. ( . B 

Dibblee, Sally M 240 

?:dwin 240 

Dick, William J 69 

Dickinson, Obadiah 21 

Nathaniel 21 

Dimm ing, Lewis 222 

Disbrow, Nathan 203 

" Lewis 70 

Disher, Edw 49 

Dixon, Hannah M 360 

Dodds, Alljert W 207 

Dolan, William A 209 

416 INDEX. 


Dollison, Daniel 71-245 

Donahue, James 325 

Donally, Martha 97 

Doolittle, Samuel 203-341 

Thankful 339 

Milicent 341 

Doremus, Cornelia 230 

Cornelius 230 

Dorman, N. F 107 

Dorrance, Charlotte 184 

Dortcher, John 225 

Downie, Hannah 176 

Downs, Abigail 50 

Calvin H 203 

John 91 

Sophia 163 

Sarah 258-261 


Drafenbaugh, W 

Drake, Orsula L 90 

Draper, Ella L 1H8 

Dresser, Horace P 136 

Drew. Alsada 291 

Drucy, Elijah 239 

Dryden, David W 213 

Dubois, E. W 169 

Duncan, Harriet 214 

Amelia H 383 

Dunning, Sarah 361 

Duri n y, Ella 54 

Durkee, John F 343 

" Hannah 350 

Dusser, H. P ; 

Dwight, President 

Dwighton, Phebe 257 

Dygart, Albert 315 

Dygert, Laura 194 

Eallis, Mary A 

Eannon, Eleanor 61 

Eastinan, Elizabeth 217 

Edgar C 136 

Mary Ann 183 

Eaton, G. L 250 

INDEX. 417 


Eastwood, Jonas 123 

Eddj', Allen 242 

Kdiiar, Richard 105 

Edniond, Maroaret 168 

Addie L 134 

Eldridge, Eliza 267 

Edsall, Mar3^ 382 

Ed^on, A. B 281 

Philander 281 

Edwards, Benjamin 120 

" Lucretia 84 

" Patience P 150 

Ruth 145 

Thomas H 164 

William H 37 

Ed wood, B 

Egbert, Amelia E 

Mira B 

Eibert, William J 174 

Eidinan, Elizabeth, 

May E 186 

Eills. George 329 

" J-S 

Elderkin, E 84 

E;idridge, Eliza 267 

Elliott, (Capt.) 242 

Charles L 61 

William 264 

Ellis, Emy W^ 392 

James S 305 

Ellingham, Jane 257 

Ells, Mary A 308 

Ellwell, Phebe 237 

El wood, Benjamin 114 

E;ilsworth, Maria 269 

Elsea, Adam 220 

Ely. W. N 

Embleton, John 187 

Einbur3', Celia 

Emmons, Maria 194 

Emorj', H 375 

Englehart, Ann 367 

English, Eliza 75 

418 INDEX. 


Entler, Hannah 219 

Epperson, Frank M. 91 

Erickson, Sale 289 

Erwin, Thomas 166 

Elizabeth 154 

Esmond, Addie L 

Evans, Linda 179 

" Orrin 256 

" Sherman W 215 

Lemuels 363 

Everett, Augusta 305 

Josie 242 


Eveland, Hannah A 223 

Every, Stephen 253 

Evitts, Daniel 87 

Ewin, T 

Fairchild, A 120 

Carrie A 100 

Chloe 85 

Esther 364 

Ella 19(i 

" Francis 41 

Glover 157 

" James 108 

*' Joanna 234 

Mag-g-ie 184 

" Mary 237 

Ruth 325 

Miss- • 

Sarah M8 


Fancher, Mary 

Farber, Rebecca , 93 

Fargo, Mary 343 

Farist, Margaret 169 

Farr, Polly 212 

Fa rover, Amanda L VMS 

Fayerweather, Lvicy J 293 

Fellows. Sarah 238 

Felton, Erastus 146 

Ferris, C. W 60 

IjVDEX. 419 


Ferris, Hiildali 250 

R 114 

Fero-nson , Mrs. Marj- A 305 

Ferns, William N 182 

Fertin, Martha 149 

Field, H 242 

Sophia M 127 

Fisher, Cjnthia 379 

Z. H 40 

" Sarah 217 

Lydia P 372 

Field, Sophia M 127 

Matilda 242 

Fife, Aurila J 367 

Fiske, Henry J 262 

Fitch, Mary 244 

Georo-e W 380 


Fitzo-errold, Daniel F 270 

Phebe 270 

J. C 78 

Fitts, Hiram 229 

Fitz, J. C 

Flecke3'er, Louise 347 

Fleming-, Marj' A 165 

Nancy 280 

Flint, (Rev.) F. W 307 

Georo-e 226 

Fletcher, Eliza 389 

Flowers, 390 

Forbes, (Rev.) S. B 153 

Sarah F) 224 

Foils, Martha W 271 

Ford, Delia 1 283 

Forsjth, Carrie 227 

O. F _ 186 

Foskett, Mary S ' 121 

Foote, Amy K 101 

Willmott H 265 

Foster, Hattie 129 

R. F 74 

Mary M. 158 

Fowler, Andrea 368 

420 INDEX. 


Fowler, Asa 370 

Mary 87 

Fountain, Hester 154 

Fox, Florence 301 

Mary 353 

" Josephine 199 

" 291 

Frahni, Emma 298 

Franches, Mary 234 

Freeman, Frances 378 

French, Abner 206 

Ann 339 

Freelove 326 

Rhoda 140 

" Isaac 124 

Jos. S 191 

Frida}', Betsey 

Frisbee, Ann 254 

Betsey 71 

Daniel 146 320 

Gideon 146 

Hnldah 310 

" Jennette 

Fritz, John 75 

Froken, Emma 

Frost, Elias 93 


Fryer, J.N 103 

Fuller, Jennie 114 

Julia 377 

Joseph 194 

Fulton, James 217 

Furney, Sarah J 79 

Fyfe, Charles A 256 

Fyles, Ellen S 365 

Gable, 73 

Ganung, Florence 

Gardner, Edmond A .355 

" Eunice 376 

" Marvin .384 

Garfield, J. A 

Garrison, Marilla 204 

INDF.X. 421 


Gary, E 

Gasper, F. S 1(30 

Gassaway, Josephine KK^ 

Gea rha rt, Mary A 72 

Gee, Jaquelin 1G8 

Geer, Eliza 52 

Germain, Alice 309 

Gibbon, Edward 290 

Frank 290 

Gibbs, 71 

Rebecca 172 

Israel • 2S3 

Gibson. Isabel 191 

Lincoln,] 19 

Karson C 107 

Elizabeth 118 

Gifford, Hannah 225 

Gilbert, Elizabeth 340 

Sophia >I 134 

Gilbore. Mina B 179 

Gilchrist. Robert ." 318 

Gill, Mary A 287 

Gillespie, Mary A 287 

Gillett. 211 

" Jerome L 152 

Joseph L 254 

" Parmelia 

Gillette, Phidello 46 

Gladden, S 330 

Glass, . 327 

Glovei", Anodine 341 

Amelia 40 

Cornelia 324 


Lucy .142 

Mary J 174 

Godfrey, C. A 335 

Goetschins, Caroline 350 

Goode, Nelson 129 

Goodman, Am}' 130 

Goodrich, Elizabeth 

Goodsell. Lucerne KiO 

Goodwin, Albert 351 

422 INDEX. 


Gorham, Stephen 368 

Gould, A 68 

Gowan, Isabella 331 

Grace, Stella 329 

Graham, Hannah 149 

Granston, Lucretla 188 

Grassfleld, Effle L 309 

Graves, 315 

Lucretla 188 

(Rev.) A. A 80 

Gray, Amelia J 221 

Hannah 42 

Clarissa 391 

Elizabeth A 131 

Mary J 223 

Nehemiah 150 

Green, Chas 229 

Goldie 136 

Jeremiah 173 

John 241 

Polly 343 

Greene, Emma 46 

Nellie 39 

Gregory, Abel B 41 

Asenath 345 

Eli ...: 264 

Chloe 311 

May 227 

Griffis, Lizzie 207 

Griffith, Hannah ; 327 

Griggs, Wm 227 

Griswold, Electa 203 

Gross, Martha S 119 

Grunden, Mary E _ 312 

Gem. Lois L 323 

Styles W 290 

Gunnell, Anna 236 

Gunnery, Florence 172 

Guernsey, Eunice 241 

Caroline W 197 


Hackshaw, Mary 385 

INDEX. 42.'^ 


Hackett, Alice 317 

Hadly, Sally 229 

Hager, Theodore 89 

Haines. Sophronia 99 

Wm 206 

Emma F 198 

Hale. May 174 

Osborn 136 

Hall, Abigail 60 

Elizabeth 289 

Henry 51 

John 166 

Maria 69 

Ora D 154 

Rachel A 355 

Sarah 203 

S. A 217 

Halstead, Lee 319 

Hamen, Aaron 251 

Hamilton, Florinda 327 

Mathew L 171 

Hamlin. Frances 37 

Hannah 358 

Hanchet, Sarah 216 

Hance, Sarah C 91 

Hand, Smith 309 

Haney, Frederick 251 

Margaret S 251 

Hanford. Sophia 106 

Hankerinson, 177 

Hannsford. J. M 351 

Hard, Sarah R 192 

Harland. Charlotte 1 3c5 

Harrison, Alura T 360 

Harris, May 154 

Richford 238 

Harrington. Celia N 167 

W 253 

H. H 107 

Hart, Amanda A 359 

G. W 359 

William 363 

424 INDEX. 


Hartman, Christina 154 

Hartwell, Agnes F 57 

Harvey, Thos 24 

Harville, Elizabeth 189 

Hascall, John 259 

Hatch, Ed 229 

Martha 158 

Sarah 86 

Hathaway, 162-345 

Hawkins, Moses 340 

Hawley, Anna 110 

Benjamin 340 

Chas. W 168 

Hannah 281 

Huldah 332 

Harriet 19 ) 

Leonard 249 

May 185 

Polly Ann 273 

Sophia 104 

Samuel 208 

Thos 109-273 

William 142 

Hazzard, Richard 247 

Hayford, Georgia A 167 

Hays, Edward E 208 

Mrs 340 

Hannah 238 

Haynor, William 253 

Head. Reuben 238 

Healy, Wm 282 

Hebron, George 329 

Ruth 354 

Heber, Arthur 161 

Hedges, Olive A 284 

Henderson, Andrew R 186 

Hendricks, John 264 

Hewitt, (Rev.) E. W 94 

Irene 361 

Hibbard, Alexander 213 

Hibber, 134 

Hickey, Sally C 282 

JNDF.X. 42,1 


Higgins, Elijah 241 

Jessie 388 

Levi 357 

Hildreth, Arnold 376 

Hill, George C 209 

Agnes P 53 

Luther 284 

Hiller, Jane 315 

Hilton, Wm 186 

Hine, Mary J 192 

J. M 60 

Hinnian, Elizabeth 83 

Lockwood 143 

Hitchcock, Milo 204 

Hoadley, Jane B 366 

D. L 187 

Hoard, -. 278 

Hodge, Eveline 267 

Statira 88 

Hoeninghouse, F. H. H. F 352 

Hoffman, Phoebe A 319 

Hogg. Mary E 187 

Holard. 242 

Holbrook, Ruth A 340 

Hollister, (Dr.) 163 

Holly. Louisa K 140 

Hannah M 151 

Holmes, Florence 165 

Rachel 78 

Emma F 198 

Ezra 160 

Holt, Jennie R 184 

Hoofcoot, Sarah 126 

Hooker, Edward C 227 

Hoover. H 151 

Hopkins. Martha N 260 

Inak J 145 

Hopson, Hannah 96-323 

Horr, Ellen 135 

Horton. 203 

Edward 163 

Gilbert 117 

426 INDEX. 


Gilbert, Paiirela 278 

William T 248 

Hotchkiss, Mabel 340 

Houston, Samuel 392 

Howard. Frances L 357 

Jonathan 215 

Howe, Frances A 64 

Polly 364 

P. J 132 

Howes, Philip 272-313 

Howland, Cynthia 170 

William 187 

Hoxie, Mary H 330 

Hoyt, A 52 

Emma L 347 

Stephen 264 

Hubble. Samuel 89 

Hubbell, Abel 232 

David , 273 

Elijah 109 

Elizabeth 299 

Mary 363 

Prudence 210 

Parruck 234 

Sally 77 

Sarah 146 


Hubbard, (Rev.) T. M 160 

E. C 127 

Barbary 335 

Vinton 77 

Sarah A 56 

(Rev.) G. B 379 

Huett, Jno. C 238 

Huffstetter. Grace M 104 

Hughs. 311 

Hughes. C. W 381 

Hulin. Esther 3)7 


Hull. Deborah 231 

Phineas 46 

Laura 257 

fXDEX. 427 


Hull, Sally 391 

Hume, G 134 

Humphreys, Sophia 170 

Hunstead, J 173 

Hungerford, Nancy 316 

Hunt, David S 320 

Polly 391 

Kurd, Anna 157 

Abigail ' 265 

Clarinda 203 

Esther M 187 

Ephraim 109 

Edwin 223 

Hannah A 113 

Mehitabel 150 

Martha 267 

Margaret 30O 

Nancy 152 


Hurlburt, Mary Ann 344 

Hurst, Harriet 238 

" James 41 

Hush, Cassandra 119 

Hutchins, Hannah L 384 

Hutchinson, Josephine A 137 

Hyde, Millie S 54 

Henry 119 

George 342 

Patty 292 

Ingly, Betty 76 

Ingersol, Sarah M 259 

Irwin, Emily F 174 

Irvine, Guy 247 

Jackson. Ann 83 

Aaron 339 

Harriett 191 

Lucinda 315 

(Mrs.) Lucius 197 

May 143 

Mercy 310 

Maria 311 

Rebecca 108 

428 INDEX. 


Jacobs, 249 

Lucinda 249 

Jamison, Chas. S 37 

Janoiishek, Margaret 317 

Janes, Otis 336 

Harvey 336 

Jayne, Sarah P 363 

Jeans, Estlier 47 

Jenkins, May 75 

Jacob 77 

Jennings. Cloa M 60 

Jessup, Maria 249 

Geo 52 

Jewett. T. B 59 

Johnson, F. B 107 

Ida May 131 

Joseph 248 

J. C 292 

James H 354 

Malinda 254 

Norton 217 

Patty 153 

Susannali 84 

Johnson, Shelton 163 

Joses, Mason 141 

Judson, Aaron 48 

Abigail 157 

Betty 353 

Ephraim 26 

(Rev.) G. C 94 

Harry 40 

Lucy A 353 

Nellie E 286 

Wm. A 126 


Judd, Elizabeth 341 

Joel W 142 

Lewis 200 

Mary A 379 

Reuben 141 

Walter S 60 

Wm 141 

IXDEX. 429 


Judy, Frances M 102 

Kason, F. C 349 

Kasson. Lucy L 248 

Keeler. Sarah A 115 

Keifer, Wm. J 114 

Kelbarrs. Helen 285 

Kelley, Amelia 199 

David 329 

John 140 

Louisa 113 

Kellogg, Northrop 142 

Celia 1 244 

Kendall, Phoebe 340 

Kendall, Lyman 46 

Kennmer, ( Rev.) J. A 324 

Kenyon, Jno. W 317 

Kile, Alvin 3G4 

Kimbal. Lucretia 89 

Kilms, Emma 290 

King, Eda 159 

Leonard 35 

Polly L 176 

(Dr.) W. J 202 

Kipp. Fannie E 182 

Kirby, Eliza A 224 

Klepser, Charlotte E 261 

Knapp, Abigail 212 

Lydia 198 

Knight, Jonathan 337 

Knox, Parthenia 61 

Krider, Sarah 363 

Laborie, Deborah 272 

Lacy, Fred 115 

Frank 120 

Mary 204 

Lace, Wm 312 

Ladd, L. J 46 

La Dow, Eliza 377 

Lake, Mary Josephine If^l 

Edw 108 

S 315 

Lanendre, Luther 23(i 

430 INDEX. 


Landers, Harriet 160 

Lane, Chas. R 219 

G, C 324 

Jacob 361 

Sarah 289 

Laning, N 38 

Langworthy, Mary J 346 

Lansing, Nancy H 162 

La Porte, Jno. B 343 

Larkin, G. T 195 

Larson, Martha 65 

Lathan, Elizabeth 251 

S 311 

Lathrop, Ariel 307-380 

Latimer, Geo 305 

Lattridge, Leonard 37 

Lawrence, Ellen S 238 

Chas. H 184 

Isaac 385 

Leach, Mary A 389 

Leavenworth, Abigail 340 

Abijah 258 

Mark E 258 

Jas 109 

Charry 110 

Edmund 109 

Lefingwell, 258 

Lemon, Matilda 148 

Lenfestry, J. T 137 

Linden, Martha C 185 

Leonard, Joseph 247 

Lester, Martha 286 

Leet, Almond 226 

Lewis, Augusta 58 

" Abigail 302 

Anna 204 

Birdsey 290 

Chauncey 2(i3 

Elizabeth 51 

" Henry 222 

Harvey M 374 

Ichabod 361 

INDEX. 4:n 

Lewis, James B 105 

" James 120 

Nathaniel 391 

Patty 141 

Phoebe 354 

(Mrs.) Sarah 357 

W. G 123-257 

Leydon, Theresa 314 

Lidle, John 230 

Lidstone, Frederick 88 

Lightner, Mary A 208 

Lillibridge, Amos 36 

Lilly, Acksah 227 

Linderman, Jacob 3oo 

Linden, Martha C 185 

Lindsley, Mathew 180 

Linsley, Mary H 114 

Linn, Adam ' 340 

Oeo 348 

Linning, Isaac 124 

Little, Rachel 186 


Livingston, 40 

Lloyd, Eva L 136 

Phoebe J 375 

J 151 

Lobdell, 272 

Lu 75 

Lockwood, A. B 380 

E 381 

Margaret 290 

Longstreet, Anna 86 

Loomis, Eliza S 2 4 

Clarissa A 320 

( Mrs.) Maggie .385 

Loop, Mollina A 144 

Losey, Rebecca 103 

Lothrup, Elizabeth 373 

Lottridge, Leonard 37 

Lovdal, Emma 389 

Lovel, Sarah 372 

Lovell, Byron 3ti4 

432 INDEX, 


Loveland, Hannah 392 

Lowrie, Miles 346 

Loyd, J 151 

Lucas, 372 

Lund, Jno 250 

Lyman, (Dr.) S 87 

Lyndon, Susan 64 

Lynn, Wm 257 

Lyon, Addie 123 

Abraham M 374 

Daniel 104 

Emma 66 

George 2/3 

" Joanna j.iS 

Orson 270 

Ruth 228 

W. H. C 186 

Lyons, Nathan 375 

Mabee, John 296 

Mace, James 241 

Macomber, 71 

Albert 226 

Jno. B 226 

Macy, Charlotte P 261 

Madixxa, Eliza F 269 

Maygron, Hannah 16i 

Magoffin, A. E 381 

Mahon, Martha 173 

Makler, A. B ' 195 

Mallard, Judith 323 

Mallett, Eunice 291 

Mehitabel 205 

Mallory, Frederick 104 

Manchester, Lucy 270 

Maners, Frances 102 

G 286 

Manly, Wm. B 187 

Mann, Eunice 392 

Manser, Luther 64 

Manthu. Mursava 184 

Manwaring, Martha S 38 

Marchman, Geo. N 115 

IN DFX. 4;s;} 

Margeson, Lavina 344 

Marsh, Sidney L 337 

" John B 16G 

Marshall, Lizzie 348 

Martindale, F 191 

Martin, Melinda 337 

Marvin. Amanda 281 

Caroline 151 

Mathews, Eliza 289 

Jane 129 

Mattison, Sarah G 345 

Mayhew. Martha J 153 

Maynard, Alzena 194 

McCIintock, Rachael I95 

McCoughney, W. J 351 

McCoul, Margaret 347 

McCune. Sarah 87 


McDowell, (Dr.) Samuel 279 

McEwen, Abigai 1 343 

McEwin, Sadie 129 

McGregor, Elizabeth 175 

McGory, E 336 

McHenry. Emma 102 

Nunda 79 

McKay, B 336 

McKense, Geo 361 

McLain, Mollie 130 

Louisa 387 

McMillan, 140 

Joseph A 378 

McMillen, 318 

McMinn, Jno 229 

McMorris. J. P 267 

McNeil, Eliza 367 

A. N " 219 

McRay, Andrew 240 

Elizabeth . 240 

Mead, J. W 312 

Rebecca 49 

Merritt, Caroline 65 

H. W 132 

434 INDEX. 


Merwin, May 323 

Harmon 368 

Mary L 386 

Michel, Chas 99 

Rebecca V 151 

Middlebrook, Elizabeth 198 


Mier, Abraham 254 

Miles, (Capt.) 273 

Wm. K 142 

Millard, Esther 296 


Rebecca 151 

Miller, A 296 

Dyson 377 

Easter 332 

J. T 172 

Mary E 313 

Mary 376 

Maria 320-372 

Maggie 165 

" Manoah 49 

Manetta 349 

Phebe 155 

Miner, Lucretia 380 

Mitchel, Hiram 268 

Mitchell, Jas : 303 

Susan 149 

Mofflt, Harriet E 161 

Moore, B. C 286 

Eunice 311 

Sarah 1 91-308-376 

Monroe, 354 

Sarah E 173 

David 142 

Monson, Anna 89 

Montgomery, Lydia 173 

Lucinda T 88 

Morgan, 225 

Sarah J 292 

Morley, Serepta 300 

Morning, Josie 349 



Morchard, Margaret 154 

Morehouse, George N 274 

Geo 120 

Morford, Carlie 217 

Morris, 172 

Abigail 354 

David 115 

Daniel 265 

Daniel S 120 

Chas. E 75 

Morton. Herman 314 

Morse, Hiram 164 

Ziba 374 

Morel, Rosa 355 

Moses, Jennie 369 

Jennie V 390 

Mosher, Samuel 84 

Moss. John 109 

Wm 109 

Theda 58 

Mott, Jas. , 74 

Moulton, 97 

Morv, Caroline 122 

Mowary, Sarah E 101 

Mullen, George 75 

Multer, Eve Ann 181 

Munson, Annie 189 

Susan 130 

Murphy, Nancy 126 

Murray, Perry 213 

Myer, Catherine R •' 288 

Nash. Margaret 345 

Needles, Mary A 220 

Sarah A 196 

Nearing, Caroline 250 

Nell, Mandana 242 

Nettleton, Susan F 252 

Newcomb, Scoville 286 

" Araminta 19^ 

Dibbie A 132 

Newell, Emeline 259 

Myron 336 

436 INDEX. 


Newton, Alice 63 


Neblack, (Mrs.) 164 

Nessell, J. B 281 

Nichols, 48-357 

Almira 291 

Abijah M 63 

David A 51 

Elmina 198 

Huldah 117 

Harriet F 365 

Hawley B 374 

Julia 387 

" Lucinda 50 

Nancy J 377 

Stephen 36 

Samuel 236 

Nixon, Martha 86 

Noble, Edw. M 60 

May 138 

Hannah 362 

Norton, 161-311 

Northrop, D 303 

Andrew 95 

Northup, 233 

Delia 35(i 

Norville, Nancy 121 

Noyes, J. W 247 

Nurse, Harriett 330 

Nye, Eva 58 

Hiram 259 

Jane 58 

O'Connor, Laura 191 

Ogden, Fanny S 204 

Ogelsby, Ida R 191 

Olney, Dorcas S 381 

Olmstead, J. F 251 

Rebecca 382 

Oleson, Andrew 187 

Hans 88 

Ohlwisler, Maggie 196 

Osborn, Byron 355 

/NDEX. \:m 

Osborne, Mehitabel 157 

Mercy 313 

Mellnda R 252 

Rebecca 142 

William 266 

Osman. Jacob 335 

Otis, (Dr.) A. R 301 

Mercy 227 

Owen, Jno 208 

(Dr.) 203 

Sarah S 286 

Page, Jerry D 123 

Palmer, Alice E 318 

Amanda 92 

A 222 

Pangnian, Cornelia E 73 

Parks. Wm. H 216 

Parker, Charles 329 

Millard 174 

Stanley 271 

Parkhurst, Agnes A 390 

Mary 100 

Parruch. John 25 

Parsons, Augusta 65 

Patchin, Carrie E 355 

Partlow. Adelia M 68 

Patterson, Andrew 232 

Abigail 152 

Eber 356 

" Experience 285 

Florence 221 

Jas 91 

Huldah A., 55 

(Mrs.) Lizzie M 304 

Sally C 191 

Paul, Luella 183 

Payne, 211 

Clarissa 200 

Eliza T 194 

Grandlson 374 

Martha 210 

John C 385 

438 INDEX. 


Payne, Julia 365 

Peacock, (Mrs.) Esther M 308 

Peartree, Esther 41 

Pearson, Ella 67 

Peck, Charlotte E 300 

Frances C 318 

Eliza 226 

Ida S 107 

May 47 

Margaret 219 

Maria 107 

Peter F 341 

Sarah A. . 161 

Elvira 161 

Sarah 280 

Sidney 186 

Peet, Philo 362 

Priscilla 372 

Pettit, Anna 91 

Peters, Olive 162 

Perkins, Susan 134 

Margaret M 175 

Pendleton, Harriet •. 239 

Penfield, Abigail 336 

Peniman, Geo. A 216 

Perry, Betsey 378 

Daniel 256 

Grace 222 

" James 87 

Joseph ■. 280 

John 340 

Louise 74 

Mercy 272 

Margaret A 274 

Maria L 179 

Phelps, Anna E 349 

Clarissa M 136 

Phillips, Byron L 71 

Catherine T 381 

Mary 286 

Martha 125 

Joseph 281 

/.wvi.v. 4:i'.) 

Phippeny, Caroline M 64 

Philbrick, Spencer 270 

Picket. Hannah 124 

D 299 

Pierce. Ernest F 355 

Moses 238 

" Susanna 278 

Pitcher, Maria 129 

Sidney 244 

Pitney, Mary 93 

Platte, 241-364 

" Davis 234 

Edward 346 

" Jane 230 

" Laura M 217 

Plieffer, Paul 194 

Plympton. Eliza 376 

Porter, Anna P 57 

E 237 

Edward J 142 

Fred 386 

Ira 99 

Lorina 203 

Mary 309 

May W 387 

Sarah 42 

Sophia 229 

W. C 253 

Thos 82-370 

Pogue, E. D. W 209 

Pollard. Geo 99 

Pond. I^ucy A 220 

Worcester 215 

Poole, Susan C 252 

Poor, Richard 304 

Powers, May J : 3&3 

Post, Flora A 209 

Potter, Amelia 220 

Edwin 237 

Eugene 153 

Powers, Frances 307 

Pratt. Edwin 354 

440 INDEX. 


Pratt, Josiah 254 

Presley, Fanny 290 

Price, Jane 195 

Pricer. A 381 

Prilford, Edmond 24 

Prindle, Abigail 210 

Prince, L. Bradford 348 

Proctor, Henry W 166 

Stella 65 

Pulford, Eunice 338 

Punderson, Sylvia 236 

Quain, Mary 236 

Rankin, Jno. A 347 

Ransom, Eli 380 

Ray, Susie R 220 

Raymond, Bertha 250 

Charles 240 

Hannah 49 

Elizabeth 281 

Rathburn, Alameda 288 

Reed, Charles H 227 

Ellen M 321 

Harriet M 249 

R. F 349 

Reeves, Emma E 251 

Redman, Bird 366 

Remely, Hannah 70 

Renney, 315 

Rees, Augusta 251 

Rentman, J. M 118 

Reynolds, Grace S 284 

Geo 342 

Fred W 176 

Synthia 229 

Rhodes, Alonzo 1E6 

Ollie 166 

Rhinevault, 266 

Rice, Sabrina 292 

Lovina 53 

Rickard, John 329 

Rich, Ella 378 

Richardson, Burdett 269 

l.XDEX. 441 


Richardson, Catherine 381 

Richards, Sarah A 273 

Alice F 133 

Riggs, Saniantha 270 

Rigdon, Anna 77 

Riley, D. B 189 

Rippeth, Jane 336 

Ritten, E. D 245 

Roach, Elizabeth J 193 

Robbins, M. D 131 

Robinson, Elihu 222 

Huldah 180 

John 222 

Lydia 330 

Nancy A 267 

Robertson, 287 

Roberts, E. S 151 

Rockmond, A. M 215 

Rockwood, Amelia A 213 

Rockwell, Delia E 153 

Roby, Lucy C 215 

Rogers. Eva V 195 

Francis 189 

Ida May 274 

Jas 304 

Lydia 119 

Silas 376 


Ross. C. N 3!)7 

Geo. W 114 

Rose, Andrew 228 


Rosecrans, H. V 53 

Root. Addie E 156 

Elijah 282 

Namomi 28o 

Royce, Eva V 195 

Rudd, Elizabeth 286 

Rust, Clarissa P 312 

Ruggles. Owen 215 

Rutherford. G. W 207 

Rowe, Wesley 354 



Rowel, Eunice 41 

Sabins, Mahala 113 

Sackett, Margery 263 

Salisbury, Annie B 103 

Salesbury, Harriet 203 

Samuel, Amy 144 

Sanford, Aaron 210 

Daniel 228 

Ebenezer 281 

Lois 36 

Lewis 180 

Nancy 331 

Polly 374 

V 244 

Sandis. (Rev.) R. W 131 

Sanderson, Tryphena 325 

Santille, (Rev.) W. H 392 

Saterlee, Lucy 132 

Saunders, Elizabeth 182 

Sawyer, Robert N 213 

Sayse, Joseph 281 

Schofield, Mary 93 


Scholk, (Rev.) L. H 131 


Scoville, Mindwell M 521 

Schuyler, Catherine 185 

Scott, D. B 381 

George 129 

Senally, C 65 

Seeley, Ann 108 

Betsey 74 

Caroline 357 

Hezekiah 232 

L. G 270 

Martha 233 

Shaier, Nancy 189 

Oxford 342 

Sharp, 73 

Jno. B 60 

William 297 

Sheibler, Maria L. 386 

INDEX. A\:\ 


Slielton 236-359 

Alfred 272 

Ann 51-62 

David 360 

Lewis 391 

Samuel 110 

Thomas 272 

Sarah 223 

Shears, Josephine 159 

Sheffield, Almira 200 

Jno. G 223 

Sheilds, L. 317 

Skellinger, Clara 255 

Sherman 45-354 

Esther 143 

Hannah 42 

Lemuel 141 

Mary J 251 

Ruth 171 

Stella L 132 

Stanley 368 

Samuel, Jr 305 

Shepherd, E. S 114 

Sherwood, Bertha 44 

David 108 

Delia 315 

Sarah 337 

Tabitha 299 

O. B 163 

Shores. Wm 194 

Shrode. Sarah M 383 

Short, S. P 305 

Sickles, Mary 232 

Sides, Maggie 250 

Silliman. Prescilla 145 

Sarah 358 

Simington i40 

Simlon. May .J 218 

Simonds, Amelia 149 

Simons, Florence 250 

Simon, Sarah 165 

Simpson, — — 54 

444 INDEX. 


Skeels, Silas 84 

Skedgel, Geo 54 

Slaiter, E. P 250 

Slater, Charles 191 

Slaver, 171 

Kate 123 

Slocum, W. B 46 

Sly, Sarah 322 

Slyter, Sherman 114 

Small, Thos 76 

Evelyn C 275 

Smead, Sally 243 

Smily, Sally 329 

Smith. Ann E 382 

Ann 89 

Amanda 377 

" Augustus B 392 

" Benjamin 329 

Betsey 155 

Cortland 323 

" David 34() 

Delia 284 

Dolly 368 

Eliza 96-255 

Eli 339 

Elizabeth 56 

Henry L 200 

Helen M 262 

Helen D 286 

Isabella 219 

Isaac 340 

Ida C 351 

Julia 167-247 

Julia S 390 

Lois D 347 

" Lucinda 314 

Mary A 320 

Mary E 195-298 

Mary 274 

" Orphelia 316 

Phebe 358 

" Rachael 236 

/XDEX. 44.1 


Smith, Rebecca 77 

Sarah 278 

Sarah E 316 

Susan P 288 

Wallis 152 

Smalley, C 65 

Snagle. Chas. J 136 

Snell, Geo. A 292 

Edward 155 

Snyder, C. G 102 

Sommers, Rachael 59 

Sowles, Harman ; 344 

Spelman, Keren F 1G7 

Spangenberg, Meiinda 97 

Spencer, 372 

(Dr.) B 301 

Hazelton 279 

John 247 

Sperry, Adelaide 174 

Eliza 205 

Malony 122 

Spicer, P. A 106 

Temperance 359 

Spooner, Polly 378 

Sprowl, Mary A 251 

Squire, Sarah 62 

Mary A 2ol 

Anna 256 

Stacy, J , 228 

Stanly, Mary A 327 

Starkey, Patrick 328 

Stalle, G. E 131 

Staples, Hattie E 365 

Staly, Leo 37 

Standard, N. G ' 122 

Starr, Tryphena 2G4 

Rebecca 12,) 

William 171 

States, Ella L 281 

Steele, Betsey 277 

Geo. E 131 

Sterling. A. A 9.'; 

446 INDEX. 


Sterling. Flora 100 

Lillian 204 

Stenson, Thomas •. . . 270 

Stevens, Amelia 84 

Eugene 123 

Edwin 281 

(Dr.) Jno. G 344 

Levi 180 

George 189 

Stewart, Deborah 257 

Jno. H 75 

Stinchacum, Lula V 66 

Stiles, Rebecca * 304 

Sarah 116 

Stilson, Charity 339 

Ann 263 

Stinson, Eunice 242 

Stiny, Jno. J 71 

St.John. Elizabeth 342 

Stockton, H. F 165 

Stoddard, Nancy 58 

Semen 209 

Stokes, Harriet 177 

Stone, Betsey A 391 

Chas. B 184 

Lucy 188 

Malania 184 

Milo 323 

Mary 94 

Nelson B. 324 

Susan 190 

Stephen 234 


Stover, Geo 359 

Strawther, Isaac J 112 

Streeter, Annis 95 

Strong, Alonzo 336 

Mary B 260 

Nathan 83 

Stuart, Caroline 346 

Martha 162 

" Virginia 383 

INDEX. 447 


Struble, Catherine 20G 

Sturdifant. Josiah ~ 344 

Suddiiigton, Jane 142 

Sunderland. Peleg 109-310 

Summers, Eunice 211 

Jane A 114 

Ruth 215 

Sarah 291 

Sumner, 39 

Sutliff, Ida 177 

Sutton. Abigail 127 

Sutherland. Catherine ' 177 

Sweetland, 315 

Swapp. 99 

Swallow, Rachael 61 • 

Swift, Chloe 368 

Harriet 143 

Moses 158 

Sykes, J. B 90 

Taber, Mary 85 

Talbot, Fannie 105 

Tanner, Dolly 163 

Taylor, 374 

Cyrene " 121 

Edward 172 

Eliza 61 

Ether M 374 

F. C 78 

Jno 323 

Rebecca 78 

Teeple, Jno 157 

Betsey C 286 

Temple, (Rev.) J. F 273 

Ten Eyck C. 96 

Terrell, Laura 300 

Terry, Lena B 300 

Tewksbury. (Dr.) A. D 248 

Thayer. Antoinette H 88 

Meribah 372 

Thimbal, Sarah 346 

Theist, G 319 

Thomas, Friend 15'? 

448 INDEX. 


Thomas, Diadema 84 

Thompson, Geo 282 

Hannah L 300 

Mabel 361 

Mary A 351 

Mary J 314 

Lucy 163 

Thornhill, Sarah 219 

Thurman, Sarah 313 

Tiffany, M. D 320 

Tisdale, Susan 208 

Tison, Jacky Ann 271 

Titus, Ann 181 

Charles 273 

Tomlinson, 241 

David 258 

Mary A 94 

Topping, B 89 

Toncy, Esther 210 

Flora 69 

Townsend, Margaret 133 

Tozur, L. H 90 

Tracy, Emma J 383 

Phebe 283 

Travis, Dudley 59 

Melancthon 226 

Travers, Harriet 5G 

Trayor, John 87 

Treadwell, 322 

Catherine 353 

,John 91 

Josiah 232 

Marcia E 298 

Nancy 63 

Trowbridge, Billy 326 

Thos 25 

Treelock, 308 

Twist, Peter 237 

Tupper, H. C 220 

Tuppert, George 259 

Tubbier. Mary 118 

Triple. Betsey C 286 

INDEX. 449 

Turner, Jeremiah 374 

Philander 266 

Turrell, Abel 51 

Tuttle, Bertha 172 

Mary A 291 

Undell, Lena 318 

Ustrick, Emeline P 173 

Utter, Joanna 372 

Vanallen, Emma E 194 

Vanburen, A. H 56 

Vanburen, John 270 

V 160 

Vanderwood, B. C 13] 

Van De Bogart, Rebecca 90 

Vandwault, Lula - 123 

Vandewater, William 282 

Vanderlip, P. A 291 

Vandyke. Hannah 203 

Vangorder, A 100 

VanSchoick, Mary J 387 

Vanstone, Fraces M 170 

VanA'alkenburgh, (Rev.) Bethia 379 

Vanvert. Deborah 99 

Vaige, 1 146 

Valentine. Josie 216 

Vallena, Alexander 330 

Vainer, Rhoda 348 

Vant, N. F 160 

Vicdu, Dina 368 

Vermilya. Mellissa 305 

Vickroy, Hannibal 280 

Vontick, Sarah A 172 

Vorhees, Isaac 31o 

Vosburgh, Amanda 97 

Wade, 72 

Wade, Eunice 255 

Wadlams. Fred 354 

Wadsworth (Dr.). C 336 

Wadsworth, ( Mrs. ) Lovina 324 

Wagner, Catherine 254 

Wainwright. Louisa 227 

Wakely. Abigail 230 

450 INDEX. 


Wakely, Jonathan • • . • 25 

Josiah 206 

" Prudence Ill 

Sarah 36 

Wakeman, Eleanor 268 

Wakeman, Maria 65 

Mary 108 


Walker, Alex 363 

Betsey 150 

"Waller, Clarissa 120 

Louise M 221 

Sarah 384 

Wall, Mary 250 

Wallace, 260 

Wallace, H 79 

Walthro, Euphenia 132 

Ward, Anna 198 

Henry 211 

Harriet 246 

Julia 176 

Ware, Emily 272 

G. W 131 

Washburn, D. L 242 

Warner, Asa 37 

Mark L 43 

Harriet 214 

Ina M 90 

Warren, Helen M 108 

Warrick, Alletta H 388 

Watkins, Eliza H 159 

Watson, Emma A 131 

Henry 213 

H. M 385 

Martha 208 

Watts, Thos. M 213 

Webber, Edgar T 213 

Webster, Patience 230 

Welch, Ann 259 

Morgan P 378 

Weller, Charles 51 

Katie 141 

LXDJ:X. 451 


Weed, Abel 265 

Wells, 113 

Emily 271 

Emma M 321 

Henry 115-120 

Hattie R 217 

Robt. J 202 

Sarah 116 

Tbos 21 

Wesley. Hattie 268 

Welton. Richard M 175 

Delia M 294 

Westlake, Julia 84 

Weston, Sylvester 86 

Westover, Emeline 314 

M 315 

West. Emma 167 

Wheeler, Albert 198 

Abijah 215 

Drusilla 43 

Henry S 107 

Keziah 232 

Lucy J 165 

Melissa 223 

Marcus 292 

Rebecca A 185 

Rachael E 123 

Ruth ..■ 25 

Stephen 106-120 

Sarah 310 

Theodore M 366 

Whitaker. Abbie 377 

Almira 247 

(Dr.) J 131 

White. Abigail N 385 

Ann G 164 

Annie L 103 

Catherine 241 

E. D 186 

George 328 

Henrietta 164 

Henry S 267 

452 INDEX. 


White, Jane 226 

Laura A 291 

Mahalah 170 

Mary 226 

Martha _• 309 

" Nehemiah ^25 

Whitlock, Jennie 301 

Sarah J 359 

Whitmore, 311 

Mary 262 

Whitney, D. A 164 

Richard 232 

Wicks, Samuel 341 

Wightman, Hannah 291 

Wilkes, Betsey 245 

Wilkins, Nancy R 271 

Jane 271 

Wilkinson, Alice ' 257 

Stephen 380 

Wilcoxson, Sarah Ann 45 

Wilcox, Leroy 37 

Wildman. 364 

Geo. F 107 

(Rev.) J. E 366 

Wilkins, Charles 97 

Jane 271 

'* Nancy R 271 

Williams, E. C 211 

Wilson, Thurston 198 

Maria A 133 

Geo. W 198 

Thos. L 342 

Willoughby, Sally W 241 

Willis, Elizabeth 94 

" James 254 

Wing, Jesse 88 

Winslow, Mary 126 

Wingate, Alfred 172 

Winstead, Julia 309 

Winton, Samuel 348 

Winnie, Abbie 291 

Wright, A. L 151 

/A7;/:.\. ir>.] 


Wricjht, Asula 359 

Charles 191 

(Mrs.) Fanny 18G 

Wm Ifi3 

Wm. H 285 

Woolf, George R 192 

Wood, '• 72 

Chas. F 352 

Wooden, Sabre M 59 

Woodhouse. Catherine 296 

Woodruff, F. V 121 

Jno. H 57 

P. C 307 

S. S 102 

Woolheater, Delenda . 122 

Woodstock, Mary P ". . 100 

Wordin, 109 

Thos 108 

Mary 142 

Rachael 78 

Sabre M 59 

Wooster, Moses 170 

Wycoff, Allen 336 

Yanks. H. R , 90 

Yeager, Virgin 122 

York. David 155 

Jno. S 238 

Yon, E. H 122 

Young, Anna • 121 

M. E .103 

Paulina S 229 

Nancy 343 

Zose, Susan 253